On 3rd MarchBMG release The STRANGLERS’ 40th Anniversary Edition of FELINE.

FELINE will be available as a limited double album on remastered 180g Heavyweight transparent pink and red vinylhoused in a newly created inner bagsThe 2CD digipackfeatures exclusive booklet artwork and a new appreciation by the band’s biographer and journalist, Chris Twomey.

Originally released in January 1983, FELINE is The STRANGLERS’ seventh studio LP and was their first for then-new label, Epic.

1982 had proved to be a very good year for the band. The last three singles released for former label EMI had been more gentle and of a mellower-nature than anything their audience had been previously accustomed to. So when FELINE landed, it perhaps shouldn’t have been such a surprise to both fans and critics alike that there was such a perceived musical shift. Hugh & JJ’s acquisition of acoustic guitars from a now world-renowned guitar maker in Bristol helped shape FELINE into becoming possibly the nearest thing to an “unplugged” studio album the band have yet made. Gone were the powerful, sinister, throbbing melodies of their New Wave sound and in came an extraordinary and, at that time, hitherto-unheard mix of acoustic and electronic delights. Having said that, from the black panther on the sleeve to the underlying melodies of the record, underpinned by that unmistakable growling bass, the band still managed to convey their dark, menacing, moody, slightly unsettling and quietly threatening no-nonsense persona.

Much of FELINE was written at Jet’s house – a disused railway station in Gloucestershire – and as soon as the band were free from the shackles of EMI, Epic arranged for them to decamp to ICP Studios in Brussels for all of September, 1982 to record it. It was produced there by the band with Steve Churchyard (Big Country, INXS, Taylor Swift) and mixed by Tony Visconti (Bowie, T-Rex).

The album was preceded by the gloriously-beautiful and breathy JJ-sung EUROPEAN FEMALE, which immediately fired the band back into the UK’s Top 10 Singles Chart.  As the single peaked, the album crashed into the UK charts at number 4 and neither they nor the suits at Epic could have imagined a much better start to life at their new label. In fact it got better, as this new mellow sound struck a chord with European audiences, particularly in France, where FELINE effectively broke them to a much bigger audience; one they still enjoy to this day.

Two further singles were released from FELINE. The mighty album opener, MIDNIGHT SUMMER DREAM, a melody of JJ’s with intoned dead-pan lyrics from Hugh, following a grand symphonic opening from Dave, was released in late February 1983. Both the 7” Edit and the magnificent 10½ minute Special 12” Mix feature amongst the tracks on the bonus LP/CD that comes with this 40th Anniversary release. At the end of July ‘83, PARADISE was released. Again sung by JJ, he wrote it after an uncomfortable holiday he’d hated in the Seychelles because of his discomfort with the poverty that surrounded the luxury in which he was staying. Fact fans: it is the only STRANGLERS’ single that features voices from beyond the band, as backing vocals were provided by JJ’s then-girlfriend Anna von Stern and France L’Hermitte (of Belgian band Polyphonic Size). The 7” Edit that appears on Side 3 is surprisingly scarce and has only once previously appeared on vinyl. It has only otherwise been commercially available on The Hit Men 2CD compilation from 1996.

Both the bonus LP and bonus CD on this 40th Anniversary release feature the same tracks; a mix of B-sides and rarities.

The bonus tracks start by gathering the three 7” single edits and a couple of B-sides from the period. The EUROPEAN FEMALE Radio Edit was a surprising find, in as much as it was only re-discovered in 2018. Other than providing the 7” radio promo serviced from late 1982, the tape had lain gathering dust in Sony’s vaults, overlooked by all previous compilers, until then. PÃWSHĒR and PERMISSION were, respectively, the B-side and the 12” bonus track for the PARADISE single. They are the two tracks within this collection that were recorded outside of the main sessions. The former, a mysterious single-word-repeated song, was recorded in New York in April, 1983; the latter, in London, two months later.  Typically Strangler-esque, it sounds bright and summery, yet in fact chronicles the dark antics of the notorious French CRS riot police…

On Side 4 of the LP and continuing on the bonus CD is SAVAGE BREAST. Originally intended as an album track, it was left off at the last minute only to re-surface before the album’s release as the B-side of EUROPEAN FEMALEHugh’s career-long love of film and theatre combined with his twisting of well-established names and phrases ran overboard on FELINE, with SAVAGE BREASTMIDNIGHT SUMMER DREAM and LET’S TANGO IN PARIS completing his trio of word-play titles for 1983. In fact, so many of the song titles on FELINE are familiar phrases – IT’S A SMALL WORLDSHIPS THAT PASS IN THE NIGHTALL ROADS LEAD TO ROMENEVER SAY GOODBYE – that there was clearly an unconscious pattern developing during the song writing.  Rounding off this collection are a couple of tongue-in-cheek curios that well support the band’s sense of fun. VLADIMIR & OLGA is akin to a modern-day Russian folk song based on a fictional couple in (then) Soviet-era Ukraine. It is the first in what became a quirky and much-loved series of adventures that were to recur over the next decade. The initial pressings of the original LP of FELINE included a free bonus one-sided 7” called AURAL SCULPTURE. It also featured on initial copies of the original FELINE cassette. It was a sarcastic rant against the death of music in general and song-writing in particular. If you got it, it was both barbed and hilarious. Subsequently, the theme was carried on, with the title becoming that of the band’s next album, so the track was from there-on re-titled AURAL SCULPTURE MANIFESTO.

Whilst The STRANGLERS have suffered the recent dreadful losses of both the uniquely-talented Dave GREENFIELD (May 2020) and their founder and driving force, Jet BLACK (December, 2022), they continue to tour. From 3rd to 18th March 2023, they are playing three dates in SPAIN, followed by nine in FRANCE, including PARIS L’Olympia on 11th. Then in April they head Down Under between the 13th and 23rd for three dates in NEW ZEALAND and five in AUSTRALIA.

The line-up is JJ BURNEL (bass and vocals); Baz WARNE (guitar and vocals); Jim MACAULAY (drums, percussion and backing vocals) and Toby HOUNSHAM (keyboards and backing vocals).

To pre-order the 40th Anniversary Edition of FELINE on BMG go to:  https://the-stranglers.lnk.to/feline
















official limited edition splatter vinyl and deluxe  CD reissues ‘Nobody’s Fools &The Amazing Kamikaze Syndrome’ released 3rd March.

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BMG Records continue their new series of limited edition vinyl reissues and deluxe CDs from Slade, with the release ofNobody’s Fools,and The Amazing Kamikaze Syndrome on 3rd March. 

These beautifully presented reissues will see Nobody’s Foolsreleased on limited edition transparent clear & red vinyl and The Amazing Kamikaze Syndrome released on limited edition orange and yellow splatter vinyl. While both CDs are housed in deluxe mediabooks with bonus tracks and each includes an original extended essay.

Prior to the original release of Nobody’s Fools, Slade relocated to New York in 1975 and toured there constantly with the likes of Aerosmith, Black Sabbath and ZZ Top before writing the album. 

Nobody’s Fools,  which when released in March 1976 reached No.14 in the UK, and features the singles; In For A PennyLet’s Call It Quits and Nobody’s Fool.

The new expanded CD version now includes 16 songs, including 5 additional bonus tracks.

The Amazing Kamikaze Syndrome Slade’s eleventh studio album includes two UK Top 10 singles; My Oh My, which reached No.2 and Run Runaway which made No.7. First released on 3rd  December 1983 The Amazing Kamikaze Syndrome led Kerrrang! to write  “Slade have lost none of their old wicked touch.”, while Sounds commented “Slade are still capable of rocking harder and catchier than most bands half their age.”

This new CD features 8 bonus songs,  including two tracks never before available on CD; Run Runaway (7” Version ) and Slam The Hammer Down (Hot Mix).

Slade are without doubt one of the most exciting bands to come out of Great Britain. With their unique blend of perfect pop-rock’n’roll, outrageous flamboyance and pure fun, and no less than 23 Top-20 singles of which 6 were No.1 smash hits…plus multiple hit albums. 

With a chart career that has spanned 3 decades Slade have become a firm favourite in the hearts of pop fans all over the world.

To pre-order  Nobody’s Fools  and The Amazing Kamikaze Syndrome  Hit this link

To order other releases in this series of limited edition vinyl reissues and deluxe CDs, including Sladest’, Slayed?’, Old New Borrowed And Blue’Slade In Flame’ andSlade Alive!’ , head Here

Also, available the ‘All The World Is A Stage’ 5 live CD box: https://slade.lnk.to/alltheworldPR

“I’ve got Heavy Metal music in my blood, And I’d like to give it to you if I could.”

So reads the mission statement of Edinburgh’s finest (and perhaps only) exponents of the NWOBHM scene, Holocaust.

Initially getting together to make music in the late ’70s, the band finally inked a deal with independent label Phoenix Record And Filmworks, who in turn released not only the legendary 1980 single from which the lyrics above were taken but also the rest of the records that come together to form this extensive 6 CD set from Cherry Red imprint H.N.E Recordings

It’s the band’s 1981 debut album ‘The Nightcomers’ that is without doubt their most renowned release (for reasons I’ll come to in a minute), featuring vocalist Gary Lettice, guitarists John Mortimer and Ed Dudley, bassist Robin Begg, along with drummer Nicky Arkles. This 9 track album is a bonafide long lost classic from the NWOBHM age, seamlessly blending the slightly more punky edged vocal delivery of Lettice with the riff and roll metal of his bandmates. It’s no surprise that the soon to be members of some band called Metallica were huge fans, in fact if you listen to the likes of ‘Death or Glory’ or the six minute plus album title track, things almost play out like an early blueprint for ‘Kill ‘Em All’, albeit played at a much less frantic tempo. Yup, those four kookie Californian doods did more than cover Holocaust’s ‘The Small Hours’ for their ‘$5.98 E.P. – Garage Days Re-Revisited’ EP that’s for sure.  

What is surprising reading the excellent, and highly informative, 20 page John Tucker penned booklet that is included within this clamshell box set, is just how widely criticised Holocaust were by the UK music media. You can count the number of positive reviews within the booklet on two fingers, and even then, one of them is for one song, a track on the band’s 1984 released ‘No Man’s Land’ album. This is something I really do struggle to understand, given the fact that ‘Smokin’ Valves’ the opening track from the band’s debut (and their second single) is an absolute cracker of a tune and one that should have seen early 80s Friday youth club discos up and down the country packed full of spotty lads throwing their dandruff into the night air over.

As it was with such apathy to their debut album via the mainstream media, I think I only ever got to hear the album a couple of times through an old mate of mine who bought pretty much anything released under the NWOBHM banner. I certainly recall him having the 1981 released ‘Live From The Raw Loud N’ Live Tour’ EP that featured 4 tracks taken from the band’s long form VHS release that was available through ads in Sounds magazine for the hefty tag of £29.99. Obviously at that price point back in 1981 you’d have to be a very rich (or lucky) teenager to afford a copy, so its great to hear the full 80 minute soundtrack to that video included here as CD 2. Recorded at the Nite Club, Edinburgh on 10th September 1981, it’s a warts ‘n’ all kind of recording, but given that fact that some of their peers (yeah, I’m looking at you Diamond Head and Motorhead) were also releasing supposed live videos that actually saw them miming to album tracks, I doff my hat to the lads for having the stones to release such a raw loud n’ live document.  In fact, it’s a recording the band (or maybe it was their record label) must have had a lot of faith in as it’s included again here in part via the 1983 released ‘Live (Hot Curry & Wine) album.

1983 also saw ex-Holocaust guitarist Ed Dudley emerge with a new band under the Hologram banner (the LP coming complete with a sticker that bore the legend “Holocaust are now Hologram”) for their one and only release, the ‘Steal The Stars’ album. Totally at odds with the backs to the wall rifferama he’d constructed with his former bandmates, ‘Steal The Stars’ ploughs out a more melodic rock furrow. It’s an album that kind of reminds me of Diamond Head’s ‘Canterbury’ album, perhaps being a step too far ahead of the time for its own good, and when he stays away from using the top end of his dog scaring vocal range Gordon Band puts in a top bluesy vocal shift here too.     

It’s the aforementioned 1984 released ‘No Mans Land’ album that not only saw Holocaust finally return, but also get one and a bit positive reviews from the mainstream media. This time around the band was reduced to guitarist John Mortimer playing pretty much everything along with session drummer Steve Cowen, and to be honest it’s a bit of a let-down when played alongside the band’s debut record. It’s okay in places but Howard Johnson was indeed right when he said ‘Satellite City’ is without doubt the best song on the album and the second side of the album is way better than the first. As such it’ll probably be the CD I return to least in this set.

Which is something you won’t find me saying about the sixth and final CD in this set. This 13 track disc brings together the band’s singles from their ‘Heavy Metal Mania’ debut from 1980 through to their 1982 12” ‘Comin Through’ which features the last Lettice fronted new music the band would release.  Every track contained on this disc is designed to give you a dose of headbanger’s neck just like when you were a teenager, so go dig out your junkie juice soaked cut off, clip up your bullet belt (albeit with a fair few additional bullets these days no doubt) and buckle up your studded gauntlets to fully complete the listening experience. 

All together now.

“I love to rock, I love to get down low. I love to rock…rock ‘n’ roll.”

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Author: Johnny ‘Heavy Metal’ Hayward



After a very busy 2022, which saw the release of their critically acclaimed new album ‘See Through You’, as well as the re-release of their expanded and remastered seminal album ‘Exploding Head’, NYC-noise rock iconic band A Place To Bury Strangers announce the second leg of their Destroy Into The Future European Tour, which starts today in Germany. 

They will bring their legendary live shows – a shamanistic experience that bathes listeners in glorious sound, crazed left turns, transcendent vibrations, real-time experiments, and brilliant breakthroughs – to the UK and Europe in May and June 2023. See dates below:


27 Jan – Northern Winter Beat Festival • Aalborg, Denmark

28 Jan – Plan B • Malmö, Sweden +

30 Jan – Blá • Oslo, Norway =

31 Jan – Hus 7 • Stockholm, Sweden =

2 Feb – Kuudes Linja • Helsinki, Finland =

3 Feb – Sveta • Tallinn, Estonia %

4 Feb – Vagonu Hall • Riga, Latvia %

5 Feb – Sodas2123 • Vilnius, Lithuania %

6 Feb – Voodoo • Warsaw, Poland %

7 Feb – Pod Minoga • Poznan, Poland %

8 Feb – So36 • Berlin, Germany ^

9 Feb – Gebaude 9 • Cologne, Germany +

10 Feb – Grauzone Festival • Den Haag, Netherlands

11 Feb – Wilde Westen • Kortrijk, Belgium &

20 May – Patterns – Brighton, UK *

21 May – The Lanes – Bristol, UK *

22 May – Furure Yard – Birkenhead, UK *

23 May – The White Hotel – Manchester, UK *

24 May – Belgrave Music Hall – Leeds, UK *

25 May – Broadcast – Glasgow, UK *

26 May – The Star and Shadow – Newcastle, UK *

27 May – Wide Awake Festival – London, UK

29 May – Wave Gotik Treffen – Leipzig, Germany

30 May – Futurum Music Bar – Prague, Czech

31 May – Fluc – Wien, Austria

01 Jun – Storm – Munich, Germany

02 Jun – Vinile – Bassano del Grappa, Italy

03 Jun – Freakout – Bologna, Italy

04 Jun – Grabenhalle – St. Gallen, Switzerland *

05 Jun – L’Usine – Geneva, Switzerland *

06 Jun – La Marché Gare – Lyon, France *

07 Jun – Rockschool Barbey – Bourdeaux, France

09 Jun – La Laiterie – Strasbourg, France

10 Jun – Reklektor – Liege, Belgium

* with Camilla Sparksss

+ with Clamm

= with Super Besse

% with Mvtant

^ with Plattenbau, Data Animal, Jealous

& with Maze






“Rock is in many ways our drug of choice, but that doesn’t mean we’re against traditional drugs though!”

That is what the band answer when we ask them what the new single is about. Razorbats release their brand new single ‘(Maybe It’s TimeTo) Break Up The Band’ on Friday February 3rd, through Voices of Wonder/VME. The track is the first single from their upcoming full-length album ‘HitCrazy’, due out in March. ‘(Maybe It’s Time To) Break Up The Band’ both verychildish and grown up at the same time. Musically it’s somewhere between The Hellacopters, Def Leppard and Kiss, with a classic guitar riff, rad solos (yes, multiple solos) and huge singalong chorus that will make the audiences go wild on their upcoming tour. Lyrically the song is about refusing to conform to a normal nine-to-five lifestyle and following your dreams. Even though it can get difficult when you’re not in your twenties anymore and there’s pressure to keep down and steady job and start a family.

Presave on streaming services Here

History lesson Norway’s Razorbats are one of the most entertaining Scandinavian bands in “The New Wave of Classic Rock and got international attention when they released their debut album “Camp Rock” in 2015. The word soon spread about this kick ass band from Europe’s cultural backwaters, mixing influences from classic rock bands like KISS and Cheap Trick with 80s sleaze and 90s pop punk so well that they could not possibly be ignored. Their reputation was solidified with their 2020 full length album ‘Mainline Rock ’N’ Roll’ with more than 250 radio stations across Europe and USA playing the singles. The stage is set and Razorbats are poised to go stratospheric with their fourth album ‘Hit Crazy’ which will be out March 3rd.

Razorbats have toured Scandinavia and the UK several times. In addition to headline gigs, the band has shared thestage with bands like The Offspring, Danko Jones, The Wildhearts and Michael Monroe at festivals and clubs both domestically and abroad. Razorbats have developed into a ferocious live band ,who love to entertain audiences with their catchy sing-a-long anthems, lots of casual humour and an energetic rock show that always leaves the audience wanting more.




Famed for blistering live performances and exceptional musicianship, UK band Grade 2 bring no-frills classic punk to the modern era. Their self-titled album due on February 17th is a bone-crunching 35-minutes that agitates, intoxicates and liberates in equal measure.  Ahead of its release they share their new single “Midnight Ferry” out today, featuring slick guitar riffs and lively shout-along verses that lead into crisp vocal harmonies.

“This song is our story, a tale of a night out and the truth of growing up in a rural town,” the band explains. “Capturing the adventurous spirit, trying to escape any mundane responsibilities, if just for a night. Just know you’ll be brought straight back down to earth on that journey home.”

Listen to Midnight Ferry here.

50 years after the genre turned the music world upside-down, UK based Grade 2 are bringing the raw power of old school punk to a new generation. United by a love of old-school punk, ska and oi, childhood friends Sid Ryan (vocals, bass), Jacob Hull (drums) and Jack Chatfield (guitar, vocals) formed the band at fourteen years old, honing their craft playing Clash and Jam covers before refining their own sound. Melding the near-mythical musical heritage of their native Isle of Wight with the humdrum reality of growing up in a tired seaside town, Grade 2 spit out blistering punk music laced with passion, angst, humor and despair.

After signing to Hellcat Records in 2018 – helmed by Rancid’s Tim Armstrong – they put out their second album ‘Graveyard Island’ in 2019. With the release of ‘Grade 2’ comes their most representative work yet; a thumping fifteen track tour-de-force melding the uncompromising ethos of punk with the howl of contemporary injustice, personal identity, and frustrations of Gen-Z youth, authentically told by three lads with punk coursing through their veins.

Grade 2 will be touring extensively this Spring, starting with a UK & Ireland headlining tour in March, directly followed by headlining European Tour with Death by Stereo and a support tour with Rancid this summer. Please find the full list of dates below.

UK & Ireland Headlining Tour

March 3, 2023 -Wakefield, Vortex Bar and Nightclub     

March 4, 2023 – Newport, The Cab         

March 5, 2023 – Stamford, Mama Liz’s Voodoo Lounge

March 6, 2023 – Norwich, The Waterfront Studio

March 7, 2023 – London, The Lexington

March 8, 2023 – Southampton, The Joiners        

March 9, 2023 – Exeter, Cavern

March 10, 2023 – Bristol, The Louisiana

March 12, 2023 – Derby, The Hairy Dog

March 13, 2023 – Stafford, Redrum        

March 14, 2023 – Newcastle, The Lubber Fiend

March 16, 2023 – Dublin, The Grand Social          

March 17, 2023 – Belfast, Voodoo           

March 18, 2023 – Glasgow’ Classic Grand            

March 19, 2023 – Manchester, Star & Garter     

EU Headlining Tour w/ Death by Stereo

March 23, 2023 – Antwerp, Kavka (Belgium)

March 24, 2023 – Tilburg, Little Devil (The Netherlands)

March 25, 2023 – Vechta, Gulfhaus (Germany)

March 26, 2023 – Drachten, Iduna (The Netherlands)

March 27, 2023 – Hamburg, Hafenklang (Germany)

March 28, 2023 – Berlin, Cassiopea (Germany)

March 29, 2023 – Regensburg, Tiki Beat (Germany)

March 30, 2023 – Dresden, Chemiefabrik (Germany)

March 31, 2023 – Posnan, Pod Minogą (Poland)

April 1, 2023 – Warsaw, VooDoo (Poland)

April 2, 2023 – Budapest, Instant (Hungary)

April 3, 2023 – Vienna, Arena (Austria)

April 4, 2023 – Milan, Barrio’s (Italy)

April 5, 2023 – Lucerne, Sedel (Switzerland)

April 6, 2023 – Dijon, Les Tanneries (France)

April 7, 2023 – Montreuil (Paris), La Pêche (France)

April 8, 2023 – Fontenay-le-compte, Espace Rene Casino (France)

EU/UK Tour Supporting Rancid

June 3, 2023 – Ljubljana, Media Center Cvetlicarna (Slovenia)

June 6, 2023 – Warsaw, Letnia Scena Progresji (Poland)

June 10, 2023 – Stockholm, Annexet (Sweden)

June 12, 2023 – Berlin, Columbiahalle (Germany)

June 13, 2023 – Wiesbaden, Schlachthof  (Germany)

June 20, 2023 – London, Brixton O2 Academy (UK)

June 21, 2023 – Manchester, O2 Victoria Warehouse (UK)

Tickets available via band’s WEBSITE.



Photo by Tina Korhonen, all rights reserved

Wingmen, the new band formed in pandemic lockdown isolation by Baz Warne (The Stranglers), Paul Gray (The Damned), Leigh Heggarty (Ruts DC), Marty Love (Johnny Moped) and now joined live by Rob Coombes from Supergrass on keyboards, have finally taken flight and are currently roaring across the country in support of their critically acclaimed debut album. The band have been going down a storm and have been thrilling audiences with a set that consists of the new album, some choice cover versions and one or two deep cuts from their respective bands.

“It’s funny how these things turn out,” explains Paul Gray. “We had no idea where this project might take us; an idea born out of frustration became a full band within 24 hours, words and riffs and much tuneage followed, beers and jolly banter ensued when we finally met up to mix the results, a record company said “yes please!” and now we find ourselves taking the results off on tour!”

While the tour still has a few dates to go, those unable to make any of the dates will be able to sign up and watch a live stream of Wingmen’s performance in Brighton at the Concorde 2 this coming January 29th.

The streaming link is HERE and you can follow the link and make a minimum donation of £10. A link will be sent to ticket holders about 30-60 minutes before the gig starts.  Once it’s started people will still be able to buy tickets until 1st March as agreed. 

‘Wingmen’ is out now via Cadiz Music.

Catch Wingmen on tour at the following dates in January 2023:

28th Birmingham 02 Institute

29th Brighton Concorde 2

Follow Wingmen on Facebook HERE:

Following the rollicking and crashing guitar-driven ‘Ballad of the Knucklemen’, The Balladmongrels second single ‘Trouble’ is the title track from their forthcoming debut album. A towering anthem that will have you singing along from the start, it sets the standard for this eagerly anticipated record which is due for release 12th May 2023.

Listen – Spotify / Apple Music

You can pre-order the album now on CD, Black Vinyl and Ltd. Edition Signed Red Vinyl from balladmongrels.com

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Its been a decade since Ming City Rockers first filtered through my speakers with a debut single that was proper mint – a real slab of modern punk rock n roll that tipped the hat to the originators and plowed on doing their own thing. A couple of albums in and a few line up changes they had their second album ‘Lemon’ produced by Steve Albini and the big time beckoned. The band seemed to stutter and splutter before seemingly disappearing off the face of the punk rock universe. Then boom during lockdown there seemed to be signs of these contenders from Immingham re-emerging from the underground with talk of a new album which we now have blasting out of our speakers entitled ‘Lime’.

This Ming City trio are back in the groove and this is what the kids would say is a right fuckin Banger! Right from the start this album isn’t messing about and the first single that was released punches you square on the eardrum with intent. ‘Jill Was An Anarchist’ might still be one it matters not but the band sound on it, tight, and focussed. Great lyrics spill out of a rapid noisy slice of cool Punk n Roll.

If Jill wasn’t enough to convince you then hold up because Jim is in da house. Speeding along on a buzzing sharp guitar this nifty ditty motors along on a cracking melody as the story of ‘Poor Old Jim’ is hacking it out of the speakers and before you know it you’ll be bopping along spilling cheap lager onto your lino and dropping ash from your fag as you get right into it. Ming City Rockers are firing on all cylinders here with some bright and sharp punk n roll. Its got a bit of Pete Shelley in its DNA one of the bands best songs to date.

Of the eleven songs on offer you hit the Ramones inspired banger ‘Desperate’ that is the sound of a band in total sync just giving it large having the best time hacking out melodic, loud punk rock. Without a care in the world and its infectious groove is paid on to the listener ten fold. Love the care free guitar break that opens up with the band locked in and killing it.

‘Nancy I’m Bitter’ is another rapid slab of harnessed chaos with a great melody sitting on top of a thunderous rhythm with a Buzzcocks one stringed guitar break adding light to the shade. The album reaches the mid point before you can really take a breath as the fuzzy stomper that is ‘Another Head’. A shift of gears and the band turn in a fantastic tune that reminded me of some Beastie Boys turned up to 11. I thin gthe band are really comfortable living in the space of music that finds ‘Void’ rumbling along with a rock steady beat and murky bass rumble with the guitars cutting in to lift this song above the ‘Void’ an excellent song on what is turning out to be an excellent album.

Sure theres nothing new going down on ‘Lime’ but there is a band who have penned some awesome tunes and put together a really punk smart album that has plenty of variety and a tonne of melodies on what will no doubt be one of the years best albums and its only January! ‘Paul’ is happy and fresh and you have to love the energy and melody it all makes for a top tune.

The pace drops for ‘The Ballad Of Sue and Steve’ as the trippy picked chords married to the clean melody works perfectly. As the fuzz lifts the chorus into the ether with a soaring departure. ‘Lollipopper’ is more of that Beasties hacking at punk rock and it works a treat. Leaving the grungy surfesque ‘Strangers’ to sign off ‘Lime’ with its brooding tempo that has some grunge in the melody and mixes up those trashy elements with some Britpop. A fitting sign off to a rather good album.

Don’t take my word for it or let this one pass you by, do check out ‘Lime’ it’ll quench your thirst for whats hot in 2023. Ming City Rockers are having it large and they ride off into the sunset with an exquisite album thats packed with top notch tunes that get better with ever play. Absolute banger!

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“Psychic Vampires” is the third single leading up to LUCIFER STAR MACHINE’s fifth studio album Satanic Age. Featuring guest vocals by Mark “Sparky” Phillips of DEMENTED ARE GO, “Psychic Vampires” is released together with a music video.

Lucifer Star Machine comments: “Toxic relationships and narcissistic behavior are poison for our well being. Watch out for people gaining your trust so they can wear you down and suck out all your energy. Keep psychic vampires out of your life.”

”Psychic Vampires” is out now on all streaming platforms. The album, ‘Satanic Age’, will be released on The Sign Records on the 14th of April, 2023, and will be available on vinyl, CD, and all streaming platforms. 

Next up we have the new tune from MÄRVEL –

MÄRVEL’s new track “Catch 22” delivers the band’s distinctive high-octane and super catchy rock’n’roll style. Gearing up for their 20th anniversary Double Decade vinyl offering, “Catch 22” is a previously unreleased track from the Swedish power trio. Stream “Catch 22” hereDouble Decade will be unleashed on February 24th via The Sign Records. 

“Sometimes, no matter how hard you try you end up with your beard in the mailbox or pants down to your ankles with a school-bus full of idiots laughing at you. You just can’t win. And even more sometimes, you’re in a relationship where you can’t stand each other but still can’t exist without each other.

‘Catch 22’ was recorded during the studio sessions for the album Graces Came With Malice. We felt it didn’t quite fit the theme of the album but it was still a strong song that we wanted to highlight in a special way. By including it in Double Decade we’re looking backwards and forwards at the same time. Like a rear-view mirror facing forwards.”

The double vinyl contains MÄRVEL’s greatest hits, previously impossible to get B-sides, and rare tracks, all newly mastered by Magnus Lindberg (THE HELLACOPTERS, IMPERIAL STATE ELECTRIC, CULT OF LUNA, THE DATSUNS, TRIBULATION, LUCIFER). The compilation also includes two brand new, previously unreleased songs, mixed by Robert Pehrsson (Dundertåget, Death Breath, Robert Pehrsson’s Humbucker).

The double vinyl Double Decade will be available in two different set of colors, one containing 2x transparent clear vinyl, and the other containing one transparent orange and one transparent purple vinyl. Both versions come in a luxurious gatefold with an exclusive booklet.

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