OK, so here we are already a month into 2024 and the first sitting of the Singles Club. Here are the first Movers and groovers of this year with their 7″ platters and new videos. Some real quality in here for you to dive into covering quite the spectrum of music as well. Enjoy…

Tuk Smith & The Restless Hearts – ‘Take The Long Way’ (Golden Robot Records) Anthemic Sing-a-long from Smith & The Restless Hearts draws inspiration from Smith’s turbulent experience of not only being kicked off the 2021 Motley Crue Stadium tour but also being dropped from both his label and booking agent amid the COVID era. The track encapsulates the classic self-sabotage meets redemption tale. It’s typical Smith but there’s a polish around this one. One foot in the past and one on the monitor wedge of the future Sith has it all to offer and if he were to hit it big I wouldn’t be shocked I loved his early stuff and this is more mature and a grower for sure bring on the album and what that has to offer.

Marc Valentine – ‘Strange Weather’ (Wicked Cool Records) Marc Valentine begins 2024 with the news that a new album is fast approaching and by the sounds of things it’s going to deliver the goods big time on the strength of this first glimpse into the new wave power pop majesty of ‘Strange Weather’ from the hooky chorus through the retro new wave of the verse this is fantastic and so catchy. If anything it’s way too understated this is a step up from ‘Skeleton Key’ which was a killer single. I’m really excited to hear what the album ‘Basement Sparks’ delivers purely on the strength of this one record so much so I promptly ordered the record. Single of the Month – yes sir, right here!

Willie Dowling, ‘The Simpleton’ (Self Release) – As a taster for the solo album of the same name, ‘The Simpleton’ is a fine showcase for the songwriting skills of Willie Dowling. For those of us who have followed his career since The Grip onwards, it’s no surprise that the melody hooks you from the start. While there’s naturally a similarity to his writing with The Dowling Poole, this song shares much with his Jackdaw 4 project.

On first listen, it sounds more personal and emotionally direct, a less complicated yet compelling tune, which suggests that the upcoming album is predominantly piano based, and this brings out an intimacy in Willie’s voice. Behind the ‘curmudgeonly’ persona is a kind, thoughtful and sensitive person, certainly someone who feels the injustices of the world very deeply.

And, put simply, his voice is beautiful here. Never sounded better. I always look forward to hearing his music, and this promises to be something special. Give it a listen now, and earmark the album for future purchase. Author: Martin Chamarette

Brigata Vendetta – ‘1000 Cuts’ (Pirates Press) Woah this is a banger courtesy of Brigata Vendetta featuring a couple of Harrington Saints this is right on the money hardcore punk rock. Short, sharp, and oh so sweet. The album was reviewed last week and this is a cracking representation of what you can expect. simply glorious – more please gents. This will wake you up on a Sunday morning an absolute stone-cold punk rockin’ banger!

The Courettes – ‘Shake’ Damaged Goods Records) Groovy baby. The Courettes deliver a dancefloor filler with ‘Shake’ its eased back on the wall of sound and went for some fuzzed-up groovin’ dance majesty. From the honkin’ organ to the swinging drum beat this shit is got some serious groove. Infectious and fantastic this band can do no wrong and the guitar solo is pure Fire! The exclusive B Side is less in your face but no less infectious more Fuzztones but damn this pair are cutting it up on record and can’t put a foot wrong they should be huuuuuge!

Mala Vista – ‘In The Dark’ (Spaghetty Town Records) Cool as a beer on ice Mala Vista rides a whirlwind of punk n roll on ‘In The Dark’ short sharp and sweet as from the punk rock rocket rie of the verse to the sweet gang vocal melodic chorus its new school doing old school and mixing it up.

The B Side is an altogether snottier slice of Dead Boys style punk rock from the throbbing Dee Dee style Bass line thumping the tempo down the line it’s lifted from their sophomore album ‘Fun Time’ due in March and from the Thunders’s licks to the Cheetah tempos this is a top single from what promises to be a killer album. More bands cutting records like Mala Vista, please.

Lorne Behrman – ‘The Blue Goes On Forever’ (Spaghetty Town Records) As cool as a summer breeze Behrman comes strollin’ in like a modern-day Lou Reed Its part spoken through a lucky strike no filter and softly sung like the voiceover on the Warriors radio link, Behrman does it again with a super cool earworm melody that you want to hear again and again. It’s rough around the edges like it could unravel itself but tight as two brothers sitting on the porch of their LES steps shooting the shit about times gone by. If the album is half as good as this then it’s going to be another treat for Rock n Roll fans who love a bit of Keith Richards, Johnny Thunders, Stiv, and miss the likes of Petty and some more radio-friendly Rockers. Top tune check it out.

Rob Moss & Skin Tight Skin – ‘Hey You (We’re Sick Of You)’ (Self Release) Old school punk n roll with plenty of gang vocals to power it along. With a snotty nod towards proto-punk royalty such as The Dictators. Rob Moss assembles a gang to power through this chuggin’ barroom slab of punk rock n roll. We’re not sick of this that’s for sure. Kick out those jams Rob.

Neil Leyton – ‘These Seeds’ (European Phonographic Records) Leyton brings his latest more somber offering to the table and this time he’s reflecting on the world at war and offers a little hope in this gentle acoustic song. originally recorded back in 2022 Leyton held back on its release but let this song wash over you as it builds into a more upbeat driven song without the bombast of his previous more indie rock styles this shows that Leyton loves to vary it up whilst retaining his identity in the music and his room-filling vocals stand out. The piano refrain is wonderful and fills your heart with hope around such desperate subject matter.

All proceeds from “These Seeds” will be paid from the European Phonographic label to Music Export Ukraine in support of Ukrainian artists and musicians.

Frank Turner – ‘Do One’ (Xtra Mile Recordings) The familiar tones of folk-punk troubadour Frank Turner is back with a brand new single from his brand new record ‘Do One’ is a smooth well produced catchy acoustic punk rock song that’s totally Frank Turner and pretty much exactly what I was expecting. He does his thing and does it really well and on this you can see exactly why he’s so popular. Short, sharp, and sweet. The new album is heading your way on the 4th of May and expect more of this for what will undoubtedly be a big hit.

Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes – ‘Self Love’ (International Death Cult) You don’t get a Frank for months then all of a sudden two come along in the Singles ClubThe Second single from Carter is a melodic slice of modern alternative rock. He sings with a strong melodic melody over a more aggressive fuzz guitar but the surprise is the solo is of the guitar variety but a keyboard synth. The Rattlesnakes have bite as they mess with you on this intense new single. Catch em across the land over the next month before they head overseas. Also, in stores galore where you’ll hear this earworm no doubt – get on it.

KMFDM – ‘Airhead’ (Metropolis Records) Industrial mainstays KMFDM hit out with a fairly mainstream pop-infused single from their album ‘Let Go’. Harking back to ’80s pop on this one without the hint of distorted pounding guitars or white noise. Lead vocals are from Lucia Cifarelli which I’m sure won’t be a good representation of what the overall album will sound like. More New Order than Rammstein the VHS in the video is something that we used to watch films on kids, honest!

Wynona Bleach – ‘Swim In The Bay’ (Fierce Panda Records) Infectious new single from Grungey rockers Wynona Bleach who bring you the cool ‘Swim In The Bay’. With its big layered chorus burrowing into your ears sitting on top of a smooth cool grungey-styled rock song. Not afraid to layer their rock with pop melodies Wynona Bleach are aiming for plenty of radio play with this latest single.

WolfWolf – ‘Twenty-One’ (Lux Noise Records) In corona times WolfWolf started to experiment with keyboards and samples to keep them busy. The result was this single. A song that pushes the familiar boundaries of the band into new wave of the 80s. Nevertheless, the garage punk aspect remains.
The new romance story of a young couple could also be set in the 80s. Maybe in West-Berlin or in the gritty industrial life of post-war Manchester. The song is an ode to youth and a mission to young people to enjoy life and dance the night away while they can. Captured perfectly by the dynamic duo.

The most pleasant and unexpected surprise of 2022 for me was being able to say “there’s a great new album from Dr Feelgood”. I admit that I’d not followed their recent releases closely, though I respected their decision to carry on flying the Feelgood flag. Quite by chance, I heard the first single from ‘Damn Right!’ and immediately my ears pricked up. ‘The guitar sounds familiar’, I thought to myself. And, sure enough, it was the return of Gordon Russell, one of my favourite guitarists. This was clearly a very good thing, as the tunes he wrote with Robert Kane are truly worthy of the Feelgood name and legacy.

And he seems to have given them a shot in the arm onstage as well. So, here we have 20 songs from stages around Europe, with the band sounding vital and sharp. From ‘Drives Me Wild’ onwards, it is a joy to hear them having a ball. The four new tunes fit in perfectly with the classics, ‘Mary Ann’ sounding particularly excellent next to ‘All Through The City’. Kane does his thing without sounding like Brilleaux, and I really like his style. It’s hard to believe that on joining the band, he didn’t play harmonica, because on ‘Going Back Home’ he’s obviously done his homework.

It’s no secret that The Big Figure and Sparko are my favourite rhythm section ever, but Phil and Kevin have been playing together for so long that they also have a special chemistry. ‘Damn Right I Do’ and ‘Keep It Undercover’ sound even better live, and with ‘Roxette’, ‘Milk And Alcohol’, ‘Down At The Doctors’ and ‘She Does It Right’, it’s one hell of a set list.

I’d love to hear them include ‘Dangerous’ one day, and keep my fingers crossed they’ll return to France this year. For all of you in the UK, make the most of a good thing and catch them on tour soon. Doctor’s orders!

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Author: Martin Chamarette

The Welsh onslaught and domination of the heavy music scene continue to build momentum. Bands such as Those Damn Crows, Skindred, Phil Campbell & The Bastard Sons are flying high, and other acts such as Valhalla Awaits and the fantastic Zac & The New Men are also snapping at the heels of their peers. Merthyr monsters Florence Black are about to enter the big leagues too. The lads have worked their way up from playing every shit hole in the country to currently playing a mostly sold-out UK Tour.

Their debut album ‘Weight Of The World’ introduced us to the band’s amazing ability to mix super heaviness with beautiful melodies and hooks that grab you instantly. The long-awaited follow-up ‘Bed Of Nails’ is finally here and it doesn’t disappoint. We have been drip-fed singles from the album and they are already part of my musical psyche. Songs like ‘Start Again’, ‘Don’t Hold Me Down’, ‘Look Up’, ‘Warning Sign’ and the title track are superbly crafted songs.

 Vocalist/guitarist Tristan Thomas has developed into a mature frontman and his voice is a thing to behold. Jumping effortlessly between full-on screaming to crooning, not to mention his exemplary guitar work. There are riffs on display here that Messrs Iommi and Cantrell would be proud to have written. Take ‘Start Again’ for instance, With massive riff, huge chorus, drummer Perry Davies with his four-on-the-floor thump builds into a head-pounding crescendo. Superb. ‘Don’t Hold Me Down’ is another great example of what Florence Black do best, riffs for days and another earworm of a chorus. Let’s not forget what bass player Fozzy brings to the party, listen to the title track to hear him hold the song together with his low-end rumble. Together with Perry, they are a world-class rhythm section.

There’s not a weak track on display here, ‘Tax Man’ and mid-paced Chugger ‘Look Up’ are great examples of the lighter side of the band. ‘Beautiful Lover’ has some genuinely heartfelt lyrics and more wonderful guitar work from Thomas. ‘The Way Home’ gets us back onto more familiar territory, I love the way that drummer Perry Davies utilises the aforementioned four-on-the-floor technique, he really drives the band while still having a natural swing to his playing. Lovely stuff.

Solid 9 has a punishing groove and more of those wonderful vocal melodies, Rockin’ Ring is an absolute belter of a track, building from the gentle intro we get another neck-breaking riff that stinks of Alice In Chains inspiration. The Forest takes us in another direction with a chilled acoustic intro. The album closes with another highlight; Back To The End showcases Thomas’ vocal range beautifully.

The songs are of perfect length, the production values are crystal clear, and the album artwork is superb. In Bed Of Nails, we are hearing a band climbing into the stratosphere of their genre. A wonderful listen. We have been given twelve tracks of perfection. Get it now, you won’t be disappointed.

If you are lucky enough to be catching Florence Black on their current run of live dates, make the most of seeing them in smaller venues, they won’t be there for long.

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Author: Kenny Kendrick

Better known for his band Dinosaur Jr and his style of guitar-slinging mixed with his part croaky part winey vocal style he is often seen as the ultimate slacker with his long gray hair and quiet soft demeanor Mascis also has a solo career mainly steeped in acoustic folk rock style mixed with his searing solos often the two are inseparable and I dunno why one is his name whilst the other is Dinosaur Jr maybe it’s one of those things like chicken or the egg dilemmas.

On ‘What Do We Do Now’ you are greeted on entry by the upbeat ‘Can’t Believe We’re Here’ with its big acoustic chords and vibrant drum punches on what can only be described as classic Mascis. I love the body-swaying melodies and the middle eight where we drift off toward one of his trademark fuzzed-up solos that just soars. The title track offers more of the acoustic guitar being the lead instrument over the stripped-back band approach. J is joined on by keyboards by Ken Mauri of The B52s, and steel guitar by Canadian psych/folk/experimental musician Matthew ‘Doc’ Dunn and after only a few plays this is his brightest and most solid set of solo songs I’ve heard on first impressions. Five solo records in and this is instantly gratifying. On finishing the first couple of run-throughs from one to ten I feel refreshed and uplifted with the overall feel of this record. ‘Right Behind You’ is a joy. The format is solid and pretty much runs throughout the album with ‘I Can’t Find You’ being led by a bright piano and guitar in the intro with a twisting melody through the verse that takes the song somewhere different from what’s come before it and that’s the slight variety but the quality is front and center in all the songs on the record.

Halfway in and the strongest track in my humble opinion is ‘It’s True’ It’s like he is channeling his inner Neil Young and the groovy ‘Set Me Down’ follows like something the alt-country bands will swoon over. It’s Wilco meets Jesse Malin but totally J Mascis. I love that the format of Acoustic Guitars, Keys, Bass and basic drums have been the cornerstone throughout the record with the occasional fuzz solo and organ adding texture here and there making for a mellow yet really uplifting hopeful album and fans of MAscis will be delighted with what’s on offer and the fact he’s touring this is exciting I only hope I can get to hear these live that would complete ‘What Do We Do Now’ for me.

We’re only just breaking into February and I’ve heard some amazing records and J Mascis has certainly delivered one of them with this gentle offering compared to the full-force fuzz of his day job this is the perfect yang to the Dinosaur Ying. Beautiful record, Perfect for a wet rainy day just looking out the window as the world drifts by with the stereo turned up and a hot drink in your hand that’s what we do now. Buy it!

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Author: Dom Daley

The Middlenight Men announce new album ‘Issue #2’ to be released April 12th via Middlenight Records

Pre-order the album HERE:

Album launch show confirmed May 3rd at the London Camden Underworld – Tickets HERE

Although The Middlenight Men first came to life in 2019, singer and guitarist Nick Hughes has a long and rich history in music. Having attended Bretton Hall College in 2000 to study music, he formed a bond with drummer Leon Cave (who went on to join Status Quo as their full-time drummer in 2013), and the pair went on to play in many bands together throughout the early 2000s, before going their separate ways only for Nick to rejoin Leon in the band Crane Brothers in 2007. There has rarely been a break in twenty years where these two haven’t been in a project together since.

Nick then met producer Andy Brook (who has produced, engineered, and toured with the like of Status Quo, Ginger Wildheart, Wonk Unit, Role Models and Hayseed Dixie etc) upon joining the soho based power pop band The Role Models in 2015 and quickly a friendship was formed. Collaborations with the Danny McCormack led-UK rockers The Yo-Yos and Terrorvision (Nick has been a full-time touring member for the last eight years) soon followed, but after years of being told to write his own album, Nick finally found the inspiration when out on a South American tour with Duncan Reid and the Bigheads (featuring Duncan ‘Kid’ Reid of ’77 power-pop band The Boys). During a three-day stint in Buenos Aires, with no ability to speak the language, Nick found himself being driven to parties in the middle of nowhere and struggling to find his way from gig to gig. Out of this experience came The Middlenight Men…

The first Middlenight Men album ‘Issue #1’ was recorded with Leon and Andy at the end of 2019 and arrived in 2021, making an instant impression with its huge pop-rock licks and infectious melodies. Fast forward a global pandemic, and the last two years and The Middlenight Men are set to return with ‘Issue #2’, a second batch of songs with a heavyweight backbone, gelled perfectly with Nick’s unmistakable pop sensibilities. It features Leon Cave on drums once again and was produced largely by renowned producer Jason Perry, formally of Brit-rockers A.

Today we get to hear the first taste of ‘Issue #2’ in new single ‘The Middlenight Men Theme’, an irresistible song with an accompanying video that sees the band take a nostalgic look back at life in the 1990s, dreaming of starting a band.

“The Middlenight Men is somewhat of a cartoon band, and doesn’t every cartoon need a kickass theme tune? I’d always loved classic tv tunes accompanying animated series or old school 80s super-hero movies that had a bit of a rock edge,” explains Nick. “Even “the red car and the blue car had a race” from the milky way ads made a music appearance in one of our Issue 2 songs and then you looked at things like bananaman and turtles. It all [fucking] grooves. Plus, if they ever get picked up for sync, I’m one step closer to the guitar shaped swimming pool, huh? So, I decided I had to write my own. It just seems to be an apt song to say “HEY, We’re back, and we’re coming for you!”

Why The Middlenight Men? The Middlenight Men not only represents the thoughts that invade our dreams in the night, but it also signifies the philosophy of the band and all its collaborators. The band is greater than the sum of its parts. It’s the Marvel Avengers of the rock and roll world.

‘Issue #2’ is released April 12th via Middlenight Records and available to pre-order HERE:

Album launch gig confirmed for May 3rd at the Camden Underworld in London. Tickets HERE:

Friday 17th May – Sunday 19th May 2024
Weekend & Day Tickets now on sale

Desertfest London has revealed their day and stage splits for their 13th edition, taking place this May across multiple venues in Camden, London.

The festival proudly welcomes Masters of Reality as Friday’s Electric Ballrooms headliners, with Chris Goss at the helm providing a master-class in desert sounds. Plus, newly announced for this stage are Colour Haze and Frankie and The Witch Fingers who will join Brant Bjork Trio and Mondo Generator to kick off the weekend in true Desertfest style. Mantar and Raging Speedhorn will shake-up the Underworld, whilst Brume and Alber Jupiter psych-out at The Black Heart.

Saturday sees skate-punk legends Suicidal Tendencies back in London for the first time in seven years, as they decimate the equally legendary Roundhouse. Joined by Cancer BatsBongripperAcid King and newest addition to the bill, Pest Control. Saturday’s Roundhouse stage is undeniably a melting pot of genres, but celebrating one common thread – insane live performances. Elsewhere, MaseratiMonkey3DomkraftWet Cactus and many more will level Camden to the ground.

Back at the Ballroom on Sunday night, the festival enters its final day with a dose of experimental heaviness from GodfleshOzric TentaclesMonolordUfomammut & Ashenspire. Additionally, Desertfest will be welcoming Bat Sabbath, the Black-Sabbath cover band formed by Cancer Bats to close out the entire weekend at our Underworld Stage after-party. Plus, DVNENightstalkerAstroqueenStinking Lizaveta & The Grudge, with a hell of a lot more will be rounding off the weekend’s festivities.

Across the weekend, Desertfest has also newly announced the likes of Morag TongBorracho,NoisepickerGramma VedettaLodestar, KulkEarth TongueSkypilot, WolfsheadWeedsnake, Orsak:OsloWAXY,Horndal, Silverburn, Fires In The DistanceSleemo,Midwich Cuckoos, Akersborg, Grand Atomic, Voidlurker, Under The Ashes and Fuz Caldrin.

Weekend & Day Tickets for the event are on sale now via www.desertfest.co.uk

Full line-up

If I say Romania and music it’s not the first thing that pops into your head, I get it. I can give you one reason to think of music now, and that is up and coming band The Voodoo Child. Different elements come into play here but think of a hard rock band that taps into the blues pool with an affinity for 70’s metal, 80’s rock, and current hard rock. They also combine an excellent guitarist with a great vocalist who can hopefully continue to develop and make a name for themselves. That is not a shot at the rhythm section who form the backbone of the music, but the guitarist and singer are the ones most likely to get pushed to the initial forefront a la Page/ Plant, Richards/ Jagger, and maybe in the future Cerbu/ Apostol (Rockmina). Ironically, the first song I heard by this band is the last song on the album thanks to a fortunate YouTube recommendation, and it has remained one of my favorites from the album.

Let’s start at the beginning though with ‘The Stalker’ where the first thing we hear is Rockmina telling the band to play her tune. This song has been a bit of a slow burner for me as the band combines a bit of a stop-and-go approach between verses and choruses. The initial spoken vocal when the music starts doesn’t provide proper warning to the vocals that are to come. Between the excellent lead guitar riffs and the rhythm section, they give Rockmina a stage to serve up a plethora of different voices from a raging scream to a soft touch at the end. It would likely not have been my lead track here, but it does set the stage for the album.  ‘Poison’ features a great riff and turns the speed up a few notches. Rockmina’s attitude shines through in the vocals with the band grinding down to showcase a catchy chorus. Andrei Cerbu again provides a great riff transitioning out of the chorus to set up the next verse. The mellow breakdown in the middle of the song really takes the song to a whole other level by providing a great sense of dynamics. The guitar solo is phenomenal and makes this a standout song on the album.

The band finds a cool groove to establish ‘Mirror Mirror’ with Robert Ciubotaru (bass) and Teodor Cusnir (drums) getting an opportunity to shine. This song has a catchy chorus but also showcases a challenge on the record. The production is a bit rough and sometimes distracts from the songs as the drums here could have really popped in the mix. Instead, the song feels a bit more like a glossed-up demo. A producer also could have told the band the very short, rapped section by Cerbu should have either been scrapped or done differently. ‘Lost Train’ finds the band returning to excellence all around with a hard rocker that provides several hooks and reminds me a bit of Dorothy. Rockmina showcases excellent bluesy vocals that have a perfect touch of rasp to them. The lead work by Cerbu shines in the mix and closes the first half of the album on a high note.

The Voodoo Child shoot big to start the second half of the album with eyes on a Led Zeppelin style epic called ‘Summer Rain’ that is filled with a mellow start and end that sandwiches a ferocious beast of a middle section. I think my favorite part here is that Rockmina gets a chance to sing with softness and finesse as her voice glides over the music. The music slowly builds through the first chorus and then the song turns into a locomotive that again allows Rockmina to showcase her range before winding down for the end. This song also allows Cerbu a chance to showcase his guitar work. A ticking clock and exquisite guitar licks introduce ‘Stuck in Time.’ Vocally, this is another incredible piece of work with a bit of a power ballad feel. When I say power ballad, please think more 70’s style or early 80’s European style and not the standard hair metal style. Even with a bit of a muddy mix, this song is tremendous and one of my favorites of the album.

After the previous two songs, the band set a very high bar to end the album. The final one-two punch on the album is perfect. ‘Rise Again’ has likely become my favorite on the album because it is an absolute monster of a song. Cerbu’s work throughout the song is on another level with riffs that cut deep. The middle part of the song reminds me a bit of the quiet section of Whitesnake’s ‘Still of the Night.’ This leads to a more powerful guitar solo that makes it impossible for me to not go into air guitar mode. The band comes back to the main riff and Rockmina’s vocals sound otherworldly. Not just a favorite on the album, this is one of my favorite songs of 2024. Closing out the album is the first song I heard by the band with the hard-rocking blues of ‘I’m a Criminal.’ I love the feel of the song and the stellar drum work by Cusnir. Vocally, Rockmina’s vocals complement the song perfectly. The song also features excellent guitar work and solo by Cerbu.

While the album is not perfect, this serves as an excellent introduction by the Voodoo Child and should provide some progress into a global market. Ironically, I think I would like the album even more if I switched the running order and went from the closer to the opener. As I was listening to the album over the past couple of weeks, I acknowledged to myself that there will likely be a day when some of these songs get a chance to have a more professional recording and mix… and many of us will still prefer these rougher versions. It amazes me that Frontiers Records has not done everything possible to sign this band with the label showing some more diversity over the past few years. I can’t wait to hear more original music from the Voodoo Child.

‘From the Dark’ is available now.

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Author: Gerald Stansbury

It was Christmas week and RPM Online was lucky enough to have a video chat across the ocean with none other than Blag Dahlia about his recent records ‘Ralph Champagne’ and the brand new Dwarves album ‘Concept’. Blag also spoke about a new release that completes the ‘Concept’ collection set to come out before they hit the European touring circuit this summer.

We also talk about being cancelled, Vadge Moore, and what’s next. Hit us up at the link for the edited interview along with plenty of music both old and new.

Listen Here




Taken from their new album ‘Beer Baby’, to be released March 7th via LEGLESS, Gaga Music and Bachelor Records (UK).

They’re back after a four-year hiatus, with their fourth studio album and a UK tour confirmed for March and April. Drunk Mums formed in 2011 and were a huge influence on The Chats and Amyl and the Sniffers etc, so it’s a timely return and time to reclaim their crown as Australia’s rowdiest, dumb-fun party garage band.

Filmed and edited by WILD ROSE PICTURES in the streets of Melbourne, this video is a hot mess. A wild ride featuring E Scooters, a pit stop at the bottle shop, cheeky park session, New Guernica and a ride in a stretch limo that screams, “We made it… sort of.”

So, if you’re ready to witness the chaotic masterpiece that is “LIVIN AT NIGHT,” buckle up and join Drunk Mums on a journey through the absurdity of their latest party anthem. Let’s face it, we all need a bit of Drunk Mums-induced mayhem in our lives. Cheers to chaos!

Catch Drunk Mums live at the following dates in the UK:

March 29 Bristol, The Lanes

March 30 London, The Trinity

March 31 Bantham, Outside

April 1 Manchester, Big Hands April 2 Brighton, TBA


The hottest ticket in town had to be The Libertines playing the compact and frankly undersized venue Clwb Ifor Bach. Could probably have sold it out ten times over and demand would still have been feverish. With doors being delayed by a good ninety minutes the queue snaking down Womanby Street was like the entrance to Wonkas factory as people clutched their golden tickets. The band has been loyal to Cardiff with several shows in the city over the last few years and then with a new album set for delivery towards the end of March it was time for the boys in the band to regroup and test out some of the new songs on audiences around the country and what better way than in small grassroots venues that would be packed to the rafters and boy was Clwb Ifor packed.

Arriving on stage fashionably late The fab four waste no time in getting on with business. It’s a work through ‘Up The Bracket’ and ‘Vertigo’ to warm things up and loosen the voices of the semi-inebriated audience who were all looking to make the best of this opportunity to catch the band this close and personal. The recent single ‘Run Run Run’ was the first song off the new album to be aired and the masses were already throwing themselves around and singing along like it had been in the set for years. it wasn’t long before a couple of other new songs were played in the shape of ‘Night Of The Hunter’ and ‘Shiver’ with the former being the chance to grab an early breather as the wall I found myself pressed against was actually perspiring I swear it and on Stage right Pete was still wearing his Crombie buttoned up and a hat with a rather fetching Rosary bead wrapped around his forehead for dramatic effect no doubt not something I can see catching on but hey, you never know. Pete and Carl were their usual busy selves on stage interacting as they took the mic for their lines like a well-oiled machine and as the set developed the audience began to fall over itself at the lip of the low stage. There were calls for people to take a step back which fell on deaf ears and instead whilst nobody was injured the security did a decent job in refreshing the audience with bottles of cold water.

The middle of the set eased back with ‘Shiver’ from the new album before a rousing sing-a-long of ‘Can’t Stand Me Now’ and ‘What Kate Did’ before the cool swagger of ‘Mustang’ played out the last of the new songs. It was heads down and time to get busy before the curfew was ignored and ‘Death On The Stairs’ lit a torch under a magnificent run through ‘Time For Heroes’ and the main set was done.

A swift towel down and it was ‘Gunga Din which happens to be my favourite song off the last album before ‘The Good Old Days’ loosened the audience up for one last hurrah of an epic ‘Don’t Look Back Into The Sun’ and this sweaty mess was over and we could all wander out into the cool January night and some much-needed oxygen. I’d almost forgotten what it was like to go to a sold-out sweaty show by a big band in a small club and it was indeed one of those nights where you’re grateful to have discovered this thing we all love called Rock n Roll because The Libertines are one of the best if not the best live band the United Kingdom has produced in decades and these sweaty gigs are where they shine brightest. It’s their natural habitat From the magnificent rhythm section of Gary Powell and John Hassall who never drop a note and pour petrol on the fire in the engine room of The Libertines that enables Carl Barât and Peter Doherty to weave their merry notes like they are two sides of the same person yet very different in their delivery and approach and that’s where the magic of nights like this lies. A Magnificent night of music pure and simple.

Now then, Can we do this all again sometime it was a blast and I’m sure every single person who is lucky enough to attend one of these shows will testify just how bloody good The Libertines are. OK, maybe bigger venues so more people can witness how damn good a night out should be.

New album pre order Here


Author: Dom Daley