If your looking for an album jam-packed with tunes and melodies then psst come closer.  young Guv ‘I & II’ is your squeeze.  It’s packed to fuck with melodies that Teenage Fanclub and Evan Dando have been searching for since the ’80s.

Young Guv wraps beautiful pop tunes in some groovy shit baby he also throws in the odd bit of fuzz guitar for good measure but, generally its all about the beautiful melody baby. It’s what he does. this could be an album (sorry albums) full of smash hits if we lived in a just world where songwriters got success on merit) , in fact – since last summer, Guv (a.k.a. Ben Cook) moved to Brooklyn from his Toronto and just wrote,  it must have been the right decision because he just couldn’t stop writing and pulling power-pop beauties out of the ether and recording them one after the other.

It’s like he channelled the Beach Boys and The Beatles and every single drop of Big Star and Kinks melodies ever dusted them with a dash of Psychedelic goodness and a little bit of grit and hey presto you have this near-perfect pop album.  GUV I and GUV II, two full-length albums available only from Run For Cover Records or from GUV himself should come with a melody health warning and I hope I’m doing it justice?


It’s nineteen songs (including two demos) and a little flavour of what’s on offer is ‘Didn’t Even Cry’ and had Noel and Liam heard this back in the day they’d be doing I’m a celebrity rather than carry on with careers. Then to follow it with the twelve-string strum of ‘High On My Mind’ is a stroke of genius. Big chords and a delightful guitar break (it’s not a solo).  ‘Exceptionally Ordinary’ is like early Stone Roses mixed with some 80s indie such as the Icicle Works or Teardrop Explodes but sweeter.


If there is a downside its there is a lot of songs to get through and with every one, a potential summer hit its a lot to take and the fear is you’ll miss one or more.  There is a floor here as I’m not into the post-disco of ‘Caught Looking’ that might be a step too far for me with the soft drum pads and synth stabs that tingle like icicles and the distant dripping with reverb vocals.  In fact, the second half of this experience does go off the boil somewhat with a emo feel to proceedings like the sound and production of ‘Songs about Feeling Insane’ but it’s momentary as we’re back on track for ‘Can I Just Call You’.

In summary if you’re familiar with ‘Ripe 4 Love’ then you’ll be ahead of the loop because this is more of the same just dialled up the quality a shade.  Man, that fella can write a melody. He’s been perfecting this side of his work for almost five years now. If your looking for something different from your punk or rock then this is perfect.  Live a little and check this out – you might just find whatever it is you’re looking for. Innit Guv?


Buy ‘I & II’ Here

Author: Dom Daley

After a successful romp around the UK supporting the Cult The Last Internationale release a brand new video for ‘Soul On Fire’ taken from the recent album of the same name


Comments from Delila & Edgey: “We wrote the Soul On Fire album after our escape from the major label system. It was a low point for us, where almost everyone we worked with (or called us “family”) had abandoned us. We had to make that dreaded decision of whether to quit or continue the long battle that seemed more impossible than ever. Although our physical and mental health was quickly deteriorating, we reminded ourselves that there are people in the world who are much worse off than us and that we are actually in a very fortunate position where we can continue to use our voices to uplift people and expose injustice. What appeared to be a tragedy instantly turned into a blessing and an opportunity to trust ourselves and once again embrace the DIY spirit that this band is about. The video for “Soul On Fire” was shot by us and a few friends and was edited and directed by us. The NYC running scenes are essentially documentary footage, as Delila was still very ill at the time. Running in NYC woke up our soul and fed our fighting spirit.” Enjoy TLI x


UK/European Tour 
Support to Rival Sons – November 2019

Thu 21stNov – Aarhus, Train (Denmark)
Fri 22ndNov – Gothenburg, Kajskjul (Sweden)
Sat 23rdNov – Bergen, Forum Scene (Norway)
Mon 25thNov – Drammen, Union Scene (Norway)
Tue 26thNov – Uppsala, Katalin (Sweden)
Thu 28thNov – Helsinki, Circus (Finland)

UK/European Headline Tour – March 2020
Fri 21stFeb – Le Fuzz’Yon, La Roche Sur Yon (France)
Sat 22ndFeb – Le 106, Rouen (France)
Sun 23rdFeb – L’Antonnoir, Besançon (France)
Tue 25thFeb – 1999 Club, Paris (France)
Wed 26thFeb – La Laiterie, Strasbourg (France)
Wed 4thMar – Das Bett Club, Frankfurt AM Main (Germany)
Thu 5thMar – Clubcann, Stuttgart (Germany)
Fri 6thMar – E-Werk Club, Erlangen (Germany)
Sat 7thMar – Eventall Aiport Obertraubling, Regensburg (Germany)
Sun 8thMar – Spectrum Club, Augsburg (Germany)
Tue 10thMar – Futurum Music Bar, Prague (Czech Republic)
Thu 12thMar – Das Badehaus Club, Berlin (Germany)
Fri 13thMar – Grünspan, Hamburg (Germany)
Sat 14thMar – Kulturzentrum Faust, Hannover (Germany)
Sun 15thMar – Die Kantine Club, Köln (Germany)
Tue 17thMar – 100 Club, London (UK)
Wed 18thMar – Hare & Hounds, Birmingham (UK)
Thu 19thMar – Exchange, Bristol (UK)
Sat 21stMar – Night People, Manchester (UK)
Sun 22ndMar – Stereo, Glasgow (UK)

Tickets for UK dates: https://bit.ly/LastInternationaleUK
Tickets for German dates: www.piligrim.eu/the-last-internationale
Ticket for Czech date: https://goout.net/en/tickets/the-last-internationale/rbff/
Tickets for French dates: www.livenation.fr/artist/the-last-internationale-tickets
UK/Europe physical: https://thelastinternationaleukeurostore.bigcartel.com
Worldwide physical: https://thelastinternationale.bigcartel.com
Stream: https://onerpm.lnk.to/SoFAlbum

First up this Rainy Monday is Plastic Tears and the video for their track ‘Look Of Lies’

Facebook – Twitter – Youtube – instagram

Next up we have Angerland and their new video for ‘The Clown King’

Finally, we have the video from More Kicks who released their debut long-player on Friday.  We reviewed it Here. Now check out the video and then go get your fix of sweet power pop, who knows the sun might come out if enough of us play this right Now! Facebook 

This documentary aims to tell the story of how the genre of ska evolved from its original form in Jamaica in the 60s, through two-tone in Europe in the 80s, into an entirely new sound in the 90s and became wildly popular all around the world for a brief moment in music history. You’ll hear the stories from the early years of some of the most well loved bands including No Doubt, Fishbone, The Toasters, Let’s Go Bowling, Operation Ivy, and Skankin’ Pickle, as well as how the rise to fame occurred for the radio success stories The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Reel Big Fish, and Save Ferris!


Film features interviews with members of No Doubt, Reel Big Fish, Less Than Jake, Goldfinger, the Pietasters, Fishbone, Save Ferris, Let’s Go Bowling, Dance Hall Crashers, the Specials, Mustard Plug, the Toasters, Skankin’ Pickle, Hepcat, the Slackers, Kemuri, Blink 182/the Aquabats, the Hippos, The Skatalites, Sublime and many more!


A “love letter” to third-wave ska, the film delves deep into how the genre of ska evolved from its original Jamaican form, through British “two-tone” in the 80s, into an entirely new global sensation in the 90’s, when it became wildly popular for an all too brief moment in music history; From the early years of bands like No Doubt, Fishbone, The Toasters, Let’s Go Bowling and Skankin’ Pickle, to the massive radio success of The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Reel Big Fish, and Save Ferris.

‘Pick It Up’ is narrated by Rancid’s Tim Armstrong and features commentary from the likes of No Doubt, Reel Big Fish, Less Than Jake, Goldfinger, the Pietasters, Fishbone, Save Ferris, Let’s Go Bowling, Dance Hall Crashers, the Specials, Mustard Plug, the Toasters, Skankin’ Pickle, Hepcat, the Slackers, Kemuri, Blink 182/the Aquabats, the Hippos, The Skatalites, Sublime and many more!

The Kopek Millionaires – So Alone (Bandcamp Self Release) Gotta love Johny Skullknuckles when he drops a single without fanfare I always think to myself – what a tune! and being a massive fan of Soho Roses and knowing Mr Skull Knuckles this was always going to be a bit of a banger and so it would prove to be.  If you haven’t got a clue who or what I’m chundering on about then this is a great time to educate your ears and marvel in a bit of punk rock n roll before it was even a thing.  Mixing up the make up of Hanoi Rocks n the Dolls and drinking special brew with the Buzzcocks Soho Roses were a couple of singles and an album then crash and burn in a blaze of glory one last night in the Astoria never to be seen or heard of again.  Let Johny and his Kopek Millionaires remind us all of their splendour with this trashy take on their classic ‘So Alone’.  Enough waffle from me just clck the link and head over to bandcamp for a blast done exceedingly well.

Bandcamp track Here

Johny Skullknuckles – ‘A Face Made For Radio’ (Self Release) If one release wasn’t enough Johny turns in his second offering. ‘A Face Made For Radio’ is four tracks of snotty power-pop-punk rock n roll (and breathe) ‘Turn My Day Into Night’ is a rapid couple of jabs followed by a wild haymaker and if it connects then whamo! you’re done.  Its snotty ragged punk rock with melody and a hook. Then he follows it up with something a little punkier ‘Cheap Night Out’ is the sound of a cheap night out great guitar licks around a banging backbeat.

‘Overattached’ is a ’70s agony aunt dedicated to kinda song.  Like The Boys meets Buzzcocks with a punchy bass run it’s my pick of the four. then to wrap it up there’s the trashy ‘Cool Christine’ and whilst she might be cool shes not as cool as the tune about her.  Keep on Rockin’ Skullknuckles we need more trashy punk n roll in the world and this will tide us over nicely.  pick up a copy here

Chuck Prophet – ‘High As Johnny Thunders’ (Yep Roc Records) With a distinguished career in one of the 80s best alt-rock bands Green On Red and a solo career since that’s produced dozens of great songs why would this latest single from Chuck not be on our radar? with his sultry late-night vocals and amazing guitar skills, Prophet sees the first release in two years and is about to hit the road  ‘High As Johnny Thunders’ is a mellow laid back affair led by acoustic guitar and strings its a beautiful number and anything singing about the Dolls and Thunders gets a huge thumbs up from me especially when its this good.



Calva Louise – ‘Interlude For The Borderline Unsettled’(Ditto Music) an EP featuring Five tracks that are really three-track because Calva goes old school and does a clean and non clean mix as well as a remix of the lead track ‘Belicoso’ sees the band deliver some of their CyberPunk racket on the public. With a heady mix of dance and breakbeats its a confusing sound it’s not quite the prodigy but the spirit is there.  ‘Sleeper’ is more pop noise if there’s such a genre (there is now) this manchester three-piece are causing a stir on mainstream radio stations with a Radio 1 jock hailing their sound as ‘Face Melting’ so not too shabby praise. the band mix it up further with ‘Adelante’ channelling their inner Depeche Mode with a decent slice of electronica. Facebook


The Young Gods – You Gave Me A Name (BUONASERA Productions Sàrl) Available on all digital platforms the Young Gods have been pushing the limits of sound for more than thirty years. They began as pioneers of industrial punk who flirted with surreal cabaret, and as sonic wizards they moved on to shamanize electro/techno music, all the while forging their own unique sound. Some genres for you to explore right there.  this release is a trippy slice of experimental rock it comes with a remix of ‘Tear Up The Red Sky’  by Gaspar Narby. Check it out, space cadets.

Jay Allen & the Archcriminals – ‘Beautiful Chaos EP’  (Rum Bar Records) The fact that Jay Allen is truly Neil Diamond’s Cousin isn’t something you hear every day and who are we to argue? but there is where any comparisons might begin and end as Jay rocks with a roots ragged slice of rock and roll maybe had they had Cous Neil singing the BVs that would really have been something. Its a rock solid single is ‘Beautiful Chaos’ and the fact its part of the Rum Bar stable is good enough for me to want to give it a play and some.  The second track ‘Big Lie’ is from the same ragged rock n roll that bands Like The Replacements fell outta.  Just check em out on their Bandcamp page you might just surprise yourself – Bandcamp

Belladonna – ‘Astronomer Of Life’ (Belladonna Records) The video of Astronomer Of Life is synced to a scene of a pre-existing movie, the last scene of the Russian director Andrej Tarkovsky 70s movie Stalker. It is a one-take-only video, but it has an overwhelming starkness, otherworld-ness and emotional power.  That’s what the press release said me I’d say its an acoustic atmospheric number that doesn’t particularly go anywhere and is just kinda’ there. A band for a late-night chill out I’d imagine and maybe not what a singles club is looking for at this time.  but we’ll let you be the judge of that



Beat City Tubeworks – ‘Rat Race’ (The Sign)  You wanted the best you got the best Beat City Tubeworks channel their inner Kiss meets Imperial State Electric and come up with ‘Rat Race’. Action rockers everywhere will wet their dirty denim when they get down n dirty with ‘Rat Race’ Jönköping Sweden birthed these rockers and they’ve sped along ever since.  you know the drill by now it’s 70s Rock mixed with some dirty attitude and this is taken from their soon to be released album ‘I Just Cannot Believe It’s The Incredible…’ which originally came out in 2016 but the Sign Records are rebirthing the beast so check em out. Facebook

Lazybones – Trash Talk (Say Something Records) “That moment when you know you’re about to say something you’ll regret, when you’re right on the edge and you just can’t stop it,” vocalist Candi Underwood explains. this thumping track has boundless energy as the song is driven by that wild fuzzed guitar and the big vocals that spit the lyrics all over the track.

It’s fresh and commercial enough to have wide-reaching appeal and no surprise that Radio has been playing this track Facebook

Cabinet Of Millionaires – ‘Stop The Coup’ (Chocolate Fireguard Records) Politically charged electronica much like Chumbawumba of yesteryear.  Cobbled together speeches fro the likes of Corbyn and Jones reciting some of Johnson’s lies and foul-mouthed diatribes that seem to pass the general population by without even a raised eyebrow.  Many people say you shouldn’t mix politics with music but we say bollocks to that if it needs saying then say it and Cabinet of Millionaires pull no punches as they say it as it is. With three mixes coming out early December to coincide with the election this should soundtrack everyone old enough to vote as they enter the room to put their cross on the ballot paper.  No more austerity and Tory rule We’ll have some of that! Bandcamp


The 1865 – ‘John Browns Gat’ (Mass Appeal) NYC residents kick up a storm with their groove-heavy track.  Taken from their forthcoming album ‘Don’t Tread On We’ there’s a tonne of attitude and punk happening here but it’s mixed with something altogether different siting Husker Du and Rage against the machine as influences will probably tell you nothing about where they’re coming from. Maybe not as hard-hitting as some of the other songs on the album its a brief glimpse into what they are about and Honeychild Coleman has a captivating vocal style. Check out ‘Get Out’ for a mash-up of styles in a very listenable sound. The 1865 have something to say so we suggest you listen up!





US glam rockers WILDSTREET have released their official music video for the new single ‘Three Way Ride‘, which is available NOW on all digital platforms.

Wildstreet began in 2006 and released their self-titled debut album in 2009 with Retrospect Records. The band spent the next 4 years touring nonstop and performing at US festivals including: Rocklahoma (5 consecutive years), SXSW and M3 Rock Festival. Wildstreet rocked alongside Black Veil Brides, Vains of Jenna, The Bouncing Souls, The Last Vegas, Twisted Sister, Michael Monroe, Crashdiet, Diemonds, Kix, LA Guns and more. The band won the Best Buy/Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands for Rockstar Energy’s Uproar Festival and opened for Avenged Sevenfold, Sevendust and Three Days Grace in Camden, NJ.

In 2011, the band released Wildstreet II..Faster..Louder! to widespread critical acclaim. They made an appearance on “The Jimmy Fallon Show”  and their songs were licensed to TV shows on E!, MTV, VH1, Oxygen, TBS and in a THQ video game. Later that year, the band released the official music video for “Poison Kiss,” which included a cameo by Don Jameson of “That Metal Show.” Wildstreet now had the attention of rock fans worldwide. In 2012, the band released the single “Easy Does It,” and it’s official music video. The video went viral on YouTube. (Wildstreet has well-over 4 million views and nearly 8,000 subscribers on that platform).

After taking a 2 1/2 year break off and dodging rumors of a band breakup, Wildstreet exploded back onto the NYC scene in 2016, headlining Gramercy Theatre with new lineup. In early 2017, the band rocked NYC with Faster Pussycat and The Biters, while also heading to Rocklahoma for the 6th time.

The band began work on their single “Raise Hell” shortly after Rocklahoma. Released in December of 2017, it ushered in a new period for the band. They headlined Irving Plaza for their release party and were handpicked by Dorothy to open for her New York City tour date at The Bowery Ballroom. In February of 2018, the band released a lyric/concert video for “Raise Hell.” Wildstreet spent the remainder of 2018 in the studio recording, Wildstreet III. They performed regional tour dates/festival dates. Highlights include opening for Sebastian Bach and Escape The Fate. In March, the band sold out The Knitting Factory Brooklyn and then headed out on their first tour in Europe, playing 10 shows in Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany, including Sleaze Fest 2019 in Bochum, Germany. Upon returning to NYC, Wildstreet filmed the official music video for “Tennessee Cocaine.” In July, they headlined a sold out NYC show at Saint Vitus and headed out for a short West Coast tour which included stops at The Whisky-agogo and Great American Music Hall. The official music video and single for “Tennessee Cocaine” was released on all major digital and streaming platforms on August 23rd. It has 120,000 spotify streams and over 100,000 Youtube views.

Album/Single Releases:

WILDSTREET- Tennessee Cocaine

WILDSTREET – Raise Hell (Single)

WILDSTREET – Easy Does It (Single)

Wildstreet II..Faster..Louder!


Official Music Videos:

Tennessee Cocaine

Raise Hell

Poison Kiss
Easy Does it

For More Information Please Visit:

Official Website





2019 has been another great year for punk rock releases, from The Hip Priests to Clowns, from Michael Monroe to The Volcanics all of these bands have released records more than worthy of scooping any number of coveted Album Of The Year tags, but this year for me one LP flying completely under the radar – and thus missing a review here on RPM at the time of its release back at the start of September – has knocked me bandy, more than any other. That album brothers and sisters is ‘Go To Hell Then Turn Left’, the long-overdue all-new studio record from German hardcore veterans Spermbirds.
Rewind to Hellfest 2018 and very early in the day on the Friday of the festival I finally got to see Spermbirds live, they totally owned the Warzone stage that day, no mean feat considering they were playing alongside the likes of Bad Religion, 7 Seconds and The Hard-Ons, but then when a band haven’t played the UK in God knows how long that makes finally seeing them seem all so much more special I guess, just like Gluecifer, a band also on the bill that same weekend and also stealing the show on the awesome Scando Sunday.
Actually for those of you who may not have heard Spermbirds before Gluecifer are as good a reference point to start as any, as this 13 track beast of a punk rock record has all the uber cool melodies of Biff Malibu’s mob at their White Jazz prime underpinned by the pent up anger that only 35 years’ experience of playing hardcore punk rock music across the world can bring.
Having suffered for my art with just a stream of ‘Go To Hell Then Turn Left’ to play for the best part of a month now I finally felt that the time was right to nail my colours to the mast regarding this record and see how many of you will suddenly be adding it to your Albums of The Year list too, because trust me when I say that nine years in the making, there is not a weak track on ‘Go To Hell Then Turn Left’.
Kicking off with the cough and splutter frenzied guitar driven onslaught of ‘Breathe Deep’ the band have never sounded more vital and when this track breaks into the album title track the you get to quickly realise that the Spermbirds can also still pen a catchy number to match any of their peers, and it’s here also that I’m wondering if Weab from Kid Klumsy might just be more of a fan of vocalist Lee Hollis than he’s letting on.
It’s almost impossible to pick standouts on an album packed full of them, but ‘Agent Nine’, ‘From This Direction Comes War’ and the explosive ‘Balancing Act’ are some of the finest tracks I’ve heard anywhere this year and just like with the ‘Black Door’ album by The Volcanics I mentioned in my intro. why it all works so well is simply because the band are doing this punk rock malarkey better than anyone else.
For those who remember the early days of the Spermbirds then the likes of ‘Bring Out The Snakes’, ‘I’m Not From Round Here’, ‘A Lot of Talk’ and ‘Thanks For Being Special’ will all have you all flipping your baseball cap and looking for your nearest skatepark whilst ‘If I Ever Find My Pants (Someone’s Gonna Die)’ has to be the best song title anywhere this year
‘Anything With An Engine’ is a song so brilliant it has to be the best Gluecifer song Gluecifer never wrote…. which just leaves ‘A Quarter Till The End Of The World’ to round off this total masterpiece of an album.
With no song breaking the 3:30 minute barrier all wrapped up in a production that will nail you to the wall, Spermbirds have achieved the almost impossible by releasing a perfect 10 album this late on in their career, then again there are some who will say they only ever release perfect 10 albums. Either way ‘Go To Hell Then Turn Left’ deserves to be heard by everyone, and if after this review you feel compelled to check out the record and then buy it…please pay this message forward!
Now, what about Spermbirds for Rebellion 2020 eh? The campaign starts here!!!!

Buy ‘Go To Hell then Turn Left’ Here


Author: Johnny Hayward

                       Kiss ADD MORE EUROPEAN & SOUTH AFRICAN TOUR DATES FOR 2020

After an epic and well documented 45-year career that launched an era of rock n roll legends, KISS launched their final ever tour in 2019.

2019 saw sold out KISS shows across the globe with arguably the greatest KISS show ever! The initial tour announcement was met with huge fan demand for added shows, but the END OF ROAD TOUR will officially come to a close on July 21, 2021 at a NY location yet to be named.

KISS are delighted to announce further dates to their incredible END OF THE ROAD TOUR in June and July 2020, with more dates in Europe and South Africa announced today.

KISS will be offering VIP experiences and special KISS Army fan presales. VIP experiences may include a personal photo opportunity with the band, access to an exclusive pre-show lounge and a behind the scenes tour.  Visit www.kissonline.comfor more information.

Known for their trademark larger-than-life blistering performances, KISS has proven for decades why they are hands down the most iconic live show in rock n roll.  The Rock & Roll Hall of Famers, who have sold more than 100 million albums worldwide, have said this tour is devoted to the millions of KISS Army fans.

“All that we have built and all that we have conquered over the past four decades could never have happened without the millions of people worldwide who’ve filled clubs, arenas and stadiums over those years. This will be the ultimate celebration for those who’ve seen us and a last chance for those who haven’t. KISS Army, we’re saying goodbye on our final tour with our biggest show yet and we’ll go out the same way we came in… Unapologetic and Unstoppable,”said KISS.

KISS END OF THE ROAD 2020 European dates announced are below (newly announced dates in red including South Africa) –

Tuesday 9thJune 2020                   Accors Hotel Arena, Paris FRANCE
Friday 12thJune 2020                     Download Festival, Derby UNITED KINGDOM
Sunday 14thJune 2020                  Westfalenhalle, Dortmund GERMANY
Monday 15thJune 2020                  Barclaycard Arena, Hamburg GERMANY
Thursday 18thJune 2020               Copenhell Festival, Copenhagen DENMARK
Saturday 20thJune 2020                Osterhuis Arena, Sandnes NORWAY
Monday 29thJune 2020                  Zalgiris Arena, Kaunas LITHUANIA
Wednesday 1stJuly 2020               O2 Arena, Prague CZECH REPUBLIC
Sunday 5thJuly 2020                       Wizink Arena, Madrid SPAIN
Friday 10thJuly 2020                       Festhalle, Frankfurt GERMANY
Saturday 11thJuly 2020                  Schleyerhalle, Stuttgart GERMANY
Monday 13thJuly 2020                    Arena Di Verona, Verona ITALY
Wednesday 15thJuly 2020             Arena Gliwice, Gliwice POLAND
Thursday 16thJuly 2020                 Budapest Arena, Budapest HUNGARY
Saturday 18thJuly 2020                  Armeec Arena, Sofia BULGARIA
Saturday 25thJuly 2020                  Ticketpro Dome, Johannesburg SOUTH AFRICA


You’d be forgiven for wondering why it takes the Phobics so long to release records because while they may have been regularly hitting the stage (including trips to Ireland and Europe – luckily before Brexit potentially complicates matters), their recorded output has been a little less regular. In fact, Deptford’s finest punk band released their last album, ‘Deptford Calling’, back in 2011.

Finally, 8 years later, the London veterans return with their new record, ‘Burnt Rubber’. And for those wondering if it was worth the wait – it was. And then some.

Back in those halcyon days of Uber Rock, when it was a revolutionary website terrorising the visitor numbers of those shite classic rock websites we’d all become despondent with, I was given the privilege of mulling over the Phobics’ 2004 EP, ‘Down and Out in Deptford’. Since those scrappy recordings they’ve been on quite the upward trajectory.

From the off, ‘Burnt Rubber’ is a glorious success in punk rock and garage rollicking. Always with their finger on the pulse, the band set the story with opener, ‘Gentrification’. As London is bought and sold to the highest bidder – the soul being torn from Denmark Street particularly lamentable – this album is something of a soundtrack to this cultural decline. The ‘Hymn for the 12 Bar Dudes’ closes the record on a breeze of sadness.

This isn’t a sad set of songs though, and neither did I expect it to be. It’s a fun and raucous romp that moves on hugely from their 2011 effort. From the insanely catchy ‘Don’t Lay Your Flowers on my Grave’, to the bang on the money ‘Politics’, their latest release is delightfully enjoyable, excellently produced, and was all recorded in two half day sessions. Whether it’s ‘Path of Love’ or ‘She’s a Runaway’, the Phobics just don’t let up on this album. The Motorhead/Ramones adaptation of ‘P.H.O.B.I.C.S’ is also a nice touch.

‘Burnt Rubber’ is a record of true revolutionary punk rock style, the way it should be, and mixed with the hard groove of 60s garage. It’s loud and it’s angry, but it’s also laughing at all this nonsense we’re living in every day, and it’s probably laughing at you too.

Author: Craggy Collyde