Milwaukie glam punk rockers Indonesian Junk are back with their first studio album since 2019’s riotous ‘Spiderbites’. Once again released through the home of all things good, Rum Bar Records, ‘Living in a Nightmare’ follows on from where ‘Spiderbites’ left off, but this time bigger, bolder and fiercer.

Right from the first few notes, the Junk’s penchant for sugary, glam hooks is back on full display with the opener, ‘Type of a Girl’, a The Boys-style number full of power pop melodies. The band certainly know how to write a tune or ten, and they also know how to channel different rock ‘n’ roll vibes. While songs such the aforementioned opener, ‘Knew it All Along’ and ‘One More Try’ (featuring Kurt Baker) delight in their power pop sensibilities, the band also know how to brawl. As with the previous album, the songs ooze confidence, whether it’s the ballsy ‘Living in the USA’, the full-on rock ‘n’ roll of ‘Policeman’, or the swing of ‘I Don’t Mind’, somewhat reminiscent of the The Hellacopters.

The album is wonderfully catchy, demanding a second listen as soon as it ends after the final notes of the extensive sing-a-long ballad ‘Bawling My Eyes Out’. The whole record encapsulates a wide range of dynamic material. While some time can be spent talking about the influences they undeniably wear on their sleeve, Indonesian Junk are their own sharp and exciting entity, and ‘Living in a Nightmare’ is a colourful and enjoyable listening experience from start to finish.

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Author: Craggy Collyde