Every now and then a band comes out of left field and hits you upside your head and when you’ve picked yourself off the floor and gathered your senses you’re checking out who? why? where and when. Jagger Holly did that.  Without warning, I was recommended them and loved what I heard straight away.  so they are influenced by The Ramones for sure and a bunch of catchy as fuck melodies later I’m a fan. Let me introduce Jagger Holly to you Boys and Girls or at least pull up a chair and read some words I had with frontman and songwriter Jay.  Take it away, Jay

Where did it all begin?

Hey! It all began in 2015. The band I was in “The Spastic Hearts” was coming to an end sadly and I was at a crossroads of sorts of what to do next. I wanted to tour a lot and see a lot more of the world. Up until then, I had been all over. I thought there was another step to take tho. I couldn’t quit. I mean how do you quit music? So that wasn’t going to happen. I started working on the debut record “DJ Free Europe”. Just me and an acoustic guitar hammering out the new tunes. It came together really quick. I asked Stiv and Casey to be in the band and we started playing shows. Then came time to record the stuff we had been playing live. We went into “Apreon Recorder” in Youngstown, Ohio to do Drums and later do vocals. The bulk of the record was recorded at “Space Mountain” in Youngstown, Ohio. I think it came out the way it did because we already worked out a bunch of the kinks. A lot of bands will record first and then play it out but over time find out that maybe this sounds better this way etc etc…you get my point.

So Who’s in the band with you Jay? Which ones Jagger Holly?

I play Bass and Sing. Matt from “DeeCracks” plays guitars and sings. Marco from a band called “On My Arms” plays Drums. And the USA line up is Stiv Reynolds from a band called “RADD and also the Hollywood Blondes” And Casey plays Drums who has been with me drummer since like 2004. I’m lucky to have these guys in this band. Such great players.

So where did the name come from?

All the cool names are taken. There are some terrible names out there. So what do I do?? I just took my favorite two front men and named it after them. Smart? Dumb? Either way…the name can’t be taken because they already exist!

Alright, that’s the awkward introductions out of the way who or what influences you?

The Ramones of course. Actually tho I don’t listen to anything regularly post 1970’s these days. The ’50s and ’60s had the best music to me. I just find myself in that era for some reason. Probably because it’s the best era.

When we heard ‘The Last Of The International Playboys’ we loved it. Can you fill us in on a few details about the record?  its the bands second long player right?

Thanks for the kind words about the album! Yes, it’s our second full-length LP, “The Last of The International Playboys” Was recorded in Innsbruck, Austria at a place in the middle of the city called “The Weirdo Garage” With Me/Matt/Marco and Magi our Engineer. It took maybe a year before our first session to having the record pressed and in our hands. We all live at least 5 hours apart. Venice, Vienna and Innsbruck, they aren’t so close to each other but we make it work tho!

Marco did 16 drum tracks in one day. And then we would work on it in between tours. It was done when it was done. No sense in rushing it when it already took as long as it did you know? I really love how it sounds! Out NOW on LP at Monster Zero Records in Europe…Mom’s Basement Records in the USA and on cd on OUTLOUD! Records.

On the Bandcamp page its Ohio and Innsbruck that’s some commute?

Yes it is! I have a USA line up and a Euro line up. I live in Innsbruck, Austria now. I’m born and raised in Youngstown, Ohio tho. So, I get to live here in Europe now and when I make it back to the states I make sure a tour is included.

Have you made any plans for 2019?

2019 will be a good year I think! Since we did the “Playboys” record in November we will most likely won’t release another full-length LP until 2020. This year tho we have a planned split 10” with a great band we can’t speak about just yet. Also, maybe a 7”…who knows…I always wanted to do a Christmas album as well. So, it’s anyone’s idea at this point. I know we will go to Italy in February and then Norway in April. Trying for something bigger later in the year but until it’s booked I don’t like predicting. Too many bands are gonna do this or that and it never happens. Once it’s set then we can promote it.

You covered Rod Stewart on the ‘DJ Free Europe’ album? What brought you to record that song? I love Rod always have always will not just the “cool” Faces period he still had the chops when he asked if he was sexy.  Great cover by the way Rod is the man.

Oh ya the Rod cover! A lot of people either loved it or were questioning why we were covering Rod Stewart. I mean come on…the dude is a legend. And that song. Just listen to it. If you don’t think that is a top-notch tune you are crazy. I always thought it could/should be a punk song. It’s set perfect for it.

Is it difficult juggling several bands?

I only play in one band. So for me, it is easy haha. We have to work around DeeCracks schedule sometimes. And sometimes they work around Jagger’s. It hasn’t been an issue at all tho really. We love those dudes. Matt stepped in on a Euro tour when we needed a guitar player a few years ago. I’ve known him forever but we never played together in a band. It was so smooth and fun. We met Marco on that tour playing with his band “On My Arms”. I talked to him after the show and asked if he is ever looking to tour just let me know. We stayed in touch and now he’s in the band and we’ve been to Japan and Brazil and Europe all together. It’s been a wild ride! And my USA guys I grew up with. So I’ve known them for longer than I’ve been in music. All these guys are pros.

As for the UK… I would love to play there!  At Rebellion would be great. Doing a tour there would be very nice as well!  If anyone can make this happen then you know how to get a hold of me? Thanks so much RPM for the interview!



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Jagger J. Holly- Vocals/Bass, Lennon Lee Roth- Guitar/Vocals, Ringo Moon- Drums great names guys now please tell me they were given to you at birth? Jagger Holly might well be ‘The Last Of The International Playboys’ but what have they done to warrant such a tag? have they got the chops to pull it off? or the cahoonas to deliver such a boast? Well. Innsbruck, Austria isn’t my go-to location if I want some party punk rock ‘n’ bop but that might be about to change as Jagger Holly have a sack full of Christmas cheer with a bop ‘n’ roll punk rock record. ‘Party Tonight’ is doing just that.

Hipsters would clear the dance floor ready for you to dive in windmilling as Jay asks “if you’re having fun tonight”? and on this evidence, it would be difficult not to. There is certainly a CJ era Ramones feel to ‘It Ain’t Over Til I’m Sober’ Loud, dumb fun with a chorus you can sing or shout along to, You knew as it was going towards the breakdown before picking up straight into the gang vocal chorus now Pause for a breath inhale then bang! we’re back on it for ‘One More Day’.

A great sounding record that will have mass appeal right throughout. Like I said they’re not reinventing the wheel here its sex drugs and rock n roll and where is the nearest party and that’s cool with me. ‘I Know I Know’ is catchy as hell and I love the horn stabs – it’s just great writing on a tried and trusted formula- full of melody and gang choruses it’s a hoot and you know it.

It’s pretty relentless in its delivery they come thick and fast but the songs never outstay their welcome and Jagger Holly never outstay their welcome either which is what separates the weak from the strong and the ones who just know how to get it right and those that don’t.

My opinion is these guys win on every count and that’s why they might well be the last of the international playboys.  Turn it on turn it up and enjoy – maybe open a beer or two or four and invite some friends around put this on the player and hey presto you have a party! What are you waiting for?