It’s a Sunday night and The Globe in Cardiff is the place to be although the good people of this city don’t seem to have gotten the memo. Every night is Friday night isn’t it?

Oh well their loss as Guildford Blackwaters take the stage and for the next thirty minutes(ish) they entertain those who bothered to turn up early with a most excellent set of post-punk, Sure the frontman has more than a shade of Ian Curtis about him as he bounces around the stage as their spikey set was warmly appreciated by the sparse audience.

With bands like idles dominating column inches, these young upstarts mich like Cabbage have the chops to go toe to toe with Idles and Slaves who are playing decent size venues or should that be selling out and it can only be a matter of time before these too start to cut their way through the press and pick up a good following as they hit the road and play around the country.  ‘Fuck Yeah’ and ‘Let The Good Times Roll’ sounded excellent as did ‘People Street’.  Its a shame they didn’t play longer and we didn’t get to hear ‘Moon On A Stick’ but there is always next time and on the strength of this time I can guarantee there will be a next time.  Excellent appetizer. A tonne of energy and a bunch of quality tunes will see bands like this succeed.


Onto tonights top turn Radkey. As a few more people shuffle through the doors on this Sunday night the band amble on stage but waste no time in delivering their tight rock meets punk sound and over the next sixty minutes proceed to deliver a set that just flew by and the similarities to the sound not a million miles away from Danzig era Misfits wouldn’t be far off the mark.  ‘Sons Of Solomon’ kicked off proceedings and a set that was pretty evenly split between ‘Dark Black Makeup’ and not off the LP was almost 50/50 new song ‘Rock N Roll Homeschool’ sounded great.  When I say sounded great the band sounded great even if the mix was a little muddy and the drums didn’t sound as if they were even mic’d up but that might just be me being a little picky.

The band really hit their stride by the time ‘The Basement’ was aired and by the time they hit ‘Glore’ they were on fire. Knocking out about seventeen songs in their set lasting just about an hour was superb and if the new track ‘Spiders’ is anything to go by the future sounds bright and hopefully it won’t be too long before they come back and next time Cardiff will be ready and a place like the Globe will be packed for such a talented power trio.


Although power trio doesn’t really do them justice but saying that there are just three of them and they certainly do have power but ‘Dark Black Makeup’ was a fine way to go into the end of the set and ‘Romance Dawn’ was great as the closing number as it builds to its frantic crescendo making sure the band leaves nothing behind and every ounce they had to give was certainly given.  until next time Radkey came – saw and rocked like fuck – Thanks!


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Author:Dom Daley

With a brand new year just begun and these cats all being in the news it seems only fair to ease you back to work with some good time rock n roll courtesy of Diamond Dogs who have announced some pretty exciting news for 2019 so here you go enjoy…

Heading out on tour this month Gene Loves Jezebel will see us reach for the silk shirt and guyliner and maybe some hair dye to complete the look for when we go see them play this classic amongst others…

Finally, RPM will be taking in a show or two from Radkey over the next week or two so Shit island isn’t quite so shit this month enjoy.