ALSO CONFIRMED: Performances of Soto songs by members of Adolescents, 
Bad Cop/Bad Cop, CH3, Death by Stereo, Left Alone, Manic Hispanic, Punk Rock Karaoke, Swingin’ Utters, and more

Worldwide livestream begins at 5:00 PM PST on Saturday, August 22;
Tickets & livestream:

The concert event will actually feature an equal mix of live performances and additional pre-recorded footage. Comedian Joe Sib, a former bandmate of Soto’s in 22 Jacks, will be the live on-air host.

In order to access the livestream, viewers will be required to make a donation to National Independent Talent Organization (NITO), a non-profit organization created in the wake of the Covid-19 crisis. NITO exists for the purpose of supporting local musicians and helping to keep live music venues operational. After production costs for the event, 100% of the proceeds will go to NITO.

Also scheduled to perform at this Southern California punk rock extravaganza are members of Adolescents, Bad Cop/Bad Cop, CH3, Death by Stereo, Left Alone, Manic Hispanic, Punk Rock Karaoke, Swingin’ Utters, and other surprise guests.

This will be the first concert celebrating Soto’s birthday. Soto (August 23, 1963 – June 27, 2018) was a multi-talented instrumentalist and founding member of the long-running SoCal punk bands Agent Orange (1979) and Adolescents (1980). During his lifelong career in rock ‘n’ roll, he was also a member of Legal Weapon, Joyride, Manic Hispanic, and the punk supergroup 22 Jacks. Soto fronted his own band, Steve Soto and the Twisted Hearts, and he also became a member of Punk Rock Karaoke. Soto died peacefully in his sleep at the age of 54 from natural causes.

Greg Antista, who released the well-received Shake, Stomp and Stumble album with his band The Lonely Streets in 2019, was a lifelong friend of Soto’s. In 1979, the two met in shop class at Troy High School in their native Fullerton, CA. “I had never thought about playing an instrument until punk rock exploded at my high school” Antista recalls. “I had members of Adolescents, Agent Orange, and Social Distortion as my schoolmates and they were all playing backyard parties and their first local club gigs. Being that close to the bands and music made many of us pick up guitars.” In 1990, Antista, Soto, and Adolescents drummer Sandy Hanson joined forces in Joyride, a pop-punk band that released two albums on Dr. Dream Records.

Antista’s bandmates in the Lonely Streets also shared close ties to Soto. In 1981-1982, guitarist Frank Agnew played with Soto in the Los Angeles band Legal Weapon, appearing together on the group’s Death of Innocence album. In the 1990s and 2000s, Lonely Streets bassist Warren Renfrow performed alongside Soto in the bands Manic Hispanic and 22 Jacks. The Lonely Streets’ lineup is completed by drummer Jorge E. Disguster, who while never having played in a band with Soto, has nevertheless shared many stages with the musician.

Greg Antista & the Lonely Streets:
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Dom Daley.

These Bay area punks have been doing this now for over twenty-five years and show no sign of letting up as they release their new album for Fat Wreck Chords they’ve toured relentlessly and consistently made records on their own terms and done so with class and a style that has delighted thousands of fans around this globe and on this evidence shows no sign of slowing down.

‘Undertaker, Undertake’ begins with a huge fat bass line that isn’t so much rumbling but thundering through the speakers at a fierce pace with a great hook its a hell of an opening salvo – the Swingin’ Utters are coming out swinging haymakers and this sounds fantastic!

The Thunder might have passed momentarily but ‘Sirens’ is a smooth rolling melodic song that breaks out for the chorus and is like a rainbow pouring out of the speakers filling all available space with its happy go lucky sounds. ‘Louise And Her Spider’ is only the third song in and its another string on the bow and an altogether piece to the opening two tracks. As the rhythm stutters behind the hypnotic riff. With a new drummer and bass player seemingly working some magic in these tracks, a new dawn for The band is given a real shot in the arm and a vibrancy that is noticeable.

I love ‘Constant Companion’ and then to follow it up with the laid-back opening of ’Deranged’ before that rhythm section takes ownership of another belter. Jonny Bonnel stated that this would be a political affair and when sexism, racism, and fascism were on the agenda it was time to speak up and boy do they speak up. All power to the Utters I say.

‘Human Potential’ is the first single off the album and a fair indicator for fans as to how this record generally pans out. It’s a touch of class and has all the hallmarks you’d want in a new record by the band. ‘Yes, I Hope He Dies’ is as to the point as punk rock has ever been and another reason to pick up a copy of this new record. It’s no surprise that this is full of surprises and contains plenty of great songs ‘Imitation Of Silence’ sounds vital and that rhythm section is fuckin’ thunderous as it pummels through the final throws of this great twisting and turning song.

To throw a final curveball ‘H.L.S’ is acoustic guitar and voice of Jack Dalrymple as he pays tribute to Heiko Schrepel who he played with him in One Man Army who sadly passed away in 2015 and its a fitting and warm tribute even when the band joins him to take this record home. Swingin’ Utters hit the spot with ‘Peace And Love’ and deliver one of the years finest punk rock records right up there with The Adolescents proving that class will always stay and when you’ve got it man you’ve fuckin’ got it. Still killing it in 2018 pace and love indeed.

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