If it were a six a side knock about I’d be quite pleased these bad boys were on my team some old some young some borrowed and, well, nothing Blue  Check out the last six singles for August and an amazing month for releases…


Divine Horsemen – ‘Mystery Writer’ (Self Release)  The first new music in thirty-three years and it’s pretty bloody decent to be fair.  With the duet vocals, it’s a slow-burning Rock and Roller reminding me of when the sisters of mercy rocked it up and some old school Keith inspired Rock n Roll.  As the guitars weave their merry web the melody rolls on.  On the virtual B side is the chunky riff of ‘Mothers Worry’.  A live cut with a bit of guts and plenty of attitude.  A decent offering and great pallet taster for the new music they must be releasing soon.

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Jesse Malin – ‘Todd Youth’ (Wicked Cool Records) We jumped the gun a few weeks ago when we covered this Jesse Malin release but it’s here now. With an A-side paying tribute to former bandmate and guitar legend Todd Youth Jesse has penned a pretty upbeat number and not the tear-jerking ballad you might expect and he also gets Bad Brains legend HR to join him on the song. There’s a Motown feel here and a great way to pay tribute to one hell of a player and popular musician from coast to coast and continent to continent Youth touched many and its great he’s remembered here in such a fine way.  The flip side sees a funky ‘Sally Can’t Dance’ that I’m sure even Lou Reid would give a standing ovation to from the horns to the Bv’s and beyond.  Malin nails it again.

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Pre Cog In The Bunker – ‘Precogs Dream’ (sister Raygun Records) Italian pair churn out a hellish noise of Garage rock goodness in the shape of Precogs dreams and on a wonderfully vivid pink vinyl.  It’s just Rock and Roll in the time-honoured Cramps, 60’s VU style. They hit things & chop out some phat riffs and throw in plenty of howls!  Its pretty much the MO for all three tracks its been done before but it will no doubt be done another million times with varying degrees of quality. This is a decent listen and whilst the songs are all mid-tempo its pretty good.  So the final track is hanging on by a thread before the breakdown which is very VU if I’m honest and there’s nothing wrong with that at all and ‘On The Run’ is my pick of the three tracks on offer here. I certainly wouldn’t object to hearing more of this when I get round to hearing the album they also released earlier this year until then this will do. Buy Here


Joe Desglose – ‘Too Much TV’ (Self Release) Joe thought he’d sneak these demo tunes out and people wouldn’t notice or more likely Facebook and their algorithm wouldn’t let it reach too many people but we’ve always liked Joe from his Breakdowns days and through his tenure with DeRellas Joe has a great pedigree and these raw song ideas show he’s lost none of that trashy fury even with just an acoustic guitar and a voice you can see and hear the songs taking shape.  From the uptempo ‘Tattered Star’ through the tribute to Ms. Jett in the shape of the excellent ‘St Joan’.  You have the more laid back ‘Conversations With The Girl’ which has a slightly continental feel and with the Johnny Thunders guitar break we like a lot and when this virus eases to the point where Joe can get into a studio with an electric band this might just get a lot more exciting if this is the quality of songs we can expect. Not a bad one amongst them and ‘Wedding Song’ sounds like a long lost Frankie Miller number Joe is on form and long may it continue. Check them out here


The Candy Snatchers – ‘Picture My Face’ (Fandango Records)  Heres the story for these two tracks and how they’re now getting their digital birth some time after the crime so to speak. The Candy Snatchers shouldneed no introductions to be fair I’ve said on numerous occasions how immense Larry Mays vocals are and how intense he makes every record sound and its always better than the last one and this is no exception absolute stone cold classics and this band should have been Fuckin huge no make that HUGE!

“Sometime in late 1997, Matthew Odietus handed Jake Starr a DAT with two new Candy Snatchers songs on it for a split 7” with Adam West on Fandango Records. Jake chose “Picture My Face,” a raucous cover of the Teenage Head classic, and released it as FR-012 limited to 510 copies. The 7″ single sold out nearly overnight and has never been repressed or released digitally… until now. This version of “Treda Douche” is the first take on the song and was originally released on a rare LP compilation on Intensive Scare Records. Both songs have now been remastered and are available for the first time digitally. These two songs also feature Black Market Baby drummer Tommy Carr, who was briefly in the band in between permanent drummers. Fandango is so proud to re-release these songs for your listening pleasure. Enjoy, kids!”  I couldn’t have said it better myself

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Chaser – ‘Look Alive’ (Self Release) Its hard not to admire any band who donates 100% of the band’s proceeds from record sales will be donated to Equal Justice Initiative, Educational First Steps, Crisis Aid International, and Surfrider Foundation so here you go fill yer boots with the video of the track taken from the album of the same title.  Right out of the Bad Religion pocket.

Here are some details of where to pick up a physical copy –

The track, now streaming on all digital platforms, appears on the band’s upcoming ‘Look Alive’ 7″/EP out on September 4. Vinyl copies of the 7″ have sold out, but digital copies and merch are available at www.chaserpunkrock.com.

The sold-out ‘Look Alive’ 7″ was limited to 333 copies, and available worldwide in 4 different color variants via Thousand Islands Records (Canada)Sound Speed Records (USA)SBAM Records (Europe) and Pee Records (Australia).

Some awesome lyrics there Larry May.  Seeing as they’ve just released the lost second album it’s about time The Candy Snatchers made it onto RPM ‘Rainy Days And Mondays’ so here goes ‘Why I Drink’  Their new album was reviewed on RPM Here and if you have any taste you’d check em out so, maybe this video will inspire you on this Bank Holiday.

Next up is the stunning track ‘Your Distance’  which is the first video off …’Like We’ll Never Make It’… from Rich Ragany & The Digressions which is Available Here You can also Catch the band live at Camden Rocks Festival this coming weekend. Great live and great on record check it out!

Finally its The Only One’s frontman Peter Perrett with another video taken off his brilliant new album ‘Humanworld’ out June 7th on Domino Records available for pre-order Here the RPM Online review will be available before the record is out for you to help decide which format you’re going to pick it up on.

Double dumb and full of fun Larry Mays The Candy Snatchers have gone and done it again.  Not content with flushing out one great album after the next they only go and lose records and forget where they put them or whatever shape it’s in.  This moronic pleasure was a lost treasure of Mays and it’s gone and been resurrected by Jake Starr and all at RPM can say is thank fuck for that!

Listen, If it’s by The Candy Snatchers and features the full face melting vocals of one Mr. Larry May then we’re reviewing it and even before the needle has dropped and hit the plastic we just know what’s going down. – A full-throttle audio assault and by the titles alone we can’t stop that shit kicking grin that’s spreading over our chops like a cheap hooker. A quick squizz down the titles and ‘No Time To Waste’ is setting things off in true Candy Snatchers fashion.  After a quick once round the kit in rapid fashion say hello to the air raid siren Larry May as he screams like a hall full of students being chased by some maniac in a mask on a killing spree.


Recorded back in the ’90s by the original nihilistic foursome they hit their stride on the beautiful ‘Pissed Off Ripped Off’, it’s unbridled, out of control and totally kicking the shit out of everyone and everything.  Larry and the boys have got the Stooges groove ‘If You Can’t Have Fun You Aint No Fun’ that is owned by the unconventional playing style of Matthew Odietus (R.I.P)  I bet these sessions were fun they sure sound it.  Jesus Wept, even on record they sound unhinged – they managed to capture that magic no question about that.  Take ‘You Make It Hard’ it’s fast – furious – uncompromising, but it has rhythm – groove and a tonne of attitude and is a pleasure to listen to.

Hold onto your hat kids it’s not all out of control as you’ll find out when they get their twelve bar groove on to ‘Hard Up’ as May takes five and croons with the best of them. Whilst thinking about a highlight or something I can hang my hat on to reel in newcomers its such a tough choice as there are nineteen bangers on here and each one has merits for a recommendation.  ‘Real Thick Head’ has handclaps and Gregorian chanting backing vocals and some shake your ass tambourine so there. There is even time (of course there’s time) for May and the boys to throw in a couple of covers in the shape of The Stooges on ‘Fresh Rag’ not that you’d notice. ‘Such A Fool’ is from the household names that were Rubber City Rebels not.  But it’s a cool tune and in fact one of the slowest most purposeful songs on offer here. For the most part its full throttle High Octane Rock and Fucking Roll of which there isn’t enough of and when these boys are at it full tilt or grooving it doesn’t matter because it’s magical.

The sound takes a twist for the last few tunes which is fine but with titles like ‘Ass Casserole’ I dread to think and then you have the gentle plow through of ‘Bum’ and again lyrically I haven’t a clue nor would I be rude enough to ask but the chorus has more than a nod to the misfits.  I’m not even sad when track nineteen rocks up because when the song fades or rather crashes and burns I can flip it over and do it all again. Larry May, you sirs are the ringmaster supreme and a magician, apart from that rasp and scream you possess you have a rock and roll band who are true in spirit and kick seven shades of shit out of 99.9% of bands “having a go at Rock and Roll” Out – Fuckin – Standin’ – Buy It! and thanks in no small part to JAke Starr and Hound Gawd! for making this all happen what a pleasure and not Moronic at all!

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Author: Dom Daley