‘Questionably a hardcore band’ is how Daddy’s Boy describe themselves, and one listen to their discombobulatingly brilliant debut LP should answer all your questions as to what that could possibly mean. Recorded with Steve Albini at Electrical Audio, GREAT NEWS! is the sound of punk folding in on itself and racing through sounds you might have previously identified with dumb genre tags like post-punk and possibly even no-wave – except this isn’t either of those things. When I first heard ‘Work Wont Love You Back’ I remembered hearing bands like NoMeansNo for the first time with the jarring guitars and the lecturing vocals that are an address rather than a melody. It’s Dischord and jarring across a hypnotic rhythm and frantic riffe-a-rama, eventually settling on something that’s… well, kinda uniquely Daddy’s Boy.

Crass meets NomeansNo America and UK noise makers clashing in the middle. The chaos rains down on you song after song it’s like a form of hypnosis raining down on you and you are powerless to stop it. poking you on the forehead with riff after riff but not in a uniform way either. ‘The Poster’ is experimental with the main rhythm filtering into the red and it sounds great louder and louder!

‘Superspreaders’ would have been born from out of the pandemic with clever rhythms ebbing and flowing nicely. ‘Eddie Says’ is just delightful hardcore- punishing the listener with frantic chords washing over you. There is no respite throughout the eleven tracks with some starting with the same splat of the snare before raging off into the distance with your soul.

Finishing off with a brutal mixture of throbbing bass on ‘Do You Like Music’ with its drilling snare explosions and ear-bursting noise before handing over the baton for a sub one-minute blast beat exercise in shock and awe entitled ‘New York City Jort Authority’ chaos is your friend and music that pushes the boundaries is always worth investing in like a palate cleanser Daddys Boy goes for the jugular and takes no prisoners – not for the faint hearted but well worth checking out.

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Author: Dom Daley

As we gathered slowly in the cavernous Hammersmith Odeon at the ungodly hour of half six the Italian trio Smalltown Tigers strode onto the vast stage and proceeded to deliver an energetic set of power pop punk rock with some great hooks and plenty of tunes The Smalltown Tigers seemed to be loving life. It’s a shame there wasn’t a capacity crowd in already as I think that would have helped with the energy of going on so early but it would have been a tick off the bucket list to tell anyone they’d played the famous place and with The original Damned. I think had it been in a small tight club these three ladies would have enhanced their reputation tenfold so until next time…

Next up was the ever-enthusiastic TV Smith & The Bored Teenagers who proceeded to waste no time in taking out two mics, getting tangled with a third in the bass player guitar lead but still managing to race around like a teenager. TV delivered a really good set with an impressive catalogue of songs always opening with ‘No Time To Be Twenty One’ which set the tone. Playing with boundless energy and class and ending with a rather splendid hattrick of songs in ‘Bored Teenager’, ‘Gary Gilmores Eyes’ and ‘One Chord Wonder’ leaving the stage to rapturous applause to a now swelling audience.

TV was followed by The Skids who again rose to the occasion with an impressive ten-song set that included (the U2 song) (I know I’m only yanking your chain) ‘The Saints Are Coming’ an excellent ‘Circus Games’ some memorable as did the Hits of ‘Yankee Dollar’, ‘Masquerade’ and the most excellent ‘Into the Valley’ Jobson dancing and some very amusing banter from the frontman as well. By now the venue was packed and everyone seemed in a great mood up for it and joining in which was fed back from the stage before playing tribute to brothers’ fallen as a worthy rendition of ‘Complete Control’ was covered and they thoroughly deserved their ovation as they left the stage.

Finally, the moment had arrived and a show they said could never happen was upon us and the excitement was building. Well, It was just about to bloomingwell happen. when these four walked off stage back in the turn of the 90s I thoguht like many (the band included) that was that, never to be repeated but sometimes if you dream hard enough those dreams can come true.

Now I know Damned fans can be a funny old bunch and famously hard to please but not this bunny, nope me I thoroughly enjoyed turning back the clock. It was exactly what I’d hoped it would be, the incendiary debut album with a healthy splash of ‘Music For Pleasure’ teetering on the right side of under-rehearsed and as garage as fucking possible. Fuckin’ beautiful! So they’re a lot older and Brian was physically a bit shaky but fuck me the man has magic in those fingers and a tone to die for. Rat was never a drum tickler; more a smash-and-dash player who played with his heart on the inside of that snare he always felt his way through songs knowing when to give it some (al a Moon) and when to lay back and shuffle and you never lose that if you’re one of the great. Rat Scabies is one of the greats and tonight he played like he was actually enjoying it and the realisation that fuck me – The Damned could play and more importantly, they had the tunes to go with the chops.

sure right from the off Captain and Dave looked like they were on top of the brief and were enjoying being part of history and for this to work there wasn’t time to fuck about or scratch old wounds this was a celebration that they have endured and triumphed in the face of adversity and competing with a pandemic this day had finally arrived and it was spectacular.

Now I’ve never subscribed to the misconception that ‘Music For Pleasure’ was a dud and on the back of the spectacular debut they’d run out of ideas and tonight I was overdosing on the record getting my fill of tunes from the horn-honking ‘Alone’ to the MO of ‘You Take My Money’ via the non-album tracks like ‘Stretcher Case Baby’ and the splendid ‘Problem Child’ they should champion that bloody record and tonight it got a fair airing.

Brian delivered the abrasive garage chops with tone and panache and plenty of volume whilst the much-underrated rhythm section of Captain and Rat held it together in fine fashion. So it was hanging on by a thread at times but that was always part of the appeal, wasn’t it? This was punk rock with a huge dash of Garage just like Their heroes The Stooges this band could go toe to toe and in my humble opinion give Iggy and the gang a TKO on the song front as a friend once said to me The Damned were his Beatles and I have to agree having seen them dozen and dozens of times over many decades this one seemed special, after the pandemic and shall we say disagreements this seemed special, Cathartic, emotional and just about perfect.

The band was smiling and actually looked like they knew this was the right decision and playing these songs again together was absolutely the right thing to do and that shone through in their delivery. Vanian must have struck a deal with Beelzebub as he looked as lean as he’s always done, stalking the stage, sometimes in the wrong key sometimes not, but who actually cared it was never meant to be anything other than four men hammering out some of the finest songs ever written, their place and time in music should never be a footnote to the Pistols and Clash but the other way around they were the first to kick this off and trailblazers they have always been and paying tribute to their achievements as those trailblazers the set was perfect with a fine balance of debut album songs – hell, they even smashed out a brutal ‘Stab Your Back’ which might have been the tightest song of the night. From opening with ‘I Feel Alright’ this was more than alright this was beautiful right through to ‘New Rose’ but not before they delivered ‘Pills’ and as they’ve done before it was a poignant ‘the LAst Time’ and into the night the four heroes went. That was emotional just like Rock and Roll was intended to sound. Raw, electric, and dangerous. Fuck I love The Damned, can we do this again sometime, please?

Author: Dom Daley

Bang! has been responsible for releasing some pretty awesome records over the years from bands that spearheaded an underground punk scene and whose records are rarer than hen’s teeth so it’s nice to see plenty get repressed like AntiSeen.

These tracks were originally released on their mid-80s EPs and are now all together for the first time on vinyl which saves a lot of ball ache if you are serious about delving into the past of punk rock. Newly remastered and with previously unreleased photography, this is the “Kings of Destructo-Rock” at their most primal!

According to Jeff Clayton’s words: “What you have here is a collection of the earliest releases of a band made up mostly of small southern town guys trying to make a name for themselves in the ‘big city’. With little help or guidance (with the exception of a few very influential cases) we created what became our sound and our attitude that would stay with us for four decades. Come hear the Dawn Of Antiseen.” and that’s about it in a nutshell. The quality of production is decent to ropey as you might expect and the same can be said of the songs on offer as well.

Opening with ‘Queen City Stomp’ its raw, rapid and punk as fuck which is exactly what you’d expect from these miscreants. They take their love of The Ramones and (probably) Motorhead to its punk rock extremes and run with it. The playing is fairly loose on tracks like ‘Nothings Cool’ and they often played the same riff at varying tempos and just wrote new lyrics about depraved subjects, teenage boredom, girls, booze, isolation and punk rock (what else were you expecting?)

what they do best is when they put their limited talent to good use and go for broke like on songs like ‘Destructo Rock’ it’s dumb and full of cum and they stumble to the finish line. What you do get is a lot of music to get through there are twenty-four tracks on offer here. Some of the lyrics are questionable and some of the production is Tascam demo at best but to some, that’s the charm right there. ‘Drug Throguh The Mud’ is like the DK’s on even cheaper amphetamines.

Side two opens with ‘Hammer Head’ totally exempt from any bottom end its scratching at your ears with a rusty nail and the chorus is hilarious going for a pound shop rob Tyner MC5 on the chorus but sounding more like the Barron nights doing motorhead shame really because with a beefed up bottom end songs like this would be brutal. ‘White Trash Bitch’ is more of the same, could be a banger with decent production and a low-end thump. Probably best to dip in because a one-sit-in trawl would be a trip only the hardcore could withstand. Again I’d reiterate that labels like Bang! provide a great service because I like many others wouldn’t have gotten hold of a lot of these early tracks and it’s great to hear a band’s career where it began and progressed from. Antiseen has always been punk as fuck and part of the underground of American punk rock that has always intrigued me from this side of the pond and it’s been a good trip delving into the origins of the band I’ve known about but not heard a great deal from until now. If you like this then get on some ‘Eat More Possums’ another Bang! reissue from one of punk rocks enduring bands who are still doing it in 2022 – creators of Destructo death punk at its finest noisy best.



Liquids recorded this album with the help of Erik Nervous. Then Erik mixed, mastered and released it via his label Nail Biter Records. It is distributed by Drunken Sailor Records (for the UK) and Australia’s finest Computer Human Records. In the United States the record is available from Violent Pest Records and is limited colour pressing. That should be all the background you need when investigating this album.

Ok Ok maybe not all the info you need to make an informed choice but its like the seal of quality. Liquids’ Mat Williams seemed like one of those creative punk rockers who was going to release what he wrote and as often as the weeds grow in my yard. Prolific is another word you could useif you kept your ear to the ground but don’t take your eye off social media or you’ll miss a release. Two albums (one a double) and a whole lot besides were pumped out of Indiana between 2015-18. You know the drill hardcore, Ramones pop, A splash of Devo, and more but that gives you the gist. I guess I’d align with Alex Wonk for quality of output maybe even more prolific Then it went quiet. then after several years of nowt, it was a new album last year this fucker but this has some added junk in the trunk and on vinyl. Twenty-seven tracks to be precise. Sure it’s Lo-Fi it’s not going to be high fidelity half-speed remastering but to be fair most of the songs only last under a minute with a couple barely stretching out over two FFS! Hell, how did I miss this even as a digital release it’s got a cover of Meat Loaf ‘Bat Out Of Hell’ that is almost prog length reaching out over three minutes although I’m sure Meat would have liked this version much better than his bloated anthem. It reminds me of The Briefs goofing around, Genius? Hell Yeah!

Some of the jerking rhythms are like a sped-up Undertones ‘Nobody Likes You’ is like a fucked-up Scooby Doo tune The Briefs meets NomeansNo at times and some of these songs are so rapid that even some speed metal bands would bow down with respect. ‘Life Of Oi’ is a pair of 18-holers moon stomping all about the place. The covers don’t end there as ‘Strutter’ is taken to school and given a proper punk rock makeover even Gene would raise an eyebrow for. The four bonus tracks are also all killer and no filler. A hot mess of an album that I can’t recommend highly enough. It’s punk rock baby but not of this earth what a top top record! Buy it!

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Author: Dom Daley

Released via Bandcamp to be getting on with, I’m assured it’s also getting a vinyl press on snap! Records (or at least some of them are) On this evidence it richly deserves that vinyl pressing and a whole lot more besides.

Continental Lovers is the workings of former Breakdown band leader Joe Maddox who was busy writing tunes prior to the pandemic and decided to recruit some likeminded band members who had a passion for good time Rock and Roll with a penchant for big choruses like Cheap Trick and a few other notable seventies rock n rollas. A dash of punk Rock snot and a whole heap of attitude and when it’s put together by people who clearly love the music and respect where it’s come from it deserves to rise straight to the top of the pile. Joe has put together a bunch of Trash Rock monsters that are glittering examples of just how to do trashy punk and on this evidence, it won’t be too long before the support slots are the thing of the past and its headline shows in packed venues for The Continental Lovers.

Some of the songs were tested out on the public as demos over the last year or so but the punch of songs like ‘St Joan’ are excellent. short songs with big hooks and no messing about are exactly what’s on offer here. Punching like a heavyweight but these haymakers aren’t random swinging but more lazer-guided jabs to the temple.

Six tracks just about make for side one of an album, but we’ll investigate them one by one, hopefully, we can give them the respect they deserve. None of these tunes overstay their welcome and most nestle around the two-minute mark kicking off with ‘Tape Deck’ which is a sprightly, snotty dust-up where Joe gets on with the job of kicking out the jams with no fucking about. Cool, calm, and right up for it. ‘Really Doesn’t Matter’ has the feel of his old band The Breakdowns with an excellent melody and I love the tone of the guitar break which nails it and pulls the whole tune together. A cool backbeat and some sunshine Rock n Roll blasting through the speakers.

‘Tattered Star’ is Trashy Rock n Roll in all its finery. There’s a familiarity about it like slipping into a well-worn pair of creepers that have some wickedly comfortable insoles for you to bop til you drop. Continental Lovers clearly know where their music comes from and have big enough hearts to use that history and write new songs for the 21st century whilst doffing that gatsby to the past.

‘St Joan’ pays tribute to the Queen of noise – Ms. Jett and they nail the riff to the lyrics and pen a killer song that is fitting someone so cool. I hope she gets to hear it and who knows take these guys out on tour and duet this one cheek to cheek. ‘Can’t Get Her Out Of My Head’ is sub two minutes of 1-2-3-4 hey ho let’s go. It’s got attitude and a cheeky pogo, covered in sweat and just enough snot to satisfy the punks and the glam kids.

Bringing this EP to a swift end is ‘Dale Arden’ which is a thumping way to go out – swinging and bopping and leaving the listener wanting more, more, more. A massively impressive debut offering of six of the best. Continental Lovers can go straight to the top of the class with this EP. It’s everything you could hope to hear. Now get to work on an album and we very much look forward to the record when it hits the shelves later this Summer. Continental Lovers your new favourite Glam Slamming trash Rock n Rollas #Fact! If you get the chance go see em live and when the pre-orders drop for the vinyl record we’ll let you know

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Author: Dom Daley

It’s been five years between ‘We’re Still Dead’ and ‘Please Chesty’ five years one pandemic, two presidents, a shit show in the UK, and Europe on fire but through all that bad shit we’ve had punk rockers burrowing away in lockdowns writing punk rock in different way but always coming back to what sounds best. thirteen songs in less than three-quarters of an hour every one as fast as the last, soaked in attitude and spat out ten to the dozen. the solos rage and the vocals are like a headbutt you weren’t expecting.

‘The Worthy And The Worthless’ sounds exactly like you’d expect. It’s got a razorblade raw guitar riff and Chesty is slicing up those vocals testing your tinnitus to the max. Now when I said every song was as fast as the last I meant it. Don’t get sucked in by the intro on ‘No One’s Dying’ its something of a false start before we have lift off!

‘The Fine Art Of Choking’ is right up there with the best songs the band has ever made. It’s toe tap tastic and the gang vocals are bruising. It’s a vicious song with lyrics that intimidate and deliver. Horror punk meets hardcore in one delicious three minutes banger.

There might be a small fascination with death and how to achieve it but the music matches the titles ‘Axing Doesn’t Hurt’ or so Chesty says but I wouldn’t like to put it to the test however, I’d like to speed down the high street on a busy Saturday with this busting out of the speakers pissing off ever man woman and child because I can and that’s how Chesty and the boys make me feel. Punk as fuck, never overcomplicating things and sometimes just giving those instruments a damned good hiding.

‘Antibiotic Death’ continues the horror but ‘Ticket Wallet Drugs & Chicken’ is like the Wildhearts if they were born on B movies and east coast punk rock it’s punk as fuck and winning the race to the bottom of the swamp. When you have a love of class punk and thrash metal and everything in between you can write songs like ‘Torture Rock’ and pull it off. It’s easy to miss the point and make a horrible mess of crossing over but these veterans of the East Coast make it sound easy.

They even go for some heavy as fuck Punk Rock Blues on ‘Satan Never Sleeps’ where the band just slays it with twisted licks whilst Chesty sounds like she’s finally gone insane. I’d love to be in a hot sweaty pit for ’13 Punks’ windmilling and slam dancing my way through a proper punk rock workout to this evil speedball of a tune.

Whisper this quietly but if the Misfits were to have recorded songs like ‘Flesh Peeling Angel or ‘Energy Vampire’ people would be going crazy for it. They didn’t because Chesty Malone & The Slice Em Ups have and people in the know will get it and love every second of this filthy and furious skull cracker of a record. They sign off with the pit-pleasing ‘Planet Impossible’ Hardcore as Fuck and a lot of fun. Chesty Malone & The Slice Em Ups have another killer platter of punk on their hands and I love it! Go stream this album to your heart’s content and when you’ve finished go delve into their back catalogue, oh and check out their covers EP – You’ve been warned or Chesty’s comin’ round to hurt ya!

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Author: Dom Daley

A lot has been written about this here three-LP edition of the Clash’s ‘Combat Rock’ originally released in 1982 and the last to feature the classic line up however the album whilst containing a few stand-out tracks never hit the dizzy heights of its previous releases.

With an incredible 17 show residency at New York’s Bond’s Casino in the bag, the band set about rehearsing at The People’s Hall in the Latimer Road area of London thereafter they headed to Asia for a tour where the artwork was shot by the band’s photographer Pennie Smith as it goes.  This release of ‘Combat Rock’ includes unheard, rare, and early versions of tracks spread out over two albums and the original ‘Combat Rock’ however the final side is blank! Nada, nuffink not even an etching of ‘Know Your Rights’ Which left me feeling a little cheated. I might be being a bit fussy here but it could have contained a side of the best tracks from Bonds as a live side which might have been sufficient but nothing?

Anyway, I digress. Whilst having many a discussion about what constitutes a classic album and especially a classic Clash album nobody ever says ‘Combat Rock’ that I’m sure however when you drop the needle on side one and that familiar Echo of Strummers clanging reverb-laden guitar kicks in and his equally reverb-laden vocal introduces ‘Know Your Rites’ with “This is a public service…announcement – With guitars!”. I still get quite excited when the track sparks to life with Strummer’s rasping vocal as he rattles off your rites. It’s hypnotic and captivating to this day from the shots that fire off Jones’s guitar to the snap of the Heddon snare ‘Know Your Rights’ is a great tune and those rites still stand up to this day shame our government has no respect for them anymore. Strummer would spin in his grave I’m sure of that.

After the turn down leftfield, that was ‘Sandonista’ with all its headfuckery and musical veins that pumped life into a sprawling record that to this day has me scratching my head as to whether it’s a work of genius or the band is fucking with me different days offer different answers.

From the tweaks and funk of ‘Rock The Casbah’ Strummer was penning some fantastic lyrics and the band still had some fire inside them that they were able to express onto vinyl. They weren’t the same band who had led a generation into revolt at the tail end of the 70s they were indeed older and wiser. They’d seen the world and what was on offer and had soaked it up like a sponge. The dub and NYC had left a big impression on the band from hip hop to pop art and the sprawling metropolis that was Manhatten was a long way from London. ‘Red Angel Dragnet’ was all of this inspiration bleeding out onto the tape.

One of my favourite Clash songs is the magnificent ‘Straight To Hell’ from its rhythmic, atmospheric arrangement to Strummer’s vocal delivery and some brilliant lyrics it still sends chills down my spine. I always liked the bands changing image and the cool London urchins in their suits of London Calling had gone as had the Westwood fatigues of the spraypaint slogans and in were a united military mad max look and I vividly look back on seeing the ‘Rock The Casbah’ video and liking it from the great big ghetto blasters to the berets and camo fatigues and Strummers Taxi Driver haircut. The Clash were still cooler than most and that’s a fact!

‘Atom Tom’ is a great tune and even the weird dub-inspired dope-induced mish-mash of ‘Sean Flynn’ and ‘Ghetto Defendant’ are cinematic and experimental. ‘Inoculated City’ is a Big Audio Dynamite slice of pop from the guitar of Jones using the Glyn Jones samples no doubt. Not as strong a side as Side One but nevertheless a nice trip of a record I’ve not played in quite a while.

The real lure of this album probably isn’t going to be the remastered ‘Combat Rock’ but the other material not including the ‘Outside Bonds’ intro. Pfft I’m not sure why that took up five minutes of wax either. The funky ‘Radio Clash’ with alt lyrics is, however, exactly why I bought this record. Funky as fuck and from the slap bass to different lyrics its a window into a world we never thought possible.

‘Radio One’, ‘He Who Dares’, ‘Long Time Jerk’ is fascinating for Clash geeks no doubt about it. I love ‘Midnight To Stevens’ but the seven-plus minutes of ‘Sean Flynn’ almost fried my brain. All in all a right mixed bag is it worth the almost £50 price tag? Probably not it’s not in some fancy sleeve and the inner bag artwork is half decent and maybe I was expecting a bit more or a lot more I don’t know. It’s The Clash they are special and I couldn’t say no. Give it a listen on a streaming platform – you have a right. you also have a right to walk on by stay or go, but one thing you can’t deny is the Clash, as a unit, were formidable, adventurous and always up for a challenge to themselves and their fans. They follow their hearts and only dance to their own tune one thing I know for sure is there won’t be another of their kind not now not ever some have tried but all have failed.

Clash completists roll up and open your wallets this is something you must own. Oh, the poster is pretty cool as well. Buy Here

Author: Dom Daley

Chepstow, South Wales is the place, and three-piece punk rockers Bottlekids are the band. They get set to release this six-track EP via Sbam and blow the top off this EP with a punchy drop kick melodic breakneck punk rock. The EP kicks off with ‘Already Dead’ as it thrashes out of the traps in a blur of colour along the lines of Bad Religion meets Anti Flag, it’s polished and rough at the same time courtesy of having your record produced by legend Romesh Dodangoda (who has a wealth of experience covering Bring me the Horizon, Motorhead and Funeral for a Friend. It has a tonne of energy and punches with the big boys with a great production it’s sharp and clear as a bell.

The pace is maintained through ‘Peachy’ until we reach the breakdown but it’s only a brief moment whilst we gather our breath before going back in for the kill. When the band eases back (‘This Idiocracy’) there are touches of Taking back Sunday amongst others influencing the style and sound.

They pick up the pace on ‘The Irreplaceable Past’ with its hooky chorus and more measured verse its the pick of the tracks on offer. We are then dusted off before being thrown into the mixer with ‘Sick’ – a suitable banger to close off an impressive EP. With a great work ethic to touring and rounding off their chosen craft Bottlekids now have an EP to champion and the world is their oyster, with a fair wind behind their backs they can achieve anything. Time to Blast off!

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Album art by Leia Thomas

Author: Dom Daley


It’s shaping up to be another busy year for New Zealand born, London based rockers Desperate Measures. Following their mini album ‘Rinsed’ on Easy Action Records and a full UK tour with Paul Cook’s post-Pistols rockers The Professionals at the end of last year, Desperate Measures have started recording their debut full length album, due early 2023. Working once again with Andy Brook (who has produced, engineered, and toured with the like of Status Quo, Ginger Wildheart, Wonk Unit, Hayseed Dixie…) at The Brook Studios in Wallington, Surrey, Desperate Measures have completed work on a new single titled ‘Thinking Of England’ that lyrically captures the yearning to escape from a place or a situation you might not want to be.

The single will be released in time for the Queens Jubilee on June 3rd. Desperate Measures will play a single launch show at London’s Water Rats Theatre on May 20th to coincide. Says Eugene Butcher, “we’ll be showcasing a few songs from our forthcoming album, plus the new single which has just happened to coincide with the Queens Jubilee. And we’ve got The Duel and Seven Days and Doesn’t Die along for the ride so expect a right Royal knees up!”

Tickets for Water Rats May 20th available HERE:

See Desperate Measures in 2022!

April 30                 Angel Weekender, Coalville

May 13                 London Powerhaus (*with Nashville Pussy)

May 14                 Westworld Weekender, Wolverhampton

May 20                 London, Water Rats

June 3                   Strummercamp Fest, Oldham

July 1                     229 Club, London (*with UltraBomb)

July 8                     Bedford Esquires (* with The Rose Of Avalanche)

July 9                     Manchester, Night People (* with The Rose Of Avalanche)

July 22                   Hope & Anchor, London (* with Sick On A Bus)

August 4              Blackpool, Rebellion Festival

August 20            Unity Festival, Corby

September 3      Banfest Festival, Banstead

Find Desperate Measures online at: