Hot on the heels of ‘We Are The Noise’ and ‘The Trump Chronicles’ EP, The Dowling Poole release new single ‘Slow Genocide’ today on Bandcamp Friday (when, I’m sure you know, Bandcamp waive their fees). Featuring shared vocals with Tony Wright of Terrorvision and Darby Todd on drums.


“The extraordinary circumstances of lockdown that we have all faced, with its various inconsistencies and appalling governmental incompetence and obfuscation, made us think that a voice of authenticity was needed for this song”, says Willie Dowling. “At that time I saw a couple of tweets by Tony Wright that reminded me he had the perfect voice and similar sensibilities to us – I was imagining him doing it as it was being written – so we were thrilled when he agreed to guest with us. And of course, the ability to effortlessly mix drumming styles made Darby the ideal drummer for this track, and we’re hoping we might work together a great deal more in the future.”


“Recording in different locations has its challenges, and is much more time consuming since we’re continually sending WAV’s backward and forwards just to keep on top of it all”, says Jon Poole. “Whereas face to face in the studio, Willie and I already have an unwritten shorthand as part of our process, so it’s an infinitely quicker way of working. That said, we cannot sit around forever and the end result is a track that we’re every bit as proud of as any of our other work, so I’d call it a success!”


As ever, Jon and Willie blend a serious issue with a lush chorus. And a Friday purchase at Bandcamp ensures you support independent musicians.


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Author: Martin Chamarette