Heavy as a hammer hitting an anvil and full on subscribers to the school of fuzzed out desert psych Rock with a hint of Grunge thrown in for good measure.  Reminding me in places of the Doors grooving on Monster Magnet (‘Covered In Dawn’) Rainbows Are Free is a curious name for a heavy Rock band but Whilst they are heavy on groove and soaring vocals in places they also have a psychedelic edge that shines through on plenty of occasions and although I’ve never seen a picture of the band I wouldn’t be shocked to see some guys in trucker hats long flowing unkempt locks and big hipster beards peering through Gibson SG’s and promo pics leaning on big trucks near a dessert.  Now Whilst I don’t really want you pigeon hole them the certainly know how to play and the production on this album is as heavy as early Sabbath but there’s more to them than traditionalist heavy rockers.

Of the Eight tracks on offer half of them are there or thereabouts Five minutes long and some several minutes more than that but that’s a lot to do with the style and once they lock into the groove they’re off.  ‘Electricity On Wax’ I know or rather I don’t know. Who knows what it’s about?  it doesn’t matter anyway.  ‘The Sound Inside’ is a brooding slow builder that has hypnotic qualities as it slithers along on a big power chord towards the inevitable freak out but I do like where it settles back into the groove and the bass is huge here. Like a sledgehammer.

Would it surprise you to find out that ‘Lady Of The Woods/Psychonauts’ begins with a cloud of soft synths blowing in the breeze behind some lush picked acoustic chords before a powerful progtastic vocal breaks in as the six-minute-plus tune heads right down the Sabbath path marked heavy as fuck!


The band shows another side as ‘The Nile Song’ is an uptempo rocker more Zep than Sabs.  It’s quite a journey to reach the end and is signed off with the mellow noodlings of ‘Eunice’ a psychedelic instrumental that quite literally has bells and whistles.  Rainbows are Free is the name rocking out is their game they mix old school hard rock like the metal Gods of Sabbath and Zepplin whilst straddling some prog, Grunge and old school Doors like Psych.  One Mans poison will be another man’s medicine and this will have its audience for sure ones who like loud guitars – time changes big grooves and Rock!  Go check em out

Author: Dom Daley