Every now and again you pick up on something a bit left field, a bit different from the norm, not what you’d normally watch, but some-things sparked your interest now you might look at the line up and think Who? But when you look beneath the covers or under the skin of the bands playing you can find some connections that you might not necessarily been aware of, take opener Caoilfhionn (pronounced Keelin) Rose a singer, songwriter and producer from Manchester. Coming from a very diverse musical melting pot, she’s doing her best to draw elements of the past and link it to a rapidly changing music scene. Perhaps when you think she’s worked with among others Vini Reilly of Durutti Column:  She Collaborated on four songs on The Durutti Column – Chronicle LX:XL album.


Looking at the headliner would you think that it’s a side project of Richard Oakes from Suede, providing a foil to Sean McGhee, producer, vocalist and long term Alison Moyet collaborator. As well as spending time with Alannis Morrisette


The other link for yours truly? Over 10 years ago in 2008 I reviewed their first LP together under the Artmagic banner “Become the one you love”. One of my first ever music reviews!!!!


Richard who runs The Wild Hare club, whose banner this gig falls under certainly knows his musical underground, and its well worth giving The Wild Hare club alike and giving one of his gigs a shot, taking a chance on music you might not necessarily have been aware of, there’s a great scene building in Hereford around the events run by Wild Hare, with people who truly love music and appreciate new music regardless of the style.


But on to the gig, Keelin Rose is a multi-instrumentalist, playing guitar/piano and providing the vocal runs, there’s a really haunting fragility to the vocals, full of emotion, almost world-weary at times. Maybe you’d call it ethereal, but it’s much darker maybe dark pop would be a better description? Linking to the past there’s elements of this Mortal Coil, hints of The Cocteau Twins and a nod to Vini Reilly, going back even earlier to me there are hints of the 60’s production the wrapped itself around Marianne Faithful and even hints at Astrid Gilberto. Each track builds, with the music washing over you, the vocals weaving a spell, but don’t underestimate the guitar work, while you would probably say this could be classed as an acoustic performance, the layers within the music were pretty outstanding. Coming forward song by song you also started to get hints of another style, someone utilizing the past but presenting the music very differently, drawing you in leaving you scrambling to pick up the influence, Stand out tracks for me a blinding version of “Being Human” and the LP opener “Awaken”.


The great thing for me? I’ve gotten really pissed off lately with people talking through gigs, confronting a few over the last year, I mean why watch a gig, especially an acoustic performance and spend the whole time talking to your mate? Stay at home and watch the Fckin television”, inane dross doesn’t need your attention!! Anyway back to my point you could have heard a pin drop, which allows you to really pick up the nuances in the music and fully immerse yourself in the live experience. Definitely an artist I’ll be catching again when she returns with the Wild Hare experience with a full band.


On to the headliners, looking back to my review I would say there’s a very definite Beatles influence buried deep within the songwriting but you also begin to hear hints of more modern fare, Talk Talk and Field Music leap out at you. Where I found “Become the one you love” quite a dark multi-layered almost introverted LP, a band/person coming forward, comfortable within a new identity, this new LP The Songs of Other England has become more an observational dialogue of things happening around them looking outwards, not inwards.


Live, Richard Oakes I would always class as a feeling musician, the guitar tone very much his own, almost eastern at times, at others pulling parts of his own legacy through, both pop and Indie. While Sean McGhee has one of the most outstanding vocal range I’ve heard lately, weaving the stories/vignettes around the guitar while also at times leading with both Piano and Electronica. Again you could hear a pin drop in this most intimate of venues. There were many highlights tonight but what produced the spine-tingling moment was when they asked for the P.A. to be turned off and they performed the set closer “Love” truly acoustically.


Chatting to them both after what was apparent was a love of what they are creating, but also a love of this most intimate of environments as Richard said: “ you get to hear all your mistakes, it’s a bit different to my normal day job!”


This was the first night of the tour, and definitely one I’d out and out recommend.

Author: Nev Brooks



Setzer, Rocker and Phantom back together in the same room recording kick-ass rock and roll after forty years together.  who’d have thought that?

Whilst they might be plying their tried and tested trade they’ve never been about reinventing the wheel they just want to preserve 1950’s Rock and Roll as best they can and look cool as doing it.  Whilst techniques have changed and equipment has changed dramatically – Hell, how we listen to our music has also changed significantly over the last decade never mind forty years!

I guess it doesn’t matter what decade or timeline you’re preaching from if it ain’t got no soul it can’t Rock and Roll and the one things The Stray Cats can still do all the decades later is Rock and Roll and they’ve never forgotten how to write a tune or two either.

The album was recorded as a live band in a room in a couple of takes, pretty much as you’d hear them live I guess which in today’s money is a nuts way to do things and would puzzle a new bunch of kids.  Most people don’t even spend time in the studio together they post in their parts and record ’em at home for the most part. To go back to the old school is a brave move even for these cats but the rewards are a rich sound that full of vitality and vibrancy.

Twelve cuts of prime lean Stray Cats is expected and to be fair the trio duly delivers the goods  No special guests, no studio trickery – No autotune no sirs. It’s not so much the standard Rockabilly tunes that do it for me either, it’s the curveballs that I’m gonna champion.

Sure they kick off in super safe territory with the familiar shuffle of ‘Cat Fight’, ‘Rock It Off’ and ‘Got Love If You Want It’.  All fairly safe even if they’re done to perfection this is the stuff these three can do in their sleep.  It’s the rougher ‘Cry Danger’ that sets this record alight for me with its rolling guitar lick from Setzer and the cool backbeat that makes it a fine fine tune. Some impressive guitar playing from one of the greats but very understated.  A top tune.

To follow that with the excellent ‘I Attract Trouble’ which is the coolest song they’ve come up with for many a year.  again a great riff and throwing in a ‘pipeline’ riff as the swamp tone is smokin’.  You can settle down then for some classic rock and roll fifties style with ‘When Nothing Going Right’ being an uptempo song that’s cool as but I’m not sure there was any need to throw in a mid-tempo instrumental in the middle with ‘Desperado’ but hey nobody said it was perfect.

If you’re looking for that smoldering ballad to close this bad boy then have a word with yourself because ‘I’ll Be Looking Out For You’ is a mean uptempo scorcher and one of the best tunes on offer and its a joy to hear Setzer let rip on that old Gretsch of his but they leave no room for a soft song for tough guys instead ‘Devils Train’ is swashbuckling and a really good ending to a well above average record.  I was hoping it was going to be good but I think to be fair its exceeded my expectations, by including a few really good songs that aren’t so formulaic and honoring that traditional 50s structure is great to hear even after all these years that The Stray Cats can challenge themselves whilst keeping the quality of the songs so high.  So ’40’ is a big Yes from me and if you like a bit of old school teaching you new tricks in these fast-moving times then you won’t go far wrong with this new Stray Cats record.

Buy ’40’ Here


Author: Dom Daley

The Making Of ’40’

Watch behind the scenes of the making of '40'

Posted by Stray Cats on Monday, 11 March 2019

I know what you’re thinking,” just who the fuck are Dboy?”

I thought exactly the same when just a few days before this gig I was instructed by the one and only Simon Phillips (yes he of Cheap Sweaty Fun fame) that I had to go to this show at all costs, “this band are the new Turbonegro” he boldly claimed, ”yeah Turbonegro or The Dead Boys”.

High praise indeed I’m sure you will agree…. but most importantly he had me intrigued.

A couple of Bandcamp listens later (I’ll never truly understand the anti-streaming brigade like multi-millionaire Steve Lukather I really won’t) and I’ve secured a ticket for tonight’s show, the last on the band’s debut UK visit. £6 is all it cost me and I feel like Charlie Bucket as I bowl up to Clwb Ifor sixth sensing I’m about to witness something very special indeed.

Also on the bill tonight are two local supports; Nigel, who plough a late 80s early 90s alt rock furrow seemingly intent of making me dig out my Chuck Mosely era Faith No More LPs when I get back home, by splicing the agit punk undertones of that band with some of the more “out there moments” from Pearl Jam into one glorious cacophony of sound. Plus there’s The Vega Bodegas who take the influence gene pool of their predecessors and add a twist of the pop suss of Grunge complete with the dry sense of humour that only growing up in the south Wales valleys can gift you. ‘Complete History of Witchcraft’ which comes complete with frontman/guitarist Jimmy telling a seemingly true story of sitting next to a witch on an Easyjet flight is for me the highlight of the band’s uber tight set. Before a frenzied ‘Monkey Ate The Monkey’ also sees Nigel re-join the band on stage for one last foray into the mosh pit. I can’t help but wonder what chaos these two might be able to conjure up if they were ever to head off on a tour of the UK’s fast diminishing smaller live venues.

The delights of which tonight’s headliners have been experiencing for themselves this past week or so, but then again when you have escaped the Gulags of Russia just to be able to deliver your debut record, I’m sure stomaching a few motorway breakfasts will seem like a dawdle by comparison.

Granted the Soviet refugees decamped to Canada back story that Dboy trade on might be bending the truth just a little bit, but the trio’s mission statement regarding “ending sonic austerity” is one we should all buy into. I mean just yards away there is a venue promoting tribute bands like they are the live music scene’s one and only salvation, and that brothers and sisters I can assure you they are fucking not, bands like Dboy are the salvation and their debut album   ‘Prove Your Love – Live in Belem’ is one I demand you all go out and buy! It’s brilliant in its ability to stun the listener.

Hitting the stage (okay make that floor) with their sublime ‘Dboy for President’ single, I’m immediately mindful of that original comparison Mr Phillips made regarding the mighty Turbonegro. Yes they sound like them (well early days Turbo anyway), yes they have an instantly recognisable image and yes they also have a horde of insane fans (all wearing balaclavas) who seemingly worship the band.  There’s no messing around either as the band take us on a rip ride of 13 songs in what must have been 20 minutes maximum, and as the masked bass player launches himself into his devoted Scouts (that’s what the band’s fans like to be known as) I can’t help adding the muthafucking Dwarves to the list of influences Dboy display.

Special mention must go to the band’s masked drummer who not only hammers his kit like he’s on a hand forging episode of Forged in Fire but also somehow manages to out mince the king of mincing the legendary Pål Pot Pamparius in the process.

Finishing with the double whammy of ‘Born With A Hard On’ and the awesome ‘Three Piece Band’ before then trashing their backline and this ensuring no encore, tonight once again reinforced the fact that great live bands playing original music are still out there, you just need to do the digging, or have your mates do it for you.

Simon Phillips, I owe you one.

Author: Johnny Hayward



Double dumb and full of fun Larry Mays The Candy Snatchers have gone and done it again.  Not content with flushing out one great album after the next they only go and lose records and forget where they put them or whatever shape it’s in.  This moronic pleasure was a lost treasure of Mays and it’s gone and been resurrected by Jake Starr and all at RPM can say is thank fuck for that!

Listen, If it’s by The Candy Snatchers and features the full face melting vocals of one Mr. Larry May then we’re reviewing it and even before the needle has dropped and hit the plastic we just know what’s going down. – A full-throttle audio assault and by the titles alone we can’t stop that shit kicking grin that’s spreading over our chops like a cheap hooker. A quick squizz down the titles and ‘No Time To Waste’ is setting things off in true Candy Snatchers fashion.  After a quick once round the kit in rapid fashion say hello to the air raid siren Larry May as he screams like a hall full of students being chased by some maniac in a mask on a killing spree.


Recorded back in the ’90s by the original nihilistic foursome they hit their stride on the beautiful ‘Pissed Off Ripped Off’, it’s unbridled, out of control and totally kicking the shit out of everyone and everything.  Larry and the boys have got the Stooges groove ‘If You Can’t Have Fun You Aint No Fun’ that is owned by the unconventional playing style of Matthew Odietus (R.I.P)  I bet these sessions were fun they sure sound it.  Jesus Wept, even on record they sound unhinged – they managed to capture that magic no question about that.  Take ‘You Make It Hard’ it’s fast – furious – uncompromising, but it has rhythm – groove and a tonne of attitude and is a pleasure to listen to.

Hold onto your hat kids it’s not all out of control as you’ll find out when they get their twelve bar groove on to ‘Hard Up’ as May takes five and croons with the best of them. Whilst thinking about a highlight or something I can hang my hat on to reel in newcomers its such a tough choice as there are nineteen bangers on here and each one has merits for a recommendation.  ‘Real Thick Head’ has handclaps and Gregorian chanting backing vocals and some shake your ass tambourine so there. There is even time (of course there’s time) for May and the boys to throw in a couple of covers in the shape of The Stooges on ‘Fresh Rag’ not that you’d notice. ‘Such A Fool’ is from the household names that were Rubber City Rebels not.  But it’s a cool tune and in fact one of the slowest most purposeful songs on offer here. For the most part its full throttle High Octane Rock and Fucking Roll of which there isn’t enough of and when these boys are at it full tilt or grooving it doesn’t matter because it’s magical.

The sound takes a twist for the last few tunes which is fine but with titles like ‘Ass Casserole’ I dread to think and then you have the gentle plow through of ‘Bum’ and again lyrically I haven’t a clue nor would I be rude enough to ask but the chorus has more than a nod to the misfits.  I’m not even sad when track nineteen rocks up because when the song fades or rather crashes and burns I can flip it over and do it all again. Larry May, you sirs are the ringmaster supreme and a magician, apart from that rasp and scream you possess you have a rock and roll band who are true in spirit and kick seven shades of shit out of 99.9% of bands “having a go at Rock and Roll” Out – Fuckin – Standin’ – Buy It! and thanks in no small part to JAke Starr and Hound Gawd! for making this all happen what a pleasure and not Moronic at all!

Buy Moronic Pleasures Here

Author: Dom Daley

WONK UNIT @ Skate-aid 6
14 band benefit gig in Stamford, Lincs

14 acts, one massive all dayer of a punk gig!  The Scary Clown Present boys Skate-aid 6 all-dayer is one of the friendly DIY Punk gigs you can go to (Wonkfest excepted!),

Enjoy the June sun as you chill with a cold drink, decent food (vegan bbq by Resist!), great company, and 11 full bands, with 4 acoustic sessions.

Probably a specially brewed beer again,  possibly a few stalls too – and all in aid of Skate-aid charity, raising funds to put skate-parks in some of the worlds most deprived areas of the world.

 TICKETS ARE £15 for 14 acts – a quid a band is fantastic value for money!!


evening session…

The Crippens
The Menstrual Cramps
The Siknotes
The Long Game (aka Skaciety)
Swan Prince
The Deadites

acoustic session …

Mark Murphy (Croc Gods/No Marks)
Sam Maloney (Mixtape Saints)
Christian Smith
Arms and Hearts  

early session (12.30)…

Not for You
Punch Drunk



Time to get excited.. and a ticket!

IT’S WONKFEST, it’s the funnest, craziest day in the punk rock calendar. The best in music, the best in atmosphere, the best in people.



plus loads more xxx

We’ve got new bands, we’ve got buffet, T-shirt screening, badge making, BBQ, all included in the price of a ticket.

Please grab advance tickets ASAP. It really does help with the financial worry of staging an event like Wonkfest. Doors 11.15am – come for breakfast

Disgraceland frontman Ollie Stygal is possibly the South West’s version of Henry Rollins, perhaps with a slightly different physique. Like Rollins, Ollie is getting angrier as he ages and this is highlighted mid-set with the fantastically titled 100% Cunt which is dedicated with real vitriol to the Tories, Nigel Farage and Tommy Robinson, and let’s face it, it’s well deserved.
While being angry, Disgraceland are still an exceedingly tight punk rock n roll machine, playing fast, furious and very catchy tunes that wouldn’t be out of place alongside Dead Kennedy’s, early Damned and even Motörhead numbers. With gigs lined up around the country and their debut EP due on 1st June, Disgraceland are a band well worth keeping an eye on.
Following the storm kicked up by Disgraceland was never gonna be easy and despite their best efforts Bristol’s idestroy don’t really manage it. Songs tend to pass by without ever really grabbing you and it’s hard to understand just what the band is trying to be. One minute they are trying to get big crowd clapalongs going and then the next trying to get all aggressive, but it all seems a bit fake to these eyes and ears. Idestroy might be the band’s name, but on tonight’s showing, Imildlybruise might be more appropriate.

It has been 13 years since Bullets and Octane last graced the Cavern stage, and while they are a completely different beast now, with only madman frontman Gene Louis remaining from those days, they haven’t lost any of the fire or huge sense of fun that they had back then.


Louis remains that frontman that wants to connect with every single person in attendance, and that he does, spending as much time off stage as on it, hugging, high fiving and dancing with everybody and anybody and even getting one fan to take over vocals for him on a few occasions, which may or may not be due to him forgetting the lyrics!


The band themselves are no slouches though with the rhythm section of Jonny Udell (who strangely was in support band The Knives when B&O were last at the Cavern), and Zachary Kibbee holding the mayhem together while guitarist Filipe Rodrigo provides another focal point throwing himself around the room, while still delivering in spades.

Newer songs like ‘Bad Motherfucker’ and ‘When we were Young’ are greeted as enthusiastically as classics like ‘Caving In’ and ‘Pirates’ by the small but very appreciative, and often very drunk, crowd, who give back as much as they receive right up until the final chords crash out.


On leaving the venue I overhear someone say “that was the most fun I have had at a gig for ages”, and that sums up a Bullets and Octane gig better than I ever could! Keep singing that Song for the Underdog!


Author: Nigel Taylor
Buy ‘Waking Up Dead’ Here

Never mind Brexit this is the European Union, in session the Hillbilly Moon Explosion features two Englishmen currently residing in Switzerland A French Drummer and one Italian/Swiss to round it off oh and a guest from Deepest darkest Welsh Wales. Mixing up an eclectic blend of Roots Rock and Roll, some Dark Rock, a punk attitude at times with a healthy or should that be unhealthy dose of Rockabilly and throw in some swing, soul, ska, garage and pop  – I kid you not this really is a melting pot that can go anywhere they like and still come out sounding cohesive and well, bloody magic.

The ‘Sparky Sessions’ is the bands seventh album, yup I know what you’re thinking, I wasn’t sure how many I have either; a few but seven is remarkable. A band this good can’t go under the mainstream radar for so long (when I say so long the sixteen million views on youtube aren’t all bots I guess).  When I say mainstream, I mean I told a few people who I was listening to and they shrugged their shoulders, these are people who listen to a lot of underground music of all persuasions and they’d never heard the band.  So strap yourselves in and join me on a journey into the magic sprinkled ‘Sparky Sessions’ courtesy of The Hillbilly Moon Explosion.

What we have here is a whole long player of duets featuring the guest vocals of the one and only Mark Phillips he of the Demented Are Go parish here in South Wales. After dueting on the murder ballad from 2011’s ‘Beg Steal Or Borrow’ to be fair nobody in their right mind would have mixed the oil and water of Phillips vocal style with that of Emanuela Hutters – but it works and the choice of songs is inspired.  Forget Cave and Minogue or Jagger and Turner – its Phillips and Hutter that have the magic. This whole record will testify that from the rockers to the sultry smoldering murder ballads this is an exceptional piece of work. A magnificent eleven that is weaved into an exceptional record that is one of the finest I’ve heard all year thus far,  one I’m sure will be carried triumphantly into the end of year best of – easily.


The covers are stunning but the original songs stand shoulder to shoulder alongside such classics as ‘Can’t Take My Eyes Off You’ and ‘Baby I Love You’.  A total of seven new songs were recorded along with the four that had previously seen the light of day of the originals ‘Black Ghost’ builds and builds into a cacophony but it’s not the jarring racket but a harnessed noise that builds to an awesome climax.


It’s a bold and brave offering that has more than a sprinkling of magic throughout Hutter has a voice that can melt the ice caps of the north pole and Sparky has the vocal cords to rival a drilling from Thors hammer and put together it’s a beautiful thing brothers and sister trust me. ‘Northern Crown’ is smokey whilst ‘Jackson’ is just a total fuckin’ killer version.  I must have heard about a million covers of this one and this Hillbilly Moon Explosion take is head and shoulders the best yet even better than Carter and Cash in Fulsome Prison.  They absolutely take ownership and just kill it stone dead – sublime. and to end with that Murder Ballad ‘My Love For Evermore’ is still a spine-tingling classic that just works.

If there’s a better record released this month then I need to hear it but I seriously doubt it, folks, this is my album of the month maybe album of the summer – let’s see. Enough waffle from me pick it up and let the music do the talking this one just won’t shut up!  I only hope that this won’t be the end and one day like Skywalker on that mountain the Hillbilly Moon Explosion will come calling and Sparky will hear that call and once again record some new songs together but if that never happens (never say never) thank God we have this collection to live with. Love Songs And Murder Ballads a near-perfect collision of beauty and the beast, light and darkness.  Just buy it!

Author: Dom Daley


Buy the Sparky Sessions Here


Glenn Hughes needs to postpone his upcoming ‘Performs Classic Deep Purple Live’ due to illness. He sends his regrets that he is unable to perform his UK tour which was due to start May 14th through May 24th.

He needs to be treated for an illness that while not life-threatening, must be dealt with immediately in order for it to not become a serious problem. He is expected to make a full recovery and be back on the road in June.

Ticket purchasers are kindly asked to wait for further information and will be updated as soon as possible.

The former bassist and singer of Deep Purple, known to millions as the ‘Voice of Rock’, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, and the current front man for rock super group Black Country Communion, was scheduled to kick off the second leg of his ‘Glenn Hughes Performs Classic Deep Purple’ UK Tour at the Holmfirth Picturedrome on Tuesday 14th May with special Laurence Jones. The first leg of his UK received rave reviews. One of which was here at RPM

This one has long been on the list of must-attend no excuses shows.  Regardless of what else might be on a few miles away as tonight Matthew the hills are alive with the sound of music.  But, there was only one place RPM Online was going to be. With all due respect to other venues in the region and other events taking place this was the only Rodeo we were interested in.

First up – Red Light Syndrome. Ably led by Craigy Rees on vocals and guitar this four-piece are somewhere between Husker du, Lemonheads and early Soul Asylum and to be fair they have crafted some really excellent songs that on first listen sound epic. Opening with ‘Stop’ the quality and passion were evident. In their brief set, they managed to impress those clued up people wise enough to come to see all the bands on offer and it’s obvious they have an understanding of the music that inspired them to put these chords together and write music. Bands like The Replacements spring to mind – sure it’s early in proceedings to lay such mammoth role models upon them but if you’re going to aspire to anyone it might as well be the best in the genre. The excellent ‘See Things Through’ was a highlight much like the closing ‘6 Feet Bellow’ and ‘Heartburn’ what a great opener.

Deathtraps.  what can I say about the band who I’ve seen more than my own kids recently – everywhere I go they seem to be as well (not that I’m complaining mind), getting on the bill of some great shows lately and every time I see them they improve on the last time to be fair.  (Regardless of that being the night before in this case but you know what I mean) With a decent crowd in front of them, they get to work on demolishing some of their finest tunes (and a few new ones to boot).  To be fair the band are hot (not in that way) – na, make that red hot at the moment and playing all these shows are turning people onto their uncompromising Action Rock and Roll as they hammer it home. It’s good that Both Fraser and VJ share vocal duties to mix it up as they motor through the setlist lurching from the bulldozer punk rock not quite as speedy as a Zeke more your Rocket From The Crypt with some of the chord-heavy chops like the outstanding ‘Cool Kids’ which again sounds excellent.  I can assure you that Rock and Roll isn’t anywhere near dead with bands like this knocking it out and playing plenty of shows with a variety of bands will win them an ever-increasing following. More of the same next time, please (which I’m sure won’t be far away).

DC Spectres are on next and a twist on the Rock and Roll melon man with their garage fuzz fix high on the menu. With the heat in the venue meaning the walls are perspiring its nice to relax with some Psych fuzzed up surf punk (if there’s such a genre).  Imagine The Fuzztones jamming on The Cramps inspired by those Stooges and your somewhere in the same ballpark.  As the set got going they really hit their groove and for about ten minutes they were on fire until the dreaded technical hitch sidelined them briefly. Those damned guitar string breaks and the momentum is halted. By the time the band have regrouped and got going again, there wasn’t enough time to regain the same momentum  I do think they did enough in half an hour to impress the ever crowd that had gathered and joined them on their journey. The highlights were  ‘Later Than You Think’ and a new song I believe was called ‘I Gotta Know’ Which was most excellent.  I look forward to seeing them again and what they come up with to follow up the excellent ‘Vibrations’ album.

So, onto tonight’s headliners The Hip Priests.  what can possibly be said that hasn’t already been splurged over the internet about our favourite east Midlands fuck ups?  Now with brand new six-stringer Ben in situ? I took my place and waited for the sonic solution to all this turmoil around us in society. As I waited to have my hearing interfered with by an hour of the finest Rock and Fucking Roll I was pleased that there was a good turnout considering everything else that was happening in a ten-mile radius of the ‘Port these boys deserve it for always playing South Wales even when South Wales hasn’t turned out in force – maybe the tide is turning and these fucking boys finally get the kudos they thoroughly deserve.

Anyway.  tonight begins with a tsunami of sound washing over the attendees but with no lifevests needed as we were all going down together this latest incarnation of the Hip Priests sounds absofuckin’lutely huge! I kid you not. With their best album under their belts, they have every reason to attack these shows with a cocksure swagger (not that it’s stopped them before mind) but this time seems different – if they could bottle this it would be lethal.  I’ve said it many times before and I’ll keep on saying it – when you see some bands getting great tour slots and people falling over the sound of some plodding rock like its the second coming of The Stones or the New Stooges has finally arrived it’s one of those scratch your head times as to how can’t others see or hear what you hear. ‘Stand For Nothing’ is the finest loud record recorded by any band on Shit Island in a decade – no question about it. Whilst their audience is slowly growing I can’t believe it’s not exploding.

Anyway, with the dual lead guitar swinging on either side of the stage the band aren’t fucking about and get on with the job of leathering the shit out of the new album. Sparks fly and song after song spills forth from their instruments. from the minute ‘Motherfucker Superior’ attacks you it’s like your being chased down by a pack of rabid dogs such is the ferocity of this current line up.

It’s great to hear some fresh new songs sprinkled throughout the set as ‘Stand For Nothing’, ‘Shit Island’ and ‘Social Hand Grenade’ blend in seamlessly much like the new youf on guitar.  With Oz and Ben things seem like they are pushing each other with each song to be better than the last one and they’re rising to the challenge and it seems to have worked superbly well. Weaving in and out of the songs new and old. ‘Deja FU’ and then ‘Cheers To Me’ was a particular high point in the set which only left ‘Sonic Reproducer’ of in the main set.

The audience felt it and I’m sure the band felt it there was something a little different tonight something a bit special was happening and when Von Cruz offered an extra number be it Iggy or Hip Priest original it was the original Hip Priests song that got a louder cheer surely it was a sign?  I don’t know what for but I’m sure Lee Love was seen smiling which must be a sign so get out of here and get excited because when the Hip Priests come to your town – which they will do then you make sure you’re there and you’re ready – now, people of Shit Island and further afield what are you going to stand For? Stand for Rock and Fucking Roll and Stand for The Hip Fucking Priests who’s time is now, Right Now!

Author: Dom Daley


Not been so wet recently as summer seems to have graced Shit Island so let’s give you a few tunes to mull over on your Monday travels to work.  first up from Derby brothers Johnny and George Marriott, PET NEEDS play fractured party music (apparently)  so you decide but we think ‘How To Perfectly Pretend’ is a pretty good introduction to the band that I’m sure we’ll all be hearing a lot more form.



If that didn’t impress you how about this bunch of loons. Dboys is the name punk fuckin’ rock is their game.  Check out this video before we hit you with a live review this very week.

Finally, take a squizz at this absolute cracker courtesy of Hillbilly Moon Explosion.  Sparky from Demented Are Go features on ‘Jackson’ taken from their new album out this week on Jungle records.