As well as being added to the exciting HRH Sleaze line up in the UK in 2020 Bullets & Octane have a new album “Riot Riot Rock And Roll” coming out early 2020!! The “Riot Riot Rock And Roll” tour cycle begins this November!!

They will be hitting the road a lot to promote this album and are stoked to be starting in Eastern Europe and Scandinavia ‪on Nov 21st‬ in Stockholm! More dates for this run to be announced in the coming weeks.

Over the next few months we will be announcing more tours for all over the world!! Leave comments on the bands Facebook page as to what city you want them to come and play!!

Stay tuned as we have a big announcement coming ‪on September 17th‬ that can have you help them conquer the world!! So exciting!!

Nov. 21st – Pub Anchor – Stockholm, Sweden

Nov. 22nd – Backstage Rock Bar – Trollhättan, Sweden

Nov. 23rd – Bomber Bar – Motala, Sweden

Nov. 27th – Astra Strube – Hamburg, Germany

Nov. 29th – Club Eletkrownia – Żagań, Poland

Nov. 30th – Wild Fest/Voodoo Club – Warsaw, Poland

Dec. 1st – Maidan – Lutsk, Ukraine

Dec. 3rd – Republic Pub – Chernitvsi, Ukraine

Dec. 5th – Robot – Budapest, Hungary

Dec. 6th – S Pub – Teisendorf, Germany

Imagine if Zeke had a female at the front? Acid Blood from Sweden are that band.  Ferocious slabs of hardcore punk rock that’s uncompromising and right up in your grill with a stiff middle finger in your face.  ‘Dagger Eyes’ be fucked This band means business.’ Bleeding Out’, ‘Louder Than Death’ ‘Acid Blood’ I’m sure you get where they’re coming from.  It’s like they’ve taken The Cavemen and turned the dial-up or rather ripped it out and pissed on it. Acid Blood is the band and the album title and it would seem the opening track so don’t forget folks ‘Acid Blood’!  Beer, Nudity, Blood, Loud Guitars, frantic drums, vocals that have been mangled by gargling broken glass and barbed wire and dreamt that one day they can make a racket that marries Venom with Motorhead with Zeke With a pint of paint stripper and you’re almost there just toss in The Plasmatics on supercharge and you are on your way.

Acid Blood isn’t for the faint hearted its fast and furious punk rock as ‘Bullseye’ rips into a brutal ‘Bleeding Out’ and fuck you too. Gotta love their attitude and the fact they don’t sound like they are about to release an acoustic album or cover up for the censors. It might not be original in any shape or form but I love it. ‘Don’t You Die’ is good advice. Imagine seeing these go out on tour with The Good The Bad The Zugly and Clowns now that would be a devastating triple threat with guest appearances from the Dwarves for good measure.

They also get their rock on for ‘Wasted’ the album ebbs and flows from thrashing furiously (‘Harvest Day’) to… oh hang on its more a tsunami than an ebb and flow as the wall of guitars washes over you. Jojo Anderbygd is barking the orders from the microphone and I love it when they slow things down (just a smidgeon) like the Dead Kennedys like ‘Kill Screen’ – of course it doesn’t last before breaking out its what Acid Blood does. The closing marathon (ok so four minutes is long for these cats) of ‘Wartime’ has the feel and attitude of prime time Iggy and The Stooges absolutely stinking with attitude and the best song on offer here.

Fourteen songs – a shade under forty minutes – loose – reckless but very very tasty.  Get some Acid Blood in your life its a fuckin’ Blast!


Buy Acid Blood Here

Author: Dom Daley