Sweden’s finest purveyors of honky tonk flavoured rock n’ roll return with a new long player, just over 18 months after the luscious double album offering ‘Slap Bang Blue Rendezvous’ hit the shelves.

It seems nothing can keep Sulo and the boys from delivering good time rock n’ roll like the last 6 decades of musical innovation never happened. The Faces meets The Stones is a good rut to be stuck in and we wouldn’t want it any other way, not when the songs are this good.

Written and recorded over an 8-day period and recorded in old school analogue, ‘About The Hardest Nut To Crack’ sees the Swedish band in fine form from the word go.

12 bar boogie blues is the name of the game with opener ‘Get A Rock n Roll Record’ and the message is as simple as the three-chord progression it rides on.

Next up ‘Blight The Life’ is one of those life affirming, instantly familiar Sulo melodies. You’ve know you’ve heard it before, but you’re not quite sure where. Was it Rod, Jagger or Monroe? Who knows, or even cares as a mournful fiddle leads us down an emotive road, one we love to frequent again and again.

The low-slung rock n’ roll of ‘Wring It Out’ has plenty of Faces swagger and it’s a raucous party that Sulo and the boys are jamming, with gospel-tinged backing vocals, stabs of keys and a certain boogie-woogie swagger.

There are earworms aplenty on offer. The likes of ‘Gurus and Gangsters’ and ‘Desiree, Yet Another Lonely Mile’ are pure euphoric nostalgia, and about as 70’s as listening to the top 40 run down whilst scoffing a Sunday roast. Songs that groove in a certain way and insist you turn up that dial and dance like no one is watching. 

Sulo’s reflective lyricism recalls the good times and the tight musicianship but loose delivery backs it all up in just the right way. The banjo action on ‘Old Timer’ gives a rustic, partisan feel that sits well with the low-slung guitars and gravelly vocals. The sloppy, but perfectly delivered solo as worn and weathered as the vintage gear it is played on.

The glam slam, foot-stomping closer ‘Rising From The Ruins Of Rock n Roll’ sees the band sign off by telling us to spin them records one more time and not to forget the reason they (and we) do this thing they call rock n’ roll anyway.

A new Diamond Dogs record is always cause for a celebration, and ‘The Hardest Nut To Crack’ does exactly what you would expect. Naysayers may argue that Sulo and the boys are doing nothing new and shock horror, may even be classed as ‘generic’, but you know what? Sometimes I want something familiar, something that doesn’t stray from the path and delivers exactly what I expect it to, and the Diamond Dogs do it every time. Get this rock n’ roll record, play it loud and spread the word. 

PRE-ORDER: https://orcd.co/hardest-nut-to-crack

Author: Ben Hughes


Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/everylittlecrack

RPM Online is super stoked to be asked to be the first to air the video for ‘City’ by Long Beach Band The Legendary Swagger. Suitably dripping with Rock n Roll attitude and hanging on a cool punk n roll vibe ‘City’ is catchy and anthemic. Hit em up on Facebook Here

Taken from the album Gypsies, Junkies and Thieves released in 2022 on vinyl by PMRC, and on CD by Rum Bar Records.

Head over to Rum Bar Records Bandcamp page and check out The Legendary Swagger along with a host of other cool bands like RPM Online favourites Richard Duguay, The Dogmatics, Brad Marino and JJ & The Real Jerks who’ve just released their first record on Rum Bar. Rum Bar Records Bandcamp Page Anyway, here is the video so hit it up and turn it up! Like Share Follow. keep it RPM Online

Hamburg, August 23rd, 2023 – earMUSIC is thrilled to announce the long-awaited release of “LEFT”, the upcoming album by the iconic rock band Helmet. After the critically acclaimed “Dead to the World” in 2016, Helmet is back with their signature blend of heavy, riff-loaded rock and evocative lyrics that have resonated with fans worldwide for over three decades. “Time for your holiday serial murder / How time slips away”, resonate the opening lines of the hard-hitting new single “Holiday”, available today. Helmet take no prisoners in their direct and unfiltered expression, leaving listeners with a lasting impact and a sense of urgency to examine the world around them.

Pre Order Here


“LEFT” sees Helmet – comprising frontman Page Hamilton, drummer Kyle Stevenson, guitarist Dan Beeman, and bassist Dave Case – carve out a musical landscape that is taut, muscular, and direct. Hamilton’s lead guitar lines feel like everything from downed power lines arcing to exploding resistors in shortwave radios. On “LEFT” every snare crack hits like gunfire, every solo seemingly a manifestation of rabies-induced psychosis. Guided by Hamilton alongside co-producers Jim Kaufman and Mark Renk, and mastered by Howie Weinberg, the 11 songs on the new album are leaner and meaner in their execution than previous aural throwdowns. “LEFT” is powered by unbridled determination, a renewed sense of purpose and a desire to create more new dialects within the musical language Hamilton invented via his use of drop-D tuning. Fans can pre-order the album now which is set to be released on November 10th as CD-Digisleeve, 1LP Black Vinyl and Limited 1LP Transparent Vinyl.


About Helmet:
In the late ‘80s, Helmet’s straightforward hard rock stirred the American underground. The band’s 1989 debut “Strap It On” was bold enough to detonate the minds of hardcore lifers, noise-rock aficionados and metalheads whiplashed by the density of Hamilton’s riffing. Helmet proceeded to take on all comers with their Gold-certified album “Meantime”. The original lineup would excel over the course of 10 years, recording two more albums, 1994’s “Betty” and 1997’s “Aftertaste” before adjourning in 1998. By that time, Hamilton’s aesthetic had rubbed off on many bands from bona fide metal units and the then-burgeoning nu-metal scene. After a few years away, Hamilton reformed the band in 2004 with all new members, recording such reputation-fortifying releases as “Size Matters” (2004), “Monochrome” (2006), “Seeing Eye Dog” (2010) and “Dead To The World” (2016).

Pre Orders Here

Swansea To Hornsey / Available to Pre-Order 
 Due to unprecedented demand TRAMPOLENE (the Welsh group, not the bouncy thing spelled with an ‘i’!) will re-release their classic debut album ‘Swansea To Hornsey’ (Anniversary Edition) on Friday November 17th through Strap Originals.
On the same day singer, guitar slinger and lead Tramp, Jack Jones, will publish his first novel, also entitled ‘Swansea To Hornsey’.

Hello my dear friends,

It’s that time again. Where we put a little something out into the world, and I hope you can join us for the ride.

Swansea To Hornsey Anniversary shows and Album re-release. It’s happening. The album has been going for silly money on eBay & people are always asking for it to be re-pressed…so I thought f**k it, let’s make it happen.

You probably don’t know but I wrote a novel to accompany the album – a tale based on my life growing up in Swansea. This is the album and the book ‘Swansea To Hornsey’ as it should have been. We couldn’t find anyone to publish my book the first time round. I always wanted to give you the ultimate experience of listening to the album & reading my book at the same time – the same thing I have enjoyed with so many artists – Julian Cope & Bob Dylan to name a few.

I was gob smacked when Peter (Doherty) said he loved the book so much he was gonna start a publishing company and put my book into the world, not something you hear every day.

We edited it together as we drove across Europe…getting to know each other even deeper. It was a magical time, and now this all feels like a surreal dream.

The live shows Will be fantastic fun and the first time we’ve got to play the album in full with Mr Williams BACK on the drums, whose work on the album gets clearer, greater and grows with the time.

See you on the road, my friends.
Love you as ever

Tramp. X

Available on Dragon Red, Daffodil Yellow and Common Welsh Green vinyl with signed prints, Signed CD and with limited edition signed Test Pressings, signed original artwork sleeve versions and signed books available.

Pre Order Here

To celebrate the release TRAMPOLENE will be performing three special commemorative shows where they will be  playing the album in it’s entirety. The shows are:


30th Manchester – Night & Day


1st  Cardiff – Clwb Ifor Bach

2nd  London – Omeara

Tickets are on sale at 10am on 30th August from the bands official store https://found.ee/TrampsSWANSEAand fromhttps://www.metropolismusic.com/all-events/trampolene-tickets-ae601452

TRAMPOLENE have been busy this year playing Kendal Calling, Love Trails, Bingley Weekender, Right To Roam, London Calling (Amsterdam) along with playing a sold-out tour (April) and  a tour for Independent Venue Week (February).  In September Trampolene play at Bosfest Burnham-on-sea (1st) and Digbeth – Ciggy Festival (2nd). As previously announced the band playing the following headline shows:


5th Thursday Northampton – The Black Prince

6th Friday Shrewsbury – Albert’s Shed

7th Saturday Grimsby – The Spiders Web

8th Sunday Huddersfield – The Parish

10th Tuesday Tunbridge Wells – The Forum

11th Wednesday Oxford – The Bullingdon

12th Thursday Southampton – Joiners

13th Friday Cambridge – The Six Six Bar

15th Sunday Port Talbot – Plaza

21st Saturday Falmouth – Cornish Bank






Summer season sees a tonne of bands release singles and new videos so this is the second August sitting of the singles club. Boy, what a bunch of firecrackers it is too. Rock n roll – varied but all cutting the mustard.

Pat Todd & The Rank Outsiders / Guerrilla Teens – ‘Exiled In Warsaw (Heavy Medication Records) You wanna know how to hit up a stonking cover version of some pretty sacred tunes then look no further than this split put out by our friends over at Heavy Medication. Man, Pat Todd and his cronies have got a shit load of swing going on as they take on the majestic ‘All Down The Line’ They own it and get down with it and toss it out like an everlasting piece of bubblegum. Bloody fantastic. Then flip over this bad boy and catch the riot on wax that is Guerrilla Teens smashing up ‘Rip This Joint’ pick up a baseball bat turn up the stereo and start swinging. these cats can’t do no wrong boys n girls and this is the freakin bomb – Boom! absolute killer just like Mick n Keef intended it to sound. Buy it!

The Conscience Pilate – ‘Bloom’ (self-release) After a 25-year hiatus, Edward Pond and Neil Leyton decided to reunite and immediately wrote new music over a bottle of Rioja. The result is a stream of singles released in 2023 true to the band’s origins drenched in Rock and Roll with harmony melodies and a cool guitar-driven pop sensible sound. You can tell the band was brought up on classic guitar indie of the 80s like the Psychedelic Furs, Manics, and the Hangover from Hanoi and the Dolls legacy. Keep writing and releasing guys if it’s half as good as what’s already been released I love it. Leyton has not over dozens of releases put a single foot wrong in my humble opinion and that still stands all these decades later. Buy IT! On another day this would hands down win my record of the month.

Bob Vylan – ‘Dream big’ Riding the creast of an impressive wave Bob Vylan delivers another excellent mash up in the shape of Dream Big. Not afraid to step on toes Vylan does what he does on his own terms and does it well with great tunes.

WolfWolf – Live In Spain (Lux Noise Records) Recorded live in Spain ‘Where Is The Werwolf’ featuring the Tukemak Orchestra this latest release from the Swiss due is a horn honking, rock n roling extravaganza. ‘Klaus’ is evoking the ghost of The Cramps as they rock n roll their way through some slick messed up tunes. Wrapping up this three track multi coloured single is the headfuck that is ‘Birdman’ complete with unhinged horns. Love it

The Riptide Rats – ‘Breaker’ Bandcamp Instrumental surfe but I’ll give it a go putely on the strength of it featuring menmbers of CNE & The Lunatones. So, the first offering is ‘Breaker’ lifted from a forthcoming ghost Highway Records Release from The RipTide Rats and on the strength of this one I’m still not sure what to think. Sure it surfy (Swedish Style) and its indeed an instrumental. No lyrics or further details but I’m certainly intrigued and want to hear more so keep those eyes peeled for that full EP release from GHR.

The Drowns/Wonk Unit – Split (Pirates Press) Single of the week and the month no doubt about it. Two absolute bangers on one single. The ties that bind together bands know nothing of national borders or oceans between continents, and for punk bands on tour, these relationships run deep.

The latest addition to American punk band The Drowns (based in Seattle, WA) is guitarist Simon, who played for years with the UK’s Wonk Unit. Simon and his former Wonk Unit bandmate Alex helped book The Drowns on a UK tour, and when both bands met each other in full in London, they weren’t just fast friends, but like family.

On this release, each band contributes one brand new song. The Drowns, armed with their sharp rock ‘n roll sound, set their sights on a protest song about the state of the US in recent years, aptly titled “The Beast,” while Wonk Unit opt for more personal territory with “Rebecca,” which deals with issues related to substance abuse, personal responsibility, and mental health. As you’d expect, another killer track from the Wonk camp. Two superb song from two awesome bands.

Lothario – ‘Drunk Fuck / Black Hair’ (Goodbye Boozy Records) Rough and ready DIY punk rock on 7″ wax just as it should be with a throbbing bass line being a constant throughout holding the wirey guitar fuzz together whilst Annaliese Redlich does her thing and does it well. the B side is less in your face and a little more subdued more joy division if I’m honest. I love the groove and feel of the song catchy. There’s a dash of Miscalculations going on as well and Annaliese could easily be Marcos’s sister from another mister no doubt about it. Good single.

Phantom Bay – ‘Airtight’ (KROD Records) Hardcore punk hailing from Germany release uncompromising post-punk thumper ‘Airtight’. They made their UK stage debut in Manchester this past Spring This will see the band release their debut EP in September. One to watch out for no question.

Gee Tee – ‘Atomic EP’ ( Limited Repress 7″) (Goodbye Boozy Records) Another Goodbye Boozy Records release is the highly addictive Bontempi organ driven punk/New Wave from Gee Tee Sydney’s leading Gas Station Rock band aparently but I doub’t they have a great deal of competition for the accolade. A fantastic catchy four track EP with ‘Atomic’ being the pick of the pops with its 70s meets 80s throb does it for me every time. catchy as service station food poisoning.

The Chuck Norris Experiment – ‘Bats’ (Ghost Highway Records) This is the first release from the upcoming The Chuck Norris Experiment “Bats!” E.P featuring Jake Starr (Adam West). “In The Doorway” was originaly recorded by the Misfits, and has since then been a favourite in both the CNE & Starr camp.

They started talking about doing something together with Jake about 25 years ago, and finally, it happened and by the sounds of it they had some fun together and can’t wait for the full GHR release. This take on The Misfits is a killer rendition from the hypnotic riff to the vocal delivery I never knew the Misfits could sound so good.

The 7″ E.P will be released in September by Spanish label Ghost Highway Recordings, and will be available in a few different vinyl colors and limited editions. Yeah, you know the drill.

Noise – ‘Victor’ debut ‘Not Until Tomorrow Night EP’ which will be released on 22 September. ‘Victor’ is the lead track and the accompanying video is here. With a fair wind these Glasweigans can make a dent in this business on this evidence.

With its jarring rhythm and off-kilter melody it draws you in and takes you on a journey with the band that is enjoyable as it barbs your skin leaving wonderful earbombs as it ebbs and flows. One to look out for no question.

Aborted Tortoise / Ghoulies ‘EURO-TOUR 2023 SPLIT’ (Goodbye Boozy Records) Making it a glorious hattrick for Goodbye Boozy this special split EP has two track from each and both are varying speeds of snotty DIY punk rock. Ghoulies opener has a wasp buzzing keyboard over the garage dust up that adds that little extra to proceedings bu tthats not to say Aborted Tortoise dont bring anything to the table because they do in the shape of ‘Smart Home’ intro sounding like prime time PAvement bu tafter the stick clicks they speed of in another direction. If you’re in or around mainland Europe get involved and check em out everywhere other than the UK better known as Shit Island it would seem, shame.

Those Bastard boys have had a busy summer. Gigs supporting Guns N Roses in Europe, countless festivals including Hellfest, Wacken Open Air, Graspop Metal Meeting to name but a few. It’s been amazing seeing the constant and well-deserved upward trajectory of the band. They really know how to keep their rabid fan base happy and are one of the hardest working bands out there.

September 2023 sees the release of their third studio album – ‘Kings of the Asylum’. The album is the first studio release with frontman Joel Peters, so no pressure there Joel! The album was recorded at their own Stompbox Studio and production was handled again by Todd Campbell. I’ve been eager to hear the album after the winning combo of the two pre released singles/videos – ‘Schizophrenia’ and ‘Hammer and Dance’. Just hearing that bass rumble from Tyla Campbell gives me goosebumps. The Motorhead influence is never far away, but the band have done a fine job of remaining on the cutting edge of modern hard rock at the same time.

The album (literally) kicks off with ‘Walking in Circles’, an up-tempo beast with another catchy Bastard chorus. We needn’t have been concerned about Joel Peters stepping up to the mark, he’s on fire throughout the record. I feel that what we have here is the definitive version of the band, they really are the full package now. Just watch them climb even higher than the dizzy heights they have already achieved.

Next up we have ‘Too Much is Never Enough’, another full-on rocker with drummer Dane Campbell whacking up a storm. The rock n roll lifestyle lyrics fit the song perfectly. ‘Strike the Match’ has an AC/DC vibe to it’s nod along opening bars before getting into more familiar territory with more chugging riffs. The album’s title track swaggers along nicely with some great guitar work. ‘The Hunt’ screams Motorhead, you can almost hear Lemmy in some of Peter’s phrasing. Some tasty double bass licks from Dane elevate the track nicely. ‘Show No Mercy’ has another barnstorming chorus that sticks in your head long after listening, the hallmark of any great tune!

No Guts! No Glory!’ again highlights the guitar prowess of the Lord Axsmith himself and Todd Campbell. They work together gloriously! My favourite song on the album is ‘Ghosts’, by far the most commercial track on the album, it will sound fantastic live. ‘Maniac’ closes the album with a rock n roll boogie and manages to get the word gobshite in the lyrics! Brilliant!

Kings of the Asylum’ is the bands best album to date, FACT! Superb performances, production values, and fantastic artwork make it one of 2023’s highlights. Keep ‘em coming lads. The album is released on Sep 1st 2023 on Nuclear Blast records and is available on CD, several vinyl variations, cassette, and there are bundles to pre order here

Or Amazon Here

Author: Kenny Kendrick

Hands down one of my favourite bands over the last few years who peddle this Punk n Roll thang mashing up snotty punk rock with a more Glamorous edge much like prime time Hanoi Rocks or Lords Of The New Church who have found their spiritual home and solid label with a magnificent roster and pedigree and have delved into the band’s back catalogue to remaster and reissue their debut EP.

Originally on Virginia’s Cricket Cemetery Records, it’s been out of print for almost ever and when copies become available they cost a small fortune so it’s brilliant to see this fantastic EP get a new lease of life and a much-needed rebirth on Spaghetty Town Records as well as a digital release.

The current six-stringer in the band Matt Gabbs originally produced this collection of tunes way before joining the ranks and a sterling job he did too. It’s six tracks of uncompromising catchy snotty punk rock n roll and right from the off you know what you’re getting with the call to arms of ‘Cold Heat’ with its Heartbreakers meets Hanoi riff n roll it’s fast, furious, and fun. Crack open a cold one and let’s get this party started.

Imagine the UK Subs covering early Kiss. ‘Night Creeps’ carries on the furious pace but has the catchy chorus driven by the most excellent drumming thats furiously pouring petrol on the fire in the engine room. ‘Living In Oblivion’ the title track is a rampant beast thats all flashbombs and fury windmilling through your speakers as it careers almost out of control but held together nicely by the captain Hagen who steers the good ship Ravagers through some tasty choppy waters.

My favourite track on the album is the stunning ‘Pretty Sure’ thats got some Hanoi Rocks chops coursing through its DNA. This could easily have fallen off ‘Mystery City’. Sure it might not be that good but it comes pretty damn close and the lick after the solo is McCoy and Suicide inspired and not many bands have come that close in years.

The smoldering ‘Shes A Spy’ is a more measured song with a great rhythm in the verses, it has a real menace about it and a stinking attitude that says in big fuck off neon lights that this band is the real deal and you should get on board asap. They wear their heart on their ripped sleeve and ooze class.

The EP Closes with the rampant ‘Suicide Bomber’ sub-three minutes of pure snotty punk rock n roll. whilst it may only be six songs long, it is a fine document of what came before the full length album ‘Badlands’, another awesome EP in between and this being the starting point.

A monster European tour earlier this year lit a fire in the band and hopefully, we won’t have to wait too long for another slab of wax pumping out some more Rock n Roll from these guys. ‘Livin In Oblivion’ deserves your attention, and if you have a beating Punk n Roll heart then this should be on your most wanted list. Don’t pass up this opportunity to get on the Ravagers train because this is where it all began. Take my advice because this is a must-buy record!

Buy Here

Author: Dom Daley

Album number 740 from Mr. Cooper kicks off in style with ‘I’m Alice’ and the first single lifted from the album. To be fair to Alice, he’s reinvented himself throughout his career with a shift to the left and a shuffle to the right but at the core, he’s always been a rock n rolla. His dalliance with sleazy glam rock in the 80s brought him back to the masses but the music didn’t hit the heights of his 70s pomp when he released the classic albums tinged with glam and garage rock namely Killers and Schools Out culminating in the classic welcome to my nightmare.

To be fair to the Coop he’s always pumped out albums every couple of years at least and over the last decade or so he took an introspective glance and returned to his garage roots churning out some very impressive albums.

Seemingly always on the road, it makes sense to get an album called The Road featuring his trusty band. Whilst this might not be as loyal to those garage roots and a heavier harder rockin’ record it has moments of pure Alice Cooper joy as well as the huge vaudeville moments. Also ends with a fairly decent take on the classic magic bus.

‘I’m Alice’ begins with the harmonising guitars before Alice croons in. Delivering a really good vocal for a solid opener. But these days it takes a while to get comfortable when playing albums from top to bottom. With a cheeky wink ‘I’m Alice’ sets the scene with the gang harmonised vocals and spoke verses it’s a bit of Alice from across the decades.

‘Welcome To The Show’ begins with the guitars during it out before the rhythm section puts the pedal to the metal and races off. Good energy and one no doubt aimed at the live setting.

‘All Over The World’ has a cool swaggering intro and some good harmonies setting the tone as Alice leads the band through the best song of the opening trio. Seemingly content with where he’s at these days Alice stays within his comfort zone and the horn stabs add a different variety to the harder rock edges it’s much better than the hard rock workout that is ‘Dead Done Dance’. The Zac Wyldd tone doesn’t help.

‘Go Away’ sets off at a rapid pace and Alice noticeably sings really well. The slide guitar work works really well here. When Alice does heavy I can take it or leave it  usually but at times it works really well. ‘White Line Frankenstein’ again messes with his tried and trusted touring lyrics and horror fascination all in one tune. The riff is loud n dirty and works well. Good song.

‘Big Boots’ with the added piano chops and funky bass line is where the album gets going. Alice playing some old-school garage rock ‘n’n roll is where he excels for me this past few years. The vocal delivery is spot on and his storytelling qualities step to the fore. The highlight so far no question.

‘Rules Of The Road’ is yet more shuffle in a shit house garage rock n roll where Alice borrows the DNA of milk and alcohol and rocks it up with some pretty sweet guitar noodling to please the guitar fans out there. Reminds me a bit of hanoi rocks on their CBS ‘Two Steps’ album the DNA thread is also in there folks trust me.

‘The Big Goodbye’ is another of the heavy tracks on offer but has a decent melody and the chorus is really good. With thirteen tracks on offer even if one is a cover albeit a decent take on a classic, Cooper’s creative juices continue to flow and all power to him for that. ‘Road Rats Forever’ harks back to his 70s prime and is another of the album’s best moments as he looks in the rearview mirror but with a modern twist.

If your wondering where the Alice Cooper power ballad might be on this record then you win no prize for looking through the song titles and picking out ‘Baby Please Don’t Go’ and to be fair this one is pretty decent with a great vocal and I like the acoustic strum with the rhythm section kicking back. One of his better power ballads to be fair.

As we head for the final destination we have one pre-pit stop workout in the shape of ‘100 More Miles’ and Alice gets all creepy crawly for his Tom Waits intro and rock out mixing classic 70s Coop into the 21st century before kicking out the jams with a trip home on ‘The Magic Bus’ as he pays tribute to one of his favourite bands and prob fav tune.  All in all a decent album. with some really good songs for Alice Cooper as he goes from tour to album to tour to album and shows no sign of slowing down and all power to him I hope there’s plenty more in the tank he puts bands half his age to shame with his work rate and quality. Long live the Coop and all who ride with him.

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(Atlanta, GA) Has it been 10 years of Ravagers already?!  Those rabid Baltimore rockers are back with a 10 year anniversary release of their debut EP “Livin In Oblivion”.  Originally pressed in 2013 on Virginia’s Cricket Cemetery Records, “Living In Oblivion” has been long out of print and we all agreed it needed to be back out there.  No more paying exorbitant discogs prices anymore.  Also, this EP has some Ravagers classics, that are also live staples, like “Suicide Bomber” and “Cold Heat”.  These tracks set the tone for Ravagers follow up releases “Natural Instinct” (2015) and “Badlands” (2022).

“Livin In Oblivion” was produced in 2013 by longtime friend of the band and guitarist Matt Gabs (Biters/Fishnet Stalkers), who later joins the Ravagers, first appearing on their latest release “Badlands” (2022).  The 2023 release comes with original art and insert.  It was also remixed and remastered by “Badlands” producer Dan Dixon.  The vinyl is available now in the US from Spaghetty Town Records and is available on all major streaming and download outlets.

Ravagers “Livin In Oblivion” 2023 Bandcamp
Ravagers Spotify

Strap yourselves in motherfuckers because Graveripper are unleashing Holy Hell and all that is dark, thrashing, and evil upon us. I think I was guided by dark unspeakable forces when writing the review for this OTT slab of metal thrashing madness. Part old school Thrash part Black metal, Whatever it is it’s unashamed Black/thrash all the way from Indianapolis, Indiana, Hell Hole central it would seem.

Back in 2021, Wise Blood turned summer into a nuclear winter when they released “Radiated Remains,” the first EP from GRAVERIPPER. Two summers later, they return with their debut LP of crypt-crushing black thrash, ‘Seasons Dreaming Death’.

“Radiated Remains” (mastered by Toxic Holocaust’s Joel Grind) introduced a band fusing thrash and black metal with evil vocals the thrashing speed and pit-stirring beats would be a speeding violation on any continent let alone their hometown. From the first vicious riff of lead single ‘Into the Grave,’ ‘Seasons Dreaming Death’ launches a bone-crushing, face-melting metallic 33-minute of uncompromising metal assault. Faster. Heavier. Catchier. More moshable despite the emphasis on blackened melody and solos. Graveripper takes no prisoners and compromises for nobody.

“Refined Expansion,” Parks describes. “Double down on what resonates with us, but also introduce some new arrangements, ideas, themes, and influences. With this being a full-length record there was a lot more room to do that. We introduced more Teutonic thrash worship that teeters on the line of death metal. We also took this as an opportunity to prove we can really play some straightforward malicious black metal riffing as well. All while keeping the overall sonic goal of sewing black and thrash together in our own unique ratio.”

Of all things unholy you need this in your blackened collection. Buy steal or borrow (and never return it obviously) this played suitably loud is one Hell of a racket, full of chest-beating, confident, black thrash, and done as well as anyone could imagine. Not to be confused with Hellripper from this side of the pond but equally impressive tunes and the artwork is something else, simply superb.

“[The album title] is my take on Halloween/Samhain,” Parks confirms, “the day of the year where the veil between the world of the living and the world of the dead is the thinnest.” Evil fucker I say buy it and at least keep him happy so he doesn’t unleash the horses of the apocalypse upon us. Thrash or die motherfuckers thrash or die!

Buy Here

Author: Dom ‘Demonic’ Daley