American Television are a punk rock band outta DC.  They play fast and are a throwback to the kind of punk that swamped MTV back in the day. At times they remind me of the likes of Anti Flag, Bad Religion and of course Green Day.  This is their debut album and for the Genre their hitting outta they do it really well. The band themselves say that its an album of ten tracks of pop melodies with a punk rock attitude and that’s a fair assessment of what ‘Watch It Burn’ is all about.  There is an air of being uplifted by the songs and that’s always a good thing, right? Like their genre compadres Anti Flag they feel that the “Man” is crushing the man and money and greed is taking over above the greater good and I like that and you can hear it in their lyrics.  Bands like American Television offer hope and are eternal optimists and that’s always cool.


I particularly love the bass thud of ‘Drinks’ – married with the thunderous riff its the standout song. Close on its heels is ‘Dad’s Song’ which is probably reflected right around the globe currently. to be fair when you dig into the album the guts of the tracklist is really strong and songs pop out the more you play it. ‘Technology’ is grabbing me at the moment followed by the harder-edged ‘Wasteland, USA’ with its sub-two minutes heads down and hit it hard attitude.

Something of a call to arms for all the disenfranchised and misfits out there ‘Misprint’ is autobiographical and something many punks can relate to and it’s wrapped up in a good tune and they reference Greg from Bad Religion to boot.  If you’re waiting for the slow heartfelt set-ender then forget it.  these guys light the torch and carry it on ‘Great Divide’ reminding me of the Downtown Struts and that’s always a cool sound.  Check it out I really liked it and can only see it growing on me even more.

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Author: Dom Daley

Political punk icons, Anti-Flag, release their brand-new album, 20/20 Vision, this week.

They’ve been raging against the machine for over two decades and releasing music, touring, organizing, and repeat since the early ’90s. With ’20/20 Vision’ the Pittsburgh, PA based band prove that they have plenty of vitriol left. With the fascistic hate-mongering of the Trump administration at large and seemingly out of control ’20/20 Vision’ is the sound of the times we find ourselves living in. It’s an album intended to explicitly address the here and now.

I generally tend to like a lot of Anti Flag records or to be fair I’ve pretty much liked them all but for some reason when I last caught them live I thought I’d fallen out of love with their passion and delivery (I know that could have been me seeing as the rest of the audience was going nuts) but when this new opus came in for review I filed it away not in any great rush to review. Then, when it came time to give it a spin and hearing Trump on a newsreel kick things off I kinda sat up and paid attention.  It might not have been opener ‘Hate Conquers All’ that lit a fire but it did send up the flag that 20/20 Vision was where they were going to take another stand against fascism, racism, and champion good against evil such as the leader of the western world and it was time to get behind them.

The second track ‘It Went Off Like A Bomb’ which took things quite literally.  Sure its Anto Flag doing Anti Flag but its got boundless energyand there is a fire raging inside to be fair.  I guess dealing with the here and now certainly has its subject matter globally to rage over but the deeper you get into the record the better it gets. The title track is blistering. But it does get better and better as they freewheel downhill towards the Clashtastic ‘Don’t Let The Bastards Get You Down’ what a great thumping bassline and sing-along chorus that is everything I love about Anti Flag.  In fact, to be fair this is the best the band has sounded for quite a while maybe as strong as they’ve sounded in a decade it’s that good.

It’s still accessible for mass appeal and veers close to modern Green Day at times the two draws from the same well so its to be expected.  As the record rolls on the variety is a great flow from the spikey punk to the more laid back acoustic ‘Un American’ which couldn’t be more American sounding if Mellencamp and Springsteen sang gang vocals. Then to close it off we have the brass infused ‘Resistance Frequencies’ that has all the triumph and gusto of a band who know its winning with this record that’s exuding confidence and great tunes.  Where do I sign up to join the resistance – I’m in!

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Author: Dom Daley


Here we go, kids, its the first Rainy Days & Mondays feature of 2020 and we begin with a brand new video from Anti Flag just before they release their new album ’20/20 Vision’ later this week.


If you’ve followed the path of Rock n Rolla Tommy Ray closely over the last few years you would know that the man from The Cry has done good and made a solo record full of Rock and Roll. Check out the first video ‘Good Luv Gone South’

Finally to ease the new year in we have the power pop goodness from Mansion Harlots

Finally to wrap it up try this banger from the Speedways.


Pittsburgh political punk band Anti-Flag announce vital UK and European tour dates for January 2020.


“We need these shows. We need this tour. We need to set the pace for the work that lies ahead in 2020. Our individual strength, optimism and hope comes directly from the interactions and exchanges we have at shows like these. It is a space where individual energy transforms into collective energy and power is born.


We cannot wait to unveil our new record. New songs are our bridge to reach out, reconnect, energize and organize. An opportunity to put names to faces, city to city, town to town. We are living in a time where minorities are being increasingly marginalized and cast out of society, where their mere existence has become illegality. Those victimized by the current administration need much more than allies, they need accomplices. We can no longer be shocked or distracted by defeat. Now is the time to remind each other that we are not alone and together we can beat back injustice.


We hope that this collection of songs, the congregation of folks around the shows, will all serve as tools of solidarity in the face of oppression and empire – solidarity with the poor, the marginalized and the scapegoated who are all catching hell.


Sometimes people say “enough” and a riot echoes forever.”




8/1 Lisboa, PT – RCA Club
9/1 Madrid, ES – Caracol
10/1 Vitoria, ES – Kubik
11/1 Zaragoza, ES – Sala López
12/1 Barcelona, ES – Estrapelo
14/1 Milano, IT – HT Factory
16/1 Zurich, CH – Dynamo
17/1 Graz, AT – PPC
18/1 Vienna, AT – Flex
19/1 Prague, CZ – Roxy
21/1 Berlin, DE – SO36
22/1 Munich, DE  – Backstage Werk
23/1 Nuremberg, DE – Lowensaal
24/1 Chemnitz, DE – Talschock
26/1 Warsaw, PL – Proxima
28/1 Hamburg, DE – Fabrik
29/1 Köln, DE  – Essigfabrik
30/1 Haarlem, NL – Patronaat
2/2 Brighton, UK – Chalk
4/2 London, UK –02 Academy Islington
5/2 Manchester, UK – Club Academy
6/2 Birmingham, UK – The Mill
7/2 Glasgow, UK – The Garage

Tickets go on sale on Friday 4th October @ 10am UK time / 11am CET.

Anti-Flag are currently putting the final touches on their new studio album, further details will be revealed in due course.