Ok kiddies roll up roll up a Rock and Roll show has just rolled into town and the medicine man is selling some ‘Bad Juju’. You wanna know what that ‘Bad Juju’ is well its a good dose of Rock and Roll.

Those of you paying attention  will know Richard Duguay received a platinum record for playing on Guns & Roses’ ‘Spaghetti Incident’, and has toured with GnR bass thing Duff McKegan, but it’s his new solo album ‘Bad Juju’ that’s tearing it up all over this here Internet.

Dr. Silver, an all-seeing shaman bent on finding salvation through wrecking-ball destruction of all that lies in his path. Experience a journey through hell and back with Dr. Silver as your guide in this apocalyptic 12- track musical story you won’t soon forget! or thats how the press kit goes. To be fair its not far off the mark Richard Duguay and co-writer Marc Floyd have crafted a gritty, dirty masterpiece that journeys through the good and the great of the 70s and beyond in American Rock and Roll.

Taking some great tips from early 70’s rock & some psychedelia, the songs move from big choruses to haunting melodies with some super cool story telling lyrics that ask questions.  ‘Bad JuJu’ takes a peek behind the curtain as civilisation is in Decline it doesn’t matter what side of the pond you’re on we all have 24 hour broadcasts and super fibre broadband to see whats going on from the desperation of the title track, ‘Bad Juju’ to the catchy ‘Dr. Silver’ coming to offer us all some salvation this is good – No make that damned good.

Yeah Alice Cooper is definitely an inspiration vocally and musically but thats a good thing make no mistake. ‘Death Defy’ starts as he means to go on and from that Garage Detroit rockin’ one finger piano plonk this is really good. ‘The Rain’ opens with a haunting acoustic pick even if you know whats coming but it doesn’t rock out with big power chords but more like a gentler pop sensible break out thats restrained before dropping back down gently.

If its rockers your after it wont disappoint as Psychotic Garden’  will twist your melon sonically as there is a lot going on. ‘Dr. silver’ is a real standout track. ‘Firewalk Of Lies’ has a twisted melody much like something you could expect from someone like ginger Wildheart especially on the chorus. The title track wouldn’t be out of place on a Tom Waits album its twisted and bent out of shape as it tells its tale.

Richard doesn’t just play the songs it sounds like he lives them ‘Critical…Darling’ is a cool riff but its treated it sounds sharp right up to the break down. As we head on into the home straight and ‘Way Back Home’ you try and take in what you’ve just heard and decide your hooked and you head back down the meandering road to do it all again.

Retro Rock and Roll with a modern edge never sounded so good what a triumph ‘Bad Juju’ is

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Author: Dom Daley

Wow just wow.  As far as tribute albums go there have been plenty of duds and a few decent ones but when I saw the track list for this one I couldn’t believe how amazing this compilation is and how in times of need the Rock and Roll world can pull together and help out a brother when hard times come a knocking.

IF you don’t know the background to this one then you simply have to click on the links to read Sonny’s story and then you can see just why we need to pick up a copy of this and if you can’t buy one then why not share this review and post it on your facebook page or other social media so it gets maximum exposure and maybe your friends will pick up a copy because this compilation is three discs deep and choc-o-bloc with amazing bands offering up songs to help Sonny and his family.  Coming from the UK I can’t quite get my head around a country that doesn’t want to help its people when they most need it but like I said I’m not here to give my view I’m here to play this CD and give a convincing load of words as to why you should invest in your copy.

Seventy-Six songs over three CD’s Yup I did say 76 you’ve not misread that and all for the price of a few drinks or corporate coffees it might go a long way to help Sonny out. There are a bunch of no brainers going on here like the Amazing Jeff Dahl, James Williamson, Flaming Groovies, The Boys, Corpse Grinders, Pagans, Streetwalkin Cheetahs, RFTC and a whole load more besides.  These legends are pitted next to lesser known bands and singers but not lesser in quality there are plenty of bands I’ve obviously heard of whilst there were more than a few I’m hearing for the first time and I’m blown away by the sheer quality of it all.

Rough Kids ‘Lights Out’ bookends the fantastic The Dogs Riff-a-rama of ‘Call My Name’ with the other side being Richard Duguay with the sublime ‘Fuck You Fame Whore’.  Damn The Viletones ‘Screaming Fist’ makes way for The Candy Snatchers for god’s sake how good do you want this to be? If it was just the one CD it would be mightily impressive but three CD’s is almost overwhelming.  I’m almost embarrassed handing over my $35 and that includes shipping Europe folk seriously!


This could go down as the longest review in history if I were too big up everyone who contributed and I’m still looking for my favourite songs that I wasn’t already familiar with. Some much kudos to the bands from across the globe who’ve given up tracks for this it must be humbling to know that so many want to support Cayden and his continued recovery.  Sonny, you should get a cut off each new sale these bands pick up my discogs finger is getting twitchy. The B Girls ‘Mystery’ is such a cool song and its great to hear bands like the Kopek Millionaires next to the Carbonas next to the Testors next to the Barracudas  I love it all!  there are exclusives and some from long since deleted records or not available on CD its a breathtaking project and done to such an amazing standard.

I can’t stress enough why you should support this CD release lets give a family a break and to get something in return is super cool.  Let’s do this for one courageous kid and his family do it because it’s the right thing to do.

Author: Dom Daley

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76 amazing bands support Sonny to help support Cayden’s recovery. Including James Williamson (Stooges), Refused, Black Lips, The Dogs, Flamin’ Groovies and many more.  Please share

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