“Gun bible Flag – Gun Bible Flag – Gun Bible Flag”.  Man, it gets in your head and refuses to leave.  With a rough and raw sound and drums so live-sounding you think they’re in the room with you that they give this eight-track album plenty of Crash Bang Wallop, you want to get involved and rock out like a good un.then  Empty Suits have got that raw, primal fly by the seat of your pants rock and roll off to a tea and I love it.

There’s nothing big or clever here apart from some top tunes ranging from the borderline out of control to the cool laid back swagger of ‘Let Me In’.  You won’t get much of a clue from the artwork either but he’s a tidy bunny I guess but you wouldn’t know there lurks some bad assed Garage tunes hiding under the sleeve.  Songs about ‘Beaches’ ‘Kids’ and some ‘Apocalyptic Blues’.  Are there really only three of them kicking up the hornet’s nest? Wow, good effort guys especially on ‘Drop Em’ as it kicks and screams.

Theirs is a simple formula – write decent tunes strip your sound back to the MC5 and switch the tape machine onto record.  Hell yeah! for the likes of the ‘Apocalyptic Blues’ with its grinding lick as the song lurches from side to side and then just finishes leaving you wanting more for Gawd’s sake.

This bad boy was written and recorded in a small, dank basement in Boise, Idaho and oozes class. But it sounds like it was too but in a good way of keeping the band honest and hungry. I bet the only heat came from the thunder of the drums on tracks like ‘Rock and Roll’ and the hum of the tubes on the guitar amps oh and the devil’s breath because he sure must have been present at some point.  I love Rock and Roll and I love discovering new bands especially when they deliver top tunes.  Empty Suits add em to your list!



Author: Dom Daley