The re-release of this overlooked early noughties debut, that wouldn’t look out of place alongside the rougher more streetwise garage rock that littered the era, imagine Eighties Matchbox after the acid trip or Black Rebel Motorcycle Club if they were inclined to get into more bar fights.
The Los Angeles group certainly know their stuff, this record is a brutal melting pot of garage, psych and cow punk from the getgo. ‘Too far down’ kicks off the affair with a classic psychobilly rhythm and vocals full of hypnotic drones. ‘She’s trouble’ lives up to it’s mantra with savage Cramps style guitar lines but with a pumped up bass line laced with steroids.
The album ticks all the boxes for me like a winning bingo card, the guitars are scuzzy, the organ sounds are plentiful and the only real downer is that some of the songs pass by too quickly but there is the real genius where it leaves you wanting more!
Whether you are a revival fan of the genres represented here or a sixties purist it’s hard to deny that this is a treasure trove of Nuggets from any era. If you’re like me and this debut is a new discovery for you, make up for lost time and get it on heavy rotation straight away.
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Author: Dan Kasm

Not the sort of one-man-band you saw outside Woolworths in the 70s, John Schooley is firmly in the blues-trash vein of Daddy Long Legs. Hailing from Austin, Texas, and with a love of Howlin’ Wolf and primal, dirty rhythm and blues, this is his second album for Voodoo Rhythm Records. A mixture of classics and originals.


The album is bookended with ‘Black Diamond Express Train To Hell’ parts 1 and 2, ‘Chicago Breakdown’ being the first full song, with the rhythm of an out of control train, in 1930s Chicago, obviously. ‘Factory Dog’ is an original, not that you’d know, as John is fully immersed in his chosen field. This is a compliment. He even throws in a third chord, just to show off. ‘Cat Squirrel’ is a foot-stomping tune, while ‘She Ain’t Comin’ Home’ is a slower, slide-infused song.


‘Drive You Faster’ does exactly that. John is almost beating Daddy Long Legs on his own here, he certainly doesn’t hold back. Live, he must be a sight to see. ‘Honest I Do’ pushes the distortion to the edge, ‘I Wish You Would’ takes it back to its original roots, ‘A Lover Not A Fighter’ is like a old, blues dude wrestling The Cramps. Howlin’ Wolf’s ‘Killing Floor’ wraps things up nicely, just as it should sound.


If Daddy Long Legs’ last album was too slick for your tastes, this will float your boat. Feral production values and plenty of rough edges. Real rhythm and blues.

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Author: Martin Chamarette

I don’t ever recollect reviewing a band hailing from Bordeaux then, I kid you not.  Not one but two different labels got in touch on the same day about their respective bands and low and behold they both hail from that very same city. Unspectacular I know but one of those strange coincidences. I never had the South Of France down as a hotbed of cool garage rock and roll but on today’s evidence, I might have to scratch the surface a little harder so please excuse my ignorance but Destination Lonely and I only just acquainted ourselves and now we dance cheek to cheek with their wonderful retro-influenced garage Rock and Roll as a soundtrack.


You won’t get diddley squat indication of who or what Destination Lonely sound like or look like at all from the artwork that’s for sure. But, once the needle drops you’ll begin to lose yourself as the reverb kicks in and those sweet electric guitars begin to howl.  They leave a couple of markers as to where they are at and covering The Troggs and The Stooges isn’t so much a suggestion as to where they’re at but dropping a bomb down a mine shaft and announcing your here. right from the off there’s an air of nasty about the groove and the solo on opener ‘Lovin” is exquisite. I’m curious as to why the would choose to make a video for the first cover on the record and not make one for one of their own tunes but I will say their interpretation is excellent.

A lot of the vibe they give off reminds me of Gallon Drunk and the mysterious edge they exude. Their cover of ‘Ann’ sounds more like the Doors than Iggy and co (well the first 30 seconds anyway) I’m sure they’ll take that.  ‘Out Of Your Head’ is a fantastic groovy thang with the full force fuzz guitar right in your grill. If that sounds like something you can get down with then check it out.



Author: Dom Daley

The Jackets are a garage punk group from Switzerland who’ve been around since 2008 touring Europe and recently, the United States. They were in the US last Fall as support for The Woggles who personally invited them to tour their Northeast routing as openers, later going to the West Coast for their own dates.  The group is made of three people: Jackie Brutsche (guitars/vox) – a playwright and artist from Zurich, Chris Rosales (drums) – an expat from Southern California whose lived in Switzerland for 25 + years now, and Sam Schmidiger (bass).
what do they sound like? We’ll opener ‘Dreamer’ is pretty much textbook garage punk. the guitar is dry and overdriven whilst the vocals have the great hall reverb going on and Jackie has a very distinctive vocal style. the opener has some swing to it and you can instantly picture her flailing her arms around and being a very visual singer.  Her voice is very dominant over the overall sound. Her biography describes her as a visual artist and a playwright as well as a Rock and Roller.
The songs come thick and fast and have an intensity to them. ‘What About You’ is upbeat and I love the crash bang wallop on the drums and the rumbling bass line as it walks all over the song. This is a really solid garage album and it never gets above its station nor falls below par with the title track being a particular highlight.
‘Floating Alice’ sounds like its been here before as it builds with menace and floats around the speakers and played loudly is quite mystical and haunting.  The track taken and put to video ‘Loser Lullaby’ is a bit of a mosh pit body slam as the band kicks off with possibly the album’s highlight right here.
In summery its a strong and consistent ten track slab of Garage punk rock and roll and if that’s your bag then you’re going to love it. There’s some Cramps in here for good measure as well now put this pill under your tongue and let the sounds wash over you ladies and gentlemen The Jackets…

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Well, British Summertime is in full swing.  Cold Wet Miserable one minute, sunny the next. but hey, Worry not let RPM introduce you to a few new videos that will blow away any blues first up are these nutballs hailing from Switzerland with their Garage noise better known as The Jackets with ‘Loser Lullaby’


Next up we turn the plane around and head East to Canada to be precise and your in-flight entertainment is courtesy of this new video from Autogramm who tell us all about ‘The Cool Kids’. “Cool Kids Radio” was originally written by C.C. in Berlin with Rich Jones (Michael Monroe, Loyalties, YoYo’s, Ginger Wildheart etc.) Hey just check this bad boy out and then if you happen to be in the area why not catch them live here –

July 19 @ Yoko, Hamburg DE

July 20 @ VEB, Lübeck DE

July 23 @ Kap Tormentoso, Stuttgart DE

July 24 @ Geschichtswerkstatt Altes Volksbad, Mannheim DE

July 26 @ Charlatan Café, Gent BE

July 27 @ The Pipeline, Brighton UK

July 28 @ The Lexington, London UK

Aug 1 @ Zwille, Leipzig DE

Aug 2 @ Wild At Heart, Berlin DE

Aug 3 @ Chemiefabrik, Dresden DE

Aug 4 @ Kult 41, Bonn DE

Website Bandcamp Facebook Instagram Twitter Spotify

Finally, one taken from the recently reviewed album ‘The Down South Spaghetty Accident (reviewed Here) RMBLR is their name and ‘Next Time’ is the track so until next time take it away RMBLR  and remember kids play fair and Stay Sick!

Seeing as four is the new three we thought we’d throw this Rock and Roll hand grenade into the mix and add some Rainy Days & Mondays extra time.  Hot off the press Wet Dreams drop brand new video for ‘Boogie’ check it out here

Since the internet truly took off music has never before been so global and within a minute you can be chatting with some like-minded  punk rocker from the other side of this Globe (it’s not fuckin flat its a globe) it still freaks me out a little but as far as hearing music goes its the dogs danglies. I mean, how else was I going to be acquainted with Swiss loons Bad Mojo and their ‘Pass Out City’? When I first heard that bad boy I loved it.  Fast forward a couple of years and these masked/balaclaved up yobs are back in the house and living it large on nicked booze and other substances.

Whilst you’re waiting for The wonderfully titled long player (cough cough) to drop rub your peepers and read a fistful of this as I try to convince you its a good thing to send some money digitally through your computer and in exchange they’ll send you either a lovely big record or a small shiny CD I’m sure of it.  Anyway, You still might be wondering what these – listen now – Masked, scruffy, punks are up to. well, its only punk rock apparently and these three aren’t afraid to use it.

It begins with a howl of feedback and as the drumsticks count us in it’s off like a rocket.  there are no fineries here its punk rock in its most aggressive, pogotastic, fuck it and fuck you way. Bad Mojos opening four songs on the album sort of set the tone – ‘Diggin My Own Grave’, ‘Baby I’m Doomed’, I Wanna Be Dead’ and ‘I Hate’ so you go figure.  Its fast furious but it has melody in the same way the Ramones did. the songs are short sharp and fly straight to the part of your brain that controls toe tapping and head bobbing.


there is nothing not to like here its rough as fuck and at times sounds like it was recorded on an old school tape recorder that was carefully placed near a speaker and record and play were pressed and away you go. The title track has more than a hint of the UK Subs ‘Party In Paris’ about it and that’s fine by me and the next song ‘Too Drunk’ has a fuzzed out guitar that The Stooges had.  To close this fantastic offering off there is the catchy ‘Everybody Hates Me’ that is fucked up pop music if ever I heard it. Ten songs in fifteen minutes crash bang wallop fuckin’ have it! Adios, I out of here – go buy it!

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Author: Dom Daley