Come and join us as we walk you gently through our minds from the past week and the tunes that we thought you needed to hear from all corners of the Globe. From the UK we kick off with the Bar Stool Preachers and a track off their new EP ‘Under The Static’ where they’ve reimagined tracks off their last long player ‘Above The Static’ You can pre order the EP Here

Next up we play the brand new single from The Virginmarys who have a new album up for preorders (At The Link). Ally & Danny are properly coming out swinging with this one folks and once you give it a spin click the link here and get involved. Great stuff from the band who continue to make great music on their own terms and the proof is always in the pudding as they say.

If you’ve been paying close attention to the website we reviewed a band and interviewed the frontman a while back they are Black Adidas and this is their new single. ‘Are We There Yet’ is another class track from a band that seems to be getting better with each release, proving that. With a little bit of The Clash and a fair sprinkling of Rancid thrown into the mix, this is loud and proud stuff and we love it.

Next up is a cover (who doesn’t love a well-executed cover?) we bring you a track off the 2002 Better Youth Organization Split it was Six Rancid covering NOFX and vice versa and this week we have Chris’s favourite Rancid song covered by Fat Mike and the boys and doing a very decent job of it too it must be said leaving enough Rancid on the bone whilst almost owning the track with NOFX style. Enjoy!

UK punks Bad Nerve have been featured a few times on the Podcast for one reason only: they write great punk rock songs. Their new album has only just been released and they have a UK tour in place for later in the year and this week we feature the closing track off their latest album ‘The Kids Will Never Have Their Say’ is the closing song off ‘Still Nervous’ and its one of this year’s best albums no question about it and this won’t be the last track we play this year I’m sure of that.

We delve back a couple of years for a song from The Cutthroat Brothers and a cut off their last album ‘Devil In Berlin’ and we feature ‘Bad Candy Girl’ the record was released by Hound Gawd! Records and also features Mike Watt who has played with The Stooges and shouldn’t really need an explanation of his quality but it is a great collaboration and the second of today’s bands to be a duo Donald Hales, and Jason Harsin certainly knows how to rock out in style if you aren’t familiar with their work then this is a fine time to jump on board.

The Courettes are another pair of Rock n Rollers who are on fire at the minute and seem to be forever on tour. This is their latest single ‘California’ Flavia and Martin are a formidable force who take on board the style and sound of a bygone era and drag it right front and centre of the 21st century. Available from the most excellent Damaged Goods Records this is such a happy summer tune get on it.

Now it is time to move away from the lush summer sounds of The previous song and bring you a track from Slumb Party whose sound is not a million miles from the awesome International Noise Conspiracy and a slew of New Wave bands like XTC if they had punk rock on loop. This is the opening track from their ‘Spending Money’ album released in 2019.

Next, we head south for a trip down under and bring you the excellent Cutters who hail from Melbourne Australia and this is the track ‘Asphalt City’ from the awesome EP ‘Australian War Crimes’. Another day another belter from down under. There’s no messing with these boys they get straight to the point and don’t fuck about. Guaranteed to raise the blood pressure as they surge on a wave of hardcore pun rock with more than a hint of classic Motorhead happening, love it.

We continue down the cartwheeling punk rock route and bring the brand new song from Chubby And The Gang who tell us all about what it’s like ‘To Be Young’. I presume it was taken from their forthcoming album ‘And Then There Was‘ due for sale on October 4th hit the link and pre-order one of the various formats and limited edition variants of wax.

Everybody loves a maverick frontman and there aren’t many currently doing the rounds so why not shine a light on Austin Texas’ Jesus Lizard who have a brand new album on the way in September entitled ‘Rack’. David Yow and band are still delivering it by the sounds of the track already leaked out for the new LP. We delve back in time to their debut and the first time and song I ever heard from the band and ‘One Evening’ off their ‘Head’ album that filled the air with that angst and power back in 1990.

Fast forward a couple of decades and the UK continues to influence the music scenes everywhere and 2024 is no exception with plenty of great music currently being made and released. Millie Maunders & The Shutup are a band that are definitely on the upward trajectory and with a new album and UK tour on the horizon it’s time we played a song and nowhere better to start than the latest single off the album ‘Can I Get Off?’ it’s released on 02.08.24 and you can catch them live everywhere thereafter as well as a couple of special in stores around the record’s release. A real positive message and a band that has something to say that we all could learn from, Millie Maunders Ladies and Gentlemen.

As we head into the home straight we bring a couple of songs from across the pond that Rock – first up is a new song from Richard Dugay & The Beautiful Decline and his new EP ‘Second Prize’. After four excellent solo records, it’s time for an EP (not that we need reminding of this guy) he plays an honest style of Rock that has to be done right and Dugay nails it right here on this track ‘Mystery’ We could have picked any one of the songs on the EP as they’re all killing it. Happy to fall in line somewhere between classic Cooper and Aerosmith Dugay continues to write and record top tunes. Some awesome guitar work that raised the temperature throughout and his warm vocals that hits the bullseye. If you’re looking for a fix of Rock n Roll that’s authentic and exciting then this is what you’ve been looking for.

The penultimate song on this show is the B Side off the new Chesterfield Kings Single ‘Fly The Astral Plane’ (which is great) but, we wanted you to hear how good the B Side is. If they can replicate the quality on the new album that they got on ‘Psychedelic Sunrise’ then we’re in for a treat. Wicked Cool Records knows they have a surefire winner here. such a great band who deserves to be heard and it’s great that they have the faith of a great label like Wicked Cool releasing their records. Check it out ‘So Sad About Us’.

Now we’ve reached the end and our race is run for this week. With only one left to play, Chris chose the brand new song from Fucked Up to end on a note of noise and we fully endorse his choice and something of a return to form for the Canadian Hardcore band. The new album drops next month and from what we’ve heard so far it’s one not to be missed. so until next time adios Amigos, diolch. Thanks for listening and taking the time.

Released way back in 2003 ‘Rough Diamond’ in the debut solo album from Sulo Karlsson, frontman of Swedish glam boogie merchants Diamond Dogs. It’s a bit of a lost gem actually, a limited release on CD at the time, it was recorded sometime between 1997-99 at the legendary Sunset Studios by the even more legendary producer Thomas Skogsberg (Hellacopters/Backyard Babies). If you’re an avid Diamond Dogs fan, you probably have it in your collection, if not then you’re in for a real treat as It has now been reissued on vinyl for the first time with the added extra album ‘Rare Gems & Rowdy Tracks’. 

‘Rough Diamond’ opens with an early version of the Diamond Dogs classic anthem ‘Weekend Monster’. A raw and ramshackle run through with cool backing vocals and Chuck Berry licks, all delivered with the high energy you would expect. It’s a fine way to kick off an album in that certain rock n’ roll style we come to expect from one of Sweden’s finest songwriters.

‘Inflammable 69 er’ is about as close to Hanoi Rocks as anything Sulo has been involved with. By the time that boogie-woogie chorus rolls around, you will be reminded just how well this guy manages to channel classic 70’s rock n’ roll. Nice nod to Pretty Vacant on the outro too.

The rockers are up there. The title track is full of honky tonk piano, low-slung riffs and a punky energy. ‘RnR Declaration’ is a killer tune, and ‘Ba Ba Ba (The Word Is On The Street)’ is a classic Sulo rocker with an earworm of a chorus, and if you’re a Diamond Dogs fan you just might recognise it from somewhere else in the double D discography. 

The 70’s glam stomp of ‘I’ll Be Your Monkey’ is mighty, a nice sax solo to boot and a refrain you’ll swear you’ve heard before, what’s not to like? 

We take things down on ‘Living Legends Dying Hearts’ as Sulo delivers his trademark heartfelt balladry with raspy vocals, a fistful of soul and a chorus his contemporaries would die to get their tonsil into.

The highlights are plentiful and repeated listens have you juggling the top trumps. But for me right now it’s ‘Vegas Vamp’. From the intent in the verses, to the emotion in the chorus and even the production, it all just gels nicely. It’s up there with his best as far as I’m concerned.

While ‘Rough Diamond’ is a full-blown rock n’ roll record, ‘Rare Gems’ is a more diverse and experimental collection of solo songs and duets of varying quality and style. Over the course of the first four or five songs we explore emotive balladry, country, folk and even jazz… yes, you read it right!

The soulful, heartfelt balladry of ‘Linger My Love’ opens the extra album of goodies, and is probably the strongest offering here. “Save your teardrops for tomorrow” our hero croons over countrified instrumentation. Featuring Thin Lizzy’s Brian Robertson on the old geetar, it’s an emotive ballad that gets under the skin on first listen.

‘Lonely Street Choir’ then sees our man head off into country territory with the help of Nashville singer Crystal Gayle. The familiar melody of ‘Roll On’ shines through the pop production. It feels like a demo, with the drum machine giving it a summer dance feel rather than the usual low slung rock n’ roll we come to expect. But a good song is a good song, no matter the production. 

‘In Case You Fall In Love With Me’ explores jazz with laid back instrumentation and a sense of yearning, it’s a bit of an oddball but worth the inclusion. 

The folky ‘Stay Away From Me’ and the anthemic drinking song ‘Glory & Grace’ channel the likes of The Pogues and The Levellers with accordions and acoustics and flagons of ale raised for a singalong. 

Ballads, duets and drum machine demos make up the latter part of the album, and show songs that are works in progress, showing a glimpse of a songwriter experimenting and spreading his wings.

‘Rough Diamond’ remains essential listening for fans of Sulo’s day job and the bonus album contains several gems that make this double album worth hunting down. It’s a bit of a treat. 

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Author: Ben Hughes

Today, Dinosaur Jr. announce a 15th anniversary expanded reissue of their seminal second post-reunion album, Farm, originally released in 2009 to widespread critical acclaim. The limited lime-coloured vinyl reissue is released Aug 16th via the band’s long-term home of Jagjaguwar. Pre-orders are open now, here:

This expanded deluxe edition of Farm features four songs never pressed to vinyl and never given worldwide release: ‘Houses‘, ‘Whenever You’re Ready‘ (The Zombies Cover), ‘Creepies‘ (Instrumental), and ‘Show‘. ‘Whenever You’re Ready’, a cover of classic pop-rockers The Zombies, is impossibly good for a hidden gem; Murph stomps in with a sledgehammer to the kit, J and Lou layer low-end and fuzz like two halves of one brain, and right when things feel biggest, airy and colossal, there’s J with a lightning bolt of a guitar solo. Pure electricity and melody like only he can make.

To celebrate the reissue’s announcement, you can stream ‘Whenever You’re Ready’ here:

When Dinosaur Jr. reunited, more than 20 years after their formation and legendary dissolution, the worry was that these guys were just flogging the back catalog, taking the old show on the road as a marketing gimmick. But the 2007 release of Beyond gave a hearty Marshall-driven “F**K YOU!” answer to those inquiring ears. Restoring the sound established by the unassailable hat-trick gambit of their first three albums – DinosaurYou’re Living All Over Me, and Bug – Beyond continued the band’s march into rock greatness by making old ears smile and new ears bleed afresh.
And then came Farm, the 9th full length record by the original line-up: J Mascis, Lou Barlow, and Murph. If Beyond was Dinosaur Jr.’s return to form, Farm is proof that Dinosaur Jr. could (and still do, to this day!) deliver timeless, exhilarating rock music.   Farm encompasses Dinosaur Jr.’s signature palette: soaring and distorted guitar, unshakable hooks, honey-rich melodies.  At times wholly 70’s guitar-epic, at times perfect for sitting by a babbling brook with Joni and Neil, these songs get into your head and stay there, bouncing happily around. The ear-catching ‘Plans‘ is nearly seven minutes of classic whipped-topping rock dessert, while ‘I Don’t Wanna Go There‘ is a meat-and-potatoes main dish, mixing unapologetic lead guitar with straight-ahead delivery a la James Gang or Humble Pie.

Recorded in J Mascis’ Bisquiteen studio in Amherst, Massachusetts, Farm was produced by Mascis himself, and delivers the singular, unique energy of one of America’s greatest living rock bands.

For more information, please visit

Millie Manders and The Shutup have shared the video for Can I Get Off? taken from their forthcoming second album Wake Up, Shut Up, Work to be released on 2 August.

The video exposes the rage and grievance that Millie feels about the prevailing state of the world, the intense suffering, the hardship and the immense inequality: The western world is privileged because it has pillaged resources from everyone else in the world. We need to unlearn what we know and recognise the suffering people are going through as a result of our greed. Can I Get Off? is an outpouring of my frustrations about that.”

The band have announced details of an autumn headline tour for the forthcoming Wake Up, Shut Up, Work album, the follow up to their acclaimed debut Telling Truths, Breaking Ties. The album will be self-released on 2 August and can be preordered on CD and vinyl here as well as from a number of independent record stores – Rough Trade, Banquet, Resident, Truck, Crash Records, Sister Ray and Cool Discs among others – and Amazon.


Tue 06 Kingston Banquet Records Instore @ 6.00 pm

Sat 24 Leeds Crash Records @ 12.00 noon


Thu 24 Brighton Patterns

Fri 25 Southampton 1865

Sat 26 High Wycombe Arts Centre

Sun 27 Bedford Esquires

Thu 31 Birmingham Actress & Bishop


Fri 01 Bristol Thekla

Sat 02 Exeter Cavern

Sun 03 Sheffield Yellow Arch Studios

Wed 06 Hull New Adelphi

Thu 07 Newcastle Cluny 1

Fri 08 Manchester Club Academy

Sat 09 Nottingham Rescue Rooms

Sat 16 Norwich Waterfront

Only a month now until metalheads will return to Derbyshire’s Catton Park in the UK, where BLOODSTOCK welcomes headbangers from all over the world along with 120 bands to another unforgettable 4 day festival experience from August 8 – 11, 2024. Fans can look forward to headliners like Amon Amarth, Architects, and Opeth and see Hatebreed, Korpiklaani, Malevolence, Satyricon, Deicide, Whitechapel, Enslaved, and many more on stage or enjoy fairground rides, Viking battles, a gaming arena, heavy metal art gallery, signing tent, or drinks on the festival grounds.

But there’s one more reason 2024 will be a very special year at Bloodstock: By arrangement with Official Motörhead management, Bloodstock has announced that the legendary, late, great Lemmy Kilmister will be permanently memorialised at the heavy metal festival. Some of Lemmy’s ashes will be housed at BLOODSTOCK – one of only a few places globally – in a unique urn, with the festival commissioning a Bust of Lemmy to incorporate the ashes. Fans will be able to view the installation and pay tribute to Lemmy and his legacy in the Rock And Metal Museum on site. Once the festival is over, the Bust of Lemmy will move to Nottingham’s ROCK CITY where fans will have access to the ashes; they will return each and every year to their primary home on the hallowed turf of BLOODSTOCK at Catton Park. The ceremony takes place officially on Friday the 9th of August at BLOODSTOCK. The memorial will be part of a bigger picture theme for the festival this year to commemorate this special news and celebrate the remarkable legacy of Lemmy and Motörhead. In a way, the ghost of Lemmy Kilmister will watch over the fans at BLOODSTOCK – this year and forever!

– The RAM Gallery on site will be extended this year to accommodate an expanded Motörhead theme, including a full wall of Motörhead artwork, as well as archive memorabilia, plus you can relive a moment in time by visiting a recreation of Lemmy’s touring dressing room.
– On site this year, BLOODSTOCKers will see the Motörhead Bomber in the arena, witness various bands paying tribute to Motörhead by incorporating Motörhead tracks into their live sets, and the opening and closing of the festival will be marked with a sounding of the famous Motörhead Air Raid Siren.
– BLOODSTOCK will also welcome Motörhead’s Phil Campbell to the festival this year and are thrilled to have his participation in these special celebrations.

Even more Motörhead themed activations are still in the works, so stay tuned as this exciting development continues coming together!

Motörhead’s manager Todd Singerman comments: “BLOODSTOCK has always been a special place for Motörhead and for Lemmy. The people and the energy matched Lemmy’s values perfectly. Alan and Vicky were also great friends, and basically family of Lemmy, as he was the reason that they originally got together. This is definitely a fitting honor in the continuing series of enshrinements of Lemmy’s ashes in his most loved places.” Bloodstock’s Vicky Hungerford adds: “We were humbled and honoured to be approached by Motörhead management to have Lemmy’s ashes at BLOODSTOCK. Lemmy holds a very special place in everybody’s heart, but to myself and my husband he was the reason we met and fell in love. Nothing will mean more to us and the BLOODSTOCK family than to honour his legacy and have Lemmy forever at BLOODSTOCK.”

Get your tickets before they’re gone:

Not really needing an introduction but here goes anyway, Bauhaus frontman Peter Murphy launches Silver Shade Records with two releases. The First is a short sharp poke to the temple of some covers that have helped shape the uber Goth vocalist and performer and he wastes no time in bastardising Iggys ‘Funtime’ into a heaving wall of distortion and wailing and it sounds fantastic and seeing as its live it has a very raw live feel to proceedings and what a way to kick off a record, spot on.

‘Transmission’ is performed in front of Hooky and Murphy owns it with his iconic and most distinctive vocal. To be fair who can forget his band’s cover of ‘Ziggy’ so hearing Murphy perform some iconic tracks in his own style is a joy to behold. He’s done nine studio albums on his own so this series of live recordings is most welcome for his championing some classic tracks and keeping their soul and spirit alive. The quality varies to be fair and the bootleg sound quality or straight from the board of ‘Final Solution’ is chaotic and head fucking in its delivery. Sure ‘Space Oddity’ isn’t exactly pushing the boundaries but so what it’s all about Murphy’s interpretation of the music that shaped him and its nine tracks that are absolutely nailed and his Bowie cover is spine-tingling and sparse.

One track I wasn’t expecting was his take of ‘Purple Rain’ and as we head to its conclusion ‘The Light Pours Out Of Me’ is Gothtastic before ending the record with a wonderful take of @Hurt’ that features the one and only Mr Reznor on Keyboards and sounds like it might have been recorded in his living room with its spine tingling vocal from Murphy worth it for this rendition alone, amazing. Oh, for the record, it was Rezner who wrote it, not Mr Cash as some might have you believe. A real treat even if it is a bit on the expensive side even if it is Pressed on very special Gold Nugget vinyl and housed in a deluxe, embossed and UV glossed sleeve, limited to 2,000 numbered copies.

Buy Here

‘Live Volume Two’ – The second release is still £40 but this time you get two LPs of live Murphy material which is nineteen tracks spread over the two records and is a wonderful recording from 2008. From the chilling intro to the howling feedback goth classic of ‘The Line Between The Devils Teeth’ that flows into the dark brooding chug of ‘Disappearing In Her Hand’ is Murphy at his very best from a whisper to a scream or a howl its engaging and powerful stuff as the listener is treated to a thrilling show that glides effortlessly through his career from Bahaus classics to the very best of his solo material up to the recording. ‘Marlene Dietrich’s Favourite Poem’ and a fascinating ‘A Strange Kind Of Love’ bleeding into ‘Bela Lagosi’s Dead’ and then following the acoustic version into a full electric ‘Shes In Parties’ that stutters into the fantastic ‘Be My Wife’. To release both albums at the same time is cool even at the price I fear these will be must-owns for any self-respecting Goths out there looking for a fix of one of the genre’s finest, most inventive and iconic artists at the very top of his game. Buy Vol Two Here

Author: Dom Daley

Fast, loud, tight, melodic punk rock gnawing away at your brain is about where Pack Rat sits. After a debut LP a couple of years ago, Patrick McEachnie (Chain Whip) decided he had more in the tank so he’s back with a stunning sophomore LP ‘Lifes A Trap’.
Where the first LP was Pat taking care of everything, this time it is a full band, resulting in an album of bouncy, power-poppy rippers with great hooks and pop sensibility, inspired by the less abrasive, more melodically driven side of ’70s punk. 13 brand new songs with boundless punch and a whole heap of fun from the opening tick, tick, boom of opener ‘Heart Beat’ right through this old – New Wave its a blast and so infectious. to full in love with. Summer never tasted so good.

It’s old school but still manages to sound fresh as fuck. Like a melting pot of Buzzcocks, 80s new wave and a heap of American big beasts hook after fuckin hook ‘Neighbours’ has that bubblegum girlie call back adding a high school bounce to proceedings over the buzzsaw guitars. ‘Ask A Punk’ begins with the lo-fi bass thump whilst the lyrics are barbed and McEachnie has his tongue stuck in his safety-pinned cheek.

‘Can’t Stop’ and ‘Electrified’ are as punk as fuck and Jello would kill to pen songs this cool in 2024. Once the keys on ‘Rat Trap’ get in your ear that’s it game over this will quickly become your go-to punk rock record for the first half of 2024. ‘Pure Trash’ is Ramones for the rats and a thumping runaway train of a track. The fact that bands are making records this bloody good in 2024 is heartwarming and a joy to listen to. Don’t take my word for it get over to Bandcamp and fill yer boots because ‘Lifes A Trap’ is a show pony of a record and I love it. Buy It!

Buy Here

Author: Dom Daley

Episode 35 sees banger after banger from all corners of the Rock n ROll world ripping out of the speakers – so turn it up peeps and get down to the likes of openers Thr Drips who kick things off with the opening track of their album ‘Broken’.

After playing the A side last week it seems only fair to play the catchy ‘You Got Me Hummin’ from the wonderful Head Hunters. you need to get over to Bandcamp and pick this up before they’re all gone.

Quickly followed by a track off Californian punks Bloodstains who are singing about ‘Public Hangings’. This four-piece include Brothers David and Nick Espinoza. you should check em out.

Coming thick and fast we bring you a song off the brand new His Lordship live album ‘Live At The Lexington’ and it’s the opening track ‘I Live In The City’ turn it up and play it loud and look forward to their next jaunt around the country but until then this will do very nicely thank you very much. They very much take a traditional approach to Loud 50 and 60s rock n roll and turn it up and kick out the jams I’m sure JErry Lee and Little Richard would be down with these cats.

One of my favourite power pop bands over the last decade has to be Wyldlife and its great to have new music from them in 2024 so after last week’s track it would be rude to not play ‘You Don’t Know How It Feels’ and it’s an instantly satisfying rocker.

One of the best exports over the last 30 years from the UK has to be the mighty Dogs D’Amour and this new box set that’s on the horizon from Cherry Red Records that pulls together the bands entire China catalogue including B-sides and live tracks its eight discs of ragged Rock n Roll. I love this version of ‘I Don’t Want You To Go’ the band were peerless and have a catalogue of albums and singles that were a head and shoulders from Tylas unmistakable husky poetic lyrics and vocals to Jo Dogs distinct style and licks that elevated each and every track perfectly and when Jo left Darrell did a sterling job right through to Steves punchy Bass lines and excellent backing vocals to Bams flamboyant style that pulled it all together. It’s a magnificent song from a magnificent band that should have been absolutely huge.

Next on the playlist is a project from Chain Whip frontman Pack Rat who release the album on Drunken Sailor Records in a couple of weeks this is another fantastic slice of Power Poppin Punk rock. ‘Sleepless’ is the song played and I’m excited to hear the rest of the album. The artwork is magnificent and at Drunken Sailor Prices you’d be mad to pass this by.

Following that new song is a classic live cut from the Bob Mould compendium of solo or post Husker Du work that came out over several awesome box sets and this is a live cut from Distortion Live ‘New Day Rising’.

UK Subs have a new EP out with Dead Boys the EP is called ‘Carnaby Street’ and the track played is a cover of the Stones classic ‘Paint It Black’. Another new album on the way in August and some UK tour action is none other than Swami John Reis and his latest project Swami & The Bed Of Nails so its a no brainer we were going to play one of the new songs entitled ‘Privacy’.

Its no coincidence that Chain Whip feature this week as well seeing as Pack Rat is on the way and Chain Whip just put out their new album and to be fair Patrick McEachnie is on fire as ‘Call Of The Knife’ smashes out of your speakers. I delved back a decade next and played a track from the eclectic Brandy Row & The Troubadours who play the fantastic Thunders esk ‘Dirty Street’ Not enough music came from the former Gaggers guitar slinger but we live in hope.

Sonny Vincent has been around the block and back again with a wonderful catalogue from his Testors days through his solo releases and the collaboration called The Limit released also on Svart Records. The track is lifted from his last studio album ‘Snake Pit Therapy‘ and this is ‘Messed Up In Blue’. It seems right to play a track from someone who came out of the same scene as Sonny – none other than the legend Stiv Bator with ‘Circumstantial Evidence’ taken from his LA sessions.

As we head into the home straight how about some classic London power pop punk rock from Los Pepes who never ever let you down with their bright and breezy take of melodic buzzsaw punk rock. They’ve released an impressive catalogue and here’s ‘Still Belong To Me’.

As we head into the past three songs its our first band from Austria in the shape of Tours with their new single ‘Language School’ injecting yet more power pop goodness into proceedings.

Smokers is another new band with a new track called ‘Irish Tenor’ These Oakland punks released their debut LP, The Rat That Gnawed the Ropeand is a really excellent album that we’ll review over the next week. Finally, we reach the end with a cut from the brand new Torme box set released by Cherry Red Records it features predominantly the Phil Lewis era of his work with Back To Babylon and Die Pretty and the live Bootleg album which we’ve got the track ‘Star’ to play out Episode 35 and I hope another show where we’ve brought you a whole bunch of top tunes. Let us know what else we should be playing or what you want to hear. Like – Share and Follow

In 1979, two school kids all hopped-up on punk-rock started their own group in their hometown of Hawthorne, Los Angeles (birthplace of the Beach Boys) and soon found themselves opening shows for notorious scene pioneers Black Flag. Jeff McDonald was fifteen, and his brother Steven McDonald was only eleven still an amazing story to this day maybe even more so today imagine an Eleven year old pulling his face off his phone to learn an instrument and go play a punk roc show.

Redd Kross’s forty-fifth birthday― an important anniversary for any group whose heart pulses at 45RPM―and the brothers celebrate the event with a veritable multimedia extravaganza. There’s a memoir, Now You’re One Of Us, due in November, with author Dan Epstein telling the group’s story in the McDonalds’ unmistakable (and occasionally contrary) voices. A brilliant rockumentary, ‘Born Innocent’, directed by Andrew Reich, will premiere later in the year. Most exciting of all, this new album―an eponymous double-album, no less, is packed with eighteen of their sharpest, most addictive songs thus far. The album is of course smattered with their now trade mark dayglo widescreen power chords, huge choruses with more layers than puff pastry rolls and tunes that will take up residency in your skull for weeks. Redd Kross are in the house ladies and gentlemen and thank fuck for that.

The record – oh didn’t I mention it’s a double LP? well, it is. Begins with one of the songs that was leaked out a few weeks ago with its gentle acoustic intro and those layered vocals I alluded to earlier then – Bang! we’re in the fuzzed-up Bass is leading the charge.

I don’t want a long drawn-out review I’ll just give a brief airbrushed overview and let you rush out and get your own copy. Hell, click the link and get the record it even comes with a download so you can get an instant hit.

‘Stunt Queen’ goes a little more aggressively which is nice before we head back into the gentler more melodic ‘The Main Attraction’. The album is a smidgeon under the hour mark which is nice and the ebb and flow is obvious from the off as ‘Cancion Enojada’ is louder whereas ‘Good Times Properganda Band’ is again more gentle with its psychedelic intro with the bass holding down the groove baby whilst the melody is classic Kross.

The album sounds like a slice of unabashed joy, really upbeat and packed with excitement. The middle of the record gets to the heart of the matter with ‘Terrible Band’ and ‘Stuff’ having its jangly moments and thick with melodies before ‘Too Good To Be True’ races off with my mind hitting on that dirty throbbing bassline before the guitar licks are choked out of the speakers, fantastic stuff.

There seems to be plenty of Ringo’s drum licks recycled here to great effect. ‘The Witches Stand’ is that a power ballad I hear? one of those late-night songs telling stories and catching everyone’s attention. Two albums worth of material wrapped into the one release is more than Redd Kross fans could have wished for and not for a second does it disappoint. There’s even time for a foot on the monitor rocker in the shape of ‘Lay Down And Die’ which is nice. All things considered, it’s a magical album with twists and turns and the vital Redd Kross non-negotiables included, we even have the sitar fused alt-rock of ‘Emanuelle Insane’ before the record is closed off with the fantastic first single off the record ‘Born Innocent’ now when is the film out again? and when can we get those UK tour dates put out again and the sooner the better please gents. Another must-own record courtesy of Redd Kross.

Buy Here

Author: Dom Daley



Following the release of their second album ‘Use The Daylight’ in early 2023 and a raft of gigs with the likes of Girls Against Boys, Soulside, Moving Targets, Messthetics, Diaz Brothers, Danger!Man, Ruts DC amongst many others, London post-punk band Dealing With Damage are set to return afresh in 2024 with new music. Having spent the last few months working up new songs, and a new bass player in Owen Cox, Dealing With Damage are ready to release the first finished track from these sessions in new single ‘Head Full Of Feedback.

Recorded once again at Perry Vale Studios with the legend that is Pat Collier, then mixed at The Mix Dungeon by long-term collaborator Roop Coulson and mastered by Paul Yeadon, ‘Head Full of Feedback’ is dripping in melody, noise and propulsive drums and bass, clattering and swirling as it oozes out of your speakers directly into your head.

“It’s a somewhat elaborate thank you note to my daughter for chipping away over the past 5 years at my previous refusal to listen to Sonic Youth,” explains vocalist and guitarist Ed Wenn. “I had seen them a couple of times in the 80s and didn’t like what I saw or heard, so consigned them to the ‘Do Not Resuscitate’ pile. A couple of years ago I investigated the music that I heard coming out of her room and discovered that these off-kilter, twisted, intelligent, sometimes downright beautiful pop nuggets were from none other than Sonic Youth.

“As for the song itself, it was nice to write a story song about something light-hearted for a change. A lot of DWD lyrics walk along the serious side of the street, so it was great fun to write about art, music and memories of the 1980s when life was full possibilities and we had more than 3 weeks left to save the planet. We made full use of our new bass player, Owen’s playing style to come up with a solid bass/drums platform and built everything up from there. It’s an evolution of the DWD sound and I think reflects a growing confidence in our ability to spread our wings after the positive feedback (pun intended!) that the experimentation of the second album, “Use The Daylight” received in the press and from audiences.”

Following the new single release, Dealing With Damage will head out on a UK tour with friends Midway Still that starts July 9th in Sheffield. The band are working on new material for further releases throughout the year. Watch this space.

Catch Dealing With Damage on tour with Midway Still in July at the following dates:

July 9     Sheffield, Record Junkee

July 10   Birmingham, Sunflower Lounge

July 11   Portsmouth, The Edge Of The Wedge

July 12   London, The Hope & Anchor

July 13   Brighton, Prince Albert

July 14   Southampton, The Hobbit (*headline gig)

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