Well, discussion one went yesterday and this wraps up our brief chats with the writers of RPM Online. Drop in on the chatter between Gordy, Martin, Ben, Nev John & Dom as they discuss what records shaped their 2023 and what live shows they took in as well as what they might be looking forward to in 2024

As 2023 draws to a shuddering halt the writers here at RPMHQ got together from their bases around the globe to offer up some suggestions as to what has shaped their playlists for 2023 and also the shows that left impressions on this fine body of men.

The podcast was done in two sittings with four of the handsome beasts sitting in for the first episode and five sitting in on the second. Without any spoilers hit the link and sit back – relax and pour a cold one as the RPM Online mob dishes the dirt on what’s hot in 2023. The first episode of the “Best of” features a motley crew of Kenny who also does a roaring trade in second-hand and new vinyl from his vinyl vault. Craggy from Brno also fronts the most excellent Craggy Collyde who released their debut album in 2023.

Sadly the internet gremlins got hold of the opening exchange where Kenny gave his favourite albums of 2023 which also included the latest Metallica album Thankfully the mercy of the UK internet didn’t take more of the exchange but I’m sure you’ll join me in thanking this bunch for their input in the last twelve months and it’s a pleasure to edit their contribution to RPM Online seeing as they all know their shit when it comes to music. So Thanks Kenny, Craggy, Dan & Gerald for your contributions thus far, and here’s to an even better 2024. Enjoy checking out their bands, fav records and what live shows they check into, and keep on contributing to the revolution because music goes round and round in this broad church.

With a few live shows set for early 2024, we interviewed the band back in the summer and kept it until now closer to the shows to whet your appetite for what’s to come in 2024. Get your pancake 13 corpsepaint on and paint those nails black. As the dry ice wafts under the door ladies and gentlemen the finest modern Goth band currently making records are in the house and the best way to bring the curtain down on 2023. Ladies & Gentlemen we bring you…Then Comes Silence

Can you take us back to the beginning of the band? Where did it start and what was it like playing the kind of music you do, was there a supportive scene back home?


The band was formed in 2012 and released its debut album the same year, a slightly forgotten record these days. We don’t play any of the songs from that album live. In the beginning, the music was more noise rock-ish with a lot of psych influences. The sound was gritty and more doomy than gloomy. The scene wasn’t big up here. If it hadn’t been for the Germans who started embracing us in 2015 we probably would have broken up the band.


I joined the band 2015, after the release of Nyctophilian. The scene in Stockholm is relatively small but supportive for sure. I remember very well when we recorded the music video for Strangers at a live show in Stockholm. Good times!

The band has evolved over the years and had several line-up changes or additions to the band. Did you feel it needed to grow to get the sounds you wanted?


The sound is constantly evolving, it would be boring otherwise. The changes in our lineup did not have anything to do with the sound, but It had an impact on it later on. Different people, with different ideas and musical backgrounds. It’s a part of the growing process I guess.

During lockdown, you did a series of eps with some exceptional covers. How did you choose what to record and is there a particular favourite looking back? I love your Lords cover do you think the eps will ever get a vinyl pressing? Did the lockdowns help your writing or was the isolation a hindrance you appeared to adapt really well to working in a new way.


Our tour for ‘Machine’ was canceled because of the lockdowns, it was way too early to start working on a new album, and with nothing else to do, we started to make some covers, just for fun. It turned out good so we released them on digital platforms. We basically chose songs we liked, and that we thought would be interesting to make our version of.


We decided quite early to not let the lockdown stop us. We had a new album out and had to find a way to promote it. The live streams turned out to be our salvation. The EPs go hand in hand with the rest of the situation around the lockdowns and restrictions. The tours were constantly being postponed so we came up with the idea of making a digital project. It was some kind of way to improve the songwriting for the band. A study of other people’s music.

You have a tonne of videos on the Internet. Do you enjoy the process of making music videos? How important to the band are the accompanying videos?

pic by Jonas Fransson


It’s a lot of work, but fun indeed. Visuals are very important for spreading the songs.


I don’t think making videos is something very enjoyable, but they are very important. For me music is very visual, I need to see how the band looks, and if I don’t like it, probably i’ll never enjoy their music. Also, a music video is like a mini movie that takes you into the band’s world, to me it’s a much more complete experience that just listening to the record. I mean, when you go to a concert, you don’t close your eyes, right?

You’ve been touring pretty solidly since lockdown was lifted. How do audiences differ from say the UK to the USA to Europe? Is the scene stronger in certain countries?


We’ve experienced an exciting and growing goth scene in the US. I hope it spills over to the EU and the UK.


The scene in Europe is very supportive and awesome, but it needs new blood or it will be gone in 20 years. When we toured in USA with Vision Video we got to experience a young and hungry crowd of baby bats. I hope we can have the same in Europe soon.

As far as songwriting goes how is that split between the band? Do you write all the time or just in the lead-up to recording an album?


I basically make music all the time. I bring my “book of lyrics” everywhere I go and the gear is always set up for recording back home in my writing studio.


Alex writes the songs, and we make the finishing arrangements and touches together.

You’ve been going over a decade and have released records solidly over that period. The sound has evolved through each record do you think you have settled on the definitive “Then Comes Silence” sound now?


No, as stated in the previous question, that would be boring. TCS will always be and sound like TCS, but it’s fun to try new things and we can’t make the same albums over and over again.


The sound has to change because we constantly change a bit as people. The places we go to and stay in change a lot too. The music is an expression of the world we live in.

You’ve announced some UK shows for 2024 is it more difficult to come here since Brexit compared to getting into the States or playing mainland Europe?


Of course, it’s more difficult to tour in the UK since Brexit. That’s the reason why many bands don’t tour in the UK anymore. It’s not like they don’t want to go, it’s Brexit that doesn’t make it easy. We’re making four shows in the next round, but we would like to make many more. About the States, it has always been difficult and expensive to tour there for us, even more than in the post-brexit UK.

Will there be a new album by the time you hit the UK?


We’re working on new music as we speak, but it won’t be released until later unfortunately, but who knows… if we’re lucky and finish in time we might have a single for the UK in January.

Where will people get the best of Then Comes Silence live or on record where are you most comfortable? Studio or live.


I believe we’re fine in both situations, but we prefer live.

The artwork is very striking on all the albums is the visual side of your art something you enjoy creating?


I’m quite privileged and know how to work with ink and paper, so we have to use that for the band. It’s complementary to the band’s music. Jonas has a great eye for graphics and design so nothing passes without his approval.


Yes, everything is connected. The music, the videos, the artwork. We enjoy creating.
Alex is a talented illustrator and I have a background as a graphical designer/artworker, and am also a hobby photographer. Alex is the nonstop working mastermind, full of ideas, and me and Hugo are doing our best to keep up

UK Tour 2024

Website / Facebook

Homage to the legacy of Tony Slug (1963-2023) – first single out now, feat. members of Temple Fang, Peter Pan Speedrock & The Spades

We are excited to present the first single of the all-star album by Dutch rock’n’roll pioneer Tony Slug, featuring members of Temple Fang, Peter Pan Speedrock and The Spades.

Taken from the forthcoming self-titled album, to be released 22/03/2024 by Suburban Records, Wap Shoo Wap & Alternative Tentacles, the album is an adequate homage to Tony’s legend. Featuring over 30 players/writers, including Jello Biafra (Dead Kennedys), Jennifer Finch (L7), Nicke Andersson (The Hellacopters), Jerry A. (Poison Idea), Happy Tom (Turbonegro), and many more! 

And this is what we know: Tony Slug is hands-down plain & simp the most bad-ass rock’n’roller to ever emerge from the European Continent” — Happy Tom, Turbonegro

As you should know, Tony Slug has been shaking the earth with his riff-driven punk rock since ‘78. He has tirelessly toured with his bands BGK, Loveslug, The Nitwitz, and The Hydromatics. Throughout these crusades, Tony has built a vast network of friends in every corner of DIY rock’n’roll. As a tribute to his legacy, this international group of friends has contributed to what would unfortunately become his final record; right after all recordings were on tape, Tony died at the age of 60 after a brief battle with cancer.

Today, we are proud to present the album’s first single: “Wreckerball. Intertwining mythology with heartfelt contemplations and guitar riffs on life and mortality, Wreckerball encourages listeners to connect with The Tony Slug Experience. Featuring Tony Slug on guitar, Jevin de Groot (Temple Fang) on vocals, Bart Geevers (Peter Pan Speedrock, Speedmobile) on bass, Ries Doms (The Kik, The Sha-La-Lee’s) on drums, and additional vocals by (producer) Steven van der Werff.

The lyric idea was based on the notion that Tony may not be around for much longer… I made up a semi-fictitious character who builds a spaceship out of an old wreckerball and flies around ridding the planet of unwanted non-rock related humans and things. Based on the idea that death brings life and it’s an inevitable part of living… sacrifice, alchemy, destruction and rebirth. Like the mythology of Shiva, Mahadeva: he creates, destroys and sustains.” – Jevin de Groot

More than just an album, this release is a testament to years of enduring friendship, encapsulating the musical artistry and camaraderie that define The Tony Slug Experience. Created with love and shared history, it pays homage to the legacy of Tony Slug.

The Tony Slug Experience album will be released on 22/03/2024 (Suburban Records, Wap Shoo Wap, Alternative Tentacles). The record comes in a gatefold sleeve with a foreword by Turbonegro’s Happy Tom, accompanied by a fanzine-sized biography. Choose between the classic 180g Black Vinyl or 180g Chilli Whacker Red vinyl edition. 

Pre-order: https://suburban.nl/product/the-tony-slug-experience/ 







Following a fantastic 2023 where West Yorkshire, Keighley-bred ska punk icons Random Hand celebrated their 20th anniversary as a band with a chart topping new self-titled album for Bomber Music, and a sold-out HandFest at The Dome in North London, the band are primmed to hit 2024 with two more huge HandFest events in both London and Leeds.

First up, the Leeds HandFest is confirmed to take place at the Brudenell Social Club over three days on the 23rd-25th August 2024. Three days, two stages, no clashes, over thirty bands. Weekend tickets £58.

London HandFest will follow over two days on the 20th – 21st of September 2024 at The Dome & Boston Music Room in Tufnell Park, North London with over twenty bands. Weekend tickets £50.

“After the all-round success of the first HandFest, it seemed rude not to do it again,” state the band.
“More bands, more fun! That’s the way it works, right? The weekend will feature two Random Hand sets. For the first set Random Hand will be performing their debut album ‘CHANGE OF PLAN’ in FULL! The second set will be a full banger, spanning the whole career. Expect the cream of the crop from the UK punk & Ska scene, and maybe some other surprises! Keep your eyes peeled for lineup announcements!”

Leeds HandFest tickets available HERE:

London HandFest tickets available HERE:

Whet your appetites by watching the highlight reels from this year’s HandFest events at both London HERE and Leeds HERE.

Random Hand are:

Robin Leitch – Vocals & Trombone

Joe Tilston – Bass

Dan Walsh – Guitar

Sean Howe – Drums

Find Random Hand online:






On 17th May Ferocious Dog proudly release their brand new studio album, ‘Kleptocracy’, on Graphite Records. Kleptocracy, features 12 songs and will be available on CD, Deluxe CD (with 4 bonus songs), transparent red vinyl (exclusive from the band’s website), clear vinyl and all digital platforms.

Kleptocracy, delves into themes of societal injustices and the enduring struggle against exploitation, echoing the band’s commitment to shedding light on the issues plaguing Broken Britain and our world today.

In typical Ferocious Dog fashion the album is a mix up of all sorts of genres! To name a few of the influences that appear: Celtic folk, gypsy folk, blues, dissident folk, pop punk, full on hardcore punk, and straight up rock. However, despite the many styles, primarily this album in particular goes back to a more classic folk punk sound.” – Ferocious Dog.

Kleptocracy is the follow up to The Hope which debuted at Number One on the Official UK & Ireland Folk Album Charts  and entered the National Album charts at Number 31.

With a righteous anger and a brand new line-up, Ferocious Dog “didn’t want this album to sound just like The Hope or previous albums, we wanted to put our own stamp on it. So even though this album has the same undercurrent as all Ferocious Dog albums, it is faster, more rocky and a closer reflection of our live shows. It has been a great venture all working together on this album amidst all the shows and tours.” 

Thought provoking and politically charged, Ferocious Dog seem to have the knack of evolving their dynamic and eclectic music, without losing any of the sound or attitude that made you fall in love with them in the first place. 

To preorder Kleptocracy go to: https://linktr.ee/FerociousDog

To celebrate the release of Kleptocracy, Ferocious Dog have announced 14 headline shows and two festival appearances; Stone Valley South and the Bearded Theory. The Kleptocracy tour starts on May 17th  at the legendary 100 Club in London, includes the Nottingham Rock City on 18th  May, before concluding at the Blackpool Tower on 9th  June. 

“These performances aren’t just about the music; they’re a rallying cry for change, a space to unite and amplify voices against corruption and injustice.” 

Tickets for the tour  can be ordered here: https://ferocious-dog.co.uk/live-events/

Ferocious Dog 2024 Kelptrocarcy tour dates:


Fri 17th 100 Club  London 

Sat 18th Rock City  Nottingham 

Sun  19th The Globe  Cardiff

Mon 20th Phoenix  Exeter

Tue 21st Chalk  Brighton  

Wed 22ndBooking Hall Dover

Thu 23rd Mash  Cambridge

Fri 24th Nightrain  Bradford 

Sat  25th Stone Valley South Hertfordshire

Sun 26th Bearded Theory  Derbyshire  

Fri 31st MK11 Milton Keynes 


Sat 1st Guildhall  Gloucester

Sun 2nd The Drill Lincoln

Fri  7th The Georgian Theatre  Stockton-on-tees 

Sat 8th Old Fire Station Carlisle

Sun  9th Blackpool Tower Blackpool 

Before 2023 closes and we welcome in 2024 and everything that brings there are a few special episodes of the podcast to deal with. Firstly there is the small matter of the final regular podcast featuring brand new tracks from Hard-Ons, Neil Leyton, The Chisel and Chuck Norris Experiment there is a brand new one for the season from Naked Giants as well as some classic from The Almighty and The Saints.

Coming over the next week there are a few special episodes where the team at RPM Online got together from around the globe to discuss their favourite live shows they caught in 2023 as well as reveal their personal choices for albums you should be listening to that were released in 2023. But until then to tide you over with some of the best new music heres a link to Episode 12…Enjoy!

In a thrilling announcement for rock and metal fans, the legendary bands VOÏVOD and PRONG are delighted to confirm their much-anticipated co-headline tour, set to take place in 2024. This tour marks a reunion of sorts for the two bands, who have long admired each other’s work and have been eagerly awaiting the opportunity to hit the road together once again.

The decision to embark on this tour was an easy one for both bands, united by their fresh and acclaimed new records. VOÏVOD, the Canadian heavy metal connoisseurs, recently released their latest album, Morgoth Tales, under the banners of Century Media, The Orchard, and Sony Music. This record is a testament to their enduring impact in the metal scene, showcasing their evolution and prowess.

Furthermore, Voïvod’s 2022 release, Synchro Anarchy, has garnered significant acclaim, winning the 2023 Juno Award for Best Hard Rock/Metal Album in Canada. This recognition is a clear indicator of Voïvod’s undiminished skill and relevance in the genre.

The upcoming tour promises to be an exhilarating experience, as both VOÏVOD and PRONG are known for their dynamic and powerful live performances. Fans can expect a blend of new hits and classic favorites, delivered with the raw energy and passion that both bands are renowned for.

VOÏVOD and PRONG Full Dates:
Wed 2/28/24 – Columbus, OH – King of Clubs
Thu 2/29/24 – Milwaukie, WI – The Rave
Fri 3/1/24 – Minneapolis, MN – Varsity Theater
Sat 3/2/24 – Kansas City, MO – recordBar
Sun 3/3/24 – Denver, CO – Oriental Theater
Mon 3/4/24 – South Salt Lake, UT – The Commonwealth Room
Wed 3/6/24 – Vancouver, BC – Commodore Ballroom
Thu 3/7/24 – Seattle, WA – El Corazon
Fri 3/8/24 – Eugene, OR – John Henry’s
Sat 3/9/24 – Berkeley, CA – The UC Theatre
Sun 3/10/24 – Los Angeles, CA – The Fonda Theatre
Tue 3/12/24 – San Diego, CA – Brick by Brick
Wed 3/13/24 – Phoenix, AZ – The Van Buren
Fri 3/15/24 – Dallas, TX – Granada Theater
Sat 3/16/24 – Oklahoma City, OK – Diamond Ballroom
Sun 3/17/24 – St. Louis, MO – The Golden Record
Wed 3/20/24 – Chicago, IL – Thalia Hall 
Thu 3/21/24 – Fort Wayne, IN – Piere’s Entertainment Center
Fri 3/22/24 – Knoxville, TN – The Concourse
Sun 3/24/24 – Stroudsburg, PA – Sherman Theater

And more international dates to be announced soon…

VOÏVOD online:

A gorgeous new film clip has been unveiled for ‘Secret Fires’ recorded for The Jeffrey Lee Pierce Sessions Project and performed by alternative artist Suzie Stapleton and blues multi-instrumentalist Duke Garwood.

The song was originally released by The Gun Club on The Las Vegas Story and is one of the more delicate moments from ‘The Task Has Overwhelmed Us’, the fourth volume in The Jeffrey Lee Pierce Sessions Project series which was released on September 29th via Glitterhouse Records. Overseen by producer Cypress Grove, the project presents stellar interpretations of tracks from Pierce’s Gun Club and solo canons along with fresh works constructed from rehearsal skeletons, and previously unheard lyrics.

This interpretation of ‘Secret Fires’ showcases some of Pierce’s most beguiling lyrics and sees Stapleton at her enchanting best with the deft touch of Garwood enhancing the performance on both lead nylon string and slide guitar. The combination will no doubt intrigue fans of both artists and adds to the many interesting collaborations the project has spawned – Nick Cave duetting with Debbie Harry, Lydia Lunch crawling over a desolate sonic landscape imagined by Jim Jarmusch and Josef van Wissem, and the
full of sensory assault of Peter Hayes and Leah Shapiro of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club joining forces with Humanist to name a few. Other contributors on this volume include Warren Ellis, Mark Lanegan, Mark Stewart, Alejandro Escovedo, Mick Harvey, Jim Jones, The Coathangers and many more.

Stapleton also had a hand in several other tracks on the record, including producing and performing with Dave Gahan of Depeche Mode on the album’s stunning opener; a gospel-infused, piano led cover of ‘Mother of Earth’. Stapleton invited Gahan to take part in the project after he purchased a copy of her album ‘We Are The Plague’.

Stapleton explains, “I’d been playing around with an arrangement of ‘Mother Of Earth’ in my home studio. When I emailed Dave it was not long before the Soulsavers cover record ‘Imposter’ was due to be released and he mentioned that at some point he’d also been playing around with a version of ‘Mother Of Earth’ which didn’t make it onto that album. That was too much of a coincidence to let slide, so I showed him my arrangement and asked if he’d like to sing on it and, much to my delight, he agreed.”
Gahan says, “I imagined a gunslinging version of it where I played the guitar, so when Suzie and I joined forces, it really worked out and we were able to build this beautiful song. It was great to work with Suzie, she’s so good at what she does.”

This collaboration lead to an invite to open for Depeche Mode during the Memento Mori World Tour in 2024. Stapleton will be joining the tour with her band for a run of arena dates in Spain, France, Germany, and Portugal. See full dates below. You can also catch Duke Garwood playing live in London on January 11th, 2024 at The Victoria, Dalston.

3rd Accor Arena PARIS, FR
5th Accor Arena PARIS, FR
7th Olympiahalle MUNICH, DE
12th WiZink Center MADRID, ES
14th WiZink Center MADRID, ES
16th Palau Sant Jordi BARCELONA, ES
19th Altice Arena LISBON, PT
21st Bizkaia Arena BILBAO, ES
For more information visit www.suziestapleton.com
Order the album on CD / LP / digital / via https://linktr.ee/jlpsessionsproject
The Jeffrey Lee Pierce Sessions Project: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube

Stream/download the single: https://orcd.co/shake_it_off

Los Angeles, CA – Dynamic garage rock duo The Courettes are set to electrify audiences with their latest single, a bold and vibrant cover of Taylor Swift’s hit “Shake It Off.” Infused with the spirit of rock n’ roll and the timeless allure of a Phil Spector production, The Courettes’ rendition brings a fresh and invigorating twist to Swift’s chart-topping anthem.

Known for their high-energy performances and infectious sound, The Courettes, comprised of vocalist/guitarist Flavia Couri and drummer Martin Couri, have crafted a unique sonic identity that seamlessly blends the energy of garage rock with the classic vibes of ’60s rock n’ roll.

The decision to tackle Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” was a deliberate choice by The Courettes, aiming to showcase their versatility and pay homage to a modern pop sensation in a style that harkens back to the golden age of rock music. The result is a spirited, guitar-driven interpretation that captures the essence of a Phil Spector Wall of Sound production, transporting listeners to a bygone era while maintaining a contemporary edge.