Hard Rocking – Freewheeling mofos from Norway not so much reinventing the wheel, rather they’re jacking the fucker up and filling the tank with plenty of rocket fuel and strapping themselves in for a rip-snorting rocket ride in the time-honoured tradition handed down to them by the likes of fellow Norwegians Captain Poon and his Gluecifer bandmates.


The second ‘Autobahn Outlaws’ hits your speakers you know what you’re in for.  It’s fast n furious and cool as fuck. Hold on though because ‘Go!, Go!, Go!’ is harder and faster and with a bit more grunt in the tank.  Like a fuckin huge wrecking ball thundering out of your speakers it’s right on the money and a beautiful noise.


It’s dished up via ten thunderous muscle car slabs of RnR and if you want to call it Action Rock then that’s what it is.  Hard as nails and uncompromising.  Really phat sounding record with plenty of punch in the rhythm section to shove it on down the line towards some monster riffs and solos to boot.  ‘Last Dollar’ is a great example from the screaming solo to the thumping bass and drum run down its beefy as fuck!


The billy big balls tunes come thick and fast as ‘Booze, Gambling & Hotrods’ will testify. Sindre Gasöline has a fair set of pipes at his disposal that compliment the tunes perfectly melodic yet the required amount of gravel and grunt these songs require.  These guys sure lean heavily on the grease and wheels side of Rock and Roll with titles suitably named ‘Speed Freaks’, ‘Demolition Derby’ and ‘Fireball Garage’.  The passion is relentless as is the need to Rock out right to the very last vapour of fuel is drained from their tanks. that is until they reach the foot-stomping Blues of the last number ‘whiskey Blues’ because when these boys aren’t revving their engines their drinking their liquor and being responsible I’m sure but hold on the whiskey is taking effect and they’re off on one again but I like it as they rinse every last drop of Rock out of their instruments before they’re done which is as it should be.  All hail the Gasölines – Horns aloft and Rock on brothers and sisters,  if you can indeed keep up that is.


Instagram: @thegasolines

Author: Dom Daley

Poison Boys – ‘Little Speedway Girl’ (Riot Records) gang vocals, twelve bar chords on the chorus, snotty vocals why these Poison Boys spoil us with their Rock n Roll songs. Bring on the album already if this is what it consists of.  Love it long time baby. 

If someone is saying the Pandemic has killed Rock n Roll needs to go see the ear doctor because this is Rock and Roll as fuck and some.  Now go tell yer friends. The huge chorus has had us singing along since the song initially appeared on the b-side to 2017’s ‘Bad Mouth’ single, and the song is finally getting it’s time in the limelight after the band re-recorded for ‘Don’t You Turn on Me’.

Pre-Save/Pre-Order‘Little Speedway Girl‘ HERE


The Boys – ‘I’m A Believer’ (Action Records / Revolution Records) This is the 2021 single version of the classic rocker from the band’s last studio album ‘Punk Rock Menopause’ with that classic strumming acoustic guitar holding the rhythm whilst the vocals take it to the next level and more layered gang vocals that are always superb when these gents get hold of em.  Housed in a very impressive glossy CD gatefold always bucking trends the boys have only released this on limited edition CD  with a lyric insert. The second offering is the superb Honest John sung ‘She’s The Reason’, had this been released by The Ramones music fans would have said it was the last classic track by the bruvvers. For me, the main reason (sorry for the pun) is track three ‘(There Ain’t No) Just One Beer’ with a barnstorming guitar laid down by the one and only Petter Baarli and ably assisted on the ole joanna by Daniel Rossing.  Another day another awesome release from the band. Record of the week?  I should coco.

The single will be available on all streaming and download platforms also on 3 September. Hit em up here


The Black Halos – ‘Uncommonwealth’ (Cursed Blessing Records)  No brainer here.  Another new single from the most awesome Black Halos. Backed by a blistering take on the much underrated long-defunct UK indie hipsters Birdland who for any amongst us who ever saw them live embodied that spirit that The Halos have in spades and the superb ‘Fossil Fuel’ that was first released back in 2016 when the band played a few shows in Europe. The Black Halos have stayed true to the music that is coursing through their veins and always release passionate and worthy tunes and this is no exception –  a superb three-track EP that’s well worth importing wherever you are. Record of the week? It’s a tie break with the Boys for sure.  Now hurry up and deliver my wax please Mr postman I’m getting impatient, oh, there’s an album on the way which is even more exciting news – Buy it Here



Amazing Grave – ‘Dog Chained To Dog’ (Eric’s Cool Records)  You want noise?  we can deliver plenty of that or rather this Canadian duo can.  Coming on like Portishead brought up on some extreme metal and trip-hop meets Royal Blood.  Eric must have some pretty cool records if this is the fruit of his work.  Check em out here







Lorne Behrman – ‘When I Hit The Floor’  (Spaghetty Town Records) When the vocals kicked in I was instantly reminded of the excellent Pursuit Of Happiness. Some cool guitar licks with some sneered, spoken, cool lyrics delivered in a nonchalant way makes for a really good tune.  NYC rocker Lorne, singer-songwriter-guitarist who previously played in The Dimestore Haloes, L.E.S. Stitches, The Dead Tricks, and most recently The Sweet Things goes it alone on this EP released in early October but starts promoting it with this lead track and video.


KING ZEBRA – ‘Hot Cop Lady’ (Crusader Records)  New school old school hard rock. ‘Hot Cop Lady’ is a pure 90’s, hard-rock-infused banger of a track that harks back to the glory days when Biff in spandex was no big deal.

Who says you can’t have fun stretching the truth in a rock song? Hot cop lady, leather and chains, misogyny, finger tapping.   This fast hard-rocking crowd-pleaser will get you air-guitaring the riffs and chanting the anthemic chorus. From the epicentre of NWOSHM King Zebra raaaaaawk!





IRMANS – ‘Hermano’ (No Front Teeth Records & Dirty Water Records)  Unable to play live with their existing bands, Jose Reilly (Le Jonathan Reilly, Caballo Tripode) and Manuel Santos (Lucy & The Rats, Johnny Throttle, Thee Tumbitas, Michael Jackson) decided to put together some ideas and start rehearsing as a two-piece, new wave/punk band, “IRMANS” (“brothers” in Galician).

After two months of writing and rehearsing, they decided to add Francho Wilson as a third member of the band. With a background in electronic music with the act “We Are Not Brothers”, Francho added the synth they didn’t know they needed!

Their first release is a 7” single on the legendary No Front Teeth Records (physical) and Dirty Water Records (digital) entitled, of course, “Hermano” (“brothers” in Spanish).

Available to pre-order both vinyl and digital from https://irmans.bandcamp.com/releases.


Jesse Malin – ‘Tall Black Horses’ (Wicked Cool Records)  ‘Tall Black Horses’ is a single from Jesse Malin’s upcoming double album, ‘Sad and Beautiful World’, out September 24 on Wicked Cool Records.  Over his 40 year career, Malin has established himself across many genres from hardcore to Americana, and ‘Sad and Beautiful world’ embraces his versatility.  Of ‘Tall Black Horses,’ Malin says, “the song is about taking your worst fears and insecurities and owning them, conquering them, riding on through tall and big – being bold without fear and regret.  Everybody gets hurt. Everybody gets their heartbroken. It’s part of the journey. Ride on.”  He wrote the song on an acoustic guitar, and credits producers Derek Cruz and Geoff Sanoff for, “taking it to a much wider and vivid sonic place that I’ve never been before.”  Link



Kurt Baker – ‘Keep It Tight’ (Wicked Cool Records)  This is the second installment of Kurt Baker’s series of singles coming out this year, and the only one which will be available as a 7″ on vinyl.  The a-side, ‘Keep It Tight,’ was written by Michael Garrett and Gary Alan Holmes, and was originally released by Single Bullet Theory in 1980.  Kurt describes hearing the song for the first time as “an electric feeling.”  He says, “it’s been an inspiration to us for many years and many albums, but especially on our last full-length album “After Party”. A couple of songs we challenged ourselves to write our own version of “Keep It Tight”, or at least we tried.”  Their version of the song was originally recorded during the “After Party” sessions.  The b-side, ‘Get Away’ is an outtake from The Kurt Baker Band’s 2020 album, After Party, and was written by Julian Leal.  These tracks bring Kurt’s signature power-pop sound to the forefront, as well as honoring his inspirations.  Stay tuned for more in this series of singles. Pre Order


The Bloodshots – ‘Bad Moon Rising’  (Golden Robot Records) Canadian rockers THE BLOODSHOTS are back to follow up the success of their single ‘No Way Out’ with a modern, dirtied up version of the classic Credence Clearwater Revival tune, ‘Bad Moon Rising’, and why not?  Sure it’s tough to beat the original here but the guys give it a good go and it’s one of those tunes you’d have to try hard to really fuck it up which they don’t.  Enjoy!


Therapy? have announced their first ever live online global concert in collaboration with online platform Stabal. The livestream due to take place on October 29th will be a celebration of the bands music over their 31 years as a group. The stream will follow on from a fast-paced festival season that saw the band conquer the likes of Steelhouse Festival and Bloodstock Open Air both of which proved greatly successful for the trio.

Talking about the live experience, vocalist Andy Cairns said “Come and join us in a void-black barn as we run through material spanning 30 years together. This will be intense and will feature a go of tunes as well as interviews and talking head snippets. For those of you who don’t get a chance to catch us often because of your location this is a perfect way to experience the Therapy? maelstrom live. For those of you needing your T? live fix please come and join us”

Fans will be able to access the show in a multitude of ways. The live concert ticket will allow viewers access to the evening only with deluxe-on demand and gift passes giving fans 30 days access to watch the stream back. The deluxe and gifting tickets will also allow viewers to access a mini-documentary, interview, encore and more with added merch/CDs also being available to add to the ticketing option.


Tickets go on sale Wednesday 25 August on Stabal.com

“Gotta do more gotta be more”,  repeat until you fall asleep then when you wake up Gotta Do More Gotta Be More Arghhhh!  God damn you Jack Jones and your earworm lyrics and melodies.

What the fucks been happening live circuit?  It’s been a long eighteen months but tonight was the first tentative step back into the jungle that can be live music venues.  Trampolene are the returning heroes and armed with a new record and a fistful of banging tunes tonight was going to be a welcome return and as soon as the PA sparks into life and that mantra pipes up the trio of returning hibernating rock and rollas marched onto the Globe stage beaming like Cheshire cats it was full steam ahead into some new music.

‘Gotta Do More, Gotta Be More’ with added ripping solos and thumping bassline is the perfect opener as the crazy world of Trampolene live unfolds.  As jack stands on the monitor and shouts out what the fuck has been happening a sense of genuine relief is expelled from the band and audience as one and the Rock and Roll show gets underway properly.  A trampoline show is an interactive experience as the bouncing heaving audience gives themselves over to whatever the band wants and sings every word to both old and new tunes and recites every spoken word of poetry.


Always on the brink of collapse but as tight as a gang of pirates plundering all before them it’s been a long time and the band waste no time with the new tunes ‘Oh Lover’ is up next and time for the band to draw breath.  They dip into their debut album and the compilation of singles before returning to the imminent release ‘Love No Less Than A Queen’ it’s a joyful occasion as it veers from tight-rehearsed Rock to falling over shambles being held together by a thread which is where the magic lies.  ‘Ketamine’ is a strange audience participation number but  ‘My Bourgeois Girl’ isn’t as it makes way for the majestic ‘Gangway’ and the audience is bouncing.


Then a punter is pulled from the audience by Jack to sing ‘Beautiful Pain’ with them and the guy is overwhelmed which is a touching moment amidst all the chaos as Jack acknowledges that it’s still early days in the release of lockdowns and how much it means to the band that people want to venture out and make their first live show a Trampolene show and that’s not lost on the audience either.

To bring this first foray to a close the sweat-drenched band launch into a frantic ‘Alchohol Kiss’, ‘Not Rock and Roll’ complete with white stripe segway before the much-needed relief of ‘Poundland’ before the band sign off with an epic ‘Storm Heaven’ that sees Jones crowd surf throw his mic stand into the crowd before passing his strat over the sea of hands raised aloft before leaving the stage.  It was done we survived a live show and didn’t catch the Rona it was great to be back and wonderful to wake up the following morning with a ringing in the ears and Gotta Do More Gotta Be More repeating to my inner self over and over.  It was all I wanted it to be and from one Jack Bastard to another thanks Jack, Wayne, and Jay you delivered just what the doctor ordered. “You Jack bastard, you jack bastard, You Jack bastard” hahaha! I fuckin loves it, Hot dogs for supper?


Author: Dom Daley


THE STUDIO ALBUMS 1998 – 2009’









Despite being arguably Brazil’s biggest ever music export, when extreme metal legends Sepultura lost their original frontman and founder (alongside brother and drummer Iggor Cavalera) Max Cavalera in 1996 after their hugely influential ‘Roots’ album, many thought the band would not recover from his departure. However, in Cleveland, Ohio punk and hardcore scene veteran Derrick Green, Sepultura found a formidable, towering force that would lead the band with power and conviction through this new era of their career.


‘Sepulnation – The Studio Albums 1998 – 2009’, released through BMG on October 22nd, celebrates the bands seconds phase, and this five-album boxset (across eight slabs of vinyl or five CDs) contains the albums; Against, Nation, Roorback, Dante XXI and A-Lex, all of which are half speed cut, remastered and back on 180g vinyl for the first time in a decade and also as a collector’s CD box.


In addition, the ‘Roorback’ album features the rare ‘Revolusongs’ EP, which is available for the first time digitally and saw the band celebrate their influences with covers of bands as musically broad as Devo, Exodus, U2 and Massive Attack!


Any fans who feared that this new line-up of Sepultura would see the band taming their intense and heavy approach were not left disappointed when ‘Against’ came out of the traps in 1998. With the powerhouse that is Iggor Cavalera still on drums (he remained for four of the five albums), Andreas Kisser’s grinding guitars and bassist Paula Jr’s heavy bottom end powered behind Derrick Green’s guttural roar and Sepultura sounded heavier and more forceful than ever. This period would see the band continue to push their sound forward and challenge new sounds and styles, but they never lost sight of what was the core of the band. The righteous, rebellious nature remained with the 1998 album ‘Nation’ calling for ‘one nation, Sepulnation,’ – a rallying cry that stayed with the band throughout their long and challenging career.

‘Sepulnation – The Studio Albums 1998-2009’ brings the focus back on a period of the band that may have been missed by early supporters and shows that the fire continued to burn bright throughout.


“It’s an honor and privilege to be a part of Sepultura’s history,” states frontman Derrick Green.

“I’m proud of all the work we have done together and it only makes sense to have this box set format released for the fans to have the complete history of Sepultura. Long live the Sepulnation!”


Pre-order ‘Sepulnation’ HERE:

pre-order link – orcd.co/checkeredpast



Written and recorded in the winter of 2020-2021, ‘Checkered Past’ sees Tracii Guns, Phil Lewis and co continuing with the darker lyrical tone of their previous two studio albums, ‘The Devil You Know’ and ‘The Missing Peace’, while incorporating their classic rock influences into the mix. Heavier songs are mixed with bluesier, boogie inducing tracks and dark, introspective ballads that sometimes hark back to their first three records but always continue to push the band forward. When absorbed as a whole, listeners will also discover that the tracklisting is divided into ‘suites’, where one sonic style is explored across a set of songs before moving on to another, which makes for a remarkable listening experience.

Feeling as inspired and excited as when they first started out, but with years of accumulated wisdom and experience (not to mention a renewed and stronger artistic and personal relationship), Guns and Lewis have also maintained the creative peak that began with 2017’s ‘The Missing Peace’. ‘Checkered Past’ shows off a band totally reinvigorated and ready to wow their followers with epic, slower songs, while others will make them dance and/or bash them over the head!

From their self-titled 1988 debut right up to the aforementioned and widely praised comeback records, Guns and Lewis have always delivered solid rock ’n’ roll to their fans. The current incarnation of their band was also touring non-stop right up until the worldwide pandemic, and the cohesiveness of a well oiled unit – not to mention the stunningly unique vocals of Lewis and mind-bending guitar skills of Guns – are on full display on what is a must hear album for fans both old and new.

Unlike many of their peers, L.A. Guns were never pretty poster boys, but more the sort of outfit you would be terrified to bump into in a dark alley. However, despite having the songs to back up that image, they have also written moving and powerful numbers such as ‘The Ballad Of Jayne’ that prove there have always been serious songwriting chops on display. Those skills can be found in spades on ‘Checkered Past’, which is arguably one of the most vital and exciting releases in their chequered career.



The complete studio recordings Remastered from the original master tapes sees 31 tracks spread nicely over a double CD of all of their vinyl releases plus unreleased recordings.  includes their critically acclaimed and highly sought after debut album ‘Glasshouse’ from 1985 and the 1986 follow up ‘Simplicity’.  The lavish booklet is adorned with the artwork from the Glasshouse EP, which features in the Prints & Drawings collection at the Victoria & Albert Museum. 
Formed in 1981. Party Day, with their bass led rhythms and punchy drums along the lines of early Cure who must have been a big influence the band gigged extensively and released their debut single ‘Row The Boat Ashore’ in ’83.
So referencing the Cure is a bit of a give away as the bands Indie Rock with lashings of Gothic overtones will give comparisons to the likes of The Mission or more appropriately Gene Love Jezebel the band grabbed DJ John Peels attention which is never a bad thing and regularly featured in Sounds got tongues wagging.
The follow-up single ‘Spider’ from 1984 again received airplay from John Peel on the BBC and was well received by the national music press with the likes of the NME and Sounds stating – “Mouthy pellets of malevolence” NME “Excellent punk junk howl” Sounds.
The debut album ‘Glasshouse’ was released in 1985 with impressive reviews and has gained the band a decent audience with the indie and post-punk scene. Vinyl copies became collectible, it exchanges hands for decent sums on the second-hand market.
The Glasshouse EP followed later in 85 heralding a more commercial approach and widening appeal.
They followed up ‘Glasshouse’ with their second album ‘Simplicity’ which was released in 1986 and with much the same sound they were clearly more proficient musicians and the live shows had tightened any loose edges. It opened with a more solid rocker ‘She May Be Blind’ which sounds more like Skids meets Joy Division if that makes any sense?  With the bass being more in the mix than the previous album where it sat proudly on top.
The band consisted of; Martin Steele (gtr / vocals), Carl Firth (bass/vocals) Mick Baker (drums), Greg Firth (gtr) [who left in 1982]. The vocal were shared between Martin and Carl. This double CD is a very nice package with an extensive booklet that helps capture a time in the heady mid-eighties and pulls not just the bands two albums but the singles as well.  Martin left due to ill-health and was replaced by Dean Peckett.  Towards the latter half of the eighties just before the band called time on their existence, Carl left and, Paul Nash (of The Danse Society) (gtr / vocals), and Shaun Crowcroft  (bass) joined. They recorded two sessions, but these songs were later abandoned and not released.  Shortly afterwards the band folded.

Sadly Dean Peckett died in 2016, as the band began putting the collection ‘Sorted!’ together.


The 2006 release was in response to the resurgence of interest in Party Day through their song ‘Atoms’, which continued to be played at clubs throughout Europe. Since then, there has been further interest in their songs, with more airplay and Livestream shows.  Leads us to the here and now and some Forty Years on from their beginning…mid pandemic 2021 sees the release of ‘Sorted!’ (Optic Nerve Recordings). More than a nostalgic look back to a band who probably deserved more of a profile on the post-punk Goth scene who wrote some really decent songs of which you’ll hear when playing these loving constructed discs particular highlights for me are ‘Career’  from the second album and the Banshee like twist of the rhythmic ‘Carousel’ from the debut album and the darkness and venom displayed on ‘Row The Boat Ashore’  top tunes even now.  Enjoy

Buy Here


Author: Dom Daley

My first live music as a punter since March 2020 and back to the scene of the crime at Liverpool’s best DIY venue Outpost! If you aren’t acquainted with this establishment, please do check them out.

First up on tonight’s bill are the mysterious Zetra. Blending elements of Goth, Shoegaze and savage parts of Black Metal in it’s nucleus. The sound isn’t perfect at times but the riffs, the synths and the vocals certainly shine through. Sabbath throbbing guitar chops with an 80s keyboard dirge overload with an almost beautiful feedback crescendo hooking the set together. The vocals are sometimes painful, but in a good way; at times leading into a meld with the guitar effects akin to early era deftones.
The headliners of this two band lineup hit the stage with vigour. A much missed sweaty throng. 14 months of frustration, let out in an incredible force. These lads deliver an impressive performance tonight, one that will hold them in great company at Bloodstock 2021 and on European stages when given the chance. On record they showcase their love of John Carpenter esque synths, samples and b-movie love, but live, it is all about the riffs…. riff after blood curdling riff! Please make sure to check them out on their upcoming winter tour!
It’s good to be back at live gigs again, feeling hopeful about the future and this can be maintained and be safe for everyone going forward. If you can, get vaxed, get loaded and check out these bands!
Author: Dan Kasm

From Valencia Spain Baby Scream is a music project orchestrated and led by Juan Pablo Mazzola who first released ‘Lost Balloons’ but now he’s found some and they’re sad but the music contained therein is far from sad (at times).  Kicking off with the T Rex influenced ‘Britney Has Left The Building’ it’s a full blooded slice of Glam rock to kick off this collection of demos and remixes.


‘Cheap Perfume’ is a sombre acoustic song that’s in keeping with the collection title. but it’s then followed by a very demo sounding tribute to Nirvana as ‘Fuck This’ is like a cassette recording from a band rehearsal and as if by magic the next tune is indeed a Nirvana cover of ‘I Hate Myself And Want To Die’ that’s recorded using a piano as the lead instrument.  Sounding more like a lost Bowie track from the 70s.  Then to follow it up with a dreamy demo of The Demon Gene Simmons ‘See You Tonight’ which is a trippy journey sounding more like a twisted pop song.


The songs take a more sombre turn toward the cover of cool hand luke (Mazzolas favourite film apparently) ‘Plastic Jesus’ which segs into a nice acoustic strum of ‘Underworld’  with its dreamy vocal but this is almost twenty years old.  I guess it’s about time Mazzola knocked out a new record that’s up to date it’s nice to put a full stop to the past and package all these songs away in a nice collection available via the Bandcamp site.


Bandcamp / Facebook

Author: Dom Daley

Bambies are a trio hailing from Montreal, Quebec in Canada. They are a trilingual, tri-national (Canada, France, Costa Rica) band that plays its trade within the Garage rock n power-pop parameters and boy do they do it well.  They might not be the shinest picture postcard but hell they would just about provide the best beach party soundtrack for those unruly kids everywhere.
There is a tonne of grit n dirt under the water of this shoreline and the tunes contained here within are infectious, a bunch of smiles and cheeky grin but this business of Rock and Roll is serious and in that regard, they are smack bang on the money.
The twelve tunes contained behind the picture-postcard kick off on track one ‘Dirty Taint’ with the snotty bounce of The Briefs with the vocals sounding like the reincarnation of ‘Disconnected’ era Stiv.  But don’t vanish before track two (unless you are off to turn it up or fetch more beer) because the title track is a rabid slab of Ramones-inspired bop n roll that contains some rasping gang vocals and a razor-sharp solo.
Bambies have been around for a number of years honing their craft and it looks or rather sounds like it’s really paid off with ‘Summer Soon’.  ‘Echo’ has some bounce in the chorus and an appreciation for the summerness (is there such a word?  there is now) of the handclap.  The global Pandemic hasn’t slowed the band down and probably gave them the chance to finely tune these songs.
‘Party’ is exactly that and does what it says on the tin.  ‘Stuck With You’ has more of that Dee Dee time change feel to the riff and there can never be enough homage to da Bruvers.  You know what?  You can have all the gimmicks in the world but there’s no sub for a banging tune and an LP full of attitude and bands like Bambies appreciate that.  It’s not their job to reinvent the wheel just to roll with it and write as many tunes as they can to the best of their ability and that’s what ‘Summer Soon’  dishes up.
They beef it up a little with the romper stomper of the rapid ‘Go Gore Boy’.    It’s no coincidence that two of the finest labels have jumped on board to bring this record as far and wide as possible so we can all get in on it Spaghetty Town Records in the US and Wanda Records in Europe is where you need to head or the Bandcamp site and get back to us here at HQ to say thanks for the tip-off because there won’t be any complaints other than why didn’t we tell you about these cats sooner.
Postcard-perfect power poppin’ punk rockin’ wish you were here n all that but do yourself a favour because summer is right here right now and this is the soundtrack.


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Author: Dom Daley