The Coop heads up this Monday’s videos and this is the first taste of his new record and what a banger it is.  Check out ‘Social Debris’ taken from ‘Detroit Stories’ which you can pre order Here



Following the release of their new EP ‘Threesome Vol. 2’, The Lickerish Quartet have just unveiled a hazy video for ‘The Dream That Took Me Over’. Which was reviewed on RPM Here

Set in Los Angeles, or is it set in a dream? Has this happened before or is this the first time? The Dream That Took Me Over reflects on longing as well as the uncertainty of desire and its addictive pursuit.



Finally here’s a banger I can’t stop listening to from The Dangereens who released one of the best albums of 2020 – Enjoy some real good time RnR.


‘Danny Sucks at Video Games’ is a song for our times. We’re all Danny. We’re all locked in futile combat with our screen avatar, failing again and again to get into the ‘Hall of Fame’. It’s garage, it’s punk, it’s electro, it’s 8bit graphics and it’s the best song of this hideous year.

This is a crazy world and we all need a gut-busting adrenaline rush to induce some socially distanced moshing in order to shake out what remains of our frazzled brains.

With a stupidly infectious second album on the way, skate kids and gamers will be gliding round to these lyrics for the foreseeable:

“Danny sucks at video games, he’ll never make it to the Hall of Fame. All his combos are the same. Cos Danny sucks at video games”

There’s a suitably retro gaming video on YouTube for the single along with a call to action which will celebrate everyone’s most epic ‘gaming fails’ a la Danny. This song really does capture the spirit of 2020 which, let’s face it, completely ‘sucks at video games’.

WA Wa Punx are Dylan Rippon and Cory Jarnagin. The duo met when Dylan was touring the States with his band Bears From Labrador. Cory lives in Seattle and Dylan lives in London and Amsterdam. Dylan explains their first meeting in Bremerton, a nowhere town in the Pacific Northwest,

“I had a bad feeling about the venue. Thrash metal. Too much leather, too many tattoos, too many beards and piercings. We were drinking a few beers when this fresh-faced kid with a huge smile and a Texan drawl introduced himself as the support act. He proceeded to pull out his iPod and explain how he was going to just plug it in and freestyle. I looked at him, full of hope and enthusiasm, then at the sweaty crowd of metal heads. Could get ugly. Half an hour later Cory took to the stage. The room was silent. He fumbled about. Then he started rapping. It was good. It was so good and funny as hell. It was like an Andy Kaufman sketch where you think it’s all going wrong and the guy’s a total amateur but the whole thing was planned out. The next twenty minutes were a joy, Doing a project with Cory was a no-brainer.”

You may not yet have heard of WA Wa Punx, but you’ve almost certainly heard them. Their music has featured on numerous TV shows like ‘Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown’, ‘Made In Chelsea’, ‘Big Brother’ and ‘NASCAR Raceday’. Bradley Cooper is currently encouraging folks to vote in Pennsylvania backed to the sounds of WA Wa Punx classic ‘Hooty Hoo’.

This one’s for all the geeks, freaks and video sheikhs.

‘Danny Sucks At Video Games’ is released on November 2nd on Hero Rhymes With Zero.

Thee Headshrinkers (Shrink Ray Records) slap on some reverb and hit those cymbals Thee Headshrinkers are here to ‘Save Your Life’ with a groovy lick on the guitar and a song that indeed lies somewhere between Mark E Smith fronting The Cramps and poison ivy joining The Fall and just rocking out without a care in the world. To flip this bad boy over you get more of the same with ‘Head On’ sounding like it was recorded by Ron, Scott, and the Iggster, and even they were too fucked up to remember where they left the tapes. Excellent songs and a great vibe coming out of thee Headshrinkers I particularly like ‘Head On’ they should tour with Thee Hypnotics when COVID fucks off they’d be a lot of fun methinks.  get it Here


WARRIOR SOUL – ‘Elected‘ (Livewire/Cargo Records), the track is taken from their covers album called ‘Cocaine and Other Good Stuff‘, out in November ‘Elected’ is the first peek into the album and to be fair to Kory who is no stranger to a cover after tackling some quality songs previously taking on the ‘Coop is a no brainer. Maybe bludgeoning down the smoother edges of the original Warrior Soul have left in those cool horns and knocked out a very decent ‘Elected’ to be fair. Kory turns in a very tidy vocal as well to be fair.  If you want to hear it before you pick up your copy of the album stream it here


Zodiac Panthers – ‘Black Leather Heart’ (Bandcamp)  Cheeky artwork to accompany a gloriously bubblegum Poppin slab of loud, fun punk rock n roll.  Zodiac Panther sounds like Turbonegro when they were kings of everything sleazy and garage punk rock. But there’s a healthy dose of Ramones going on as well but these cats have got it going on and if there is an album heading our way that pulls together this along with the Hexray Vision stuff then they are onto a winner and its something we would need to hear otherwise what’s the point this stuff could very well be the magic potion that fights off this pandemic. Rock and Roll baby and we fuckin’ like it! / Facebook / Instagram



Teen Creeps – ‘Seeing Shapes’ (Pias)  Harking back to a sound that filled every student uni certainly in America with the likes of Dinosaur Jr or Buffalo Tom with a healthy dose of mid-period Lemonheads thrown in for good measure.  Teen Creeps have absorbed the lot and gone down the Teenage Fanclub route of writing a decent song with what they have and ‘Seeing Shapes’ is what spilt out in the studio.  this is the first single from the album ‘Forever’ that’s set for an early 2021 release and if this is the benchmark then I’ll be having some of that along with many others.  top tune. Facebook


Mad Caddies – ‘House on Fire’ (FAT WRECK CHORDS) 25 years and still standing this Californian band had some big plans for this year (Pre Pandemic) it’s not all bad though because the band were able to work on this EP (their first new music in six years) and finally they finished recording and got the damn thing released. Opening track is a gentle commercial number.  The band refers to it as punk rock turned ska and that’s about the size of it.  With one eye on the commercial success, they’ve hit a winning formula and the band’s horn section run riot here ‘Waiting For the Real Thing’ is pure pop.  I think they’ll be adding a whole heap more to their half a million sales with this. In these dark times, it’s a little ray of sunshine for sure.



J. Graves – ‘Deathbed’ (Illumin Records)  Call me lazy call me what you like but J Graves reminded me of PJ Harvey. Certainly on first play but there’s more to this than sounding like someone else because ‘Deathbed’ is a gutsy introduction from the repetitive guitar lick to the guttural howls on the chorus to the trashy drum beat its got something and I like it.

Portlands Jessa Graves has the talent and the post-punk rattle of ‘Time Travel’ has a real vibrant DIY feel to it and the X-Factor of it being a bloody good song.  ‘Lo The Morning’ is the third offering and proving that the first two are no flunk. wrapping up the EP is ‘331’. interesting, experimental and above all good. pick it up here at  Bandcamp

GILBY CLARKE ‘Tightwad’ (Golden Robot Records) ‘Tightwad‘ is the latest single from Gilby Clarke, and the follow up to his recent singles The Gospel Truth and Rock n’ Roll Is Getting Louder. It was written around a guitar riff he wrote while trying out a new fuzz pedal. Lyrically, it was inspired by deceit, treachery and the creative extremes people will go through to get ahead. Tightwad features Motley Crue’s Nikki Sixx on bass and Stephen Perkins (Janes Addiction) on Drums. Facebook





KING BULL – ‘What Happened Here?’ (Riot Records) Boundless energy and guitars that are louder than everything else x 10.  Nowt wrong with that for us.  Canada’s King Bull has got a pocket full of catchy hard rockin’ tunes born in the ’70s and fueled by a fuzz box guitar and a bad attitude.  ‘Secret Sauce’ reminds me of another tune but I can’t quite put my finger on it. This EP gets better the more you play it and the songs get better as the EP wears on ‘Dontcha Know’ is wonderfully flamboyant from the guitar lick to the vocals its a ripper.  I’m only disappointed there isn’t a full-blown ballad on here but these five will keep me going as they save the best ’til last with ‘B Side Baby’ being the pick of the bunch and makes you want to punch the air in some arena wearing the silk scarf you picked up off their merch table.  Thoroughly enjoyed check em out! Facebook  Pre-order/save What Happened Here? HERE


first up this Monday morning how about some loud guitars courtesy of Headstones and their ‘Dimes And Pennies’.  Action Rock, garage punk, call it what you like it sounds like Rock and Roll to me.  With a hint of the magnificent Gluecifer this ones a banger!

Next up are Manchurian Hard Rockers Carnival Club causing a bit of a stir up north with their sounds.  Well, they have a new video out.  The video, shot in super-8 film by new director Megija Germane matches ‘My Lady’s’ helter-skelter feel; depicting the ‘screwed, blued and tattooed’ off-stage antics of Kai and friends.

Finally bringing up the read is the new track from The Bloody Hell entitled ‘Out Of Our Minds’ and is the bands fourth single of their self titled debut album..I might be wrong but I think it’s safe to say they’re the first band we’ve featured from Nova Scotia but you can  find em on Facebook Here