It’s a heatwave

with Summer just around the corner, the (dis) United Kingdom was warming up nicely surprisingly  May was a rather quiet month for the scribes at RPM well before RPM but you get my gist. Ben was getting his head around The Future Shape Of Sound and their ‘Showdown Gospel’.  Whilst we’re on the subject of the Gypsy Hotel it might be the right time to mention that Urban Voodoo Machine also released a record this month which happened to be a compilation record entitled ’15 Shots From The Urban Voodoo Machine’ which wrapped their singles and bits and bobs up very nicely into the one package and it seemed like the best idea to then go out and tour the record.  I also got to see them once again and same as before and the time before that etc etc they were absolutely awesome and never fail to play the most entertaining live show out there. 

whilst we’re on the subject of records released in May 2018 I have to mention a few of my personal favourites that put out great records firstly a man who should need any introductions but I’m going to anyway – James Williamson & The Pink Hearts. featuring (The Streetwalkin’ Cheetahs) and Petra Haden (Haden Triplets) with the fantastic ‘Behind The Shade’. also I have to note that Kevin K also put out his something like 95th solo album ‘Too Much too Sun’ I might jest about how many records the guy has released but he’s a phenomenon and deserves respect for the amount of time and effort he puts into his music and I love it when he does release his next CD and even if he says no more, trust me he will.

Also in the pre-summer rush, those cool cats from Burbank California Prima Donna saw fit to release ‘S/T’ and much like Urban Voodoo Machine they can do no wrong in my eyes and have never made a bad record. Kevin Preston leads the band into their Fourth Long Player this time coming out on the excellent Wicked Cool Records now a four piece line up ‘4 Real’ was released as the lead single from the album.

Also casting our minds back to May, Beach Slang released their long-awaited Quiet Slang altar ego that featured a whole long player full of orchestrated tunes entitled ‘Everything Matters But No one Is Listening’. James Alex is one talented guy and going from alternative rocker to string arrangements and softly delivered tunes such as the amazing ‘Dirty Cigarettes’ is no easy step. Fantastic record and not only one of this month’s highlights but one of the years highlights.

On the live front, there were a few tours that went out most notably the doubleheader that was Zeke and The Hip Priests tearing it up across the UK which Fraser noted as one of his years’ highlights.

However, it has to be noted he (Fraser Munro) also managed to see Steps play Waddon Road which is Cheltenham Towns football ground the same month he saw Zeke and the Hip Priests so maybe Zeke affected his head or he bumped it whilst on the good ship Thekla? Maybe he didn’t and he’s really a massive steps fan as he also is rumored to have a picture of Ian Watkins on his wall lets hope its the real H and not some imposter – you decide.


On that bombshell maybe its best we leave May and quickly delve into June.  I’ll leave you with two of the finest albums of 2018 in the shape of ’15 shots’ from the magnificent Urban Voodoo Machine and Quiet Slang’s ‘Everything Matters’.



‘Screams in the wind’ is the English translation for opener ‘Gritos en el Viento’ to give it its proper title.  You would be forgiven for thinking this band aren’t from these shores but think again all is not what it seems. For this seven-piece ensemble is indeed from these shores as well as the USA.

So this CD is split into two parts or Acts with Act 1 opening with the Exotic siesta inducing ‘Gritos en el Viento’ and as its an instrumental its very much a sit back dim the lights and let the music take you on a journey through dusty winding paths and give yourself over to the music and you’ll be fine. (I must resist from saying it reminds me of Comic Strip presents when they did Fistful Of Travellers Cheques) but to hear Rik speaking over this wouldn’t be that much of a stretch as the wind swirls and birds circle is it a mirage? Pass the wine.

Sure it’s not your conventional punk rock or garage either but something of an enigma maybe timeless pop created from a time when swirling organs and sharp bass lines were used from the artist’s pallet along with some timely horn stabs and lush classical nylon guitars Horse Feathers has the lot.

‘Two Tales’ is a more sprightly romp through its winding melodies as the instruments battle for space but manage to find their way it’s like a spaghetti Western film score soundtrack for some art flick in black and white as the spoken words of ‘Silver Screen’ make it an obvious place to pitch your wagon. It could and possibly should be the score for a Morricone flick or bonus material on some silent Western the playing is excellent and there are dashes of excellent Americana and the Spanish guitar and horn on ‘Asesinato (pts 1 & 2)’ is dreamlike when the spoken words drift in its like someone is whispering into your ear slightly unnerving but rather enjoyable and when the Cello kicks in its majestic sounding.  At times it’s like a Jeffrey Lee Pierce project especially on songs like Part 2 of the aforementioned track and maybe the dark ‘Dorothy Hamilton’ even if the melody is upbeat I’m reminded of some of the more twisted parts on the Damneds Black Album.


spread out over ten tracks this is most definitely a journey you need to give yourself over to – clear your mind and indulge yourself you might find it plucks away on your heartstrings out on that dusty road or are you suffering sunstroke as ‘Honeymoon Killers’ picks away at that Spanish guitar before a word is softly spoken. Horse Feathers won’t be for everyone I know that and if you don’t give it a chance then it will simply waft over your head much like that cigar smoke that wafting out the door of that there saloon.


Plenty of Easter eggs for RPM

It seemed normal service had resumed and the UK was no longer under thread or code red because of the weather and the armed forces were asked to stand down from the impending doom that was heading our way if the week-long snow caused the country to slide into the Atlantic. April would see the customary Record Store Day madness that had clogged up pressing plants and caused delays right across the board as the majors jumped the queue with their plethora of reissues and one direction picture discs ready for the record buying public readily camping out on high streets across America and the UK hoping to get their hand on the Bowie seven inch that would only set them back £20 but hey if we didn’t buy into this it wouldn’t happen. 


I digress. April was to be the month The Damned would finally get around to unleashing their new long player on the public after something like a decade since their last long player but this time they’ve gone all out to impress with Tony Visconti taking care of the production and in my humble opinion making it more about him and his knob twiddling duties than The Damned and as a result, an album that promised so much, in reality, delivered so little and won’t feature as anyone’s album of the year even though its not without merit as there are good songs on board but where is Paul Grays signature sound thumping its way through the songs? Did I not mention Gray was back in the fold? Oh sorry, how rude of me.  yup Paul Gray was back in the fold and ‘Evil Spirits’ expectations hit the roof. It is certainly one of those albums you so desperately wanted to love but couldn’t quite convince yourself it was up there with some of their back catalogue but hey ho onwards and upwards and any Damned record however bad is still better than most other bands good albums. Fact. And the live dates were as expected – superb.

As far as other records to come out in April well, there’s always the ever-reliable Wonk Unit and this time out they’re unleashing ‘Terror’ upon us all. Once again it was recorded at the Brook and producer Andy Brook brought the best out of Alex and all who sail or should that be ride on the back of this thoroughbred stallion. it featured some classic Wonk none more so than this festive banger ‘Christmas In A Crackhouse’ but remember this is April.  Nice one Alex.

other worthy mentions have to go to the bonkers Cavemen who wanted to ‘Nuke Earth’ whilst Sarah Shook & The Disarmers impressed Ben with the album ‘Years’

On the 7″ front there were a few notable entries with the top of the pile being The DeRellas with the fantastic ‘High Rise Supersize’ seeing the recording debut of their new frontman and excellent fit Joey DeRella former frontman of the excellent Breakdowns.also on the singles front The Hip Priests released an excellent split with Demons and young upstarts The Kenneths put out a really excellent single in the shape of ‘Favourite Ex’ from the E.P ‘EX’ and hopefully 2019 will see RPM hear more from this most excellent of noise makers.

Onto the live front and a few notable entries would have to be when the country went RSD nuts – south Wales upstarts and ne’re do wells otherwise answering to the name Deathtraps played at what was a marathon of live shows all over Newport which began with Mike Peters of The Alarm playing the towns best venue the rather splendid Le Pub on the Friday night. It then spread to other venues throughout the day keeping live independent music alive and well in this corner of the world.


Also on tour in April was the splendid reformation of Thee Hypnotics who impressed Ben so much he went out and picked up a copy of their box set and Dom and Johnny also parted with some folding money for copies of their documentary when they rolled through Newport south Wales to play Le Pub (once Again). April was really hotting up as some mighty fine new bands rolled into town as part of tours to promote their new records two notable bands were Cabbage who were promoting the excellent ‘Nihilistic Glamour Shots’ and Trampolene who also played Clwb Ifor Bach and both shows were sellouts and both ended in hot sweaty messes just like the best club gigs should.

The only death to report in April would be that of Jesus Christ but that for another website and not here. Keep it RPM as we roll into May…

As I stood in the Globe, just prior to Estrons hitting the stage, I took two minutes to reflect on the live music scene. Myself prior to the last week was beginning to lose faith in the live music scene, not from the perspective of the bands who have never failed to give a 100% balls out performance, but the lack of a crowd to support them in doing so.


I’d began to despair for the bands and wonder where the next big band was coming from, to me bands have traditionally built a following live.  I’d caught Janes Addiction in the back room of a hotel in Birmingham and watched them explode, I’d caught Nirvana prior to the release of Nevermind to name two and watched them hit the stratosphere.


Now over a week-long period I’d caught Zeal and Ardour destroy a sold-out Fleece, I’d seen The Interrupters get a sold out SWX dancing and now I’ve seen Estron’s deliver a sound that was too big to fit within a sold-out Globe!!!

You couldn’t have asked for a wider variety of music starting to explode out of the Underground, what did they all have in common? That little bit of something you can’t define, that star quality you can’t fake and a blinding LP to promote, Estron’s probably sat at the top of the tree with their LP “You say I’m too much, I say you’re not enough”.


So who are Estrons? They’re made up of Taliesyn “Tali” Källström on vocals

Rhodri Daniel on guitar, Steffan Pringle on bass and out of Exit_International

Adam Thomas on drums together they have crafted something that was like a breath of fresh air, defiantly different, grounded in the underground but destined to become so much bigger. I could go on and say I first caught them two years earlier supporting Bob Mould, but the band that turned up tonight were so far removed from that performance, so much more confidence, so much more power, so much more craft present you could see the miles they’ve put on really shaping them.


Opening up with possibly the most powerful tracks on the new LP “Lilac” and “Body” I could feel my smile spreading across my face (when I’d picked my jaw up off the floor), Tali the perfect focal point, reminding me at times of a young “Siouxsie” at others the singer Courtney Love had always wanted to be, I looked across to Johnny H and saw that same expression “This is something special”.


“Killing your love” and  “Strangers” hard to believe moved it up a gear before the band absolutely raised the roof with blinding versions of “Make a man out of you” and “Aliens” talk about power and intensity!! Before the track of the night for yours truly “I’m not your girl” we had mosh pits, we had crowd surfing including Tali, but what we had in reality was a band that have already grown too big for this size venue, in no way did it hold down the Maelstrom of noise they’d created.


They’ve raised the bar so high for the next level of Welsh bands it will be great to watch a whole new raft of Welsh bands emulate, experiment and plough their way through a staid mainstream musical environment, very much as the Manic’s did back in the day and to see Welsh music back in the wider public eye.


You’ll be lucky to catch these guys live in intimate venues in the future, the Festival circuit will undoubtedly call, as will the large support slots and the bigger headline gigs. The Future is Welsh and led by a bunch of Misfits (Estrons)

Author: Nev Brooks

Buy Estrons Here

Brand new video from yob rockers Faz Waltz and just as we lace up out boots with our thumbs in our belt loops ready its a tear jerker.  Ho Hum its good regardless of expectations so why not click the link to watch the brand new hot off the press video by Faz Waltz ‘Is This The Way’.

Its the second video off of their internationally praised album “Double Decker”.  This time it’s for the reflective and introspective ballad “Is This The Way”. They shot the video in their hometown of Cantu, Italy on a cold and foggy winter day.  In the song, Faz Waltz asks the question we’ve all likely asked:

“Is this the way it’s supposed to be?  I look at myself, what do I see? I don’t know where we are all going to go, I don’t know where everything went wrong.”

buy Double Decker Here


After all the touring and recording Trampolene have something of a messy yet splendid evening ahead of them at this their hometown show on the run-up to Christmas. But first tonight, they are supported by two bands that I managed to miss and I just about enter the venue in time for The Sandinistas to take to the stage and knock out their set of well, early Manics tunes if I were to describe them to somebody having never heard the band before seeing the white jeans and White Les Paul and naming yourself after a clash album might be a bit of a no-brainer for most haggard hacks and I guess the band didn’t disappoint on that front.  The songs sounded decent to be fair and one or two actually had decent choruses and hooks. The band sounded tight with a really good locked in rhythm section.  As was noted when the drummer fired on the snare it was very Tommy Gun like and along with the bass player they drove the songs really well. One I’d like to hear more from on record to see if they have the chops in the studio.

With a packed house, this rowdy hometown crowd are treated to a young lady playing the national anthem on her violin causing a sigh of relief as a potentially horrific Yoko moment was averted had she played on the violin whilst someone read poetry or warbled out of key over the top of it anyway with a further ten minutes but thankfully it was just the national anthem but the band took the stage some ten minutes later so the intro sort of flopped on the dancefloor that was quickly filling up with beer spillage and sweaty young men chanting.


Jack Jones climbed around the PA with his coat on and full of Tonsillitis but once he clocked the crowd his beaming smile gave him the adrenalin rush he needed after being forced to cancel a couple of shows earlier in the week and it was straight into the mele of bodies rolling across the dance floor as the band hit the crowd over the head with song after song – it might not have been their tightest performance but the energy was fantastic. ‘Under The Strobelight’ followed by ‘It’s Not Rock and Roll’, ‘Alcohol Kiss’ were all present and accounted for and sounded huge and was exactly what this audience needed to lose their pre-Christmas shit to which was nice to see them duly obliged. 

By the time the band smashed into ‘Tom Hardy’, it was a beautiful racket, beer, sweat, smiles and ringing ears all around just what a club gig should be.  It wasn’t all full tilt mind as one of the highlights of the evening was a magnificent performance of ‘The Gangway’ but they did save the best til last as ‘Storm Heaven’ in all its extended glory was groovetastic with the band locking into one another and just churning out that riff hypnotising and mesmerising in equal measures. 


Being a Friday night and in their hometown it wouldn’t be right if Jack didn’t attempt a rendition of ‘Merry Christmas Everybody’ or some other recognised Crimbo classic but in true rock n roll fashion he didn’t really know it but neither did he know his way around a verse of ‘Ever Fallen In Love’ which he dedicated to Pete Shelley who passed away the night before which was touching besides the crowd took over for the chorus then it was a final hoorah as a joyous rendition of ‘Friday I’m In Love’ and finally ‘Poundland’ before we were kicked out onto the street smiling; knowing that we’d just seen one hell of a band that even when under the weather can achieve great things and hometown shows can either bomb due to the pressure or soar as the locals carry their heroes off into the sunset over their heads tonight was the latter as Trampolene smashed it they well and truly smashed it.  Next time they play locally it won’t be in this venue it simply won’t be big enough. Swansea needs nights like this.  A sweaty little venue fizzing with rock n roll – awesome.


Author: Dom Daley

Pictures: Nigel Drean


March Madness

If you thought February was a bit full on then welcome to March.  Whilst the UK did its usual shit the bed over some snowfall the rest of the planet got on with what it had to do without much fuss. Such was the panic, Fraser had to abort his trip to Londinium to see Turbonegro unless he hired a chopper then paraglided in, he was stuffed due to the Baltic conditions and an inefficient panic-stricken country. Anyway.

RPM scribes did manage to leave the house at some point because Ben caught Ryan Hamilton & the Traitors up North whilst Dom caught the tour in Cardiff. When Ben saw the tour party it was as advertised because on the night in Cardiff the Main Grains couldn’t attend due to…Um… snow on the roof of their car! No Car couldn’t find it under snow, leaves, it had blown away or they couldn’t make it because it was waaay too far when London was next on the schedule, ticket sales weren’t exactly great or some similar excuse, oh well, it wasn’t to be so Hamilton was left to break the news of the Main Grains transport issues cough, cough. Like the trooper he is he and the Traitors played an extended set to the few hardy souls who ventured out into the great wide open to fly their freak flags and a thoroughly enjoyable evening was had. It would have been nice to have both bands but there we go.

So with most people tucked up in their castles listening to punk rock praying that those hardy postal workers managed to get into work so they could deliver a veritable avalanche of new releases, some even made it onto the death decks of future RPM scribes such as Dirt Box Disco with their ‘Immortals’ album and joining them this month would be Eureka Machines with their brand new pledge endorsed campaign ‘Victories’, which went down well (to be fair) all Eureka pledges go well as Chris Catalyst seems like a guy with a plan and knows how to execute  a well-oiled campaign always full of little extras.



There were also some notable records released in March by the likes of Christmas with their most excellent ‘Scum As You Are’, Ryan Hamilton also got recording this time with Tony Wright and their ‘Grand Ole Otley’ and showing that we’re not all about the crash, bang, wallop! Boss Caine and his album ‘Loved By Trouble, Troubled By Love‘ was also released this month.

The most hotly anticipated release of the month has to go to those speed dealers Zeke and their brutal, frantic and breakneck take on rock n roll that made ‘Hellbender’ such a success. There was also tour dates announced for a few months that would have some of the scribes at RPM all hot and bothered. Last Great Dreamers released their latest offering also through Pledge it was the most excellent ’13th Floor Renegade’ it certainly got HQ rocking and rolling.

Hot Snakes released ‘Jericho sirens’ mid-March which also bothered turntables and speakers all over our gaff. Its no secret that we love a single here at RPM and seeing as we love the little things in life who could forget some epic 7″ releases in March most notably in the shape of Fireburn and their EP ‘Shine‘ a band that will feature later in the year under more tragic circumstances. Fireburn might not have had the sheer brutality of Todd Youths Bloodclot project it certainly was pretty damn good and along with their EP something we are delighted to champion.

Finally and thankfully people managed to stay out of jail or the morgue this month which is always a good thing. Again its quality over popularity for RPM scribes and the champions of March are plenty but I’d have an inkling if we had a vote it would have to be Zeke for the ‘Hellbender’ album. 1-2-3-4 woosh!




After seeing Sophie’s plea on Facebook RPM was happy to help spread the word and hope that our reader also do their bit or at the very least share the linked video and gofundme page.


Sophie said, “Please check out the spread a little love and magic to those without a home this Christmas Day. Christabelle Moon Shine and Sophie K Powers will be holding an all-day event at ‘Rumi’s Cave’. A cosy space to offer warmth, food, entertainment, lashings of love and masses of merriment”

“As it is completely independent, a go fund me page Here has been set up  Any donation of any size would be massively appreciated, and have a huge impact on helping make a difference and give back to those less fortunate. they can also come collect, or provide a drop off address, if you’d like to donate any items mentioned in the description/video.”   Just PM either Sophie K Powers or Moon Shine.with help

The money will go directly towards serving a hot breakfast, lunch and dinner, refreshments, hostels & accommodation, sound healing therapy, recovery workshops, folk music performers and dance organizers, toiletries and gift bags containing daily essentials. Thank you in advance for any donations/contributions

***Please don’t hesitate to share***

Go Fund Me Link



British rock band Aaron Buchanan And The Cult Classics are pleased to announce that they have signed to LISTENABLE Records. To celebrate, the band and the label are releasing a Special Edition of the album ‘The Man With Stars On His Knees’ on Friday 22nd February featuring five brand new bonus tracks, consisting two brand-new studio tracks ‘Undertow’ and ‘Fire In The Fields Of Mayhem’ and of three live tracks on the CD version.

Says front man Aaron Buchanan: “This signing feels right. It’s the best way for us as unified musicians and friends to give you bigger, better, more extravagant shows. 10,000 of you have already become fans of our Facebook page, what we can do now with support from LISTENABLE is astronomical. Collective belief in this project is the thing that has made it a success and we now wish to share it with you. We will be bringing to you a mammoth re-release of ‘The Man With Stars On His Knees’ in early 2019 with the addition of new live tracks alongside ‘Fire In The Fields Of Mayhem’ and exclusive brand new track ‘Undertow’.”

In 2015, having toured the globe for four years fronting Heaven’s BasementAaron Buchanan walked out of one band and immediately into a studio just out of London with producer James Curtis-Thomas, guitarist Ryan Woods and sister & guitarist Laurie Buchanan. In the years prior, Curtis-Thomas and Buchanan had spoken many times about producing a record with deep, mature, and colourful content; just a few months later and a stint for Buchanan in Australia where many of the vocals were tracked in a shed just outside Brisbane, the now critically acclaimed and award winning record ‘The Man With Stars On His Knees’ was born out of a tiny studio just outside London with no hot water or central heating. A true testament to the belief in the music and vision Buchanan had bought to the table.

Continues Aaron:” Since we formed the CULT CLASSICS in 2016 and with the release of ‘The Man With Stars On His Knees’ it has been a rollercoaster ride of tours, shows and festivals; to name just a few; Buck CherryLife Of AgonyRoyal RepublicSkindredSkid RowDownload FestivalRamblin’ Man FairWildfire FestivalCamden Rocks and SteelhouseTom McCarthy (guitar) and my sibling Laurie (guitar) have been constants in the CULT CLASSICSfrom day one, forever supporters of my eclectic, eccentric, and left hook vision, but in mid-2017 we re-shuffled the line-up and bought in Paul Whiteon drums and Mart Trail on bass. “We” needed to grow, as did our show. Paul, having come from both a metal (The Defiled) and a theatre (STOMP) background could not have been a better fit, and Mart Trail came alongside Paul as the best addition a band could ask for to complete the fundamentals of any rock show: Kick, Snare, Bass.”

February 2018

Foulmouthed Filthy February or something like that.

February began with a road trip to see a band who for me has been my go-to pilgrimage in North Wales for The Gathering weekend for the last quarter of a century (almost). A weekend celebrating the music of Mike Peters & The Alarm reached a high point on the Saturday night as a Four-hour performance rounded off an impressive weekend. I’ve enjoyed going for almost quarter of a century where special guests have included Billy Duffy, Craig Adams, Steve Diggle, Pete Wylie, Dave sharp, Ian McNabb, Eddie McDonald and a whole bunch of other musicians I’ve forgotten and I’ve managed to attend without missing a single year.

I must admit the thought of such a marathon performance on a Saturday night filled me with dread can any fans watch for four hours? The answer is a resounding yes! It flew by and was one of the best Saturday night shows I’ve ever seen Peters perform especially when he was joined on stage by Craig Adams for the final hour (that still doesn’t sound right – the final hour). Roll on February 2019 when I can do it all again.


Staying on the live front, Other RPM scribes went to some far-flung countries to catch their Rock n Roll with Craggy taking in an excellent show from Fertile Hump live at Kabinet Muz, in Brno. but a large gathering of writers took in a show or two when the Damned went around the UK this time with the added excitement of Paul Gray back in the fold for the first time in decades which was rather nice.  Seeing the Damned with a new album in tow and playing sold out shows all across the UK in decent sized venues was awesome and it has to be said so were the band.  Gray seemed to give them a right shot in the arm just in time for this stint of dates was easily the highlight of February. But with the recent news of our Brother Scott Sorry battling a serious illness the Rock and Roll community rallied and a series of benefit shows were arranged to raise funds for Scott at such a difficult time what with the American Health system being what it is  The likes of Role Models, Main Grains and  The Empty Page rocked out at The Parish to rave reviews whilst Wakefield Warehouse saw the Professionals, the Wildhearts, Massive Wagons and Sonic Boom Six take care of business and send Positive vibes across the ocean as well as money raised at these spectacular shows.

Before Feb was done The UK also saw the return of Bullets And Octane and Ben attended a memorable show in York that proved that Gene Louis had lost none of the fire he had inside his beating heart when he first toured the UK.


As for recordings to hit the shelves, historically early in the year, things open slowly in the music business and January being about new resolutions before finally seeing new releases hit the shelves, so, Feb saw an avalanche of really big hitters for RPM writers.  We had the release of Imperial State Electric’s Live album ‘Anywhere Loud’ as well as some garage awesomeness from the likes of the Cavemen and The Bellrays getting round to release records. 

Several writers were also impressed by the latest Buffalo Tom long player ‘Quiet And Peace’ with Craggy picking it as one of his albums of the year. February belonged to a few foul-mouthed releases, the first came in the shape of Jonesey with their self titled long player with its down n dirty sleazy punk rock n roll and song titles and lyrics that would make a sailor blush no doubt about that. But one of the years highlights hit us like a sledgehammer between the eyes has to be Motherfuckin’ Motherfuckers with ‘MFFFMF’ (I think that’s the correct amount of F’s) inspired by Supershit 666 and the idea of some friends from the most splendid Bitch Queens and Oz and Lee from the mighty Hip Priests recording a mini album packed full of songs that were written in the shortest of times. I’ll let Lee Love tell you, good people, what happened, ” Ah the dumb Lee Love story. Well, me ‘n’ Oz went To Basel for a few days to hang out with our mates from Bitch Queens and we ended up getting pissed (as you do) and I was winding them up saying I could write and get em to record a mini album in a day. So we went into the Queens studio the next day and played through everything once maybe twice and hey presto it was done”.  Creating that Copters supershit 666 vibe.

To be fair this pack of loons rose to the occasion and absolutely knocked it out of the park in fact they didn’t just knock it out of the park they followed out tied it to the back of their pick up truck dragged it around the wood then kicked any life left in it out then did it all again for shits and giggles.  An absolute giant of punk rock n fuckin roll – make no mistake about that! Motherfuckin’ Motherfucker should and one day will rightfully be seen as a classic of its genre.


Also, The motherfuckin’ Dwarves were taking back the night in February as well and a jolly fine record that was.  Maybe it should be renamed Fuckin’ foulmouthed February from now on.  What a month. Outstanding stuff.