Seventeen songs in an hour reworked with a bunch of their friends guesting on a song each what a genius idea.  It features over eighty musicians from around the globe making it one hell of a logistical project calling in Friends from as diverse projects as Vic from The Slackers through Jim Jones (not quite a stretch granted) the son of Dave a Crash Test Dummy and previous work colleagues such as Wilco Johnson.  A truly epic and exciting undertaking but something I expect to truly show off the songwriting talents of Paul- Ronny and his band of ne’erdowells and zombie drummers.

The album gets underway with The Great Malarky tackling ‘Orphans Lament’ and putting a twist on the tune but keeping it totally Gypsy like so were eased in gently. whereas Jim Jones takes ‘Killer Sound’ in an altogether dark place with that piano sounding truly terrifying in its sparse run but as you might expect Jim puts in a stellar performance and incidentally he plays everything on his version which deserves a mention and a tip of the hat to him – exceptional stuff and someone that clearly gets what UVM are all about.  What a brilliant performance of a menacing song.  The Future Sound Of London asked Jesus for help and knocked out a wonderful ‘Help Me Jesus’.

One of my Favourite UVM songs (certainly live) would have to be ‘High Jeopardy Thing’ and Dr Will & The Wizards drag it through the swamp then shine it up not as good as the original for sure but it’s all about the interpretation and its good.  Whilst the delta blues thang gets turned up with ‘Bucket Of Blood’ from Son Of Dave for what is a truly bourbon-soaked bop n stroll for sure. the last couple of tracks have embraced the UVM mantra and run with it even if they’ve both headed off down to that crossroads and traded their souls for a shot at these tunes.

As for my favourite Urban Voodoo Machine song that can change depending on what time of day it is but I guess there are some I gravitate towards no matter when what or where and hearing these interpretations has twisted my melon man and put a new spin on the songs for sure. Tigre Blanco take ‘rusty Water’ somewhere I wasn’t expecting it to go.  Whilst Ledfoot takes ‘Emptiness’ into the void and in a strange way makes it warm and comforting.

To be fair none of these artists or songs they’ve chosen was ever going to make synth pop out of what they had to work with and for the most part, its around the mantra of Bourbon soaked Gypsy Blues Bop ‘n’ Stroll and what a creative and inspirational bunch of people have come together around the Gypsy Hotel and from the original germ what a community that now exists making wonderful sounds in all directions The Broadway Twisters smash it up on one of my favourite tunes and play a pretty straight rock n roll ‘Cheers For The Tears’ which goes to show you don’t have to dissect and reconstruct a tune sometimes just rip it up baby!

I particularly like TV Smiths take on the classic ‘Goodbye To Another Year’ and his cheeky inclusion of an extra verse well done that man – he clearly gets it. Then back to back that full-fat version with the beautiful and touching  ‘Loretta’s Lament’ performed by Katherine Blake to send a shiver down your spine.  Wait, Los Plantronics turning up the disco surf for ‘The Theme for The Urban Voodoo Machine’ oh look if you know you know.  Los Plantronics should be the music played over every tannoy in every supermarket the world over it would certainly make the experience more enjoyable (pitch that to the supermarkets)

To finish off we have the single ‘Heroin (Put My Brothers In The Ground) where Wilco does his thing all over this very different version than the one that was cut on the ‘In Black ‘n’ Red’ album and showing the versatility in the songwriting because its quite different to the other version included on this very album. which only leaves ‘Dirty Water’ to close off the album in fine style with The Inmates kicking up a shit storm as they sign off this love letter to old London town and all who sail in her.  Well done whoever pulled this together, its a testament to those who know and a better late than never to those just jumping on board.  ‘Friends & Family’ is an absolute blast from the first to the last it’s bursting with passion and talent and if you ever had a doubt then forget that just get out there and get it and whilst your waiting – get a bottle of plonk and a shot of bourbon and get ready to bop n stroll! majestic stuff indeed.



Buy ‘Friends And Family’ Here


Author:Dom Daley

With a bunch of great live shows charging around the UK and the never-ending list of great albums being released RPM has a top 20 for you pop pickers and this list includes Michael Monroe and his ‘One Man Gang’ and one off the brand new More Kicks album the awesome ‘Blame It On The Satellite’. Giuda guitarist Lorenzo has an album ready to go entitled Zac and we have ‘Count On Me’.

There are some old-timers still kicking up a shitstorm like Necromantix who have a new DVD / CD out and Sonny Vincent has a Testors tribute album that’s available with all proceeds going to a great cause that we fully support and will be reviewing this coming month so we have a Testors original in our playlist.

Rocker Pete Way hits the road this month for some live shows and has a vinyl issue of his ‘Amphetamine’ album. After finishing another round of superb dates with The Wildhearts Ginger gets back on the saddle and begins an acoustic band run of shows entitled Ginger and The Sinners. Also on tour is Wayne Hussy whos doing the rounds with his guitar and passages from his autobiography.

Recently released was the awesome and intriguing 40th-anniversary demos and sessions of Tubeway Army’s ‘Replicas’ so we’ve added the classic ‘Down In The Park’ to our list. Recently Rebellion Festivals announced some cracking additions to 2020’s line up and that included some RPM favourites so how could we not include the likes of The Hip Priests who also have some shows this month so have an earful of ‘I Hate The City’ ponder the lyrics and remember it when you go to vote UK peeps.

A new album and some live dates on the way see a welcome return to the awesome Urban Voodoo Machine with their brilliant ‘Johnny Foreigner’.  Announcing tour dates for 2020 Redd Kross are a shoo-in for our playlist. Finally, with an official release and stock, The Brothers Steve make our playlist with ‘Angeline’ from the fantastic ‘#1’ CD.

This month also sees the New Model Army play every corner of the United Kingdom with a proper tour to back up their excellent new album so ‘Where I Am’ makes our playlist.

To finish off this November playlist and to highlight our diversity we have a hattrick of rock from South Wales to show the hills are indeed alive with the sound of music as Buck and Evans ‘Sunrise’ is up and there is the return of Forever Vendetta with ‘Come Alive’ and to close off the November RPM playlist we include Deathtraps who are busy putting the finishing touches to their new album so we’ve included ‘Get Loose’ so take their advice and ours and get loose and we’ll see you in December when we’ll have a splash of new tunes to rock the year out!

TheFuture Shape Of Sound are set to release the single ‘JOY’ from the album ‘Shakedown Gospel’ this Friday and a special one-off release show this coming Saturday. It’s a different version with a new lead vocal by our Lead singer Suri Sumatra.
The Future Shape Of Sound are back with their hand clappin’,foot stompin’ new side “Joy”. Backed by The Blues Kitchen Gospel Choir, it’s a tale of goings-on down at The Church of Rock’n’Roll and a perfect example of their signature “Shakedown Gospel, Rock’n’Roll” sound.  “Joy” features new lead vocals from Suri Sumatra, a slide guitar
solo by The Urban Voodoo Machine’s Paul-Ronney Angel and on top of that there’s a boss video, a London release party at The Underdog Gallery (14.09.19) followed by a performance at the legendary, always sold out club night Gypsy Hotel at Nambucca (11.10.19) (“If you have 12 hours to live, spend it at Gypsy Hotel!” – Time Out).
The song is taken from their long player “Shakedown Gospel” (which received radioactive reviews including a 9 out of 10 in Vive Le Rock Magazine) and features contributions from Jim Jones (Jim Jones & The Righteous Mind), one-man Blues explosion Son of Dave and more. Following hot on the heels of “Joy” is “Help Me Jesus”
The Future Shape Of Sound’s rollicking contribution to The Urban Voodoo Machine’s upcoming “Friends and Family Vol 1” cover versions album. The Future Shape Of Sound are a 10-piece outfit based in East London, spearheaded by music producer Alex McGowan aka “Captain Future” and sax player Stu “Lodekka” Dace. Visualise a bunch of Rock’n’Roll, blues musicians and gospel singers coming together to rock it out in a disused circus tent! They have picked up plays on BBC Radio 2 and BBC 6 Music, been playlisted in major retail stores, and currently form part of British Airways in-flight entertainment “Empowerment” playlist. The band has put their spectacle on the stages of many smooth niteries and major outdoor congregations such as Bestival, Shambala, Secret Garden Party, Hipsville, Grillstock, Wilderness, and The Craig Charles Funk & Soul Club, converting believers with shimmering choir harmonies, Hammond organ grooves, soul sax riffs, and Rock’n’Roll guitars. The stage can barely contain their spirit of freedom, equality and the sheer joy of it all!
Release date is the joyous  Friday 13th September… 
Also, there’s a release party at the Underdog Gallery/London Bridge on Sat 14th, which you’re warmly invited to.
here the event page Here

On the 21st, I probably witnessed the gig of the year. My right ear hasn’t recovered yet. Jim Jones And The Righteous Mind, plus many guests, put on a dazzling and deafening performance for their sold out ‘Collectiv’ album launch at the 100 Club. Apologies for anyone that I forget…

Support was provided by rockin’ duo, Trixie And The Trainwrecks. With Trixie on distorted acoustic guitar, vocals and percussion, and Charlie on blues harp, they were an ideal start to the evening’s proceedings and made new friends in the capacity crowd.


With ‘Collectiv’, JJATRM have really found their groove. They’ve honed the sound that they began on ‘Super Natural’, and consequently, the likes of ‘Heavy Lounge’ and ‘No Fool’ seem more cohesive when played live. But, tonight, they open with the mighty slab that is ‘Sex Robot’, and there’s no doubt that we’re in the presence of something special. Jim Jones has been treading his own path for decades now, and with this line-up, he’s hit the jackpot. Which, given his past collaborators, is high praise.


This is not a night for subtleties, so the quieter songs are mainly absent. It’s a full-on sonic attack, with ‘Satan’s Got..’ as the new classic. The new songs are, for me, eagerly anticipated, as the album’s been on repeat. ‘Attack Of The Killer Brainz’ and ‘Shazam’ are amazing, and ‘I Found A Love’ reaches new heights with Soul Sister Cookie adding her sweet vocals.


Other guests included Paul-Ronney Angel and Luci Fire of The Urban Voodoo Machine, Barrie Cadogan, Alan Clayton of The Dirty Strangers, and….


….the reappearance of Revue men Nick Jones and Elliott Mortimer for the encore of ‘Rock n Roll Psychosis’ and ‘512’, playing like men possessed. So, when I say you should have been here, I really mean it. Luckily for you, JJATRM are playing more dates later in the year. Do not miss out. Rock n roll simply doesn’t get better than this.

Author: Martin Chamarette