Now I must start this review with a bit of a confession early doors RHCP were one of my favourite bands, I’m talking freaky style, Mothers Milk, even into Blood sugar sex magic, where cracks started to appear, the latter-day LP’s, to be honest, I could take or leave.

Looking back the last time I saw the RHCP was around 20 years ago with James Brown as support, it was in that period when John Frushanti had just re-joined (he’s left and re-joined again since then) truth be told (again) the LP they were touring at that point Stadium Arcadium was probably the worse LP they would record, but live in Hyde park at that gig, when they turned up the heat all the funk, power and intensity was still there.

So again, this time I really did not know how they were going to come across, and what didn’t lighten the mood was this gig was right in the middle of the train strikes (I have no problem with the strikes and stand fully behind what the Union are trying to do). However, the actual infra-structure around the stadium was pretty piss poor as was the cashless systems and the Queues for everything owing to the terminals taking forever and a day to connect.

But hey-Ho, let’s get on to the music I missed Thundercat (stood in a queue) so your guess is as good as mine, and the gig took off for me with Anderson Paak and the free nationals, and what a feast of funk to start things off!! Hinting at Sly Stone but pushing Primetime Prince and the revolution to the max, they were great and apparently the crowd knew a lot more than me about them with the response and sing-a-longs to some tracks, even including a blinding version led by the two female backing singers of Nasty girl (If you’re a funk fan, you’ll know it) a great start to the day. Now my daughter with me today has grown up with the Chilli Peppers she was 5 when we attended the Hyde park gig and has followed the RHCP religiously, the band hold a lot of joint-memories for both of us.

Kicking off with a jammed intro the sound has moved up, as usual, a whole gear, before they kick in with Can’t Stop, then into Dani California and you couldn’t help but smile and get dragged in to the event, the first of the ballads Scar tissue prompted the mass singalong that could be expected, and the track that took my breath away in the early part of the set Snow from that afore-mentioned worse LP (oops), Then for me the highlight of the set, back to the old school RHCP, with Nobody Weird like me from Mothers milk and in fairness from that point the band were bang in the groove hitting hard with Californication, Black summer and from Blood Sugar sex magic Give it away, Then we move straight into the encore to the rarely played nowadays Under the Bridge and By the Way.

Are the Chilli Peppers still the band I fell in love with in their early days? Absolutely not, can they still kick Ass? Absolutely!!! Let’s hope that there’s an anniversary for ‘Mothers Milk’ due and they play the LP in its entirety (I can only dream)

Author: Nev Brooks

Photo credit: Tom Hoad

Following their run celebrating their belated 30th Anniversary tour ‘So Much For The Thirty Year Plan’ earlier this year, THERAPY? have today announced that they will be returning to the UK offering not just more tour dates but an up close and personal experience for THERAPY? fans all over the UK. This will certainly be not one to miss.

Alongside performing tracks from their storied career, with a focus particularly on their past, the band will be performing songs from their as yet unannounced new album that will be released in 2023. Regarding the announcement of the tour, the band had the following to say: 

“We are pleased to announce a new set of dates for the UK this coming November and December. This tour will be very different to our last few tours in that we are, firstly playing places / venues that we have not played for a very, very long time or indeed before at all! Some were even on our earliest of tours and so could not be accommodated on more recent tours.”

THERAPY? continue:

“Secondly, as well as going back to places ‘From Our Past’ we will also be going back to songs from our past!! We will have a totally different set list to that which we had on the ‘Greatest Hits’ and more recent tours. We will be picking songs from our old catalogues as well as a few from our forthcoming new album. It will be loud and noisy!!! It may well also be the last time that we play some of these songs. 

So come along to hear the old, the new and the noisy…. and be aware that these shows will be much more up close and personal!”

Pick up tickets right HERE! 

THERAPY? – ‘Love Your Early Stuff’ Tour dates: 
10/11/2022 – Plymouth – The Depo
11/11/2022 – Falmouth – Princess Pavillion
17/11/2022 – Dover – The Booking Hall
18/11/2022 – Bournemouth – Sound Circus
19/11/2022 – Guildford – Casino Nightclub
20/11/2022 – Swansea – Sin City
30/11/2022- Bedford – Esquires 
01/12/2022 – Liverpool – O2 Academy 2
02/12/2022- Huddersfield – Parish 
03/12/2022 – Swindon – Level 3 
14/12/2022 – Colchester – Arts Center
15/12/2022 – Stoke – The Sugarmill 
16/12/2022- Southend – Chinnerys



A long-time master in taking the anxieties of life and twisting them around with his particular brand of feel-good power-rock, Ryan Hamilton’s return is suitably upbeat.  

Paper Planes is the first new original release since his Top 10 2021 Album, ‘1221’. It’s also the first release in over two years that Hamilton has been able to support with live shows, debuting new material in front of thousands at LeeStock festival recently and next appearing at Maverick Americana festival in July.  

Backed with a blistering cow-punk version of the George Strait classic ‘All My Exes Live In Texas’, Hamilton sounds like he’s ready to make up for pandemic lost time.  

Paper Planes is released on Stevie Van Zandt’s ‘Wicked Cool’ label on all digital platforms:   

Hamilton embarks on a co-headline full-band tour of the U.K. in October with Jason & the Scorchers legend Warner E. Hodges. 

Dates here:

Post pandemic punk rock is alive and kicking. When a new name crops up and when you hear them described as a cross between Bronx and Rocket From The Crypt then I suggest you sit up and damn well pay attention. When you then clap eyes on the band and see some familiar fashionistas formerly plying their trade with Rotten Foxes then a frantic following of links to hand over your hard earner for a copy of their debut slab of wax is a no-brainer.

Basically, they’ve slapped their two EPs on either side of a 12″ record for our listening pleasure, you know what? When they describe their sound as a cross between Bronx and RFTC it’s not far from the bullseye. From the gargling thump of the bass guitar on ‘Spit’ you’re balls deep already. It slam dances off the passionate vocal delivery where the lyrics are indeed Spat out. It’s like Bad Sam on speed and rolled around in a paddling pool of glitter and sewage. Side A clocks in at a superb sub ten minutes. It takes longer to come up with superlatives to throw at this record than it does to listen to it. there are no long solos – breakdowns that overstay their welcome. It kicks down the door, gets in, launches a few slaps and runs like fuck!

‘Don’t Wanna Go’ raise the tempo to a prog like 2.02 seconds. The one and a half minutes of ‘Control’ is barely in control as it thrashes about trying desperately to find a way to bring this all to an end. It’s like an atomic bomb going off in your head. Wonderful noise! ‘War’ has a cool Pete Shelly-like guitar lick if he ever joined Gluecifer and they came from Brighton.

Tip this bad boy over and it’s another four – same criteria – same delivery – same pattern. 1-2-3-4 Go! ‘See The Light’ is almost single in length and raises the temperature a notch or two. Why aren’t there more bands knocking out this punked up gutter Rock n Roll? ‘Cosmic Giggle’ is a banger and that riff at the start dictates that my legs won’t stop twitching.

Two songs in and the pace is deffo cranked up for ‘Crack The Cranium’. The place for this is a small room with like-minded humans and a load of beer no windows or air-con and a lot of sweat. to wrap this bad boy up they lull you in with a soundscape before all hell breaks loose down at rough Gutts gaff as ‘Don’t Listen’ says it like it is. the World is indeed shit sometimes and you don’t listen but sometimes it’s the opposite and a band can excite and absolutely nail it in the studio and deliver an album that is exactly what you’re crying out for and today that album is ‘Parts I & II’. Buy It! Imagine watching Glastonbury with Rough Gutts kicking out the jams!

Buy Here

Author: Dom Daley

Tony Wright, Terrorvision frontman, proudly releases ‘Buried You Deeper’ on Graphite Records. 
Dark, vulnerable and desolate Buried You Deeper, is the first single from his forthcoming solo album, ‘The Anti Album’, out on October 7th

Buried You Deeper is a bit of a country and west Yorkshire kinda tune. Its roots are quite deep and dark and when I first wrote it I thought that it was maybe a bit too dark… So I changed the lyrics up a bit and hopefully gave it a twist/alternative that people can hear and not be disturbed by it. I’d say if folk know the real meaning behind it then they will find that but for the more light hearted amongst us then hopefully it’s just a cool little cowboy song.” explains Tony.

Filmed in Margate by Leigh Brookes, Tony is joined by Milly “my long suffering mate” who also plays keyboard in Terrorvision.
Along with ‘Buried You Deeper, The Anti Album’ features nine further songs and this truly honest record is the perfect manifestation of Tony Wright’s immutable wit, sadness, quiet anger and charm.

The Anti Album is available to pre-order in usual CD and vinyl, plus an exclusive limited edition red vinyl album, here:

To celebrate the release of the Anti Album, Tony will be playing 17 shows starting on the day of the album release at the Victoria Hall in Settle on 7th October and finishing on 6th November with a hometown gig at The Night Train in Bradford.

UK dates in full 


Fri 7th Settle Victoria Hall

Sat 8th Scunthorpe Cafe Indie
Sun 9th Todmorden Golden Lion 

Tue 11th Edinburgh  Bannermans

Wed 12th Glasgow  The Hug and Pint

Fri 14th Isle Of Man Colby Glen

Wed 19th Scarborough Vibe

Thu 20th Hull Welly

Fri 21st Doncaster Imperial 

Sat 22nd Blackpool Compass Cafe

Wed 26th Hertford Corn Exchange

Thu 27th Plymouth  Junction

Fri 28th Newport Le Pub

Sat 29th Stafford  The Ship Aground 


Thu 3rd  Milton Keynes The Crauford Arms 

Fri 4th Wolverhampton The Giffard Arms

Sun 6th Bradford  The Night Train

Tickets available from

Pic credit: Matthew Sturgess

The original KILLING JOKE line up announce “Follow The Leaders”

Royal Albert Hall show on March 12th 2023

performing their first two albums

Killing Joke are proud to announce ‘Killing Joke – Follow The Leaders’, a very special UK show at the Royal Albert Hall on March 12th, 2023. Killing Joke will be performing their first two albums in their entirety; 1980’s self-titled debut album followed by their second album “What’s This For…!”
“We are living in the most dangerous period in human history in which extinction from nuclear war could happen in the next twelve months. If we make it, then Killing Joke at the Albert Hall in 2023 will give great meaning and comfort to all of us. Come share a moment in history with the prophetic and legendary Killing Joke.” Dr. Jaz Coleman.

Tickets for “Killing Joke – Follow The Leaders” at the Royal Albert Hall go on sale on Friday 1st July via:-

Killing Joke are currently working on a new album, following the release of ‘Lord Of Chaos’ EP via Spinefarm Records, their first new material in over seven years. 

To purchase/stream the ‘Lord of Chaos’ EP Here

Killing Joke is very much music as ritual – raw, uncompromising and precisely-targeted lyrically; proof that Jaz Coleman, Geordie, Youth & Big Paul, the original Killing Joke personnel, are currently delivering the best and most relevant material of their career, with no mellowing or softening of the edges getting in the way. With collective nostrils flared and righteous anger carried torch-high, Killing Joke continues to take their music of resistance to fresh levels, both in the studio and out on the road. Follow the leaders……………..

There are many albums we hotly anticipate being released none more so than the debut from Rough Gutts. Former Rotten Foxes members and all-round fashionistas are going to crack your craniums with their infectious beats and foul tunes. If you haven’t already ordered this Boss Tuneage record then might we suggest you get your skates on and do so because there will be no point whinging and crying when they are all gone. Here

Facebook / Boss Tuneage / Bandcamp

NWOBHM stalwarts Tysondog return with their latest collection of riffery – ‘Midnight’. The band enjoyed some limited success back in the 80s while being signed to Neat records (Venom etc). Since then, the band have been side lined with health issues inflicted on the original vocalist Clutch Carruthers (that’s never his real name) after he had a very serious car accident.

The band regrouped in 2008 and since then there have been more lineup changes, new vocalist Alan Ross (a much more sensible name) is the latest recruit. The band has recently signed with a new Danish label From the Vaults and Midnight is Tysondog’s debut release on the label. The album is well recorded and has some solid performances. These are by far the only positives….

Vocalist Ross has a touch of Blaze Bayley about his voice, it gets annoying after a while if I’m honest. The band are fine musos though and there’s some great playing here. It’s all a bit metal by numbers though, and there isn’t really a riff or melody that has stuck in my head. Tracks like opener ‘Battalion’ just drift on by in the background, double bass drums, generic riffs, and lyrics about war (yawn) are the order of the day. Saxon are the masters of this metal genre, unfortunately, Tysondog are just a pale imitation. Leave it to the big boy’s lads. The rest of the album just plods on, the title track has a few mildly interesting moments, but mostly it’s just uninspiring.

A very forgettable album that doesn’t really get out of second gear. Disappointing

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It’s Been a long time coming but JD & the FDCs are playing a live show after several years in mothballs. The place is Nottingham Rescue Rooms and it’s this coming Saturday. RPM Online has a pair of tickets to give one lucky person in our RPM Online / JD & the FDCs competition.

Head honcho JD has done a little video trailer with the question. If you know the answer and want to be in with a chance to win the tickets then email us at RPMHQ – no later than 22.00 pm Thursday 30th June when the competition will be closed. We will then contact the lucky winner with a pair of Digital Tickets for the show Just give us the answer and we will email asap. It’s a flash competition with 24 hours to enter – simple as that. Be in it to win it – Get on it kids.

‘Recognise’ is available on vinyl Here


Just to remind you how damn good this band is here’s a video from the ‘Recognise’ album featuring Dez Cadena & Amy “Lita” Dumas

The legendary King’s X, comprised of dUg Pinnick, Ty Tabor & Jerry Gaskill, are pleased to announce the release of their 13th studio album ‘Three Sides of One’ on the 2nd September 2022. This is their first new music in 14 years Hit the link to ‘Let It Rain’.

KING’S X online:

“Better Than Saturday Night”, from the new album ‘Wrong Side of Paradise’, out 20th January, 2023. Pre-order now on signed CD, limited edition coloured vinyl, special collector’s sets and more Here

The Album, featuring 11 tracks, was recorded in the Autumn of 2021 at Studio 606 in Northridge California and Toochtoon Sound in Redmond Oregon with producer and longtime BSR associate, Jay Ruston.
With Ricky Warwick on Lead Vocals / Guitar, Robert Crane on Bass, Christian Martucci on Guitar and drummer Zak St, John, the band will release their first single and video entitled “Better Than Saturday Night” (with backing vocals from Def Leppard’s Joe Elliott) TODAY June 6th 2022.  
The video features a lightning-hot performance from the four-time UK Top 25 band, and teases the watcher into suspecting a standard rock video cliché before flipping it on its head with the entrance of the rough’n’tough Roller Derby Dolls.
Ricky Warwick: ““Better Than Saturday Night” is a feel-good, uplifting tune about staying strong in the face of adversity, being true to yourself, and the power of positivity. I wrote it for my kids, but subliminally I think I also wrote it for myself and everyone for those days when we need to find a little bit of extra strength.”
He continues: “We wanted to reflect the positivity, power, attitude and strength to endure sentiment in the lyrics of the song. And no better way to do that than Black Star Riders rockin’ out with the Los Angeles Roller Derby Dolls.”
About the album Ricky adds “I am very proud of this record, Black Star Riders fifth release and the first with our new and exciting relationship with Earache Records. As with all BSR albums, ‘Wrong Side Of Paradise’ is an anthemic statement of intent,  driven by ferocious guitars and thundering drums. I can only write about my own personal experiences, my families, my friends and how I see a world that is unraveling and changing faster than we can comprehend. That being said, I’m a firm believer in the power of positivity, something that echoes throughout this album”

Tour dates to support the album release are as follows –

Monday 13th February          Nottingham, Rock City
Wednesday 15th February    Norwich, UEA
Thursday 16th February         Ipswich, Corn Exchange
Friday 17th February              Manchester, O2 Ritz 
Saturday 18th February         Wolverhampton, KK’s Steel Mill
Sunday 19th February            Leeds, O2 Academy
Tuesday 21st February           Cardiff, Tramshed
Wednesday 22nd February    Bristol, O2 Academy
Thursday 23rd February         Glasgow, SWG3
Friday 24th February              Newcastle, O2 City Hall 
Sunday 26th February            London, O2 Shepherds Bush Empire