A bit of retro Goth Doom never hurt anyone did it?  Seeing as it’s coming into spring and summer I need some tunes for sitting outside in the blistering Welsh sunshine and as the first drum beats break cover and the soaring and searing overdriven guitars sharpen their riffs I apply the corpse paint and turn up the volume on this Human Trophy.


It’s like the Sisterhood grew up bitter and twisted and melted all their Numan albums. The cover art is the work of the weird kid from school who nobody went to junior school with and has heard him speak but his art is well weird and the soundtrack to the art is the music it houses ‘Binding Me’ is a deadpan slice of rapid drum machine beats with vocals dripping in echo as the song charges to its sudden conclusion.   To be fair it’s pretty much the pattern for the whole record Goth not for the faint hearted.  It makes Joy Division sound like Jive Bunny or Newlydeads singing Stock Aitkin and Waterman.


Saying all that ‘Empty Places’ is a belter of a tune with its searing guitar being wrestled from feeding back I got sidetracked realising the vinyl is indeed Goth purple in colour which is a nice touch and the fact that there is a track entitled ‘Forming Horror’ which to be fair is another great track that sails fairly close to being an upbeat pop song – if you close your eyes that is.  The title track is almost upbeat as well in a Goth sort of way.


The album finishes on ‘Blood Apex’ and the grinding bassline and hammer-like drum beat are giving me vertigo it’s like falling into a vortex and being touched by demons as you fall.  You either love or hate it I guess there is no in between with pure Goth.  When its loud and I’m in the mood its spell binding when I’m not in the mood however I just turn it up a little bit louder 😉


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