Who are Stacy Crowne?

We are four strong individuals who love coming together to play our songs. Every one of us has his own wheelhouse in terms of genre and at some point in our lives, we have all been part of different projects ranging from indie to stoner rock all the way to reggae and back. For me personally, soul is an important influence that breaks out of me in a James Brown kind of scream once in a while.


Where do you call home for the band?

Cologne, or as it is known in Germany, Köln, is our home. We are all born and raised here and apart from Pete we even sort of grew up together and went to the same school. Most notably, Cologne is known for the perfume 4711 (it stinks!) but is also full of history and culture. It is home to a couple of pretty good rock’n’roll bands and has/had some cool live music venues and festivals.

How did you come together?

I guess it all started in Dom’s parent’s basement. They are both musicians and were kind enough to put up with us butchering Turbonegro and Hellacopters songs. I always wanted to form a rock band with Dom but another friend beat me to the punch and formed an indie rock band with Dom on drums and Andi on lead guitar. I was always a little jealous but managed to poach them both for what later became Stacy Crowne. We went through a couple of line-up changes until, finally, we found the right drummer in Pete. That was around 2011, Stacy Crowne was founded a little later. 


Previous recordings?

Our first release was an EP recorded at a local studio in 2014. We weren’t entirely sure what we wanted to sound like but the songs are still in our setlist today. At some stage Carey from Savage Magic Records got hold of one of the CDs and we’ve been working with him ever since. In 2016 we release a split 7″ with The Empire Strikes and last year we released our first LP, We Sound Electric. We also just made another split 7″ with hardcore punk band Christmas and have another release in the pipeline for later this year. 

Post-pandemic – what are the plans?

Hit the ground running from where we left off, basically. A bunch of shows in Italy and Spain had to be cancelled due to the pandemic which we’d really like to make up for. Otherwise, we’ll just keep working on new material. Luckily we have a decent home studio where we can record and work on stuff in our own time. These ‘Corona Sessions’ have been very productive. So next year will see another few smaller releases and eventually our second LP. 

Buy the album Here



Christmas/Stacy Crowne – ‘Split’ (Self Release) Christmas kick off with ‘Generation Mild’ to go toe to toe with Stacy Crowne and their ‘Master Manchine’ and what a battle this is.  Energetic, uncompromising and thoroughly enjoyable.  Christmas have stepped up and have been regularly turning in some of Hardcores finest tunes globally and I genuinely believe that. So Stacy Crowne step up with a hard-rockin’ windmilling catchy slab of power.

There are 45 copies made. They are hand-cut vinyl, each copy was cut separately by Oslo Vinylfreseri, the small vinyl company of Howie B (Ex-Bloodlights).  The cover has been screen printed by Max Motherfucker and Annika Zech in two colours. Each record is hand-numbered, on the vinyl and on the sleeve. For those who like to go in deeper and have that little extra, they’ve made 12 wooden boxes with a screen-printed top. This release is 100% DIY and also 100% handmade! and you can get your mucky paws on a copy by clicking the link Here 



Slaves To Fashion – ‘Garden Of Chains ( Independent)  It can’t all be power pop and sweet singles. This the sixth single from the concept album “The History of Heavy Metal” celebrates GRUNGE from the early 1990’s – the genre that changed the world of heavy music almost overnight. Norwegian band SLAVES TO FASHION continues to honour 50 years of heavy metal. In 2020 the band is releasing a new song every month that is inspired by and pays tribute to the different time periods and subgenres of heavy metal. All the songs will become the concept album “The History of Heavy Metal”.


This is absolutely the sound of Grunge they’re tipping the hat to check out the video below.



PaulRonney Angel – ‘One Ghost Town’ (Gypsy Hotel Records)    Out on all digital platforms (as well as a limited-edition CD EP which has 3 tracks not available online) Whistling like prime time Rodger Whittaker Paul-Ronney rides up to this One Ghost Town with a gentle acoustic ode to modern times.  With his fine penchant for melodramatic landscape painting tunes this is up there with his best. Its got that last town knackered pit pony stroll into town mood but lyrically it’s not pretty, but what it is – is spot on and succinct with what’s going on on the COVID- 19 strewn street we walk upon, some haters intent on taking the piss out of everyone and the man on the street, the little man needing a hand up but is used as a stepping stone instead and Angel has got it spot on with his observations.  My advice, Get it! Get it now Here


The Hawkins – ‘Hilow’ (The Sign Records) Well if it’s not the single cover of the year then COVID -19 has taken my brain, trashed it and replaced it with a never-ending loop of Matt Handcocks, Boris and Trumps best bullshits.  Something alluring and fascinating going on here as well as repulsing and terrifying.  It’s got the energy of punk and the power to rock the press release says the song is great for the early morning workout but one look at the artwork and you will run faster and further than Forest Gump just keep running kids. All you hipsters out there can save the streaming links here.




Young Planetary –  ‘Locations I Can’t Place’ (Hidden Home Records) You can pick up the EP Here it features six new songs and the final track is featured in the video below. for fans of taking back Sunday, its got a top slick production for sure and as we always love a great cause we had to get behind this one so dig deep if you can.

All proceeds from the new single will be donated to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.


Supersuckers – ‘Coattail rider’ (Acetate Records)  Eddie has kept himself busy during the lockdown and has released a few class digital bits here and there and now this Countrified bad boy YeHaw! If that’s not good enough how about a good time cowpunk ‘Mudhead’.  It’s a full band shindig and its a fuckin’ banger! There’s never an excuse needed to promote some Supersuckers and this is proof that the world needs bands like this and people like Eddie making music regardless of the genre be it solo acoustic or full tilt punk rockin’ or this hybrid cowpunk country stuff the guys a master and this is a masterclass. Pick up a copy here 




Muck & The Mires – ‘Take Me Back To Planet Earth’ (Rum Bar Records) Fuzzed out full gonzo garage rock complete with the splendid organ wheeze but this has got a whole lot of balls in the mix as the guitar solo will testify Brothers & Sisters.  This has got swing as well as the ability to shake your action pronto!

from the upcoming EP by Muck and the Mires on Rumbar Records . The release will feature six fresh tracks all written and recorded while the band has been off the road self-isolating. Muck and the Mires anxiously await their next visit to your hometown, but in the meantime, the band cordially invites you to join them on a video rocket trip through their hometown of Boston and into the far reaches of the galaxy. “Take Me Back To Planet Earth” EP will be available in the fall so prepare for lift off! Pick it up here kids