Vienna, AT – Austrian punk rockers DeeCRACKS have released their video for “We Can’t Help It,” the first single from their upcoming album Serious Issues which comes out March 12th on Pirates Press Records.

“The song’s basically about life and love. How we can direct ourselves in a certain direction. Make things better or worse for us every day. But we can’t help to fall in love with someone. It just happens,” says lead singer Matt DeeCRACK.
‘Serious Issues’ is the follow-up record to the band’s 2017 LP, Sonic Delusions. The band toured relentlessly around the world in support of the album including a month-long European tour with the legendary CJ Ramone.
Although these hard-working fellas won’t be able to hit the road amidst the pandemic, they have not lost their DIY spirit and pension for staying active. Instead, the band has refocused their energy and will be releasing multiple music videos and live studio sessions over the next few months to promote the record.
Make no mistake about it, DeeCRACKS will be on the road as soon as the pandemic is over so we can safely enjoy these new tunes live!
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Vienna, AT – Austrian punk rockers DeeCRACKS have announced they will be releasing their new album, Serious Issues, on March 12th. This is the follow-up to their 2018 full-length Sonic Delusions.
DeeCRACKS formed in 2003 and have played nearly 1000 shows around the globe and have more releases under their belt that most bands twice their age. Serious Issues is another step forward for these hard working punks as this new album is what fans of DeeCRACKS have come to expect – 16 tracks of fast punk with catchy melodies and singalongs.

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