After almost a year of silence, the Swedish garage rock-beast has awoken yet again. This is the follow up to the band’s debut  ‘Love. Live. Lambada’. Get ready for a party in your ears or a headfuck because Baby this album is an explosion of Rock and Roll with melodies to die for (ok maybe not die but get winded for at least) its sugar-sweet in a way that Biters used to be but its got a pop sensible edge, when I say edge if the Bay City Rollers were edgy then yup edge.  it’s rockin’ I know that much and with the added samples like on ‘To The Rescue’ its where it gets a little psychedelic.  Most of all this album is a fuckin’ smile on a rainy day.  If you’re feeling down put this on and go splash through some puddles barefoot.
when the press blurb said “Think the pulse of Bay City Rollers, the twin guitars of Thin Lizzy, and the energy of Richard Simmons£ man they nailed it  but I think its a little bit better than that and some. ‘Second Coming’ is a homage to classic rock and yet a breath of fresh air. With lyrics about lusting after ‘Sigourney Weaver’ to the lost DJ-career of Simon Pegg’s character in modern classic ‘Shaun of the Dead’ this becomes a lighthearted feel-good album no question. ‘Smiley Riley’ is like if Saturday Night Fever was from Stockholm and not New York and they were trippin’ on twin guitar licks and not so heavy on the disco beats.
‘Tropic Island’ makes me thirsty for some goofy sappy slow dance rock n roll but still, it’s addictive and like a moth to a flame, you can’t not get closer to those speakers its great stuff. Penultimate ‘Events In Advance’ is a tasty slice of Buzzcocks inspired punk rock had Phil Lynott been co-writer with Shelley (just hold that thought for a second) The band checks out with an epic six-plus minutes ‘Space Phase’ is like a loose ‘Beast Of Burden’ trippin’ on some Beach Boys Ooh Ooh’s .  It shouldn’t all work but it does and I’m not concerned if the lyrics make any sense – Frankly, I couldn’t give a shit. ‘Second Coming’ is a cracker and after rolling my eyes at the band’s name I can only apologise to them because they could be called the dogs danglies for all I care I’d be barking mad not to love this record.
Author:Dom Daley