Welcome back pop pickers and the first Rainy Days & Monday of 2021 is here with a few new releases we think you should investigate.  First up is Canadian rockers Dirtbag Republic with the first single off their new album. ‘Wannabees’ which is taken from ‘Tear Down Your Idols’ which is due in the spring. Unlike Donald Trump you can find Dirtbag Republic on the internet here: Website / www.facebook.com/dirtbagrepublic / www.instagram.com/dirtbagrepublic / www.twitter.com/dirtbagrepublic


Second up we have the new video from our very own Craggy Collyde with the splendid ‘In The Shade Of The Big Oak Tree’ Hit Craggy up over on Bandcamp Here 

Then finally how about some ‘Panic’ from the fantastic Millie Manders & The Shutup’   Taken from their debut LP Telling Truths, Breaking Ties. Panic discusses our destruction of the planet and our horrendous farming practices, and the release date for the video reflects Millie’s desire to inspire New Year’s Resolutions for change.

Those Dirtbag republic rockers have unleashed a brand new slice of Rock and Rolla for your listening pleasure  Check out ‘Pandemic Blues’.  It was all recorded remotely and mixed professionally by Ear Art Music Studios. We hope you like it as much as we do.

You can donate directly to the bands campaign to help the foodbank in Vancouver – https://my.ugm.ca/PandemicBlues

The brand new video taken from the forthcoming album from Scandi glam rockers Plastic Tears.

Finally how about this little blast of sunshine from Goldie Dawn