Where do I start, I think I’ve followed Dead Shed Jokers right from the beginning, reviewing just about everything they’ve ever done, listening to the ideas shift and develop release by release, caught them live a number of times, always amazed at the live intensity, but always thought what if they could focus the live intensity into a non live production?


Welcome to ‘All the Seasons’, which does exactly that, the Monster that is ‘Phantom Pains’, comes screaming out of the speakers an intense sonic maelstrom, a howl of anguish that most bands can only dream of, it pins you back in the chair and I would hazard a guess that it becomes a live set opener, a real statement of intent.


Next up ‘Feel some more’ leads me into memories of ‘Masters of Reality’, but its something quite different, a subtle shift, bursting with creativity, but retaining focus, the voice becomes just another instrument, trading time with the guitar, but what holds you is the rock-solid drum beat, holding all the parts together, the centre of the storm.


Third track in ‘Dreams of North Korea’ takes it into a different dimension, the vocal acrobatics, dropping and bending around the instruments, before we get hit with the heaviest guitar riff I’ve heard in a while, but all the time held in place with that drum beat.


‘All the seasons’ again takes the music in a very different direction, the picked guitar, underpinning the vocal, there’s a real sense of menace behind it, this is probably developing into one of my favourite tracks on the LP.


‘Aesopica *15’ is all over the place and Christ do you need a set of speakers to pick up all the little subtleties, this is a seriously clever track, on first listen it’s everywhere, but as you the listener allow yourself to be drawn in you start to pick up on all the threads that are entwining and twisting around each other.


‘Feel Today’ opens up with almost a classic rock riff, before the band dispel any hopes of a run of the mill rock track, I don’t think the guys would have it in them to not push their musical boundaries. At this point I’m lost in the music it draws you in, and have to take a breath and just admire what I’m listening too.


This is 100% the LP that will tear The Dead Shed Jokers out of the underground, it’s too good not to, there’s nothing out there quite like it and with that refusal to bend, change or allow the music to be changed by narrow minded perceptions to what music should sound like this band are going places, as the initial press is showing.


764 weaves its way from the sub-conscious to the conscious, immersing you in the sound, again drawing you in, while You’re a Thief has almost a 60’s feel to the beginning before that heavily overdriven guitar knocks you for six it ebbs and flows, rolling over you, before pulling itself away leaving you listening for where it’s going next.


Spanner in the Works alongside Phantom Pains brings the intensity back to the fore the guitar kicking up a storm, the vocal gymnastics taking the music in all sorts of directions, at times leading, at times acceding to the other instruments, there’s almost a Janes Addiction at their best feel to it, I suppose the Dead Shed Jokers version of Mountain Song.


Finally because seasons come to an end or even a new beginning, from Spring, through Summer into Autumn then Winter we have Enough is as good as a feast, this is I think a Pink Floyd Wall era Howl of Anguish, given an upgrade, in a modern world the processors are running at full capacity, its not one individuals story, but the story of a society that is withdrawing into itself, blocking out the carnage.


Fair play the Dead Shed Jokers have created an LP unlike anything out there, for me absolutely bang on, best thing I’ve heard this year, but give it a go yourself, get drawn into a world you didn’t know even existed. Can’t wait to pick up a copy of the vinyl version, which sources tell me is a rather immense coloured vinyl package.

Buy All The Seasons Here


Author: Nev Brooks



The Dirty Denims – Back With A Bang (Handclap Records/Ghost Highway Records)

Sneaking under the radar is this the second album that was released a couple of years ago on one of our favourite record labels and with a new album written and recorded and on the way we thought we’d open up a new feature entitled Under The Radar where we reacquaint you with a band we think you might like and with their debut EP getting a rerelease what better way to say hello here’s The Dirty Denims who are Back With A Bang.

With their hard rock meets garage rock leanings this four-piece rock hard n loud.  The band began in 2009 and released their first EP ‘Going Out’ which is getting a rerelease and available from the band maybe try Facebook. The band have released a pair of albums and a bunch of Singles and EP’s to keep their fans happy.  Sure these Dutch rockers pray at the altar of Angus and all those big hard riffs but they aren’t afraid to mix it up like they do with ‘Heartbeat’ and introduce a cool garage organ that shakes it up a little so one dimensional they are not.

there are anthems and a whole bunch of feel good fist punching rockers like the cowbell heavy keith n Ronnie rock n roll on the intro of ‘Can’t Get Enough Of That Rock and Roll’ This also works really well with Mirjams voice as sounds like prime time Runaways a comparison that is sometimes inevitable but one I use as a big compliment. It comes as no surprise then when they smash their way through a brutal ‘Bad Reputation’ maybe an easy cover but its done exceptionally well and to be fair is full of fire and fury.  ‘Loud Stuff’ has a great intro and works great along side ‘Gotta Run’. I’m glad the band closed with some cool duel guitar riff-a-rama on ‘We Wan’t More’ and resisted throwing in a balad or a slow one and what happens next for the band is exciting.


You can catch them on the road and look out for the reissue of the debut EP – The Dirty Denims are in the house.




Look out East Coast USA the kins of cool are coming to Shake Some Action on the East Coast through October.

Wed. 10/23 – Northampton, MA – Iron Horse Music Hall (w/ The Figgs)
Thu. 10/24 – New Haven, CT – Café Nine (w/ Dust Hat)
Fri.  10/25 –  Somerville, MA – Once Ballroom – w/ Richard Lloyd, Tiger Bomb)
Sat. 10/26 – New York City – The Cutting Room (w/ Wreckless Eric)
Sun. 10/27 – New York City – The Cutting Room (w/ Walter Lure and the Waldos)
Tue. 10/29 – Philadelphia, PA – City Winery (w/ TBA)
Thu. 10/31 – Charlottesville, VA – The Southern (Halloween party for WTJU w/ New Boss, etc.)
Fri. 11/1 – Washington DC – City Winery (w/ Muck & the Mires)
Sat. 11/2 – Baltimore, MD – Creative Alliance (w/ The Stents)
Originating in San Francisco in 1965, and reunited for a tour of Australia in 2013, the FLAMIN’ GROOVIES have been touring and performing consistently for the last six years, exceeding all expectations, presenting their own unique and infectious style of rock ‘n’ roll with such cult classics as “Slow Death,” “Teenage Head” and of course, “Shake Some Action.” The current lineup features founding member Cyril Jordan with Chris von Sneidern on guitar, Tony Sales on drums, and newest member Atom Ellis on bass.
Expect a completely different show than their previous tours, featuring a repertoire that spans the band’s career, emphasizing both 1971’s “Teenage Head” album (associated with more old time rock ‘n’ roll, rockabilly, Stones and Yardbirds influences), as well as the power pop period (Beatles and Byrds influenced) more associated with the band’s three albums on Sire Records in the late ’70s.  Their place in history is well established as one of the all-time greatest bands from San Francisco (and the world) and as progenitors of real rock ‘n’ roll.
Chris von Sneidern has recorded a dozen albums as a solo artist, and is a highly-regarded name in the power pop genre. He and Tony Sales have been members of the Groovies for the last two years and things could not have worked out better. Tony Sales (whose father and uncle formed the rhythm section in David Bowie’s band, Tin Machine, and on some of Iggy Pop’s finest work) is an in demand session drummer, and just recently released the first album by his band, Ardent Sons. Atom Ellis has toured with many notable artists including Link Wray, Todd Rundgren, The New Cars, The Tubes, and as a member of Pyschefunkapus and Dieselhed.
Having recently completed a month-long tour of Europe the band is is top form, and great spirits.  They can’t wait to get back to the East Coast and some of the best cities and best fans in the world.

Debut Studio Album “Hit The Ground”
Released 22nd November 2019


First single from the album “Gone Are The Days” Released 6th September 2019

Back in the post Thin Lizzy days, Laurence Archer wrote and performed with Phil Lynott as Grand Slam. Sadly, Grand Slam was cut short in its prime, with Phil Lynott’s untimely death leaving a hole in the fabric of rock music to this day.

Laurence went on to make his name playing with UFO but always nurtured a long-term plan to rebuild the Grand Slam machine. And here it is — primed and ready.

The new band (Laurence alongside Mike Dyer, Benjy Reid and Dave Boyce) honours the traditions of the band’s history whilst also looking to the future — classic tracks co-written by Lynott and Archer sit alongside a set of brand new songs that embody the same ethos of freedom, positivity and adrenalin that ran through Grand Slam in 1984.As such fans will get to hear Lynott co-writes alongside brand new material from a very special band steeped in rock history.

Laurence Archer says. I’ve been thinking about this moment for many years and I’m so proud of what we, the new Grand Slam, have achieved, “Gone Are The Days” is the most obvious choice for the first release – it’s a song I originally wrote in the late 80’s but with the band we have captured all the new and the heritage elements of Grand Slam and my writing. Grand Slam are back and here to stay.
Obviously at times like this Phil is never far from my thoughts, a friend and a mentor and a hero always.”

Pre-order the album HERE


One of Norway’s most legendary bands, (that you might be forgiven for never having heard of them, Right? Right) anyway Norway has a good history of knocking out some fantastic bands and a lot of them have been mentioned here on RPM.  Backstreet Girls, Turbonegro, Gluecifer, Good Bad the Zugly, Razorbats, and of course Mayhem.

Well, these punk/hardcore veterans are fronted by Billy Cockroach, one of the first vocalists of Mayhem he performed on the 1987 album “Deathcrush” under the moniker of Messiah and they offer us well-aged vintage punk rock full of cheerful aggression and infectious tunes. throwing in Mayhem is a bit of a red herring because its nothing like Deathcrush this is polished positively glistening in the production stakes compared to that Black Metal demo.

‘Songs about Blunt Knives and Deep Love’, has only taken 22 bloody long years to reach our ears kinda puts Axel to shame with his Chinese Democracy. They’re being heralded as one of Norway’s most legendary bands, it basically consists of new recordings of old hits as well as a handful of new tracks and a cover of Mountain Goat’s “Going to Georgia”. It started out as an idea from producer Hugo Alvarstein (The Good the Bad and the Zugly, Raga Rockers, etc…) Who suggested the band go rehearse their best songs from the 1990s then call him up and he’d take em into his studio and get them recorded and give the songs the justice they deserve. To be fair he’s clearly a man of his word and has recorded one hell of an album..

The band started out as far back as 1994, building a loyal fan base and a reputation of being a riotous live band along the way. Compared to the bands two previous offerings this one is the dog’s bollocks and one that should rightly exalt them to the top table of punk rock.

Having honed the tunes by sharing the stage with acts like The Toy Dolls, Discharge, UK Subs, The Exploited, Cock Sparrer, Anti-Nowhere League, Vice Squad and GBH through the years, now it’s about time they put their hat in the ring with a bunch of songs that justified their boast of being up there with the best of them.

The album begins with a cover, ‘Going To Georgia’ and it drops its music bombs right square in the middle of the speakers with it’s spoken/sung verses holding up rather well over a musical backdrop that just crackles along with a joy and sound of a band just killing it doing something they love for the love. ‘You Have A Bun’ is a breath of fresh air as it has plenty of bounce and whilst the vocals are aggressive (often quite shouty) what did you think he was going to sound like? Ian Gillan? that’s the thing its aggressive as fuck but it sounds content and dare I say it – Happy at the same time, oh and the production is great and really lifts the songs.

‘Fantasyland’ has a little bit of Thin Lizzy in those dueling guitars on the intro.  I did a little momentary gasp on the intro of the piraty ‘Three Wishes’ as I thought we were getting some h ho ho shanty music but worry not me hearties it was only a false intro. Still, it’s quite piraty its the good end of piraty.

‘On An Island’ is just a banger with its head down its one foot in the Motorhead camp and the other, say, Argy Bargy – Imagine that? To be fair the middle part of the album isn’t fucking about and gets stuck in like The Adicts on a good day.  ‘Facts On The Wall’ is Ramones rapid with a dumb yet happy melody and ripping solo this is shaping up to be an excellent record.  ‘Necktie Party’ has a bit of a Crass vibe about it. These boys and these songs would go down a storm at somewhere like Rebellion Festival.

A lot of the pace and tempo of the songs remind me of a Norweigan Sham 69 and none more so that ‘Do It Again’ which is one of the highlights of the record on the breakdown it’s like vintage high jinx Damned who always threw in some cool off the wall melodies in fact there are plenty of influences I am feeling here more than ripping off a band they dance to their own tunes and just let their influences just bleed through..

With twelve songs on offer, I would highly recommend you at least give these cats the benefit of doubt and check em out and once you do that I’m sure you’ll be convinced.  Great album I’m glad has seen the light of day and hope it’s given the band the energy and drive to do it all again except to say next time don’t leave it so fucking long. – Buy it!




Ah man. A new King Salami album is always something to be celebrated. Do you dig trashy, primal rock ‘n’ roll as much as we do at RPM? Do you like your rhythm & blues to seriously kick some arse? And do you by chance like sausages? Well, you’re in the right place then, as this 8 legged groove machine straight outta Wurstville (that’s somewhere in London town to us normal folks!) pack clubs all over Europe and Asia with their energetic live shows.

‘Kiss My Ring’ is their fourth long player and the follow up to 2017’s ‘Going Back To Wurstville’, and with their ever-cool retro themed artwork and sonically seductive sound, it would make a mighty fine addition to your record collection.


The title track opens the album and sees the band blast back in fine form. “Get on your knees and kiss my ring!” is the vocal refrain the whole band shout over a primal burst of 50’s rock ‘n’ roll. Full of mad percussion and sax appeal, it comes on like a 50’s dancehall twist. Snappy beats, furious bass runs, choppy riffs and howlin’ vocalizin’, what’s not to like here?

It’s a veritable smorgasbord of influences, which is hardly surprising when the crazy cats that make up this four piece come from France, Spain, the Caribbean and Japan, yet reside in London town. Years of treading the boards of clubs and toilet venues throughout Europe, the world and even Peckham! Yes, this band has put in the hours and it shows in their music.

The choppy, Wilko Johnson inspired riffage of T Bone Sanchez cuts through the mustard and makes their mash up of The Sonics, The Rezillos and James Brown an exciting proposition indeed. Don’t let overly silly song titles such as ‘Oofti Goofti (Wild Man Of Borneo)’ and ‘ The Jellybutt Of Timbuktoo’ fool you, this band play harder and faster than most so called punk bands you see on the circuit these days and they are tighter than a duck’s arse!

Shake and twist to the likes of ‘Don’t Make Me Mad’ and try your best not to move to the groove as the King urges you to do ‘The Pulpo Dance’ in his unmistakable tones.

The band have never been afraid to bash out a few instrumentals and the likes of ‘Stormy’ and ‘Space Spy’ have enough going on musically to capture the imagination and get them old hips a moving! Dick Dale and Link Wray eat yer heart out!


With not a meat related lyric in sight (unless you take the title track the wrong way!) ‘Kiss My Ring’ is a vegan’s delight, lyrically more about… well, I don’t really know what they are on about most of the time, but I know they have the power to incite a riot in your pants and an itching feeling in yer old size nines.

Down and dirty garage rock, inspired by the best sounds from the 50’s and 60’s, King Salami And The Cumberland Three are the perfect party band and ‘Kiss My Ring’ captures their essence to perfection.

Buy ‘Kiss My Ring’ Here 


Author: Ben Hughes




The first video “City Of Class” off the upcoming Bitch Queens album of the same name is here

Three minutes of in your face punk-rock & crazy live-action. The new album will be out 27th of September on LuxNoise (CH) & Spaghetty Town Recrords (USA) and preorder starts today. Get your limited vinyl package with orange marbled vinyl, poster and pin.

You can pre order Here



British rising stars The Fallen State are thrilled to announce their headline UK tour in October 2019.

The Fallen State is one of the most exciting British rock acts to emerge in recent years and this tour will celebrate the band’s new studio album “A Deadset Endeavour”, which was released earlier this year through Last Man Music.

“A Deadset Endeavour” is the perfect showcase for the UK five piece rock act – a band with a mutual love for powerful, anthemic and beautifully executed rock. The Fallen State’s soundscape blends grooving and ruthless rhythms courtesy of drummer Rich Walker and bassist Greg Butler with the exuberant and soulful voice of singer Ben Stenning, the artful emotive phrasing of lead six-stringer Jon Price and a Dan Oke inspired harmonic wall of warm, contemporary rock guitars. From the powerful opening salvo of “Statements” to the driving rhythms of “Open Wound” to the heavy brutal riffing of “Torn”, “A Deadset Endeavour” is a stunning statement of a band at the very top of their game.

The Fallen State are a stunning live act. The band supported Pop Evil across Germany, France, UK and Holland in February and March 2019, having previously toured with the likes of Black Stone Cherry, Tremonti, US Grammy winners Halestorm, 3 Doors Down, Puddle Of Mudd and fellow UK rockers Young Guns and Heavens Basement.

The UK forthcoming festival dates and headline shows are as follows:

UK Tour Dates:
Fri 18th October 2019 – Barnstaple, The Factory
Sat 19th October 2019 – London, 229 The Venue
Sun 20th October 2019 – Plymouth, Underground
Mon 21st October 2019 – Bristol, Exchange
Tue 22nd October 2019 – Birmingham, O2 Academy 3
Wed 23rd October 2019 – Oxford, O2 Academy 2
Thu 24th October 2019 – Manchester, Rebellion
Fri 25th October 2019 – Newcastle, Think Tank
Sun 27th October 2019 – Nottingham, Alberts
Mon 28th October 2019 – Bournemouth, The Anvil

Since forming in 2013, The Fallen State have developed a fearsome live reputation by selling out shows with their modern, incisive and inspiring performances allied to their prolific output of five skillfully crafted EPs (“I,II,III”, “Crown Your Shadows” and “The View from Ruin”). The Fallen State’s critically acclaimed single “Nova” (featuring Chris Robertson from Black Stone Cherry and released in Christmas 2017) was a huge hit. Jon Price and Dan Oke are endorsed by PRS guitars. The “Nova” single has had over 3 million views across socials.

The Fallen State Is: Vocals– Ben Stenning / Guitar– Jon Price / Guitar– Dan Oke / Bass– Greg Butler / Drums– Rich Walker

Twitter: @thefallenstate

Born Robert W. Derminer on December 12, 1944, we know him as Rob Tyner the voice of Motor City powerhouse The MC5 where he originally played bass before putting his talent to use as vocalist.

With moves like James Brown and a wardrobe like Marc Bolan he will forever be remembered for his rally cry of ‘Kick Out The Jams Motherfucker’ The band released three albums from ’69 and the classic ‘Kick out the Jams’ through the ’70s ‘Back In The USA’ to the bands final album ‘High Time’ a year later. The band fell apart due to infighting and drug problems but before it turned sour they really blazed a trail and managed to bug the powers that be – Big time!

Their impact cannot be denied and Tyner was a big part of that from his unique afro and his distinctive voice to their political stance in quite volatile times not just in the USA but around the world.  The MC5 featured on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine even before they had a record out. The band had strong left-wing political ties and were happy to air their Anti-establishment views through their lyrics.  Along with Iggy And The Stooges they were punk way before punk was even a thing. They were loud, energetic and had style but most of all they had songs! Their back-to-basics rock and roll included now classics like ‘Ramblin’ Rose’ ‘Kick Out The Jams’ which must be one of the most covered songs in history. ‘Rocket Reducer No. 62 (Rama Lama Fa Fa Fa)’ and ‘Looking At You’ (Another that’s been covered by bands such as The Damned and The Mission). They were certainly unique and at the time caused quite a stir to the mainstream who didn’t know what to do with a bunch of young men who were clued up and armed with a voice their spat with Hudsons Department Store being a good example.

Tyner (going by his real name) was first approached by Wayne Kramer via the underground left-wing hipster scene in Detroit and his talent wasn’t on the bass but out front and center via the microphone. It was also Tyner who named the band MC5 which if you didn’t know it’s short for Motor City Five and the legend was born.

They were well known locally as the band to see with their incendiary live shows that were full of energy and it’s well documented that they were already hypnotising audiences in excess of a thousand people with a blistering energy and loud garage rock. It was Danny Fields who signed the band to Elektra at the same time he signed The Stooges but it was the MC5 who was the first hard Rock band signed to the label.

In ’68 the band performed at an anti-Vietnam war rally and allegedly played for eight hours straight!  Hold onto that and it might explain how the band were closely tied with LSD and Marijuana usage. They also use to have firearms as part of their stage show brandishing rifles on stage and then a sniper would shoot Tyner as part of their act to end the set.

Controversy was never far from the band’s door as they were embroiled in an ad campaign when a store (Hudsons) refused to stock their album so they took out an ad that claimed the store should go fuck themselves. in response, the store pulled all Elektra artists which led to the band being fired and subsequent signing to Atlantic for their second album so when McLaren thought he was unique engineering the Pistols labels fiascos it had already been done years earlier by the MC5.  Imagine being in an audience not having a clue who the band was and hearing Tyner announce Kick Out The Jams and then witnessing the kind of performance seen in the video?  It must have been life-changing.

After MC5 split he kept himself busy with a number of acts such as fireworks and then the Rob Tyner Band who played shows with the likes of Cheap Trick and AC/DC but by the end of ’78 the band fizzled out having not released an album.  Tyner then chanced his arm in the UK where he worked briefly with Eddie & the Hot Rods before he headed back to the states to work on Detroit legend Scott Morgan’s benefit project. the Guitar Army, which helped to organise and promote the music of Vietnam veterans. There was a solo record released in 1990 entitled ‘Blood Brothers’, but sadly, the singer died from a heart attack a year later, on this very day in 1991.

Several years after his passing, a live release surfaced courtesy of the Motor City Music label/website, ‘Rock and Roll People’, which documented a pair of Rob Tyner Band concerts from 1977 (at the Kramer Theatre and the Embassy Hotel). His legacy might be limited with regards to his recording output compared to many of his peers but never underestimate the influence of the MC5 – Gone but not forgotten Rob was only 46 at the time he passed away Rest In Peace Rob Tyner.

This little belter sneaked out onto the interweb in the last 24 hours so we thought it was our duty to share it with you the good people who check out RPM. Spaghetty Town Records and Boulevard Trash are releasing a 7″ entitled ‘Toofer One’ this vinyl will sell out,  This one has three songs, all produced by Tuk Smith (Heart Attacks, Biters, Tuk Smith and the Restless Hearts) the video is for ‘Lost’ now get out of here and spread the word! the video for one of the other tracks ‘Hurricane Alley# is also on the net but you have to look for that bad boy.