As the pledge Music debacle rages on Tyla has issued a message as he and his band try to salvage some positives from this whole sorry mess. Releasing a statement about his new release – The wonderfully titled ‘The Fuck Pledge Tapes’ fans are offered details of a project he and his band are putting together   


Here at RPM we’ve been involved and told of many campaigns that have caused sleepless nights, fans were let down and a company who has said very little publicly if anything at all.  Hopefully, something can and will be done and the musicians union can gather names and projects and maybe band together to salvage something for the carnage left in the companies wake. Both bands and fans who are out of pocket and without their agreed items and payment should have some sort of closure. 


Dear Friends and Pledgers,

Hope all’s well in your world.

We just wanted to give you a quick update on the shenanigans over at PledgeMusic.

As many of you may have heard they’re in dire financial straits. They owe independent artists between $1million and $3 million collectively and – unable to pay – are now in the process of declaring bankruptcy. Yes, you read that right! They owe struggling artists up to 3 million dollars and are reneging on their payment responsibilities by putting the company into liquidation!!

It would appear they’ve f**ked both fans and artists by stealing everyone’s money! And, worst of all, they lied about it for months during which they continued to collect money from fans without paying it through to the artists for whom it was pledged.

As such, many artists have been left with debts, unfinished projects and unfulfilled dreams whilst numerous pledgers have been left without Vinyl,
CDs, T-shirts and various other merch items for which they have paid.

Understandably, social media is aflame with anger and outrage. Many believe this is more than mismanagement of funds or a simple betrayal of trust. They believe the theft is a calculated and deliberate fraud for which the perpetrators
should be prosecuted. In fact, the UK government have been urged by Music Industry bodies to investigate the Company for illegal activities.

On a personal level, Pledge still owes us $20,000!! All of which was earmarked to pay-off our album recording costs and Vinyl, CD and T-shirt manufacturing costs. (In their defense we did receive an initial part-payment of some of the
monies we were owed – which went towards our recording costs).

In some ways though, we consider ourselves lucky. When we saw early signs that Pledge was in trouble we made the decision to cover all our outstanding debts ourselves. We wanted to ensure that anyone who participated in our Tyla’s Dogs D’Amour ‘In Vino Veritas’ album campaign would receive everything they pledged for. And they did! Thankfully! No-one who pledged as part of our campaign has been left without their items! It took us a while admittedly. And we were grateful for everyone’s patience, but we managed it.

And, against all the odds, the album even charted! #3 in the UK Album Breakers Chart and #23 in The Independent Album Chart. Result!

Of course, we secretly hoped that a buyer would purchase Pledge and we’d receive the money we were owed! But now we know for certain there’s no
chance of us being paid we’d like to try and recoup some of our losses by offering you the opportunity to buy an exclusive, limited-edition, 10-song F**K PL**GE CD.

With original artwork by Tyla the CD won’t be available in any shops. It’ll be strictly limited to the number of orders we receive here. It’ll contain a selection of songs from our trilogy of ‘In Vino Veritas’ albums – ‘In Vino Veritas’, ‘In Vino
Veritas Acoustica’, ‘In Musica Veritas’ and a couple from the forthcoming, newly recorded ‘Graveyard of Empty Bottles MMXIX’ anniversary edition. And a few others! Some you’ll have heard, some you’ll already own, some you’ll know and some will surprise you.

We know you’re all suffering from Pledge fatigue but shall we have one final
dance as the sun sets?

As an added bonus, everyone who orders the CD will be entered into a prize draw to win the original hand-painted cover art, plus 10 lucky runner-ups will receive A3 signed prints!

That’s gotta be worth the price of admission right? Go on. You’re worth it.

Thanks again for all your support.
See you on the other side,

Tyla, Gaz, Matty, Simon


F**K PL**GE – A 10-song, limited-edition CD containing a collection of
songs to treasure forever. £15 plus p&p.


1. Fuck Off Devil – from ‘In Vino Veritas Acoustica’
2. When the Dream Has Gone – from ‘Graveyard… MMXIX’
3. Everything to Me – from ‘In Vino Veritas’
4. My Best Friends Girl – from ‘In Musica Veritas’
5. 111 – from ‘In Vino Veritas’
6. Movie Star – from ‘In Vino Veritas Acoustica’
7. Died & ‘Fore She Got Young – from ‘Graveyard… MMXIX’
8. Summertime Blues – from ‘In Musica Veritas’
9. Love Comes True – from ‘Black Confetti’ EP
10. Another Girl, Another Planet – ‘Homesick Angel’ EP

Pre-order now only from

The Quireboys are the latest band to pull the plug on their Pledge Music campaign they released the following press statement,

“We’ve been watching this all play out very closely and have tried to work in any way possible with Pledge to arrive at a positive outcome but in reality, we are just not confident that the campaign we entered into with Pledge, will ever be fulfilled or paid and that is something we cant continue to endorse.

This was all brought to light recently with other key bands (who were also involved in Pledge Campaigns) pointing out that they haven’t been paid or look likely to be. We have recorded and mastered our new album ‘Amazing Disgrace’, we have booked the PR, videos, pressing, we have received nothing and we never will under this platform.

We have written to Pledge today asking them to officially cancel the campaign and let us know who booked what, once we have that we will be in touch via our label Off Yer Rocka Recordings who have kindly funded our costs in the interim period to keep this incredible recording alive.

The band Last in Line posted some great advice the other day about cancelling your Pledge booking which you should do immediately. If you didn’t see it, we’ve used some of their words:

We are told that PledgeMusic’s cancellation process has been initiated. The refund process will go through Pledges’ payment processor Bluesnap. Fans can also directly dispute the charge with their credit card company.  At this time our recommendation is that you also log into your PledgeMusic account and cancel your order.  We would suggest that you take an additional step of contacting your credit card company to request buyer protection and further ensure the charges to PledgeMusic are reversed.


  • LOG IN to PledgeMusic and FIND your order.
  • Click on “CONTACT US ABOUT THIS PLEDGE” then pull down the menu item “CANCELLING THIS PLEDGE ORDER”
  • You will receive a confirmation email from them immediately
  • Now PLEASE call your credit card and request a “CHARGE DISPUTE” as additional insurance for your refund.

We are truly gutted that this has come about, you all supported us above and beyond, especially getting us over 200%, however, we’re simply not into finger pointing or blame culture, its happened and we need to deal with it, firstly you must do the above, once that has been completed we can move onto the Solution…

Our label ‘Off Yer Rocka Recordings’ has now loaded all items that people were buying through Pledge and loaded them onto ‘The Quireboys’ section of the label site. OYR will now press and fulfil any new orders that come into this platform. What’s more and as a gesture of goodwill from The Quireboys and OYR, for any item purchased we will be offering an album free of charge from our back catalogue which we will deliver at the same time.

The New album can be purchased Here

Guy Griffin video message – Here