A more diverse list of tunes I don’t think we’ve aired. So why not join us as we delve into what tunes we’ve been spinning this past week. Kicking off with the majestic Generation X and a classic off their ‘Valley Of The Dolls’ album. I still get a buzz off that record and it takes me back to the day it came out and getting my dad to buy it in Woolies. Game changer of an album.

How about a new old song? Flesh For Lulu had some success in the 80s and singer guitarist Nick March went on to sling his rather cool six string as part of the Urban Voodoo Machine troupe and they were all the better fo this talented inclusion. Nick lost his battle with the big C and the music world lost a real talent. Fast forward a few years and a box of tapes were found under a bed that contained a bunch of recordings that go on to become ‘Cosmic Mind Fuck‘ which was released this summer and we are lucky enough to include ‘Bad Dog’ from the album. All profits from the sale of this album, released with the full blessing of Nick Marsh’s family, will be donated to a cancer charity in memory of Nick so do check it out.

We go early on Hotshots ‘Hot Picks’ this week as he chooses to delve into the Manics catalogue of B Sides and ‘Automatik Teknicolour’ is his first ‘Hot Pick’ quickly followed up by the excellent choice of 3 Colours Red and ‘Nuclear Holiday’. His hattrick track comes from Givvi Flynn who sang with Ginger Wildheart and The Sinners with a song off her debut album.

If those ‘Hot Picks’ weren’t enough how about a hidden rare track from Therapy? ‘Never Ending’ is the gift that keeps on giving. We then head stateside for some punk rock n roll courtesy of Stiletto Boys with ‘Triple Two Stroke’ off their ‘Rockets And Bombs’ album if you want info on them you have to go back to myspace and hang around in a retro world trying to be hip. Having been feeding off a diet of classic Stooges music this past week how about a cut from the ‘Funhouse’ sessions in the shape of a superb studio take of ‘Loose’ – garage rock perfection and this mix is truly majestic off possibly the bands finest album ‘Funhouse’.

Hotshot lobs in a cut from The Idol Dead and ‘Travelling Man’ from their ‘Die On My Feet Or Live On My Knees’ album closing off Hotshots hot picks for this week.

We head back to the States for Libertine and a track off their ‘See You In The Next Life’ album excellent punk rock n roll from the late 90s. We stay in that part of the world for Sick Bag and the closing cut off their most excellent long player ‘Halfway To Hell’.

Can’t believe its taken us 32 episodes to play something by the Senseless Things and this is off the recently remastered ‘The First OF Too Many’ album from 2021 anniversary mix. It’s like night and day comparing the two mixes and the CD also has a live show from the band at the peak of their powers. Stunning album.

Of all the new bands releasing music in 2024 Bad Nerves are right up there with the best of them. Recently seeing them play with The Hives and pushing them all the way taken from the brand new album ‘Still Nervous’ the track ‘USA’ is a banger.

Another recent release is America’s Fast Eddy and ‘No More Neon Lights’ from the excellent new album ‘To The Stars’. Another new track and new band for RPM Online is No Wayne with ‘Doin Fine’. Wytch Pycknik are another new band who are releasing their debut album so we play the first single ‘Rawkuss’.

To finish off this impressive list of tunes we play Brightons Rough Gutts and a track ‘Mothers Love’. Hopefully, we’ll be back next week with the full complement of neerdowells. thanks for checking us out and hope you enjoy the music and talking nonsense. Like- Subscribe- share.

Imagine the scene: you’ve passed out in a graveyard because you had one too many shots of bourbon last night, and you wake up to a world where every day is literally Halloween… Do those slow-moving figures in the corner of your eye remind you a bit of the fiends from that black-and-white Romero movie you’ve watched too many times?

Under the light of a full moon, you head back home only to realize your old friendly neighborhood is now swarming with witches, and there’s a sacrifice going on behind every window. Finally, back in your own bed, you can’t sleep because the flapping sounds of batwings keep you awake, and you still can’t get rid of that image of the totem in the shadows that wasn’t there yesterday…

For some, this could be the most nightmarish scenario to witness, but to the death rockers of Black Totem, it’s the very (un)life they live and breathe every single day with their third full-length album, “III: Sacrifice Tonite.” Now that’s some introduction to a band I’m sure you’ll agree. Black Totem rock like fuck and fo their way. It’s dark it tribal and it’s not a million miles from the Misfits which is never a bad thing.

Ten tracks of pure vintage audio horror, startu g with the excellent ‘Hex Hood’ guaranteed 100% free from modern-day CGI and cheap jump scares it rattles along with a great tempo and sets the tone. “III: Sacrifice Tonite” brings back the good old days of rocking and catchy as hell blues punk, where Screamin’ Jay Hawkins shakes hands with old-school doom metal, and Samhain and The Misfits. Guitarist and vocalist Spit Poison and bassist Vera Wolf preach these unholy sermons together, never forgetting just the right amount of “WOOOO’OS,” while Tony Cash assaults the drums with human bones and lead guitarist Sam Hate channels the very best of John Christ‘s rocking solos.

If you’re familiar whit their previous records then you will love this. If this is your first taste of the ghoolishly good Black Totem then youll be hooked. The production is spot on and the tunes are exvellent breathing fresh life into a forgotten dark art form. Let some Black Totem into your life you won’t regret it.

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I remember reading in sounds about a band called Flesh For Lulu along with a picture of the group with their perfectly chiselled cheekbones, guyliner, and spikey shoulder-length hair I knew I had to find out more and check out what they sounded like. The Lords Of The New Church, Hanoi Rocks and Japan then it was The Alarm and once I heard FFL they fitted neatly into that Goth rock scene, with cool hair, cool guitars and said the right things to an impressionable teenager. They all had plenty of pop sensible melodies and one eye on the charts and America whilst having enough decadence to feed my post-punk rock roots.  

When I was asked to listen to these demos I couldn’t believe my luck – did I like Flesh For Lulu? Fuck me I loved them, still do. I always followed Nick Marsh and what he did next from his solo recordings to his work as the extremely cool guitarist in the Urban Voodoo Machine.  

When I slipped the CDR into the player and turned up the speakers, the sound that fell out wasn’t polished and ready for American radio songs, but a rougher grittier Rock n Roll and I like that a lot – far more appeal. As the songs flowed imagine being in the studio hearing these songs for the first time with their stripped-bare, energetic vibrant – still in love with Rock n Roll exuberance coming to life. The howling feedback makes way as the band charges through to the front and centre of the speakers sounding like an energised bonafide Keith and Ron with the chiming riff being chased by the steady rhythm section towards the chorus where Nick Marsh is smouldering like prime-time Jagger and their’s even time for some well-placed handclaps to swagger on in to get this party started. 

If this were a live set as soon as ‘Bad Dog’ opens up, you would be halfway around the hall crowd surfing on the tempo and dirty sleazy riff being thrown around your speakers. “Bad Dog Baby with a mongrel heart” it sounds like The Replacements at the peak of their game it’s that good. The breakdown is the signal to open up a wild and reckless solo before settling back into that sleazy riff. Topped off with the “I’m in control here” vocals of Marsh.  

It’s hard to believe that these are only studio demos recorded in the early 90s as a follow-up to their commercially successful ‘Plastic Fantastic’ It might not have that studio sheen and big drum production but the songs are stronger and the lack of production and quest for commercial success is part of the strength of this collection, this is Flesh For Lulu in the raw bristling with energy and just basking in the quality of the songs and the chemistry of the players.  

I look back fondly on songs like ‘House Of Cards’ and the beauty of ‘Choosing You’ but this might just blow the past releases out of the water, and it must have been a ‘Cosmic Mind Fuck’ listening back to this collection knowing how bloody good they are and to think they were buried unfound for years in an attic! God Forbid.  

‘Mona Lisa’ begins with Marsh rinsing his guitar of every bead of sweat and tear whilst singing his melody before the band kicks in and rolls on down the line with a great number. I love the chorus s got a familiarity about it with Marsh sounding like Squeeze borrowing a Bob Dylan melody rockin’ out without a care in the world. What a fantastic tune, its bordering true crime that this was buried with every chance it would never see the light of day. The way it rolls into the bombastic rocker that is ‘Temptation’ shows a very different side to the band and their songwriting less melody and more gutsy hard rock with the guitars lurching from the big acoustic strummed chords to the howling snarling dog on a leash of the wah pedal electric guitar. 

As if to cool down and shift gears the acoustic guitars are front and centre for the gentle relaxed wheeze that is ‘Too Much’ A totally different style to the previous songs. A gentler song with some sweet saxophone added for good measure and a song you can imagine being dusted down and given a lick of sheen to be a hit at the right time and place.

‘Turn’ is more uptempo but paves the way to the majestic ‘Love Came Easy’ that goes heavy on the gang vocals in a Primal Scream kinda way and I’m sure Gillespie would have loved to have written this as the band stride between that 90s brit rock that went down and the swagger or classic Stones hitting America and rocking the shit out of those stadiums. All the swagger and we’re diving straight into the hardest Rocker the band ever dished up, ‘Baby Wanna Go Go’ its a foot on the wedge and rock! thing. From the big swinging snare and bass drum pound to the thumping bass line driving the song on for the guitars to plough through with those big chords.

I alluded earlier that this collection of songs plays out like a studio rehearsal/live show and the way it weaves into ‘All Undone’ with a band heading into the home straight its excellent. Whoever decided on the running order nailed the ebb and flow and the work of a band at the top of their game demonstrating all their qualities and influences which they’re proud to wear on their sleeves From T Rex to the Stones to Bowie and a melting pot of bands in between Flesh For Lulu are blowing me away with what they kept under the bed.

As we head into the final knockings of this remarkable collection we take a breather with the delicious balladry of ‘In And Out Of You’ from the piano chops to the poignant harmonica it’s a welcome moment to reflect and see another side to the band’s body of work.

Right Fag break over its time for the encore and ‘Stay Close’ struts in on a big distorted guitar lick before the vocals take over wrapped up in the comford blanket of another big riff. The kiss goodbye is the acoustic ‘Let It Shine’ where Nick Marsh sings with his velvet n gasoline vocal through the gentler intro into the rocker that takes over. He goes through the gears before its done. We say goodnight to a remarkable album that I feel privileged to have heard and lived with for weeks and months alongside the already released catalogue of material this is a magnificent way to sign off. The people involved in getting these songs from the loft to the speakers around the world should feel very pleased and proud of themselves for ‘Cosmic Mind Fuck’ is an absolute gem of an album and if you truly believe in Rock and Roll then this should already be part of your pre-orders and a most welcome addition to any record collectors centrepiece. Nick Marsh was an extraordinary talent that is sadly missed by many as the tribute that accompanies this release testifies but let’s celebrate the fact he walked and worked amongst us and left behind an amazing body of work that should be played loudly and celebrated everywhere – Flesh For Lulu were one hell of a band and ‘Cosmic Mind Fuck’ leaves me in no doubt that they left the best til last – Quite Simply buy this album! Posthumous recordings quite often fill gaps in a collection however this certainly doesn’t merely fill a gap it breathes new life into a band and shows off how damn good they were and with a fair wind could have been huge everywhere. Rest easy Nick your legacy is safe with ‘Cosmic Mind Fuck’.

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Author: Dom Daley

A 15-track compilation of current underground Swansea guitar bands or should that be part one because the local scene is bustling with guitar bands like I can’t ever remember that’s for sure.

On R*E*P*E*A*T’s return to Swansea after over 30 years away, they found their hometown to be far more diverse, creative, vibrant and exciting than the one they left behind. In no small part the cast extends further than just these bands but a much wider cabal of neerdowells and to be fair record shops and live music venues all helping sew their own piece on the patchwork tapestry that is Swansea.

The album is curated by an excited R*E*P*E*A*T and some of the favs over the last five years. You used to have to travel to Cardiff, London and beyond fo your fix but maybe it is now the time for Wales second city to stake its claim as Newport has always delivered venues and a scene. The likes of Trampolene, Monet, Swansea Sound, Rainyday Rainbow, Grey-FLX and Kikker all regularly play getting reviews, radios and stages way beyond our Westerly outpost.

Accompanying tracks by these trailblazing upstarts, the album also boasts rare or unreleased sounds by Helen Love, The Pooh Sticks and The DC10s but the albums Diamonds in the Dust goes to Baby Schillaci and their synth-droning post-punk slammer ‘Ultra HD Happy Face’ and of course Trampolene with the dreamy ‘Between The Bars’ but the top trump here goes to the mighty Kikker with their frantic ‘Trash’ which is majestic. But let’s not forget the lo-fi grunge of Dead Noize thrashing away towards the back end of this album.

The magic here is the diversity in the bands who all share stages together but the wealth of talent is much deeper. Congratulations to Repeat for putting this out there and anyone who reads a review and takes a chance and who knows, discovers their new favourite band. The album was released on May 31st on Swansea City coloured white and black splatter vinyl with a gatefold sleeve featuring an original painting of the City by local artist Fred Flitton. Lovely Ugly music from the finest city. Buy It!

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Author: Dom Daley

The Dwarves “Keep It Reel” mini LP on VINYL is available at thedwarves Friday June 7. Get the ultra super limited green/clear splatter vinyl w-updated Who Killed HeWho? boardgame; or get the super limited Silver vinyl w-Magical Mystery Parody wraparound cover, or get the shiny black vinyl edition! No matter which version you always get SEVEN brand new UNRELEASED songs, two REMIXES and one snappy number from the Dwarves CONCEPT Album!

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I guess there aren’t going to be any spoiler alerts seeing as it’s billed as Gary Numan plays ‘The Pleasure Principle’ and ‘Replicas’ and with no support bands the Tramshed is full to bursting a solid hour before Numan is due onstage. It’s not often a venue is this full on a school night although it’s a long time since anyone in here was in school judging by the looks of it.

First things first possibly the worst merch I’ve ever seen with just a triangle with Gary Numan across the top and dates on the back for £30 a pop anyway, gutted I wanted a Numan shirt. Negatives aside I’ve been really looking forward to this for a while after snoozing on the acoustic tickets last year. I wouldn’t be making that mistake again and as the band ambled on stage the sound was nice n loud and spot on – No gremlins in the machine as we were treated to ninety minutes of synth/rock-heavy Numan and two albums from the peak of his powers.

I must admit I do love how he’s found the balance of guitars on what were synth-only records (or mostly synth, especially the Pleasure Principle album. Memories came flooding back and its still hard to compute how old these records are but this is a format I really like and most importantly it really works. Old classics were elevated to something special and Numan looks and sounds fantastic.

Of the early set tunes ‘Me I Disconnect From You’ and ‘Praying To The Alians’ sounded awesome. The energy from this band is terrific ‘You Are In My Vision’ sounded energised and snotty but it was ‘Airlane’ followed by the magnificent ‘Complex’ that stole the show for me and tagging ‘Down In The Park’ and ‘Machmen’ thereafter took me back decades.

Sure the encore is next-level fanboy stuff and hearing ‘Cars’ pipe out through the synth is still a magnificent intro but the bass and drum punch is what drives the song on and this electric shortened version was a joy leaving just ‘Are Friends Electric’ to sign off a wonderfully entertaining night. He can keep doing these album sets it’ll never disappoint but I do think he’s kept himself relevant and contemporary and the set he turned in at Rebellion a few years back was magnificent and another reason why I’ll always support Gary Numan. Maybe next time play somewhere bigger and at least give us some breathing space.

Author: Dom Daley

If you’ve read any of my reviews, you know I’ll always try to crowbar a reference in for Jonny Cola And The A-Grades, one of my favourite bands. Yes, I did warn them that the consequence of my patronage is poverty and obscurity, but they were fabulous. Since 2014, Jonny and Jez Leather have been creating music and short films under the title of Jukebox Headaches. Last year, they released the ambitious ‘Balkan Telescope’, 20 songs of a broader spectrum than the A-Grades, but equally immersed in great pop tunes, be they of the Bowie/Cockney Rebel 70s style or of 80/90s Pet Shop Boys/Erasure, and much more besides.

Interspersed with spoken-word excerpts from their ‘Restricted Vision’ film, ‘Wigston Deli’ sees their earlier songs such as the unforgettable ‘Hey Valerie’ and ‘Jonathan’ combined with their newest tunes, but it hangs together well. From ‘Jukebox’ onwards, with its woozy, Cocteau Twins atmosphere, it’s an enjoyable journey.

Alongside main vocalist Cola, the album features contributions from country star Canadia Nash, renowned underground artist and DJ Heidi Heelz, and Caz Hellbent, drummer with indie darlings Desperate Journalist. This gives the songs a rich palette, from the pure pop stylings of ‘Nothing Happened’ to film soundtrack atmosphere of ‘Farewell Tour’. But, fear not, pop pickers! The melody is always dominant, regardless of the style of music. ‘Hey Valerie’ is probably the closest to the A-Grades’ DNA, but if you are someone who can equally appreciate the pop smarts of Bowie and Tennant, you won’t be disappointed. In fact, I’m guessing you’ll wish you’d heard them sooner.

Which is good news for you, as between the two albums so far, that gives you 32 songs to explore. And, as ever, there’s a reliable amount of smut in Jonny’s lyrics, as ‘Hollywood Sign’ shows. Equal parts euphoric and melancholy, but maybe that’s just me.

The acoustic ‘Fishwives Of Wick’ wouldn’t be out of place on a Luke Haines album, while ‘Lonestar’ ends things on a ‘Telstar’ note. As an album, it’s surprising, satisfying, and catchy by turns. You probably won’t hear anything else like it, so don’t be frightened, step into their world. And chuck  them a few quid on Bandcamp. We need the strange ones to improve our lives.

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Author: Martin Chamarette

Two Days of Female and Non-Binary Punk, Garage, Rock and Power Pop

(New York, NY) Coming in hot after Fear City Fun Fest’s second triumphant year, Oh Bondage Up Yours Fest is back for its second year of high-octane rock n roll. Oh, Bondage Up Yours returns with two days of the best bands in punk, rock n roll, power pop, and garage rock bands with female or non-binary members currently spanning the globe descending upon TV Eye in Ridgewood beginning Friday, June 7th, and concluding Saturday, June 8th. This year’s lineup features some household names as well as some of the most exciting newer acts currently waving the banner of rock n roll.

Garage rockers Miranda and the Beat and Hattiesburg, MS hardcore band Judy and the Jerks headline Friday night’s gig, while power pop legend Nikki Corvette and up-and-comers Hayley and the Crushers. The remaining lineup is rounded out by the likes of Mirrored Hell, Linda and the Losers, FAFA, Silver Dagger, Phagocyte, Frida Kill, Tracy City, The Trashers, The Tasteless Treats, Badzy, and Femcel.

Tickets are $30 for individual days and there are limited weekend passes available for $50.
Don’t miss New York City’s rock n roll party of the summer.
TV Eye
1647 Weirfield Ave
Ridgewood, NY

Tickets: https://www.seetickets.us/event/oh-bondage-up-yours-vol-2/596487
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/share/H8yiNrTjQE95fXHv/?mibextid=9l3rBW
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fearcityfunfest?igsh=MTh2NWNyeG5sdTZnbQ==

Rancid Share Debut 1992 Self-Titled EP

Available Digitally For The First Time

Bay Area punk legends Rancid have released their debut self-titled EP on streaming services for the first time ever. Exclusively released on 7-inch vinyl back in 1992 on Lookout! Records, the inaugural Rancid EP is the band’s seminal five-track induction to punk rock that set the tone for a prolific and subversive thirty-plus year run.

Recently, Rancid’s B Sides and C Sides compilation of early works was also made available on streaming services as a collection for the first time. Originally released in 2007, the blistering 24 track set features songs that span 1992 to 2004.



The Rancid EP’s gruff dueling vocals and pummeling drums, slick basslines and furious riffs were introductions to the trademark street punk sound that they’ve honed and experimented with throughout the years. Highlighting its weighty instrumentals, a Punk News review claims, “this EP is one speedy, angry and energetic recording with not one pause from the intensity.”

Formed in 1991 with founding members Tim Armstrong and Matt Freeman (formerly of Operation Ivy), they brought Armstrong’s roommate, drummer Brett Reed along for the wild ride. After multiple attempts at trying to recapture the magic of Op Ivy’s brief but critical run, they caught a spark with Rancid and recorded their introduction just months into inception.

Spanning multiple generations of spirited, fist-in-the-air anthems, Rancid have clung tightly to their punk roots. Having these early entries available on streaming platforms ensures that their legacy is even more accessible than ever before, allowing access for a new audience to experience the raw energy and rebellious spirit that has made Rancid a household name.

Throughout the last three decades, Rancid has remained fiercely independent, never losing their loyalty to their community or each other. Their music confronts political and social issues, while balancing personal tales of love, loss, and heartbreak with attitude. By carrying on the traditions and spirit of the original punk rock bands that came before, Rancid has become a legend and inspiration to punk bands that have come after.







At the start of every show, even since the beginning, you’ll hear frontman Spike proclaim, ‘WE’RE THE QUIREBOYS AND THIS IS ROCK’N’ROLL’. Everyone knows this is the invitation to get the party started, have a great evening of music, and to clap your hands and stamp your feet. Songs that make you laugh, make you cry, and all emotions in between. Old friends will be there, new ones are made, plus, as is now legendary, you’ll be able to meet the band at the bar.

All the emotions of a Quireboys show are to be found on the new album ‘Wardour Street’, due for release this coming September 13th via Cadiz Music. There are songs that will make you want to rock’n’roll, there are also songs from the heart, to make you laugh, love and cry, which is fitting, as the album is dedicated to the band’s co-founder, and best friend, the legend that was Guy Bailey, rock n’ roll personified!

So, who did the Quireboys ask to step in on guitar for the new album and shows this year? Only a legend could grace the position of another legend, who else could they turn to, other than their great friend Luke Morley, who kindly agreed to help out while Thunder are on hiatus. Luke has also produced the new album.

Following the release of the ‘Jeeze Louise’ single earlier this year which saw the band back to their boozy bar room rock n’ roll best, the Quireboys return with another taste from their new album in single ‘Raining Whiskey’, to be released June 21st, which features vocal contributions from Scottish singer and songwriting legend Frankie Miller alongside Spike.

“Let’s cut to the chase, Frankie Miller is the singer’s singer, and the songwriter’s songwriter,” explains Spike. “Just ask Sir Rod Stewart, Willie Nelson, Elton John, Joe Walsh, the list is endless, even Ray Charles had a hit with one of his songs.

“I first met Frankie at the Brit awards in 1993, the year The Faces performed with Bill Wyman on bass,” continues Spike. “It was both an honour, and a shock when Frankie came up to me and congratulated me on the Quireboys success, and as we got talking, we hit it off straight away.”

In 2014 Spike released the album ‘100% Pure Frankie Miller’, a collection of Frankie’s songs reimagined by Spike and mutual friends Luke Morley, Simon Kirke, Ian Hunter, Andy Fraser, Bonnie Tyler, Ronnie Wood, Mark Stanway, Tyla Pallas etc.

“There were enough songs to last a lifetime and I put my heart and soul in to listening to them all. It was an incredible journey into how he wrote songs, and how a chorus could become a verse, then that chorus become a bridge into another melody under the same chords. How not to over sing, when to over sing, but most of all write from your heart, from the first person, but also how to write in the third person. So hard to explain.

“And now, years later, going through the new songs I’d written for the new Quireboys album ‘Wardour Street’, with Luke Morley, he asked whatever happened to the song ‘Raining Whiskey’. I told him I’d never released it, and the recording was still sitting in Rockfield Studios. We got the tapes from our very good friend Nick Brine, who’s mixed the new album, and we’ve rerecorded it, in a rock n roll style we believe the Quireboys fans will love. Obviously the first person to hear the new version of ‘Raining Whiskey’ was Frankie Miller, he loves it, and urged us to release it as a single 

So, it is my honour to present the new single by the Quireboys, featuring Frankie Miller. ‘Raining Whiskey’.