With their website closed down by the owners PledgeMusic reportedly froze artists’ funds and misspent hundreds of thousands of pounds of musicians’ and fans money to keep the site going for as long as they could before going to the courts to wind up the complany.

In a message clearing the company of any liability over artists’ losses, One executives wrote

To the Artists and Fans of PledgeMusic.

As many of you know, PledgeMusic suspended operations a number of months ago.  The company continues to work with outside counsel on the most appropriate next steps, and we will update you with those specifics as we get more information.

co-founder Benji Rogers (Rogers founded the company with Jayce Varden in 2009 as a platform in which artists can sell everything from music to personal concerts directly to fans)   After being widely chastised on social media for breaking his promise to return artists’ money, Rogers wrote,

I went back into [the company] just over three months ago as a volunteer to try and help the board and team turn around and sell the company, but I am sad to report that this effort has not met with success and that PledgeMusic will shortly be heading into administration.

It appears the company’s changed its mind over the right course of action. Instead of heading into administration, Pledge took the sneaky turn of filing a petition to wind up PledgeMusic in The Gazette.  The Execs remained anonymous and Rodgers left the company in 2016 and started his current company CSO to Dot Blockchain Media.

Pledge’s  CEO and another executive who chose to remain anonymous attributed many of the problems to an unexpected change in the company’s payment fulfillment system, restated their commitment to the company and its crowdfunding model, and insisted the company was “working through” the problems. That was almost a year ago. t CEO, Dominic Pandiscia, stepped down, but the company reshuffled its senior management and pointed to new investors.

If they’d headed into administration, it would have allowed musicians, fans, and vendors the opportunity to officially speak out against the company’s behavior, PledgeMusic has simply closed the platform through the High Courts. therefore kinda just walking away.

The RCOJ granted Pledge their winding-up order and appointed an Official Receiver (OR), who will liquidate all of the company’s assets. The official Receiver has commented via tweets  I guess a clearer picture will be made as to what course of action they will take but maybe parties affected should follow their twitter account to keep up to date with the state of play.  Sadly I guess the artists will go to the back of the queue behind the government (or HMRC) who always get paid in full and the fans will go behind the bands in the pecking order.  Most will have already written off their product as a bad job after artists gave their own updates to their individual predicaments. I wouldn’t have thought the company had many assets that can be sold on due to the platform it ran but I guess seeing the Execs being prosecuted would be a just desert and the guilty parties being brought to book, but its scant consolation to the all the bands, studios, labels, musicians and fans who are left out of pocket.

Not everybody will get involved no doubt but some have spoken up on behalf of artists such as UK Music who spoke out about the order.  In a letter to Business Minister Kelly Tolhurst, Deputy CEO Tom Kiehl urged the government to step in.

Many musicians across the UK relied on crowdfunding website PledgeMusic to deliver payments from patrons, to pay for album recordings, and other costs.  The winding up of this company represents an entirely unsatisfactory development for the many music fans and creators who have invested so much into projects through this scheme.

I ask you to again consider the merits of a ministerial referral to the Competition and Markets Authority to investigate what went wrong with this case.

I would also like to ask you to consider taking up the case with the Financial Conduct Authority, which holds responsibility for regulating certain types of crowdfunding, to consider the activities of PledgeMusic and whether there have been any regulatory breaches.

Furthermore, I would like to ask for a meeting with you to consider further possible Government interventions to ensure the issues which have arisen from PledgeMusic can never happen again.

One band L7 vowed to take the former company’s executives to court.  Calling the crowdfunding platform a fraudulent scheme, the band wrote,

To give a brief summary for those not familiar with the Pledge Music scam, in a nutshell, the funds that many bands and their supporters raised through the crowdfunding platform were absconded by the company with zero accountability and unreturned legal appeals.  Their site is no longer live and they are filing for bankruptcy protection in the U.K.

It’s been a disappointing, time consuming, and expensive mess for all artists and fans involved with this Pledge Music FIASCO.

they also commented,

We do not wish to further comment on this situation as we do not want to be the face of being screwed over.  L7 are bigger and mightier than this mess.  The only time we will speak of this again will be in a courtroom.


This might play out for some considerable time yet but once they do get to the bottom of just what went on we’ll hopefully have some news to give both fans and artists.  Don’t hold your breath though it might be some time. Other artists are joining together to see if a joint action can be taken but time will tell what will come.

Time & Matter Records are absolutely delighted to present


T&M are hoping to have the LPs available to post by the end of December or early 2020 it’ll be available on Vinyl (with insert and digital download code) CD (with 16 booklet) as well as a digital download.

If you can’t wait to get your fill of Janus Stark then fear not pop pickers because Time & Matter are selling the first album in their online shop along with other merch from the band just click the link to visit the page Here

Led by former Prodigy, English Dogs, U.K. Subs and Steve Ignorant guitarist Gizz Butt, Janus Stark return with their second album after a 20-year hiatus. This stunning new album really does set the guitar-led punk-rock world alight, with Gizz’s versatility and virtuoso six-string pyrotechnics more aflame and to the fore than ever, with the four-piece band equally on fire, they also have much to say via their thought-provoking socio-political, and highly personal lyrical content on an album you’ll love and repeatedly play… Dave Grohl once described Janus Stark as “a great melodic kick up the arse…” Little has changed on that front. Prepare to have your arse kicked all over again.

As with the debut album, legendary U.K. Subs frontman CHARLIE HARPER has co-written a song on the album and plays harmonica and provides backing vocals on some of the new tracks… Be sure to also check out the Janus Stark Facebook page

Janus Stark initially existed between 1996-2002, formed at the same time Gizz was also guitarist for The Prodigy in their ‘Fat Of The Land’ period, scoring a number one album in 38 countries in 1997. In the same year, Janus Stark recorded their debut album ‘Great Adventure Cigar’ which spawned the hit USA single ‘Every Little Thing Counts’ reaching No. 32 in the Billboard Top 40. Fast forward to 2018 and Gizz Butt decided to reform Janus Stark asking Richard Gombault of 90s Pop Punk trio Midget to join along with long-standing close friends Fozzy Dixon and Simon Martin.

The album will include a leaflet for the mental health MIND charity’s ‘Stop Suicide’ campaign, and in support of this, Gizz has penned a moving essay revealing his own personal struggles with mental health which is part of the LP insert, along with hand written lyrics to all the songs. With a prestigious support tour with THE WILDHEARTS and THE PROFESSIONALS coming up in October 2019, as well as numerous gig dates booked for the next 6 months, 2020 looks set to see Janus Stark rise again like a phoenix from the ashes…

PURCHASE VIA MAIL ORDER: Time & Matter Recordings

The oil painting featured on the album cover was painted by Gizz’s talented daughter Astrid, of which there are various meanings within, which augment some of the themes running through this album’s song-lyrics.

Not content with plying his trade in one of the best bands in the UK punk scene Sy Shields is also on his thirds album with his other mob the X-Ray Eyes where he doubles down as vocalist and guitarist.  If you’ve never heard either band now would be a good time to click some of the links and enlighten yourself and make your record collection a bazillion times better. He a Yorkshireman and he’s been busy writing, recording and playing live but can fit in five minutes to answer some daft questions from RPM so here goes… eh up, Tell us a little history of the band  Whos in it and where did it all begin?

Me and Deany (drums) have been pals since we were kids and been in a band together since high school. I met Jock (guitar) when I joined the band Lorimer (which eventually became Cyanide Pills) when I was 19. I met Amir (bass) in 2002 through my college friend and former bandmate Stevie. We formed The X-Ray Eyes in 2012 (I think!)

You don’t just reside in  The X-Ray eyes as singer and guitarist but you also play guitar in the awesome Cyanide Pills, what are the major differences between them that keeps you at it?

Firstly, the difference in music I guess. Most of the song ideas, music, lyrics and melodies comes from Phil when we play with Cyanide Pills. I’d like to think it’s similar to that with The X-Ray Eyes but it’s me instead of Phil. I quite like that with this band we don’t have a record label, publisher, manager, booking agent etc so it’s all pretty much DIY. We can do as little or as much as we want and do things exactly as we want them. 

As for Playing the guitar,  who influenced you to pick it up and how old were you when you realised it’s what you wanted to do?

I don’t think one particular person influenced me to start playing, it was just guitar based music in general. I started getting into bands such as Oasis, Blur and Supergrass at about 11 years old as I’d just started playing football for an older age group so I was easily influenced and liked what I heard. I started to teach myself to play guitar when I was about 14 and soon moved onto bands like Green Day, Rancid and The Offspring. By the time I was 16 I’d become a big fan of The Clash and Sex Pistols and got we our first band together. 

You’ve just released your new album , is it your best? 

I think every band says their latest album is their best! It’s my favourite one we’ve done because I think it sounds the best and it has our best songs on.

Do you enjoy singing and playing guitar? or are you more comfortable just playing guitar? 

I’ve been doing it for a long time now so I feel pretty comfortable doing both. I suppose I feel a bit more pressure playing with The X-Ray Eyes as I’m the lead singer/frontman and stand in the middle. I also have much more to remember! 

If you could jump on a tour who would you pick if that were an option?  What about growing up who were the bands you loved?

I’d love to tour with The Hellacopters, Rancid or The Briefs but who wouldn’t?! I’d say Oasis was the first band I loved then I went through a Nirvana phase……

Pick a couple of favourite songs and tell our readers why they’re favourites?

That’s a tough one because it changes all the time. Off the top of my head I’ll go for The Peepshows ‘Surrender My Love’, Jimi Hendrix’s version of  ‘All Along The Watchtower’ and Smokey Robinson and The Miracles, ‘The Tears of a Clown’. I think they’re all perfect songs in their own way. ‘My Sharona’ by The Knack should get a mention too! 

What about any music you like that might surprise our readers or fans?

I like pretty much anything so long as it’s tuneful and got a good melody or chorus. I’m more than partial to a bit of classical music, Motown, pop, dance or reggae. I draw the line at metal or jazz though. 

When you’re playing with Cyanide Pills is there a favourite track to play live?  What about favourite show? 

Not sure I have a favourite song to play live, I prefer the songs we never play live! We’ve played so many gigs over the years it’s hard to pick just one. My favourite gig of the last tour we did was probably the one we did for Stefan in Munich. It was a Tuesday night and it was hot, sweaty and busy. Just how we like it. 

What are your plans for both bands that you can tell us about?  We know Cyanide Pills have a new album recorded, what can you tell us about that?

We’re working on the next album with Cyanide Pills but it’s gonna be a while yet. All the songs are written but we’re only part way through the recording. We’ve started writing stuff for The X-Ray Eyes next album too so we’ll be working on that in between gigging. We’ve got a van so we’ll play anywhere within reason, providing we’re all available! 

As for Touring – are you a fan of getting in the van? when can we expect to see you guys play in South Wales (either band)  would taking X-Ray Eyes out supporting Cyanide Pills ever be an option?  

I love touring. Playing gigs is surely the best part of being in a band. I think we’ve only played in Wales once with either band and it was Cyanide Pills when we supported UK Subs in Cardiff a few years back. We’d definitely be up for going back. I wouldn’t rule out touring or doing a gig with both bands but it might be beneficial to have at least one band on in the middle so I can catch my breath.

What about vinyl pressings for X-Ray Eyes?

We’ve been wanting to release something on vinyl for a while now but it’s difficult as it’s so expensive. Hopefully, we’ll get some gigs in the next few months and sell some merch so we can afford to put out a single or EP on vinyl in the not too distant future. 

It is with regret that we have to announce the rescheduling of the remaining SAXON shows in 2019. Lead Vocalist Biff Byford has been diagnosed with a heart condition that requires immediate surgery and a post op recovery period that will last into the new year.

The shows affected are as follows:

September 26thSweden, Stockholm – Grona Lund
October 5th– The Netherlands, Eindhoven – Oktober Metal Fest
October 18th– UK, Glasgow – Braehead Arena
October 19th– UK, London – Eventim Apollo
October 20th– UK, Manchester – O2 Apollo
October 26th– Germany, Dusseldorf – Mitsubishi Electric Halle
December 1st– Mexico, Mexico City – Forcefest
December 6th– Colombia, Bogota – Knot Fest

The UK, London Eventim Apollo show has been rescheduled for Saturday March 28th2020
And UK, Manchester O2 Apollo for Sunday March 29th2020

The UK, Glasgow Braehead Arena & Germany, Dusseldorf Mitsubishi Electric Halle shows will be rescheduled and new dates announced as soon as possible.

All existing tickets will remain valid for new dates and in the case of a required refund

First up is the brand new video from those Poison Boys from the good ole US of A. ‘Been Here All Night’ is taken from the bands debut album ‘Out of My Head’ out now on Dead Beat Records. Facebook

Next up we have the brand new video from RPM favourites Suicide Generation with ‘Prisoners Of Love’ its part of a five label release coming soon.  They also head out around mainland Europe in October and November



The new video from Psychobabylon – ‘No Means Of Escape’ is taken from the band’s 4-track EP, ‘Is This All There Is?’, which is available on CD from the band’s wesbstore and digitally from all the usual platforms.


Joan Marie Larkin better known as Joan Jett was born on this day in.1958. Parents James and Dorothy had their daughter in Pensylvania at Lankenau Hospital  Joan is the eldest of three children. Joan was fourteen when she got her first guitar then her family relocated to California and soon after moving her parents split when Joan took her mothers maiden name Jett and the legend was born after taking in Rodney Birgenheimers Disco where she was exposed to glam rock and nothing would ever be the same again.

Jett teamed up with drummer Sandy West. Jackie Fox, Lita Ford and Cherie Currie and The Runaways were born. Jett was originally the rhythm guitarist and occasional singer but took on songwriting credits the girl group got support slots with the likes of Cheap Trick, Van Halen and Tom Petty and also toured the UK and Japan where they became massive stars. The band managed to fit in five albums in their four-year reign at the second half of the ’70s.

Jett also got into punk rock in the late ’70s producing the Germs one and only album before singer Darby Crash lost his life.  the band also had one Pat Smear playing guitars who later went on to play with Nirvana and the Foo Fighters. Jett managed to team up with Cook and Jones when the Sex Pistols fell apart and managed to get them in the studio to record some classic tracks when in London with the most famous being the version of The Arrows classic ‘I Love Rock And Roll’ which would go on to become the one song Jett would be known for more than any other. after shooting an iconic video to accompany the tune.

When Jett was a solo artist she also added the band The Blackhearts who managed to recruit some class players in the line up over the years but the original included, Gary Ryan (Bass), Ricky Byrd on Lead Guitar, and Lee Crystal on drums. One Track from the early years that has seen itself pop up over the years in loads of films is ‘Bad Reputation’ which appeared on that debut solo album along with the classic ‘You Don’t Own Me’ that also features the Pistols Cook & Jones. It was a record that showed many sides to Jett and what she was capable of performing. the album missed out on entering the Billboard top 50 by one place but it was indeed a start.


hot on the heels was the album ‘I Love Rock And Roll’ whilst it never managed to reach the number one spot on the Billboard Charts it has managed an impressive ten million copies sold in its life. it did however spawn the singles ‘Crimson And Clover’ that hit the top ten and Jett had her first number one with the Arrows track that carried the same title as the album.  Jett is known for being happy to put a cover song on her records but this album was 50/50 original songs. Later Jett would pen and produce a lot of her records.

Jett still makes records and released ‘unvarnished’ in 2013 that was co-produced by Foo Fighter Dave Grohl who also co-wrote.  Also, it’s notable that Jett wrote and co-wrote nine of the ten tracks on the record. this time sneaking in the top 50 as well is no mean feat for a rock record. It was also Jetts first album since 2006s ‘Sinner’ and prior to that was the Japanese only album ‘Naked’ which also featured RPM favourite Sami Yaffa on Bass guitar.  Of the sixteen tracks Jett penned thirteen – one was a cover of the Replacements ‘Androgynous’ from their ‘Let It Be’ album.

Jett’s has her own model guitar which is a white Gibson Melody Maker, which she has played on everything since 1977. In 2008 Gibson released the “Joan Jett Signature Melody Maker”. which is some reward for being such an icon, not something Gibson hands out to just anyone. Jett is also happy to talk about animal welfares and is a big supporter of PETA, as she has been a vegetarian for over twenty years and is a supporter of environmental issues.  Still making music and touring Jett continues to play with a biography and an excellent documentary being released last year (entitled ‘Bad Reputation’), as well as continued interest in The Runaways her legacy, will forever be passed down through time as a real pioneer for women in Rock and judged for her music and not who or what she is Joan Jettalong with Debbie Harry are rightfully regarded as legends and all Joan Jett needs now is one of those flunko statues and my work here is done.  Put another (Joan Jett) record on the jukebox baby and raise a glass as we wish Joan Jett a happy birthday and here’s to another year and who knows maybe another album? That would be good.


Stream Joan Jett Here

Out and out heavy fucking metal. No bullshit, no fuckin’ around just heads down Hard rockin’ noise in the tradition of heavyweights Motorhead and early Sabbath. But and that’s a big but this is the creation of a pair of punks.  Released early summer this seven-track slab of vinyl is an absolute blast.  From The opener ‘Crackdown’ to the final distorted fade out of ‘Dragdown’, this is something of a throwback and the best old school heavy metal, hard-rockin’ record you’ll hear in a while.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Satanic Overlords album that breathed new life into a tired and on its knees genre of music and like London busses as soon as one arrives another isn’t far behind and thankfully Charger don’t so much as open the door and walk through they blow it clean off the hinges. I guess having their “day Jobs” in other bands its a chance for them to just do something for pure enjoyment without too much pressure for it to be something to make ends meet and the fact they set it all up to have fun and enjoy the songs it shines through in the record that they love turning things up and just making an absolute racket because they love it and nothing else like I said no bullshit and nobody to please except themselves.

Like a Charger ‘Crackdown’ is a muscle car with plenty of punch don’t get in the way or you’ll get mowed down its got the hammer down on the drums and that Freeman bass rattle is a killer combination. sure its got plenty of Motorhead happening but it’s just picked up the torch and is traveling at speed with it. the playing as you can imagine is exceptional you can raise the horns kids as this is how to play heavy metal.

Its not about playing a varied assault on the genre remember it started as some fun between mates but I suspect once the music took hold they were breathing fire and wearing spandex with their gauntlets and denim cut-offs.  ‘Victim’ rattles along with some great interplay between bass and the guitar as they reach the chorus.  unlike a lot of their peers in this genre this trio don’t let any tune overstay its welcome and as soon as Freeman has finished his bass workout on ‘Damage’ and the Sabbath wave washes over us all the albums longest song clocks in at a progressive sub four minutes.

Pedal to the metal for ‘All Kings Must Die’ that get turned up a notch or two as we ‘Pray For Light’ as we head into the home straight theres still time for some fist-pumping as ‘Fall Out’ is like a tribute to Neat records wrapped up a West Coast minute. It’s almost a pity that Sounds magazine isn’t still with us to report on this one but a top tune all the same.

To finish I did wonder if there would be a little bit of Maiden happening and ‘Dragdown’ is it.  With a tip of the hat to DiAnno era Maiden Charger know what to do and with a familiar gallop it’s like Burr, Stratton and DiAnno have found their spiritual brother in 2019.

What a refreshing take on a tired genre Charger is a blast, a kick up the backside, twenty minutes of unbridled fun so strap on the bullet belts and let’s get ready to Rock!

Buy Charger Here

Author: Dom Daley

Where do I start, I think I’ve followed Dead Shed Jokers right from the beginning, reviewing just about everything they’ve ever done, listening to the ideas shift and develop release by release, caught them live a number of times, always amazed at the live intensity, but always thought what if they could focus the live intensity into a non live production?


Welcome to ‘All the Seasons’, which does exactly that, the Monster that is ‘Phantom Pains’, comes screaming out of the speakers an intense sonic maelstrom, a howl of anguish that most bands can only dream of, it pins you back in the chair and I would hazard a guess that it becomes a live set opener, a real statement of intent.


Next up ‘Feel some more’ leads me into memories of ‘Masters of Reality’, but its something quite different, a subtle shift, bursting with creativity, but retaining focus, the voice becomes just another instrument, trading time with the guitar, but what holds you is the rock-solid drum beat, holding all the parts together, the centre of the storm.


Third track in ‘Dreams of North Korea’ takes it into a different dimension, the vocal acrobatics, dropping and bending around the instruments, before we get hit with the heaviest guitar riff I’ve heard in a while, but all the time held in place with that drum beat.


‘All the seasons’ again takes the music in a very different direction, the picked guitar, underpinning the vocal, there’s a real sense of menace behind it, this is probably developing into one of my favourite tracks on the LP.


‘Aesopica *15’ is all over the place and Christ do you need a set of speakers to pick up all the little subtleties, this is a seriously clever track, on first listen it’s everywhere, but as you the listener allow yourself to be drawn in you start to pick up on all the threads that are entwining and twisting around each other.


‘Feel Today’ opens up with almost a classic rock riff, before the band dispel any hopes of a run of the mill rock track, I don’t think the guys would have it in them to not push their musical boundaries. At this point I’m lost in the music it draws you in, and have to take a breath and just admire what I’m listening too.


This is 100% the LP that will tear The Dead Shed Jokers out of the underground, it’s too good not to, there’s nothing out there quite like it and with that refusal to bend, change or allow the music to be changed by narrow minded perceptions to what music should sound like this band are going places, as the initial press is showing.


764 weaves its way from the sub-conscious to the conscious, immersing you in the sound, again drawing you in, while You’re a Thief has almost a 60’s feel to the beginning before that heavily overdriven guitar knocks you for six it ebbs and flows, rolling over you, before pulling itself away leaving you listening for where it’s going next.


Spanner in the Works alongside Phantom Pains brings the intensity back to the fore the guitar kicking up a storm, the vocal gymnastics taking the music in all sorts of directions, at times leading, at times acceding to the other instruments, there’s almost a Janes Addiction at their best feel to it, I suppose the Dead Shed Jokers version of Mountain Song.


Finally because seasons come to an end or even a new beginning, from Spring, through Summer into Autumn then Winter we have Enough is as good as a feast, this is I think a Pink Floyd Wall era Howl of Anguish, given an upgrade, in a modern world the processors are running at full capacity, its not one individuals story, but the story of a society that is withdrawing into itself, blocking out the carnage.


Fair play the Dead Shed Jokers have created an LP unlike anything out there, for me absolutely bang on, best thing I’ve heard this year, but give it a go yourself, get drawn into a world you didn’t know even existed. Can’t wait to pick up a copy of the vinyl version, which sources tell me is a rather immense coloured vinyl package.

Buy All The Seasons Here


Author: Nev Brooks



The Dirty Denims – Back With A Bang (Handclap Records/Ghost Highway Records)

Sneaking under the radar is this the second album that was released a couple of years ago on one of our favourite record labels and with a new album written and recorded and on the way we thought we’d open up a new feature entitled Under The Radar where we reacquaint you with a band we think you might like and with their debut EP getting a rerelease what better way to say hello here’s The Dirty Denims who are Back With A Bang.

With their hard rock meets garage rock leanings this four-piece rock hard n loud.  The band began in 2009 and released their first EP ‘Going Out’ which is getting a rerelease and available from the band maybe try Facebook. The band have released a pair of albums and a bunch of Singles and EP’s to keep their fans happy.  Sure these Dutch rockers pray at the altar of Angus and all those big hard riffs but they aren’t afraid to mix it up like they do with ‘Heartbeat’ and introduce a cool garage organ that shakes it up a little so one dimensional they are not.

there are anthems and a whole bunch of feel good fist punching rockers like the cowbell heavy keith n Ronnie rock n roll on the intro of ‘Can’t Get Enough Of That Rock and Roll’ This also works really well with Mirjams voice as sounds like prime time Runaways a comparison that is sometimes inevitable but one I use as a big compliment. It comes as no surprise then when they smash their way through a brutal ‘Bad Reputation’ maybe an easy cover but its done exceptionally well and to be fair is full of fire and fury.  ‘Loud Stuff’ has a great intro and works great along side ‘Gotta Run’. I’m glad the band closed with some cool duel guitar riff-a-rama on ‘We Wan’t More’ and resisted throwing in a balad or a slow one and what happens next for the band is exciting.


You can catch them on the road and look out for the reissue of the debut EP – The Dirty Denims are in the house.




Look out East Coast USA the kins of cool are coming to Shake Some Action on the East Coast through October.

Wed. 10/23 – Northampton, MA – Iron Horse Music Hall (w/ The Figgs)
Thu. 10/24 – New Haven, CT – Café Nine (w/ Dust Hat)
Fri.  10/25 –  Somerville, MA – Once Ballroom – w/ Richard Lloyd, Tiger Bomb)
Sat. 10/26 – New York City – The Cutting Room (w/ Wreckless Eric)
Sun. 10/27 – New York City – The Cutting Room (w/ Walter Lure and the Waldos)
Tue. 10/29 – Philadelphia, PA – City Winery (w/ TBA)
Thu. 10/31 – Charlottesville, VA – The Southern (Halloween party for WTJU w/ New Boss, etc.)
Fri. 11/1 – Washington DC – City Winery (w/ Muck & the Mires)
Sat. 11/2 – Baltimore, MD – Creative Alliance (w/ The Stents)
Originating in San Francisco in 1965, and reunited for a tour of Australia in 2013, the FLAMIN’ GROOVIES have been touring and performing consistently for the last six years, exceeding all expectations, presenting their own unique and infectious style of rock ‘n’ roll with such cult classics as “Slow Death,” “Teenage Head” and of course, “Shake Some Action.” The current lineup features founding member Cyril Jordan with Chris von Sneidern on guitar, Tony Sales on drums, and newest member Atom Ellis on bass.
Expect a completely different show than their previous tours, featuring a repertoire that spans the band’s career, emphasizing both 1971’s “Teenage Head” album (associated with more old time rock ‘n’ roll, rockabilly, Stones and Yardbirds influences), as well as the power pop period (Beatles and Byrds influenced) more associated with the band’s three albums on Sire Records in the late ’70s.  Their place in history is well established as one of the all-time greatest bands from San Francisco (and the world) and as progenitors of real rock ‘n’ roll.
Chris von Sneidern has recorded a dozen albums as a solo artist, and is a highly-regarded name in the power pop genre. He and Tony Sales have been members of the Groovies for the last two years and things could not have worked out better. Tony Sales (whose father and uncle formed the rhythm section in David Bowie’s band, Tin Machine, and on some of Iggy Pop’s finest work) is an in demand session drummer, and just recently released the first album by his band, Ardent Sons. Atom Ellis has toured with many notable artists including Link Wray, Todd Rundgren, The New Cars, The Tubes, and as a member of Pyschefunkapus and Dieselhed.
Having recently completed a month-long tour of Europe the band is is top form, and great spirits.  They can’t wait to get back to the East Coast and some of the best cities and best fans in the world.