The Wonderstuff in the Tramshed on a school night?  Couldn’t think of anything better if I’m honest.  Deja Vega takes the stage at eight o’clock and the room is sparsely populated and the band proceeds to give the people who’ve turned up early doors their everything but I notice the guitarist is breaking all sorts of unwritten laws with regards to how high to wear one’s guitar and the belt buckle rule is broken.  Me, I’m disappointed to say the least and can’t get beyond this.  The band is alright knocking out their guitar driven indie but the songs just tend to go on and any tunes get lost in the muddy mix even if the bass player wields a decent sounding Rickenbacker round and the one track I could make out ‘Mr. Powder’ tended to go on a bit too long but tonight was all about the stuffies maybe on another night under different circumstances my opinion would be different.

The Wonder Stuff have been on a journey and I feel like I’ve been on that journey with them from the start when they showed up on the scene playing guitar driven music with a bit of folk – plenty of wah and a heap of attitude oh, and bad shorts.  I love them then and I love them now from Milos lyrics and his spikey, abrasive, confrontational attitude and his mile-wide grin and cheeky chat as far as I was concerned they didn’t make a single bad song until ‘Rubbish Island’ and its not like it was rubbish but it just wasn’t what I wanted and maybe it was me and not them. Hell I even loved the acoustic solo shows the duet shows with Erica and I’ve loved their live sets they’ve mixed up in the last half decade tonight flanking Milo was old boy Malc Treece (guitar) and Mark Gemini Thwaite playing the Bass no less and finally on drums Pete Howard  takes the stage along with mainstays Erica and Milo they get straight down to business with ‘Mission Drive’ followed by ‘Caught In My Shadow’ and already its obvious that the band are right on it and mean business.  Milo announces that the band has been recording a new album and if it was alright they were just going to play a whole bunch of old tunes and weren’t going to fuck about with new songs (as if we minded).  It seemed everyone in attendance was happy with that although I can’t help but think it would have gotten the same response had he said they were going to play just new unheard songs.

As I looked around the Tramshed it was pleasing that the place was rammed full of people out for a good time on a school night. As the band eased through the gears it looked like they were having the best of times and it was contagious.  ‘Circlesquare’, ‘Red Berry Joy Town’, ‘On The Ropes’ and ‘Here Comes Everyone’ were sing songs as everyone got involved.  As the intros kicked in I found myself daydreaming to past shows like Reading festival and hearing them blast through ‘Size Of A Cow’ or Bescott when ‘Welcome To the Cheap Seats’ burst into life.


Damn The Wonderstuff have got so many good tunes from the earlier songs like ‘Ruby Horse’ to the bigger hits it was songs like ‘Wish Away’ or ‘Ten Trenches Deep’ that had slipped off my radar but not tonight – they sounded fresh and a match for anyone tonight the Stuffies could have gone toe to toe with anyone and everyone.  Although tonight was a greatest hits set they’ve remained fresh and continued to turn out albums that are worthy of the Wonder Stuff monicker and what a legacy.

Before we knew it the band had left the stage it seemed like ten minutes ago they began such was the good time we were having. With no less than five songs in the encore ‘Can’t Shape Up’, ‘Cartoon Boyfriend’ and the fantastic ‘Radio Ass Kiss’ closed off ‘Hup’ in fine style and probably my favourite album from the band which left the sublime ‘Disco King’ and to finish off a rare B Side ‘A Song Without An End’ to keep the anoraks like myself happy.  As I make my way home I’m mulling over what they didn’t play and why no ‘Goodnight Though’ to finish off with or how it might be nice to hear a cover of ‘Planet Earth’ thrown in just for giggles.  Oh well, maybe next time eh?  If you get the chance go see The Wonder Stuff because they are excellent – most excellent regardless of what’s in the set list.  Now get on with that new album – pretty please.


Author: Dom Daley





Following their sold-out “Still Got the Rock” European Tour legendary 70’s rock band SWEET embark upon the perfect Christmas gift for their UK fans, a 16-date nationwide tour November 28th until December 21st. Special guests on the tour will be alternative rock band Novatines. The four-piece from the UK recorded their debut album with Sweet’s Andy Scott as producer in 2018. Tickets go on sale via and, and from the 24-hour ticket box office – 08444 780 898. With over 55 million records sold worldwide, 34 number 1 hits worldwide, SWEET continue to tour and perform to sell-out audiences around the globe.

Gene Simmons of KISS says, “Without the Sweet there would not have been a KISS.”



“This is the band I wish I had been in.” – Joe Elliot – Def Leppard

By the early 70’s The Sweet were arguably the hottest ticket in town with a string of top ten records in the UK and Europe including BlockbusterHellraiserBallroom Blitz, Teenage Rampage and The Sixteens.

In 1975 the USA had discovered the band with Fox on the Run hitting the number 3 spot in the Billboard 100. Another self-penned hit Action followed in 1976 firmly establishing Sweet in the US charts.

On the face of it they were primarily a singles band however with albums including Desolation Boulevard (1975) and Give Us a Wink (1976), the band showed a much harder rocking band. The album Level Headed, released in 1978, brought with it another award-winning million-selling worldwide hit with Love is Like Oxygen written by Andy Scott.

In 1979 original lead singer Brian Connolly left the original line up leaving Andy Scott, Steve Priest & Mick Tucker to continue as a 3 piece. Sadly, both Brian Connolly & Mick Tucker passed away in 1997 and 2002 respectively and with Steve Priest relocating to the USA, Andy Scott was left to fly the flag. After a couple of line-up changes over the years, since 2006 the line-up has been primarily unchanged from what it is today.


Andy Scott (lead guitar, vocals), Bruce Bisland (drums, vocals) Tony O’Hora (lead vocal, bass) and Paul Manzi (guitar, keyboards, vocals). The Sweet still tour the world extensively with one of the most dynamic and slick live shows on the circuit. 1968 to 2019, 51 years and counting of hellraising, star chasing, trailblazing.



TICKETS: & 24-Hour Box Office: 0844 478 0898.

Some awesome lyrics there Larry May.  Seeing as they’ve just released the lost second album it’s about time The Candy Snatchers made it onto RPM ‘Rainy Days And Mondays’ so here goes ‘Why I Drink’  Their new album was reviewed on RPM Here and if you have any taste you’d check em out so, maybe this video will inspire you on this Bank Holiday.

Next up is the stunning track ‘Your Distance’  which is the first video off …’Like We’ll Never Make It’… from Rich Ragany & The Digressions which is Available Here You can also Catch the band live at Camden Rocks Festival this coming weekend. Great live and great on record check it out!

Finally its The Only One’s frontman Peter Perrett with another video taken off his brilliant new album ‘Humanworld’ out June 7th on Domino Records available for pre-order Here the RPM Online review will be available before the record is out for you to help decide which format you’re going to pick it up on.

Graham Day and his compadres Wolf Howard and Allan Crockford have been part of the fabric of British garage rock for decades now. Yet, unless you’re a fan of the Medway sound via Billy Childish, you probably haven’t heard of them. You’ve been missing out, but fear not! This reissue with three extra tracks is an ideal starting point.


From The Prisoners to The Senior Service, Day has quietly been carving a career in quality tunes, be they of a garage, mod or psychedelic flavour. You can rely on him to come up with the goods. Put simply, he’s as good as Weller thinks he is.


From the opening title track, it doesn’t disappoint. ‘Mary’ has the immediacy of Steve Marriott fronting The Who, especially with the fluid bass line. ‘Can’t Get You Out Of My Mind’ brings out the wah-wah and flailing drums, while ‘I Am The Fisherman’ has a melody and harmonies worthy of The Flamin’ Groovies.


‘Sitar Spangled Banner’ is one of Day’s favoured instrumentals, complete with Hammond. Of the extras, ‘Love Me Lies’ sees Graham flex his fingers, some far out solos, as does Hendrix cover ‘Freedom’, an equally groovy hip-shaker, and ’30-60-90’ is another instrumental which The Fuzztones and The Morlocks should be fighting over.


Most tracks are live, with vocals recorded in one take, and all the better for it. If you love your garage rock, this is the perfect introduction to Graham Day’s back catalogue. While gigs are rare, on 26th May, The Forefathers play Margate Mod and 60s Festival.

Buy ‘Good Things’ Here


Author: Martin Chamarette




I found a time machine. At least, I am pretty sure I have. I keep expecting to hear Casey Kasem on the radio here doing the top 40 while listening to the likes of Bon Jovi, Cinderella, and Motley Crue on the countdown. Based on one of the songs here, it even appears the soundtrack to ‘Top Gun’ had a song added to it. Listening to this new one by Crazy Lixx has taken me back to around 1986/ 1987 when flashy guitar solos and huge choruses were all the rage. It also happens to be the music of my younger years so I am loving it. While I was not a big fan of ‘Ruff Justice’ as a whole and preferred their previous self-titled album, this one (their 5th overall) is hitting all the right musical buttons though.

They lay down the gauntlet on lead track ‘Wicked’ as we are immediately greeted by the full band with an old school guitar riff and some large backing vocals. Danny Rexon’s vocals fit this style like a glove. They draw you in quickly and before you know it the first chorus is delivering a sharp hook to the skull. Repeated listens have me likening this song to something Bonfire might have done around the time of ‘Fireworks’ as the backing vocals are larger than life, but the music still maintains some extra crunch for this style. Follow up song ‘Break Out’ unleashes another catchy riff that would have been perfectly at home back in the 80’s. The song’s lyrics serve as an affirmation for everyone who goes through crappy days and times in some part of their life, which should be every one of us. This is a fist in the air anthem where the backing vocals remind me a bit of a band like Keel, but the style of music is maybe a bit more like early Def Leppard. I want to give a shout out to both Chrisse Olsson and Jens Lundgren on guitar who could have called this album ‘The Reason Air Guitar was Invented.’

New single ‘Silent Thunder’ is the song I referenced in the beginning that could have been on the ‘Top Gun’ soundtrack. Apparently, the band had similar ideas based on the video for the song. One of the cool things about this album is Crazy Lixx writes lyrics that cover a range of topics. It serves as a cool reminder that there were songs like ‘Cherokee’ by Europe back in the day. My favorite part of this one is actually the back half of the chorus where Rexon’s solitary vocal lines shine. ‘(She’s Wearing) Yesterday’s Face’ channels some vintage Skid Row and the band actually avoid the usual cliché lyrics here too. Joel Ciera gets to add some nice fills on the drums here with Jens Anderson (bass) also getting an opportunity to make his impact known.

‘Eagle’ serves as the mid album epic that settles into a midtempo groove and is simply a brilliant example of AOR rock done right. The intricate guitar licks provide a great foundation, and the chorus provides a great hook that will get you singing that line as you learn the rest of it. I could never see this being a single due to its length, even 30 plus years ago, but this is one I would really hope to hear live. The section at the end can be naturally extended for a cool jam in that setting. ‘Terminal Velocity’ features an intro that gradually comes to the surface and musically reminds me of early Lillian Axe. Whether it is because it had to follow ‘Eagle’ or some other factor, this is perhaps the one song on the album that I can see myself forgetting in time. I appreciate the lyrical ingenuity, but the large backing vocals in the chorus just do not grab me as much here. They quickly right the ship though with ‘It’s You’ being one of the rock songs where the keyboards feel a bit more prevalent in the mix. This one begs to be played on the highway with the windows down this summer. It’s another wordy chorus, but they pack it with an irresistible melody and several parts that stick to the brain.

Rather expectedly, the band delivers a huge power ballad in ‘Love Don’t Live Here Anymore.’ I am quite sure I could go back and make an 80’s movie even better by introducing this song around the halfway point of the album when the couple goes their separate ways before coming back together at the end. Rexon sings his butt off on this one and delivers his showcase performance of the album in the spotlight. The tasteful guitar solo rides across the music perfectly, and the chorus will be implanted in your brain. ‘Weekend Lover’ turns the pace back up again with this again recalling vintage Bonfire with the guitar riff having some teeth and perfectly complimenting the singalong chorus. There is even a great section where you know the band is going to incorporate some crowd participation before the awesome guitar solo kicks in live. “Final” song of the album is the classically titled ‘Never Die (Forever Wild),’ which keeps the tempo turned up and provides some eternal optimism in the lyrics. Like the majority of this album, I would be disappointed if I did not hear them do this in concert, which is probably the best compliment I can give the album. They add an acoustic version of ‘Love Don’t Live Here Anymore’ that is also awesome and would have likely been the b-side to the album version back in the day.

Crazy Lixx has unleashed a great album in ‘Forever Wild’ that will appeal to a large demographic. As we see bands like Def Leppard, Aerosmith and Kiss continue to fill large venues, there remains a large number of people who would love these songs and buy the albums if the band could ever score an opening gig on any of those types of tours, especially over here in the States. This album stands as my favorite work by Crazy Lixx so far and showcases a band that is still ascending. They do not resort to tired lyrical clichés but also find a way to tap into the nostalgia factor of older fans like myself. Great job Gentlemen



‘Forever Wild’ is available Here.

Author: Gerald Stansbury

Roll up, roll up one and all as the 45RPM Club is in session and this month we bring you a whole bunch of singles to mull over and for those who love the 7″ format we have a couple of pure gold must haves whilst it seems a lot of bands prefer to release a video as part of their press kit to promote a single which is cool we’re a broad church and we’ll check out old school wax as well as digital-only singles and video singles just get em into us and leave it with us.  So here we go.


The Hip Priests/ Electric Frankenstein – Split (Speedowax Records) It just wouldn’t be a 45RPM round up if The Hip Priests weren’t in town so thank fuck for Speedowax and this delicious split with the North American kings of Action Rock Electric Frankenstein.  Side A sees EF knock out ‘Generation Void’ with its beautiful riff-ola that takes us to the chorus that we can all join in on and throw our fists in the air – Amen to that motherfucker’s EF are in the house. The second offering is ‘I’ll Be The One’ which is a stronger tune with its Dead Boys vibe in the verse to that gang vocal chorus this is a wonderful opening side to any single.  Bring it on I say let’s see or rather hear a new full-length EF album that would be tremendous wouldn’t it? Flip it over and Shit Islands bad boys offer the excellent ‘Deja FU’ taken from their outstanding album of the year contender ‘Stand For Nothing’ and the second track is one that didn’t even make the cut on the album – imagine that, you have tunes you can save for a single that would be the first choice on pretty much any other bands album in this field ‘Nihilist Twist’ is a banger  and has a magic guitar break.  Record of the month? What do you think you silly billys. Join the Spasm Gang and get a limited edition press with a Hip Priests tote Bag  ooooh! Still winning at life!


Spirit In The Room – EP (Neon Garage Records, Black House) Fucked up spat out rock from Los Angeles featuring the headwork of Dennis R. Sanders aided and abetted by Darren Howard, Phillip Bailey, and Kevin Bombay the three songs are somewhere between Bowie meets NiN (‘U R My Religion’) full-on freak out that is the epic ‘the Future Is Immediate’ Motorhead meets Cave and some of everything else thrown in for good measure.  Menacing and thrashing about is the name of the game please don’t play neat a strobe light or you’re fucked. ‘Monetary Prayer’ is Jim Jones meets Gun Club meets birthday Party and Gallon Drunk not so much of a stretch for sure but quality a plenty and a most excellent listen besides Rock and Roll is meant to be a bit dangerous and foreboding and SITR is all that and more. Pick it up on their Bandcamp page Here Facebook


The Turbo AC’s / V8 Wankers – Split (Savage Magic Records) New York City’s The Turbo A.C.’s and Offenbach, Germany’s V8 Wankers come together for a 4-song split 7″ EP of high octane punk ‘n’ roll. Each band brings a stand-out track from their latest album plus an exclusive track just for this release. ‘fuckin Up Big Time’ is classic turbo AC’s big chorus and chugging riffs its a no brainer action rockers go fill yer boots.  a band made for split 7″ records (they’ve had more than most) Whereas V8 Wankers have been plying their action Rock for a decade and a half out of Germany and have stayed true to loud Punk Rock and Roll

Turbo Website  V8 Facebook or email: to pre-order now!



Plastic Tears – Dark Passenger (City of Lights Records)
– Taken from their last long player ‘Angels With Attitude’ Another band who’ve held fast on their trademark sleazy Punk n Roll – Plastic Tears have and will endure. Check out the video below. Facebook

ANC4 – ‘You´re the one’ (Beluga Records)  Digital Release from Beluga of the track ‘you’re The One’.  ANC4 (Arvidson & Nilsson Combo Four) is a newly formed Swedish band that will be releasing their first Long Player this Year.  The band consists of 4 members of the Swedish music scene, Roger Arvidson (Vocals & Guitar) who featured in Arvidson and Butterflies, Remains and Sonic Walthers, Tomas Nilsson (Vocals & Guitar) who fronted Mop Tops and Flying cow, the two songwriters are complimented by a strong rhythm section who also have great musical form, Janne Borgh (Bass & Backing vocals) who has played bass with both Strindbergs and Moderns, last but no means least, completing the line up is Niclas “Tidaholms Ringo” Österberg (Drums), The Front Line Band, Moa Blucher Blues Band among many others.

The band breathes new life into the sixties styled nuggets with strong melodies and sweet harmonies. as ‘You’re The One Will attain. Facebook


Daddy Long Legs – ‘Pink Lemonade’ (Yep Rock Records) Lead track for the band’s long-players is released in the shape of ‘Pink Lemonade’ Facebook

TV Coma – Have A Party (Wiretap Records) one that caused us some intrigue was TC Coma and their ‘Have A Party’citing the likes of Pup and Weezer as influences are always going to get our interest.  not the most immediate of tracks even if the video is a bit odd and there is too much facial hair for our liking the song is a grower no doubt about that. Facebook

Royal Republic – Anna Leigh (Nuclear Blast, Arising Empire) The first track off the new long player ‘Club Magic’ is with us and again pushing boundaries is the name of the game for Royal Republic. Looks like they had a ball making the video at least but again a grower and not the most immediate of singles. Facebook

Mono In Stereo ‘The Conversation’ (Rum Bar Records) Taken from the Album ‘Can’t Stop The Bleeding’ this is a really well-crafted tune full of good ole Rock and Roll with great barroom sing-a-long chorus and enough ragged edges to warm the cockles of the coldest heart.  simple (or at least they make it sound), Honest (as the day is long) wholesome alt rock with a punk rock heart like Huser Du or the Replacements or even more recent artists like Role Models check em out – Facebook


Geoff Palmer – ‘All The Hits’ (Rum Bar Records) Another new Rum Bar release sees The Connections songwriter or 50% of the team Connections release his solo record ‘Pulling Out All The Stops’  out soon on Stardumb Records / Rum Bar Records (dual label release) and this is the hook being used to reel us in and what a hook too. Geoff Palmer continues to destroy us with his songwriting skills once it hits your ears you can’t shake it.  It sounds like The Ramones have been on heavy rotation during the writing sessions and what’s not to love about that? 1-2-3-4 let’s go its dumb fun and bubble gum catchy as hell and music with a smile. why don’t more band kick up a shit storm of pop-punk rock like this – it’s beautiful! RumBar Bandcamp
Spread Eagle – ‘Sound Of Speed’ (Frontiers Music)  Its cock Rock O’clock folks wind back those clocks or get in a time machine marked late 80’s  for Spread Eagle without a hint of irony sing about Birds, speed (as in fast cars) no wait, they’re playing at a go-cart track which we all know is cool as so all is forgiven now where are my high tops and wrist bands and its great that Spread Eagle take safety seriously and everyone is wearing crash helmets.  Well done guys you Rock!

When is a new record not a new record? When it was Recorded back in 2017 might be regarded as such a thing.  It’s taken These Goons a few years to get it right (or so they say) Explaining that it only took well over a year, but in true Goon fashion they think they’ve finally figured out how to get a proper version of the super limited, custom made and long sold out third LP right!

Let us the listeners be the judge of that thank you very much would be the usual response.

Originally released in an edition of 300 copies on the band’s own SunWray Records label with photocopied artwork pasted onto garbage thrift store LP covers, the “Rip It Up” album is now ALMOST available to the masses on MADE IN THE USA vinyl, with digital mastering handled by Tim Warren at Crypt Records. Compare this new version to the only other digitally available tracks that were uploaded by a slobbering fan to Youtube, and prepare to have your asses handed to you and knocked two steps back! That’s the official line anyway from the band. From the opening bar of ‘Watch You Shine’ I knew I was hooked. Literally, it took about ten seconds to sit up, shut up and listen to what was unfolding through my speakers as these fucked up rock and rollers were causing a stir in my heart and sending my head spinning.  It’s like when I first heard the Dolls or what I imagine hearing the Stones kicking up a shit storm in some tiny club its like unbridled rock and roll has been let off the leash for the first time (which we all know isn’t true) and we are hearing some guitars and reckless vocals for the first time in our lives. This feeling doesn’t dissipate for the next thirty minutes.  Trust me I’m a Doctor.

By the time you get to the epic ‘Any Girl/Bad Stuff’ and you’re not convinced then maybe this rock and roll thing isn’t for you? Seriously maybe you have a head trauma injury or severe tinnitus or a lobotomy because a six-minute furious rock out that marries the good and the great is nothing short of spectacular.  Its got piano like little Richard, Guitar licks like Chuck Berry is in town and a vocal that’s part Iggy Part David Jo and the rhythm is relentless – I fuckin’ love it!

‘Outta Control’ is raw it’s rough it’s totally rockin’ and yeah it might fall apart in the blink of an eye it’s part Joneses part Heartbreakers its what Gunfire Dance might have sounded like had they grown up in the US of A but they’re cut from the same cloth I’m convinced of it.

If you’re waiting for that gentle slow dance number I guess ‘Let Loose’ isn’t going to be it you won’t find a slow dance in this one but you might find a healthy dose of Stooges vibe going on with songs entitled ‘So Far Out/Rip It Up’ and ‘Watch Your Back’ I guess you might have an inkling what these cats are up to So impressed was I that I had to dig out their back catalogue I needed to catch up and get my fix in one hit I know that can be a dangerous thing but so pure and unadulterated was the Rock and Roll I was happy to take the chance and the result is beautiful.  Follow suit kids and get a copy of Gino and the Goons its not something you’ll regret at all. Just do it.

*This pre-order is listed as coming out in July due to a Bandcamp limitation, but they’re gonna be unleashing this Budget Rock Masterpiece in early September. Until then, stream the fuck outta this Bandcamp exclusive, or BUY the damn download and add it to your devices.
Buy Gino & The Goons Here
Author: Dom Daley

Anti-folk what the folk is anti-folk? you might well ask yourself that I did. Me, I’m still not so sure but if that’s what genre they go by then that’s fine by me I loved a new york singer called paleface and he was dubbed Anti-Folk. I would pigeon hole it at a ragged assed punk rock with added Xylophone.  There is a bag full of unused (and Used) Ramones melodies as well as a bunch of Clash verses and ideas flying round Crazy and the Brain.


I first got introduced when I ventured down a musical wormhole many years ago and ended up in Brooklyn going to see them whip up a whirlwind of rock and roll in some backstreet club one winters night.

When they recorded as part of the fantastic Baldy Longhair records roster along with The Disconnects, it was exciting and they had plenty of catchy tunes.  It’s a pleasure and a joy to see the band is still out there making music and this record is more of the same but better.  Sure the xylophone is still prominent in the mix but the songs sound stronger (not necessarily better but stronger) ‘Into The Ugly’ is a lean nine songs that found their way on my blindside at the tail-end of 2018 and only just reaching RPM Towers now (sack out search and destroy bots they’re can’t be working properly).

At times, these Jersey boys are way out there like the crazy ‘Turquoise Flamingos’  but other times they’re on it like Graham Bonnet with the Beastie Boys vibe fest that is ‘Devil Dogz’  or when they take on a cover like blitzing ‘People Who Died’ they really do own the fucker.

Anyway let’s not get ahead of ourselves – rewind to opener ‘Hell No’ and it’s pure Crazy And The Brains with the whirling mesmerizing xylophone and the phat backbeat its a bright and blistering opener. ‘Feng Yuan’ is rockin’ as is the Strummer like ‘Fiesta’.  The recordings benefit from the excellent production from fellow Jersey punk rocker and Bouncing Soul Pete Steinkopf.

I’m sure once you give yourself up to the likes of ‘Mine’ you’ll be hooked and wonder where the hell they’ve been all your grown-up life.   What they have is special and I love it I won’t neglect CATB again and I’ll keep you posted on any new releases you can count on it.  Pay em a visit and tell em RPM sent y’all.


Buy Into The Ugly Here


Author: Dom Daley

When I saw Aussie punks Amyl & The Sniffers live recently, singer Amy Taylor launched herself into an excited and sweaty pit to sing and mosh with her fans for the first of several times…the band had been on stage less than a minute.

Part Yolandi Visser, part Wendy O Williams, Amy Taylor is a tiny, platinum-haired Aussie whirlwind of fun. Along with her mullet sporting flatmates; Declan (guitars), Bryce (drums) and Gus (bass) whom she formed the band with back in 2016. They have steadily been making waves since writing, recording and releasing their debut EP in the space of 12 hours.

These waves have made it across continents since the vinyl release of their ‘Giddy Up/Big Attractions’ EP, culminating with the band recently touring the States and the UK to rave reviews and packed clubs.


They don’t fuck around when it comes to music and live they are a high-octane blast of energy guaranteed to incite riots. That riot-inciting attitude is captured perfectly on their debut, self-titled album.

Just look at that goddamn album artwork and tell me you don’t need a piece of that in your life right now? Imagine a mash of The Rezillos, The Dead Boys and X-Ray Spex covering The Breaking Glass soundtrack and you might get close to their sound.

No one is doing late 70’s punk right now with as much balls, as much energy and certainly with as much authenticity as Amyl & The Sniffers are.


‘Starfire 500’ is simply one of the best album openers of the year, what a track! It blasts from the speaker with a statement of intent, riding on some out-of-this-world  Ramones-a-like riff. In Sniffers terms it’s an epic beast; Amy’s distinctive, snotty vocals don’t even start until the 1 minute 30 mark.

It’s clear from the off that the band have taken things up a level and they have come a long way since that lo-fi debut EP. While the production has improved, the songs are still full of raw, undiluted garage rock goodness.

If Kylie had been mentored by GG Allin instead of Pete Waterman she would probably have come out with a song like ‘Gacked On Anger’, a furious diatribe set to a wall of fat distortion.

Previously released singles are present and correct. The brilliant ‘Cup Of Destiny’ has a hook that will embed itself in your brain instantly and album closer ‘Some Mutts (Can’t Be Muzzled)’ is like some anti ‘I Wanna Be Your Dog’. A “fuck you!” song to an ex about his new bird (or dog in this instance). Amy even throws in some choice “woof-woofs” for good measure.

The band bashes out 3 chord bangers like they were born to do it, with every track worthy of 7” release, like old school punk classics. ‘Monsoon Rock’ rides on a stabbing Dr. Feelgood style riff before descending into a power trip of Dead Boys proportions. The vocals spat with venom and the dirty guitars delivered with the power of a DC 10. The Stooges-like ‘Control’ is a chaotic, death trip jam, and ‘Angel’ is as close as the band gets to a love song…at least I think it’s a love song, but it sure ain’t no ballad, folks!

‘Got You’ sounds like an early Adam & The Ants b side. Riding on a rumbling bass line and a great chanting chorus, the lead vocals delivered with a most nonchalant punk rock attitude. The accompanying video features the boys in the band on leashes being walked by their singer. You gotta love it, and I have so much love for this tune right now.


Garage rock bands are two a penny, but Amyl and The Sniffers are the dirty penny you want to scrub up and keep for good. They have the tunes, the style and the attitude to match. They also have a growing fan base, a ferocious live reputation and now a killer album to boot. How can they possibly fail? An essential purchase.

Buy Amyl And The Sniffers Here


Author: Ben Hughes








ROCK’N’GROWL RECORDS, a division of ROCK’N’GROWL PROMOTION have announced, the addition of three more bands: RYAN ROXIE (Alice CooperPlanet Axe), BLACKMAYNE and PHONOMIK for the digital Rock/Metal Sampler ‘RAWKAHOLIC Volume 1‘, which will be released by end of June 2019.

The first three bands which were announced are SYTERIA (feat. Jackie Chambers of Girlschool in their ranks), AIRFORCE and DESOLATION ANGELS.


There are still last slots available and bands can send their songs and full info to

#6 RYAN ROXIE (Alice CooperPlanet Axe) is a US vocalist/guitarist & songwriter, and best known as ALICE COOPER’S long-time lead guitarist and collaborator. Facebook

#5 BLACKMAYNE, is a NWOBHM band from the UK and was formed in the mid-80s. “Not as heavy as Tank nor as poppy as Terraplane, this solid five-piece was surely one of the overlooked gems of the movement, sparkling with sadly unfulfilled promise.” Garry Bushell Facebook

#4 PHONOMIK, is an upcoming rock/metal band from Denmark, which can be described as a mix between Metallica and Disturbed. The song for Rawkaholic Volume 1 was mixed and mastered by Jacob HansenFacebook

And 9 more bands still to come!

Rock’N’Growl Records is a record label founded in 2009 by Axel Wiesenauer based in Germany. They focus on the rock and metal genre. The label working also with their division Rock’N’Growl Promotion heavily in the fields of publicity, press, promotion and consulting. Stay Rock’N’Growl !