Always love a split when I like one of the bands and have no clue about the other but the fact they’ve tag-teamed means the odds are good that I’m gonna like what I hear. I’ve reviewed Thee Evil Twin before and love what they do.  It’s a no brainer for me I love me some sloppy loud punk rock with a tune like playing some pop song but trying to play tough to impress a girl so rough it up and chew some bubble gum Stiv style whilst you’re at it well that’s Thee Evil Twin that is.  ‘Let’s Go Again’ has got the 50’s girl group backing vocals repeating the guy lyrics and a super sloppy solo with a great hook on the chorus and plenty of handclaps – I’ll take it.

Don’t leave the room though because ‘Say The Wrong Thing’ is coming like a runaway train as it steams through your speakers. Call it garage Rock and Roll or garage punk call it what you like just make sure you call it. This release is tinged with sorrow as well for this is their swan song as Thee Evil Twin are bowing out and calling it a day which makes these songs a little bittersweet because as a band they totally rock and have some top tunage. But wait that’s only the half of it because as far as I know Their split partners The Missile Studs aren’t calling it a day so its a G’day from these Shitsville SA punks (Adelaide I’m led to believe). Five tracks from each is the order of the day and Side AA sees The Missile Studs open with Their theme tune and in fine snotty form its perfect Briefs, Ramones territory of punk rock.  The songs sound live and full of trash and they can count to four as they show off on ‘Stockholm Love’ as the sound hits you in waves of Dee Dee like melodies and Johnnys downstroke guitar thump.

It’s a very pleasant rendition of the Subs classic ‘C.I.D’ they do a wonderful job to be fair not fucking around with it yet giving such a classic the respect it deserves – good work. So Ten songs from two bands kicked out like ’77 never happened with passion and verve and I like it – its nice to just leap around the house to some Australians spitting out punk rock because they do it so well.  Get on it folks you know you want to.

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Author: Dom Daley