I was really not sure what to expect with this one, a solo offering coming from the front-woman of Purson Rosalie Cunningham,  but as opening track  ‘Ride on my bike” opens up I’m thinking early 60’s maybe 70’s psychedelia “ala” Barrett era Pink Floyd, maybe a hint of the Chocolate watch band, but definitely not what I expected. The vocals themselves, almost (I said almost) entering Jefferson Airplane territory.


Next up “Fuck love” again drifts down the route of Psychedelia and I’m starting to get a bit of a prog vibe the discord, offsetting the vocals, is a bit too technical for my taste’s, in fact, it’s lost me I’m finding this challenging to say the least.


There’s a carny-style intro to “House of the glass red” and I think I’m rapidly disappearing down the rabbit hole, the Alice in Wonderland vibe which is so dependent on the substance consumed has left me in a strange place, surrounded by imagery I’m at complete odds with.


Next up “Dethroning the party queen” again tracks the carny trail, almost Mickey mouse controlling the sweeping brushes ala Fantasia, the sound and vocals rising and falling and I’m starting to think if at the outset the music was designed to create an environment where we vanish into a world of individual psychedelic fairy tails then I’m getting it, but fck it’s not an easy listen.


Next up “Nobody Hears” begins with an almost Jazz Piano intro before a harmonium comes through and a more medieval sound appears (as if by magic), I’m not sure if you could call this prog it really is all over the place, it’s so far out there I’m grasping at straws, trying to grab links to try to understand what I’m listening to and ending up thinking about Mr. Benn!!!!! Isn’t it amazing where music takes your mind?


At this point I’m smiling to myself, I’ve given up being constructive and am off with the fairies bouncing along the yellow brick road to the emerald city “Riddles and Games” is actually playing but by this time my fragile mind has lost the plot completely and I’m barely hanging in there. Then “Butterflies” starts and I’m into Thames-men era Spinal Tap and off again lost in my own little world.


I have to say at this point I’m really not the right person to review this, I just don’t get this genre at all, its all elves, pixies, Unicorns and abstract fairy tails (purely a personal opinion) I’m not even going to go into “Rumpelstiltskin” sorry  “A yarn from a wheel”. Absolutely not for me but I’m sure it will appeal to any lover of Prog and as if by magic over to you DD!!!!!

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