Malmös First Boy On The Moon was formed back in 2019 it seems like another age ago now and the band’s spaceman logo seems apt Singer-songwriter Dave Pedroza who is a Huntington Beach California kid who uprooted and ended up in Sweden but stayed true to his alternative punk rock roots sure there’s a very early new wave edge to proceedings with bands like U2 when they started out but the influences reach far and wide. ‘Drown It Out’ eases the listener in gently with a good pop tune that’s well produced but rooted in new wave and alternative stylings.


‘Straight Up With You’ is a sprightly number with a melodic edge and straightforward guitars, bass, and drum set up it’s unfussy and the band lets the song do their talking which is refreshing. Some Placebo in the delivery with the punch of the bass piercing through the walking guitar riff.  There’s enough suss in the songwriting to have a massive appeal in the melody of ‘The Truth’ and the album’s title track.  Sure there is some U2 DNA in there on the melodies but its more than just that and at times they spread their wings and rough the sound up and it makes for a more vibrant less polished sound and that alright with me.


Side one is wrapped up nicely with ‘All Right Already’ as the band strays into some Ryan Hamilton territory and the synth playing the lead is a change that adds texture to proceedings.  The album has nine songs which is a change from bands cramming as many tunes on a record as possible it’s nice to get an old-school record with less than ten songs.  ‘Grim Reaper’ rolls around a throbbing bassline and the guitar sitting behind in the mix is reminding me of something Gary Numan likes to use at times which is never a bad thing.


Initially, this record was due last year but held back for obvious reasons and it’s been worth the wait from the single we first heard in the RPM singles club certainly whetted the appetite for the album.  All you Bunnymen, cure, and early U2 fans should check this out.


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author: Dom Daley