Seemingly having been around forever it’s right here right now that The Chuck Norris Experiment have reached their full loudest potential after spending the best part of two decades honing their skills and perfecting their song it’s finally here.

’20’ is the loudest heaviest and fuckin best record these Scandinavian marauding punk n rollers can offer. No longer just players in a scene these ruggedly handsome noisemakers are leading the scene after the Turbonegro sized void that has been needing filling CNE are here to poke their flag in the ground and stake their claim and after the metallic intro of ‘Fight’ has died down you are left in no doubt about how fuckin good this record is. Gothenburg is the place to be at the moment with CNE and Upploppet leading the charge both with new albums to champion.

Apart from sounding loud as fuck on the recording the riffs are huge and the band have never sounded so focussed. I thought ‘Shortcuts’ was on point but this is next level. ‘You Go Boom’ is sharp to the point and has a bassline to give the earth tremors and the guitars are sharp as samurai blades. Ok so I’m not so keen on their take on ‘Prime Mover’ sure it’s a no-brainer to cover and it fits right in but I’d have preferred they do another original not that there’s anything wrong with it mind its banging but a bit of a surprise.

With eleven tracks on offer played loud, this is exhilarating stuff. ‘Surprise (everybody Dies)’ is a blast as it goes through the gears but then so does ‘Hard Time/Easy Living’ and not a single fuck is given, true enough Chuck my man. Hell, ‘Life In Hypercolour’ is thrashing it taking no prisoners it’s like bloodletting from those razor-sharp riffs to the crisp backing gang vocals they nail this death punk hard rock crossover and it should see them play bigger shows across the globe they’ve worked their collective backsides off for it and nail it. If you thought they were taking it easy duck! ‘Deadshot’ is heading outta the speakers at breakneck speed and taking no prisoners.

If you’re waiting for the comedown and acoustic ballad to reset your heart rate then forget it. this record only ups the ante and the final cuts ‘Out Of Your League’ and ‘Bats!’ are killer cuts. In fact this record gets better and better the deeper you get into the record. Sublime and I truly mean that The Chuck Norris Experiment have finally delivered the good from start to finish this is absolutely top-notch punk n roll. Turn it up and fill yer boots you won’t regret it CNE are in da fuckin house and taking no prisoners. Buy IT!

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Author: Dom Daley

Regarded as something of old hands at this Hard Rockin nonsense The Boatsman have gotten to album number four and ‘Hard Livin’ is exactly where I’d hoped they’d be. They’ve always turned in decent tunes and were working hard at wearing in these guitars and being the best they could be in a crowded field and on ‘Hard Livin’ my goodness I think they’ve blasted off into the next league up. This is big boys hard rock and these four hairy fuckers have absolutely nailed it.

Sure they’re not sailing far from the mother ship Action Rock but they’re armed to the teeth with better tunes and a more confident sound than ever before and like their Scandi neighbours Scumbag Millionaires they’ve upped their game noticeably and written better songs than ever before. Yes, it’s a lovely mixture of Motorhead, Turbonegro, Thin Lizzy, AC/DC, MC5, and a few snotty punk bands that they’ve cut their cloth trying to be as good as, and once the needle drops and the big entry of ‘Livin’ On Lust’ is off like a stray rocket. The thrashing of the riff is wild and reckless and I love that shit. It’s tight and set for maximum excitement and that’s the way to open your album, set your stall out get off to a fuckin’ flyer whatever superlative you like it’s a belter and the solo just kills.

If you think it’s a one-off buckle up mother fuckers because the gonzo punk rock of ‘I Wanna Clone’ is frantic and heading straight for the bull’s eye. ‘Why Wait’ is the first video off the album and sounding like The Hives feasting on a heavy diet of Hard Rock and Ramones melodies is a decent place to start full stop. It’s a decent representation of what the album sounds like but it’s not the best song on the album no sir. Nor is the rapid foot to the floor of ‘Foggy Man’ it’s like the European bastard son of The Hip Priests. ‘Take Me’ is riff after mother fuckin riff and cool as wearing a pair of aviators whilst cruising down the freeway in a Cadillac cabriolet with a bevy of beautiful babes in the back laughing at all your dad jokes.

The title track is like the Four Horsemen have just called you out and handed you a battle jacket and you need to go out and get stuck in for the team. It is a complete record and one that has plenty of exciting riffs and ideas within the songs and boundless energy all tied in with plenty of melody. The Boatsmen have landed and ‘Hard Livin’ is one hell of an album. Buy it!

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Author: Dom Daley

This year marks the 40th anniversary of Glasgow’s garage-rockers The Primevals, ‘so we’re excited to be releasing their 12th album “The Dividing Line” in conjunction with Ghost Highway Recordings (Spain) and the band’s own Triple Wide imprint.’The Dividing Line’ is the band’s twelfth album believe it or not. With their soulful traditionally bluesy garage rock style ‘The Drop’ oozes class sounding like a cool North of the Border Lords Of Altamont without the Leather jackets and long hair this is the work of a gritty Glasgow gang and it is a very decent opener.

The harmonica honking ‘Sonic Pathway’ with its organ stabs and smouldering feedback is a howling good time giving the fantastic Fuzztones a run for their farfisa money. I must admit this is my first foray into the bands material and most enjoyable it is too. God knows how I’ve never crossed paths with them before now but its better late than never right? Right! I do wonder how even as an avid underground hipster I’ve not heard them before seeing as the Garage Rock scene in the UK isn’t exactly huge.

The recording is crystal clear and gives the band the space to show us what they’ve got ‘Drifting Away’ has more than a melodic kissing cousin to ‘Brown Eyed Girl’ on the verses but I like the ragged glory of the riff and the keyboard swirl on the pre-chorus. I’m sure some of the bands I’ve already associated them with are influences and the excellent ‘Don’t Cry’ is an uptempo rocker with some cool guitar breaks and confident stomp, much the same mantra for most of the album to be fair. Of course, these guys know what they’re doing and they are more than capable of turning in some cool tunes throughout even when they kick back like ‘High Street’ its engaging and theres a warmth about the songwriting.

The ultra fuzzed ‘WTFHTU’ is a wheeze from that speaker bothering bass to the organ whirling layer its a top tune and I can imagine a lot of fun live. Things get dark on ‘Sucking On Nothing Sweet’ with its Doors like intro before heading uptown its got a driving tempo and a decent arrangement.

‘The Dividing Line’ shows there’s still plenty of Rock and Roll left in this old dog and be it uptempo ‘Grit And Grime’ or signing this album off with a couple o frockers mixed withtheir more soulful garage style The Primevals do Rock and Roll really well and although they’re not here to reinvent the wheel this bad boy rolls nicely. Check em out Brothers And Sisters you might just dig their sound and get onto the right side of the dividing line.



Author: Dom Daley

A long time ago there was a punk rock n roll scene exploding in Sweden and it was knocking out Rock n Roll bands ten to the dozen. Some terrific records were being made and tremours were felt near and far. The Hellacopters, ‘Demons’, Nomads, Backyard Babies and The Hives all seemed to be releasing records that were taken to the hearts of many a punk rock n roll fan around this spinning rock it also spilled over borders with the likes of Gluecifer and Turbonegro were also delivering truly awesome and memorable records.

A record that crept out on CD that was equally as good as the finest releases from this genre and a whole lot better than most. Step forward A-Bombs and the album was ‘And Constantly Rotating’. Anyone who used to pick up the Hang the DJ comp or used to order from Sonically Speaking at the dawn of this internet before things were readily available at the press of a button. Scores of records and CDs were released some instant standards for the scene and others stayed underground or less known but over time equally as influential and have stood the test of time and with hindsight have grown in stature.

Let’s get this out there right from the top, A-Bombs ‘And Constantly Rotating’ was and is an absolute stone cold banger. Originally released in ’98, I’m assured by people who lived in Sweden that A-Bombs were blowing the roof off venues with their take on punk n roll but their flame burned hard and fast and was extinguished in the blink of an eye. Their legacy is one album and a couple of singles CD eps and that’s it! but hell, if you’re going to leave behind just one album then make it a good one. and A Bombs left behind not a good one but a great one and unlike their contemporaries, it only ever hit the CD shelves… until now that is thanks to labels like these two.

As the howl of feedback builds and the backbeat is hammered out the vocals sneer into view before breaking out in one big bang and we’re off like a shot of adrenaline. A tonne of energy is unleashed and it doesn’t stop for eleven tracks. the menacing ‘Devils Own’ is more of the same a rockin ride played out over some cool wah and a cool sneering vocal.

If you’re looking for the pick of the pack or standouts then look no further than the fantastic fil scored opening of ‘Monstermind’ Just like a nuclear bomb! boom! an epic groove born in the garages and used by the likes of the Stooges and MC5 or even the Flamin Groovies its a fantastic tune and should have been the catalyst to sling these five punkers into all the right places.

‘Playing God’ has some nice n sleazy mouth organ honking on the intro as the song unferls into a beast with hints of Gallon Drunk with the amps turned up to 11! I think its great that albums as good as this get a second wind for the ever increasing vinyl market and an album I loved twenty years ago is introduced to my turntable right where it should be. Fantastic! Don’t snooze on this one kids its a bonafide Banger!

Do I mention a hidden track? Nah go buy it and go find it for yourself Essential purchase!

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Author: Dom Daley

We love loud guitars and this Beluga Records/Ghost Highway and Spaghetty Town Re-Release certainly ticks all the boxes as far as loud goes. To be fair these cats are the bastard children who will inherit the earth that The Stooges once strode on. ‘Shit You Talk’ can testify to that.

This particular bad boy is the long since deleted debut from the band and not since 2000 have you been able to get hold of a copy for less than a small mortgage off the likes of Discogs but now thanks to the true believers at these labels its available on a platter of wax. ‘Heart Full Of Hate’ has dated really well like a Ramones Leather or original SG it just gets better when it’s a little worn and knackered out.

Songs like the rapid barroom brawler of ‘1234 Motherfucker’ is nasty and up for trouble punch to the beak that’ll make your eyes water for sure. Theres no hanging around as one track collides into the next and just rips. Its riff after mother fucking riff for sure and The Manglers should have been a bigger success much the same as our own shit island heroes The Hip Priests the Mud City Manglers go full tilt and don’t deal in bullshit from the opening salvo to the explosive finale its all hands to the pump and rock the fuck out! it works and it still works to this day as a formula but only if you have the tunes. Boy, do the MCM have the tunes. It’s twelve bangers and thanks to these labels for not giving up on Rock and Roll and producing these long lost diamonds and pulling them out of the rough for our listening pleasure and getting them out to a wider audience for a second time.

Get yourself one more Beer and wrap yourself in any shade of black and don’t forget to keep a knockin’ because ‘Heart Full Of Hate’ is always rockin’ and will be another cool as record in your collection its equal parts Stooges, EF, Motorhead and a whole lot more besides and if you missed them first time out then don’t snooze this time get on this Hot Rod of electric guitars and snarling vocals its a blast!

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Author: Dom Daley

We’ve got a few suggestions this Bandcamp Friday and we’ve kept it lean for you so get yer credit card out and come with us on the Bandcamp Friday journey kicking off with a couple of recommendations from some artists we love and then a few labels who do such a great job of releasing some of our favourite records.  There are others that haven’t quite gone live at the time of writing such as a long out of sale Loyalties release you should go find and Steve Conte has an offer today



‘Be There’ (369 Music) is the next single from The Dowling Poole. Listen to the track on Soundcloud here.

It will be released on Friday the 7th of March for Bandcamp Friday when the music platform waives their fees and all revenue goes straight to the artists.

‘Be There’ features guest appearances from long time collaboratorAndy Lewis (Jackdaw4, Sugar Plum Fairies, Jocasta), on bass. Darby Todd guests on drums. Darby’s recently played with Martin Barr (Jethro Tull), The Darkness and Kee Marcello (Europe) and featured on the recent The Dowling Poole songs ‘We Are The Noise’ and ‘Slow Genocide’.

Recorded in different locations in France and the UK, Jon and Willie are busy writing their fourth album to be released later this year.

Author: Martin Chamarette


Another favourite round here is Rich Ragany & The Digressions so check out the latest tune Here

“There’s a place in the universe callled Boötes Void… where it’s near empty. It’s also been called “The Great Nothing”.  A supervoid. One of the largest-known voids in the universe. Surrounded by galaxies and light.

It is believed the scale of the void is such that if the Milky Way had been in the center of the Boötes Void, we wouldn’t have known there were other galaxies until the 1960s.
That’s how long it would have taken light to travel… to journey through the darkness.

The song is from the perspective of someone who is within darkness in their lives and can’t unsee it.
Then, sees it in everything. Maybe even becomes it. But finds that through the very act of experience, and through the struggle of moving forward, can begin to see the warmth and light that also exists.

I find it very moving and inspiring that, even in the expanses of space, where there is cold chaotic changes that routinely destroy, that life and creation can, and do, emerge.

The idea of all these galaxies and filaments surrounding Boötes Void is light giving it a frame that can eventually travel through to the other side, is a comforting thought.

Not always easy… but our eyes, our hearts and spirits can stretch to see something beautiful.

I try to remember this (with varying degrees of success) when things get really rough… old ghosts and doubts whisper in my ear and tell me I am alone, not worthy or with no direction.

Stretch to see something beautiful.  That was the feeling I had when writing it.  Please forgive me if it’s a clumsy metaphor.  It’s not so linear that it can’t be interpreted for your own experience (or hopefully, it will just sound pleasing to you).”  What more can we add to that?


Some others who should benefit from Bandcamp Friday would be those independent labels who are the beating heart of the underground scenes we all love so much.  A few of our favourites would be Beluga Records from out of Sweden who have their Bandcamp page and offer some amazing records we’ve had many an hour rocking out to some of their releases and records they put out.


Some of the recent records they’ve put out have been fantastic such as More Kicks, Jordan Jones, Mud City Manglers and most recently a nice compilation from Asteroid B-612 and most recently a cracking single from The Erratix.



Heading south you have Ghost Highway Records outta Madrid Spain.  They’ve long championed underground garage rock and all other sub-genres including power pop, punk rock and more.  Some of their recent releases that deserve people’s attention would be The Boatsmen and their superb ‘Verses The Boatsmen’ album they co-released as well as the tribute to the New Bomb Turks compilation.  They’ve long been champions of UK kings of garage noise The Hip Priests and given access to some of America’s finest in the shape of Jeff Dahl, Electric Frankenstein and Pat Todd.  A worthy benefactor of anyone’s Rock and Roll coin on Bandcamp Friday.


How about heading across the pond to Spaghetty Town Records and a label who’s partnered up with their European brothers in vinyl.  they’ve also brought to the party some epic Rock and Roll records most recently in the shape of RMBLR who’ve just dropped their new EP and Spaghetty Town is the perfect label for these scuzzy rockers. The label has a wealth of great titles so you could do a lot worse things this Friday than delve through the Spaghetty Town wormhole and head off on a rockin’ discovery trip.


Heavy Medication Records have for a while had records reviewed on RPM and more recently put out a couple of really impressive releases primarily a New Bomb Turks tribute that’s available through their Bandcamp page.  Based in Warsaw Poland the label have been responsible for Doojiman & The Exploders record that’s a must-own as well as records from Poison Hearts.  Hit em up




What about some Taken By Suprise records?  Out of München, Germany the label does a fine service if punk rock n Power Pop is your thing then they have a big catalogue up on Bandcamp that deserves your attention.  Releases from The Briefs, Suspect Parts and more recently Neighbourhood Brats.  you certainly won’t be disappointed with your catch if decide to dip in.



TNS Records out of Manchester have some cracking offers up for Bandcamp Friday as well and in turn, help support some great punk rock bands such as Wales finest Pizza Tramp.  The new Jodie Faster is also a fine addition to their catalogue.  They also do a Spotify list of New Punk Friday where they champion the best in punk, Hardcore and Ska tracks released recently.  A label that does tireless work for a scene that deserves our attention.


Another German label that has always had the back of punk rock and roll is Wanda Records.  With some excellent releases from Peter & The Berlin Blackouts and Mom the label has always delivered brilliant product and ship anywhere (or the UK at least).  They’ll also be handling the Euro distro of the new RMBLR EP which is good for those having palpitations when faced with some of the overseas shipping fees.


Finally, another label releasing really good records is Drunken Sailor Records Banging out new bands and records like its nobodys business.  Drunken Sailor also struck a distro deal to handle Australias finest Stiff Richards that should be Sold Out but they don’t hang about and are also pressing up a couple of new records that are also available for you digital fiends in the shape of Australias Jackson Reid Briggs & The Heaters out on digital through the label but coming soon on vinyl.  They trawl through the worlds best underground bands to fit into their vision of what makes a great records and release it for our listening pleasure.  Head down to their Bandcamp page and get lost investigating what they have to offer and grab yourself a new favourite band.


Woah! I wasn’t expecting that.

When the needle dropped and you get that initial feeling as you sit back and relax,  It was less than 20 seconds in and I was gripping the armrests and holding on for dear life as ‘Action Delivery’ handed me my ears ringing on a platter of feedback, wah! and a thunderous rhythm all wrapped in a majestic pop tune with melody and hooks galore.

I had no time to recover because ‘Friday Night Forever’ sent me over the edge.  Punky as fuck but in a HArd rockin’ sort of way, these jolly seamen don’t hold anything back in reserve and you get a shot right across the bow as the volume is relentless and the energy captured in these grooves is infectious, exciting and exactly what the noise doctors ordered.  Never mind ingesting bats full of mutating viruses this is my poison of choice and consumed in large quantities is most advisable to help get you through all the real life tribulations.


‘Blame It On Me’ is awesome, like the Hives jamming on some Turbo with an unhealthy amount of punk rock blaring through your ears. It’s like a violent headwind that’s out of control.  Then to serve up a steady dose of DC with added woo hoos! sees ‘The Thirst Song’ boogie and swing like a good un – they must know they’ve written a corker here and it must have been hard to record through such a ten-mile wide grin across their faces. I’m delighted they’ve still got a thirst and raise a glass in celebration of such an exciting record.


The Boatsmen have hinted at greatness but narrowly avoided it in the past or held back for one reason or another but now is their moment to shine and like a blazing sun they are right on the button. ‘Saved By Rock’ be fucked, they’ve picked up the flag and are carrying it to the top of the mountain triumphant in the knowledge that the Boatsmen are serving up a one-stop Rockin treat and covering all bases of loud in your face good time rock and roll that is this album.


It’s relentless in its quality and tune after tune it’s a twist and turn to emphasise how damn good these songs are. Just don’t get me started on ‘Even The Good Times Were Bad’ it’s like bottled lightning and ‘I Don’t Wanna Lose This Time’ is more restrained in comparison but then they up the ante again with the drinking song ‘When I’m Drunk’.


Put the beer down you might spill it as ‘Big Waves’ roll around and it’s a chance for us all to raise another glass and sing along. We get our groove on for ‘Clap Canon’ and some cock-rock and roll with a little tip to the 70’s glam stomp of a T Rex and Sweet. I hope you caught your breath as ‘Take Your Money’ is rapid and like a runaway train speeding toward the buffers without a care in the world.


It’s not all hard Rockin and Rollin and party party party.  ‘Better Man’ is a laid back brooding, grinding song that paints a darker atmosphere but no lesser quality, that’s a given and the harmonica is an awesome addition to the texture of the record. The temptation to throw in as many puns or going overboard, seamen and piraty themes is difficult but let’s let the music do the talking because, trust me here me hearties, these tunes are superb as is the whole albums feel, attitude and playing.  The Boatsmen ‘Versus The Boatsmen’ is going to be one of the albums of the year no question about it. so hoist the sails and get out there and purchase a copy because I wouldn’t want you to miss out – land ahoy! me hearties Boatsmen ahead.


Ghost Highway Records / Spaghetty Town Facebook / Bandcamp

Author: Dom Daley

RPM Online is proud to get the video exclusive of the new Brad Marino single ‘Even The Score’.  Its taken from the new album  “Looking For Trouble” Out April 21’ in the U.S. on Spaghetty Town Records (Vinyl) & Rum Bar Records (CD) On vinyl in Europe from Ghost Highway Records and Beluga Records.  With such awesome record labels on board, you know its a worthwhile record to invest in.  Brad Marino – ‘Even The Score’…

Brad Marino returns with his sophomore Full-Length release, jam-packed with power poppin’ rock and roll extraordinaire… ‘Looking For Trouble’.

“Can’t stop, won’t stop Brad Marino!!” – Natalie Sweet

“Let Brad Marino know how much you dig him.” – Genya Ravan

“Brad Marino is looking to ‘Even The Score’ in his latest garage rock effort, bringing us back to the kind of garage rock the Rolling Stones have made such a long and storied career out of! Rock n roll at its most enjoyable.” – Uber Rock

“What Do You Know?” meets at the intersection of straight-forward rock and roll and the poppier side of the Ramones – which has always been a sweet spot for Marino. In my fantasy world where millions of people still buy rock and roll records, this tune is a hit! If you dig rockin’ two-minute pop songs, you need to be all over Looking For Trouble – and every other record that Brad Marino has ever been a part of!” – Lord Rutledge

“What do I know? Well, if there’s one thing I know is that Brad Marino can do no wrong, and this single proves he just gets better and better with every release!” – The Ledge, Real Punk Radio

“‘What Do You Know’ is sent around the ether like a cannonball. Sure it’s got melody and a solid rockin’ backbeat and a whole heap of hooks and of course a raw guitar making it a must-hear track. Forging the way forward in powerpop circles. Don’t delay and be sure to hit Marino up and check this out you won’t regret it.” – RPM It’s A Revolution

What you have is a release filled top to bottom with tried and true rock n’ roll. Rockpile meets the Ramones, Mick and Keef get into a tussle with the Flamin’ Groovies, The Knack get all tangled up in blue. Hints of Chuck, shades of country, stabs of punk, and jolts of power pop, celebrated and created in the Garage… get the picture?

Brad Marino “Extra Credit” still available on Vinyl LP in limited edition color variants (Coke Bottle Clear, Blue & Black) & CD direct from Rum Bar Records.

Brad Marino “False Alarm” still available on limited edition 7inch Vinyl & CD EP direct from Rum Bar Records. …while supplies last!!

To be honest I know bugger all about the Mud City Manglers. I picked up their debut album “Heart Full of Hate” a few years ago off of eBay having read about them on Facebook and thought that I’d missed the boat on another great band from the turn of the century but I was wrong…….. they’re back (or perhaps they never went away).


It’s only taken 20 years for these Pittsburgh rock & rollers to release a their second album but was it worth the wait? Hell yeah !!!!


“Give Me The Hammer” drags you into a world of melodic Motorhead via the crunch and choruses of New Bomb Turks and Scumbag Millionaire.

“The Way It’s Gonna Be” and “Hangover Hurricane” have a strong Nashville Pussy vibe, which is no bad thing at all.

“One of These Days” notches up the ferocity. Lyrics are spat out with venom. These sure ain’t love songs.  “Better off Dead” dials down the speed but not the attitude. Another tail of desperation and debauchery.  Half way through the hell ride, side two kicks into gear with “Bring It Down”. There’s almost  a fucked up Sunset Strip feel to this bad boy. Faster Pussycat would have killed for a tune like this back in the day. “ Armstrong Park” doesn’t let up the pace much either, it’s kind of got me thinking of The Throbs but more nasty.


“Cheater Bar” is full on Motorhead or maybe melodic Zeke (if there is such a thing).  “One More Mile” is takes you right back to Pussy Town. It’s not only a stand out track on this album but it could’ve been a stand out track on “Let Them Eat Pussy” too.  Blain-tastic mate!


“Hammered” is an angry Orgasmatron. An exercise in controlled frustration rolled up in monologue with a message – “Be the motherfucker who is unwilling to play along, be the mother fucker who calls them out on their shit…”


Ten tracks in and “Jump into the Fire” throws it all up in the air with a throbbing bass giving way to a banging riff – the spirit of The Five is alive and well – “we can make each other happy!!!”


So there you go…. the wheel has not been reinvented and nor should it. It’s taken Mud City Manglers twenty years to release “Give Me The Hammer” and it’s a shit load better than “Chinese Democracy”. Go and listen to it on Bandcamp and if you’re feeling flush hop over to Spaghetty Town Records, Ghost Highway Records or Beluga Records a grab a copy before it’s too late.


Give Me The Hammer a listen on band camp whilst the limited orange pressing of 100 sold out instantly on pre-order but the traditional chunk black plastic (limited to 400) is still available from  Spaghetty Town Records in the USA along with Ghost Highway Records and Beluga Records in Europe.



Europe buy Here / Beluga Records or Here / Ghost Highway Records

USA buy Here / Spaghetty Town Records

Author: Fraser Munro

Mud City Manglers get set to release their brand new record via some of the best independent record labels known to man.  You can get your greasy mitts on a copy by hitting the Pre Order Here or Here they’ve covered North America and Europe with this deal and it sounds blistering.  These Pittsburg punks have been knocking out filthy Rock n Roll since the mid ’90s and show no sign of old age with this new one.  on limited colours pick one up from Spaghetty Town Records and Ghost Highway Records as well.




No new videos yet but just revel in this bad boy from 2000 when they released their album ‘Heart Full Of Hate’