Today’s Introducing happen to be a new down & dirty garage/punk trio from London influenced by the likes of Jay Reatard, The Cramps, 80s Matchbox, etc.

Dead Horse formed in 2019 when former Love Buzzard (Fluffer/1-2-3-4 Records) front man Kevin Lennon (bass/vox) returned to London from Brighton, meeting up with long time bandmates (Rumour Mill/Kids From K Hole) Duncan Clark (drums) and Josh Kemp (guitar) via a mutual interest in garage rock/punk, old and new.

Who are Dead Horse?

Dead Horse are sleaze drippin garage punk trio. Kev Lennon on Bass/Vox, Josh Kemp on guitar and Duncan Clark on Drums.

Where you from?

All currently base in and around London

How did the band come together?
Duncan and Josh already had been in bands together for a few years, Kev joined them when he returned to London from Brighton after a stint as front man to Holy Glam FKA Scab Hand and before that Love Buzzard.
Recordings available? 

We have released one single ‘Flesh Mountain’ prior to the EP release. Kev recorded that one on an old cassette 4 track in our rehearsal studio so a bit rough around the edges in a good way!

Post pandemic what’s the plan?
Getting back into the studio in Bristol towards the end of the year to lay down another EP or possibly an Album depending on what we can squeeze out in 3 days. We are of course  looking forward to getting back to gigging and want to get a UK tour booked in as soon as we now when venues will be opening up again.

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