Well, we certainly didn’t stand still in the last seven days as we brought you reviews from a range of artist old and new with The Lemonheads starting things off with the second studio album of cover versions entitled ‘Varshons 2‘.  As Evan Dando and Co, head out on a UK tour this week to promote the record RPM gave it the thumbs up as Dando led the band through some pretty diverse waters.  Westerberg, Cave and the Eagles all made it onto the record which as an aside came out in a scented banana yellow version as well.



It was also a week that saw two live albums hit the death decks at RPM with Metallica lending a ‘Helping Hand’ Where they released a double album with proceeds going to a most admirable cause and helping the most vulnerable in society a real genuine act of kindness that doesn’t get the exposure it truly deserves as the rock stars are often castigated for their excesses but seldom praised when they do reach out with a simple yet effective act of kindness.  So a huge well done from us at RPM as Johnny H gets stuck into the double slice of vinyl trouble.



The second of our live reviews came when Martin gave The Godfather a good seeing to with their fantastic ‘This Is War’ the once over. describing it as, “Loud Sharp and Beautiful”, is about as close a summery as you can get.  It’s fair to say that it damn near captures the current line up right at the top of their game.  It’s certainly raw it’s certainly loud and no question it has the Godfathers roaring on all cylinders and has you wondering why all live albums can’t sound this good.  Essential listening no doubt about it.

We also brought you a summary of this years Gathering from North Wales as Mike Peters and the Alarm romped through a huge chunk of their back catalogue over two nights with plenty of special guests that included original Alarm Guitar player Dave Sharp, from Texas Ryan Hamilton and 80’s pop rockers Mark Shaws then Jerico. This year’s festivities weren’t without incident as the PA went down twice but it didn’t deter PEters who climbed into the audience with his acoustic guitar and un mic’d got the audience singing along and making the most out of a potentially bad situation and making it a memorable evening no doubt about it.  Gathering twenty-Seven was again a privilege to attend and I can’t wait for 2020 and number twenty Eight.

We also brought you The Spangles album launch show from way up North otherwise known as Harrogate as Ben Hughes had an equally splendid evening with an immensely talented band playing one hell of a debut album.  I for one hope there is a lot more to come from these three guys because their album was easily one of 2018 best releases.

As far as news goes we joined the rock world in wishing Bernie Torme a speedy recovery from his hospitalization from double Pneumonia and hope he’s back to full health as soon as possible. The same for our Australian friend Hayden McGoogan from The Black Heart Breakers who also found himself in Hospital this past week – Get yourselves fit and health please gents and I’m sure I speak for all the writers at RPM in wishing you both speedy full recoveries.

There was also some superb festival news as The Dead Boys were announced as headliners for this year’s Rebellion Festival in Blackpool along with Walter Lure who will be playing L.A.M.F. at the festival and across the channel in Belgium Sjock Festival announced a raft of superb bands added to this years festival including RPM favourites The Hip Priests and Barstool Preachers who play alongside The Hives, Hellacopters, Electric Frankenstein, the Briefs  and Gluecifer. To be fair news wise last week was a bumper week for great rock n roll news.


Anyway, that was last week on RPM and as we are always looking forward here’s what you can expect this coming week on the website. We’ve got a couple of bumper interviews with the likes of Slyder from Last Great Dreamers as they announce a lot of dates for 2019 in what appears to be a hugely busy year for the band.  Also, we have a monster interview with “Demons” Matheus Carlsson which should see your Friday seem a lot more enjoyable as we spoke about the past present and future of the band in what also looks like a great year for the band.

As for album reviews we’re once again scouring the globe for great bands and we’ve certainly got those coming at you with the debut long player from ‘Wet Dreams’ reviewed today by Johnny H and there is also the long-awaited long player from Jim Jones & the Righteous Mind’ coming later this week as ‘CollectiV’ has certainly been entertaining RPM HQ and what will be one of the years top albums no question about that. We also look back on some significant happenings this coming week in punk, rock and pop music history so keep it RPM folks for all your turbocharged Rock n Roll!

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Its surely just pure coincidence but in the same month that the game-changing Sub Pop recordings by Green River get a long overdue vinyl reissue this ten-track debut from the – as of right now -unknown Norwegian garage punk rockers Wet Dreams lands on my desk.

What’s the connection I hear you ask? Well, nothing really other than this Wet Dreams album sounds like it could have been recorded as a follow up to ‘Dry As A Bone’, it really is that amazing.

Formed in 2017 and running concurrently with his day job fronting the power poptastic Death By Unga Bunga. Wet Dreams is the sound of Sebastian Ulstad Olsen turning up the Super Fuzz to 11 whilst rejoicing in the melodic delights of sixties psych. Joining him on this journey to the centre of the brain drain are members of FOAMMM, Warp Riders and De Marvells and having already played festivals in Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway you really get the feeling that this is more than just a side project for all those involved

One listen to the album’s lead track ‘Bad Boy’ confirms this, as not only is this a track accompanied by the ludicrous type of video that Unga Bunga specialise in, but also this bad boy (ouch) literally screams along on a buzzsaw guitar riff complete with overdriven vocals that are also oh so sugary sweet, and this evoking the sound of garage punk at its infectious lo-fi best.

It also process to be the perfect appetizer for the full album, with tracks like ‘Blueslata’, ‘Band-Aid’, ‘Radioactivity’ and ‘Roliglata’ all coming on like long lost ‘Nuggets’ or ‘Pebbles’ tracks with certain hints of The Mary Chain and Unga Bunga’s recent UK tour mates Ash all thrown in to the melting pot.

‘Her’ and ‘Blueslata’ up the ante in the overdrive department and both showcase Wet Dreams at their hard-rockin’ best mixing in some Sabbath and Quo whilst still managing to sound like neither of them and thus reinforcing the musical alchemy going on here. Elsewhere ‘Depression’, ‘Beautiful’ and album closer ‘I Told You/Drugs’ display a more out and out punk influence albeit one laced with that essential shot of power pop.

With a running time of 25 minutes, this ten track album takes the old cliché of all killer no filler and rams it down the throat of anyone thinking this is anything other than a full-on garage rock record from a band who are very much looking to take things to the next level with dates in Norway, Europe and the US already being pencilled in for the rest of 2019.

Released at the end of March you can pre-order your copy of ‘Wet Dreams’ via the record label website or via Wet Dreams’ Bandcamp page both of which are linked below.

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Author: Johhny Hayward





Sjock announces yet more bill busting acts for 2019. Belgium’s longest running festival sees Sjock confirm a raft of headline acts for 2019.  going since 1976 This year has The Hellacopters, The Briefs, The Hip Priests, Electric Frankenstein, The Hives, Gluecifer and The Barstool Preachers just to name a few and all for 80Euro at Tickets


FRIDAY! NEW NAMES! TICKETS ON SALE!Let's go!!The Hellacopters SWEGluecifer NORThe Barstool Preachers UKGrindhouse AUSThe Hip Priests UKBaby Shakes USCrackups BEHeathen Apostles USThe Bloodstrings GERPrince Beastly BETickets are on sale from now on! https://www.ticketjes.be/en/Buy/StartWizard?eventId=14See all info on our website!www.sjock.comSJOCK Festival 4412-13-14 july 2019www.sjock.com

Geplaatst door SJOCK Festival op Donderdag 14 februari 2019


Rock n Roll is often meant to be a lot of fun and some artists get it whilst others don’t. Lester comes from a hard-working background where you have to earn your stripes and boy has he earned his. With a fantastic bunch of fellow musicians and friends like Honest John Plain, Wilko Zanni, Davide Ferrario, Francesco-C  to lean on Lester always sounds like his records are the hippest party to be at and Out Of Tune Out Of Key is no different as it sways from good time barroom rock ‘n’ roll like The Boys to Some Hanoi Rocks saxophone  mixed some rollicking piano and at times its not all party party party sometimes like on ‘Until Wrong Turned Right’ his sound reminds me of early Waysted when Fin was bossing it its got elements of the classic 70’s rock of a UFO with a side order of Slade thrown in for good measure.

Songs like the uptempo hard rockin’ ‘Love Me’ would have you punching the air if you were to walk into a bar with the band playing this. Lesters modus operandi is a simple one.  Rock ‘n’ Roll hard and keep smiling but do it to the best of your ability. Don’t do anything clever unless you consider writing catchy hooks and sing-a-long choruses clever because that’s this album in a nutshell. Catchy hooks a plenty, great arrangments, knowing when to throw in a stomping guitar lick or a punky riff or the old classic one-fingered piano roll like on ‘Maybe’ but then again Lester seems to have thrown the full makonky into this one making it dangerous to listen to in confined spaces (be careful out there kids) this is seriously good rock n roll.


‘Here She Goes’ introduces some tasty Jonesy like riffola on the intro and has one foot planted into that Professionals camp whilst the other is toe-tapping to be fair that pretty much could be any song on this album. Well, not quite because the title track that sits at the end of this record has a sober opening but soon enough it builds to the big chorus that has the gang arm in arm and singing along before dropping back into the verse.  A fine way to put a full stop on a really enjoyable record. I know Its Only Rock ‘N’ Roll but damn I like it!

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Legendary Californain punk rockers THE ZEROS will play their first ever dates in the UK next month!

The band they called ‘the Mexican Ramones’ came outta Southern California in 1976. Originally a four-piece line-up that featured guitarist Javier Escovedo who also handled vocals – the middle of the three Escovedo brothers – and Robert Lopez also on guitar. The band signed a record deal to kings of the underground labels Bomp! wh released the single ‘Wimp’ – which was later covered by the Hoodoo Gurus – on the flip was ‘Don’t Push Me Around’(shown below) The band called it quits in 1980, but regrouped for another go and new album in ’95 and have been active once again since 2007. Still featuring Escovedo and drummer Baba Chenelle, RPM caught up with Javier before they hit the UK for a brief word…Photo courtesy of Jacqueline Ramirez

Firstly tell us who’s in the band currently?
The band is Javier Escovedo guitar/vocals, Baba Chenelle drums, Victor Penalosa Bass/vocals
You’re about to play the UK for the first time.  How come its taken you guys so long to get over here? 
Good question. Bomber Booking was the only agency that offered us to play there. We are glad he did. We are excited to finally play there.
What about new music?  Any plans to record?
We recently started recording again. We will put out a 7″ single soon.
Weren’t you booked to play Rebellion a couple of years ago and then you disappeared off the bill? Or have I made that up?
This is the first I’ve heard about that. We would love to play there.
 when you started back in ’77 who were your influences?
Our influences were the velvet underground, Lou Reed, Iggy and the Stooges, David Bowie, Roxy music, Doctor Feelgood, The Modern Lovers, The New York Dolls, Johnny Thunders, T Rex and many more.
What about now what or who are your influences now?
Don’t really have influences in the same way we did as teenagers. We just want to make the best music we can.
What about the future for The Zeros?
The future is not up to us. Hopefully, we will release another full-length l.p. and play some more shows. I’d like for us to play more countries we haven’t been to yet.
so what else have you planned in 2019 apart from coming to Europe?
Right now we are concentrating on recording and getting a new l.p. out.
 As you can see the lineups for these four UK shows are pretty exciting to say the least get a ticket whilst there are still some available remember snooze you lose.
1 Mar – Shacklewell Arms, London (w/ Johnny Throttle & The Speedways)
2 Mar – Temple Of Boom, Leeds (w/ The X-Ray Eyes)
3 Mar – The Chameleon, Nottingham (w/ The Eviltones)
4 Mar – Pipeline Club, Brighton (Randy Savages)

Tickets for the London gig are available here

The Hellacopters tribute pre order is live!

over a year in the making and well worth the wait ! A tribute to the Hellacopters !! Available in very limited quantities on classic Black and Red variant vinyl !! 11 tracks from some of the finest bands in the land paying homage to one of the greatest rock n roll bands ever !

You can pre order the vinyl here:

Friends of RPM STEVIE R. PEARCE AND THE HOOLIGANS will hit the road this MAY with one of today’s shining light breakthrough Bands DOOMSDAY OUTLAW and newcomers SILK ROAD.

2018 saw the rise of the HOOLIGANS with their critically acclaimed self titled Debut Album: released on Cargo Records last March, which caught the attention of Planet Rocks Hairy Bikers who instantly play listed the raucous track “BAD DAY”. All this solidified by storming performances across the UK.

The current touring ‘Jizzy Pearls Love/Hate’ Guitar Player has this to say to you: “It’s great to be going out with DOOMSDAY, right at the top of their game, I’m honoured! sonically there are some differences but it’ll make for one hell of a show- I love them dearly – I’m not predicting a blood bath as such — but i have brought a new mop just incase. It’s great to be also bringing SILK ROAD out to open every night, those upstarts are just killer. GET YOUR TICKETS NOW!!!!!I”

Indy From Doomsday has this to say: “Doomsday can’t wait to get on the road with Stevie Pearce again having laid waste to the shires with him when we supported Love/Hate last year. The last time we saw him the night ended in violence and kebabs, so we’ll be keeping the legal team on retainer and seeing what happens.

Former GILLAN and OZZY OSBOURNE guitar legend Bernie Tormé has been hospitalised with double pneumonia.  RPM would like every reader to send prayers (if your that way inclined) and positive thoughts his way that he makes a speedy and full recovery.

The news of the Irish musician’s health issues was broken via his Facebook page earlier yesterday. The post: “Bernie Tormé is extremely ill in intensive care with virulent double pneumonia. We ask for your prayers.” So we’re only happy to oblige. Get well Bernie.


Buy his latest LP: Here