Former Tiny Monroe and The Snakes guitar slinger Richard Davies takes centre stage for the first time as principal songwriter and singer with the Dissidents, a band who include Mega City Four/The Snakes drummer Chris Cannon and Last Great Dreamers bassist Tim Emery.

As well as playing guitar for indie band Tiny Monroe in the 90’s, and recording 3 albums with alt country collective The Snakes, Richard Davies has also worked with the likes of Glen Matlock and Peter Perritt as a hired gun, which sure ain’t a bad place to be.

An album that has been a long time coming, ‘Human Traffic’ was recorded last year and deals in retrospective songs of life, love and human nature.


If you like your rock ‘n’ roll from the shady side of town, where the nights are so long and starry-eyed girls have that certain shake appeal, then ‘Human Traffic’ will be right up your ally.

The title track gets things off to a power pop start. This is high energy rock ‘n’ roll, with guitars slung low and lyrics from the heart. A stripped-back, ramshackle sound can’t hide Davies’ knack for a catchy melody and ‘Human Traffic’ is first of several tunes to channel Ian Hunter in his prime.

The material is mostly originals from the heart and soul of the main man, with a few choice covers thrown in for good measure. ‘Lay Me Low’ is a traditional Shaker hymn re-worked with ‘Dissident’ style to sound like an outtake from Michael Monroe’s first solo offering. ‘Heartbeat Smile’ is a cover of an Alejandro Escovedo tune, and in the hands of The Dissidents, it’s a rollicking, Stonesy ride with solid beats, Keef style riffs and Mick-like hollerin’. Richard Davies also recalls his past with a new take on the Tiny Monroe song ‘Under The Skin’.

Of the originals on offer, it is hard to pick a favourite, as they are all pretty strong to be fair. Latest single ‘21st Century Man’ is power pop perfection to the max. With hooks you’ll swear you’ve heard before, the chorus is as catchy as the verses are cool. Think Elvis Costello meets The Replacements here, tinny guitars and cowbell give that added retro 80’s alternative feel. It’s a theme that reappears throughout the album. A tinkling of the ivories and spaghetti western guitar twang give ‘Way Of The Wild’ a certain anthemic feel, like The Alarm meets The Psychedelic Furs. A memorable, driving chorus only adds to the appeal for me. And is that Rick Richards jamming with Tom Petty on the ‘(Long Road) To Your Heart’? No, it’s only Richard Davies & The Dissidents jamming it out and putting their heart and soul into their rock ‘n’ roll music. What a tune! It has classic stamped all over it, as guitars riff loosely over a ramshackle beat that builds to a killer chorus.


In cool hat, dark shades and brandishing a guitar, Richard Davies emerges from the shadows with an accomplished debut album, choc-a-bloc with rootsy rock ‘n’ roll to soothe the soul.

Why it’s taken him so long to get an album out is anyone’s guess. But hopefully, this is the start of something long and productive, as Richard Davies & The Dissidents have released an album that harks back to simpler times, but still has the tunes and the staying power to match any of the other great rock records released so far this year.



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On September 25th, IDLES will release their anticipated third album – ‘Ultra Mono’ – via Partisan Records. Accompanying this announcement, the band have shared album highlight and thunderous call-to-action – “Grounds” – alongside a music video (dir. by Rob French).

Frontman Joe Talbot says of “Grounds”: “We wanted to write a song that embodied self-belief, and gave us self-belief – a counter-punch to all the doubt we build up from all the noise we so easily let in. We wanted to make the sound of our own hearts’ marching band, armed with a jack hammer and a smile. We wanted to make the sound of our engine starting. So we did. Thank you.”

Ahead of release, IDLES will also host a series of three live performances from an iconic studio on Aug 29-30, which will be professionally recorded, filmed, and livestreamed. Upon purchase of a ticket, attendees will receive a unique link to access the performance live. Tickets on sale now, more info and link to purchase HERE.

Recorded in Paris and produced by Nick Launay (Nick Cave, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Arcade Fire) and Adam ‘Atom’ Greenspan (Anna Calvi, Cut Copy), with Kenny Beats (FKA Twigs, DaBaby, Vince Staples) providing additional programming, ‘Ultra Mono’ was sonically constructed to capture the feeling of a hip-hop record. Across all twelve brutally relevant tracks, the band double down on the vitriolic sneer and blunt social commentary of their past work, with themes of active presence, inclusivity, class, gender inequality, nationalism, community, and toxic masculinity remaining ever-present. ‘Ultra Mono’ also features guest vocals from Jehnny Beth (Savages), and additional guest contributions from Warren Ellis (Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds), David Yow, and Jamie Cullum.

If their last record – 2018’s ‘Joy As An Act Of Resistance’ – was meant to detail IDLES’ manifesto, then ‘Ultra Mono’ is the sound of the band heading into battle, battering ram in hand, for those tenets. The phrase “momentary acceptance of the self” serves as spiritual guide and mantra throughout, as Talbot elaborates on further in an essay printed inside the album’s physical packaging.

In addition to sharing the tracklist for ‘Ultra Mono,’ the band have also made available the dates on which all upcoming album tracks + videos will be released (see below).

‘Joy As An Act Of Resistance’ was one of the best reviewed rock records of 2018, debuting top 5 on the official UK album charts. ‘Joy’ earned the band instantly legendary performances at Glastonbury, Jools Holland, NPR’s Tiny Desk, and sold out tours across the world. They were profiled by the NY Times and PBS NewsHour as part of a group of new bands tearing down outdated perceptions of masculinity, won the coveted Ivor Novello Award for Best Album, and were nominated for the Mercury Prize and a Brit Award last year. All 10,000 tickets to the band’s Dec 2019 headline performance at London’s Alexandra Palace sold out in under 24 hours.


This Saturday, The BIG NIGHT IN is proud to welcome The Jack Tars aka Slim Jim Phantom (Stray Cats), Captain Sensible (The Damned), Chris Cheney (The Living End) and Mike Peters (The Alarm) as very special guests for the Big Night In Episode 14 this Saturday night (9pm UK time).

These legendary globe-trotting musicians have an incredible rock and roll story to tell. They don’t need any introduction around these parts.

Mike Peters, will also be performing and presenting the show alongside Jules who will be hosting all the usual chat, shout-outs, requests and acoustic performances. There will be screenings of never before seen footage and some amazing on screen appearances.

So set your Alarm clocks and tune in Here

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Bandcamp is the place to go to pre-order your very own copy of the brand new Speedways album ‘Radio Sounds’.  Look out over this weekend as we have the one and only Rich Ragany taking care of the review for RPM of one of this summers best, most hotly anticipated albums.  You don’t even need to put on your PPE to venture out to pre-order just do it from your house.  You can also pre-order a digital copy from Beluga in Sweden

Radio Sounds LP promo clip

Radio Sounds streams on various streams tomorrow.. and you'll also be able to pre-order your copy of the album from our bandcamp page..Here's a teaser

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ISOLATION SOCIETY is a three piece band from New York, made up of Julie Hair (3 Teens Kill 4): bass, samples and voice, Richard Hutchins (Live Skull, Art Gray Noizz Quintet, Shilpa Ray): drums, and Ian Wilson (Star Spangles): guitar and voice.
‘Dead Cat Bounce’ is their second offering and whilst mainlining NYC into the veins of Isolation Society it sounds from the streets of an age long gone, painting songs with broad brush strokes using samples that jar the listener and peeking around darkened corners for sure there are moments where the influences are laid bare ‘Saturation’ is an off kilt early Blondie vibe if they were jamming obscure Bauhaus songs rather than trying to be pop.

The band use samples that are everyday street sounds of obscenities and everyday urban sounds which adds to the darkness and in a strange way the beauty of the songs. the tribal drums of ‘Amusement’ along with the gothic chants and cold guitar work are fascinating and rather enjoyable it has to be said.

utilizing samples drawn from popular culture and up to the minute moronic spoken samples from potus amidst howling feedback and sampled noise ‘Foot Fetish’ is as cold as el president’s heart and head I’d wager. Fuck me ‘Family’ is dark but once you’re in, you’re in and twisted bleak lyrics are appealing what does that say about me? Other than I know a good record when it lands on my turntable or email. ‘Drug Store’ has an early ’80s feel about it I guess dark times call for dark music and Isolation Society are dark. Saying that I’m about to contradict myself as the former Star Spangles man Ian Wilson pulls out a sparkling Johnny Marr like guitar lead on ‘Out Doors’ and its good no it’s very good.

As the record grinds to a halt ‘Moisture’ reminds me of The Cult around the time of ‘Resurrection Joe’ or even earlier incarnations of Asbury’s dream of a Death Cult. with a thick bass line courtesy of Julie Hair holding down that tempo like all those great Sisters Of Mercy songs had its a great way to see off any record. Man what a trip I thoroughly enjoyed. If you’ve ever had a hankering for a band that absorbed all the great bands from the ones I’ve referenced through my review to the Banshees and beyond then this is a record you will love a little more after every play and bringing the early ’80s right into the lockdown times of the roaring 2020s then Isolation Society is for you.  Hit em up and check this out you won’t be disappointed at all.


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In a bid to stay sane, entertain and hopefully stay afloat in these uncertain times Matty James decided to make a brand new 10 track acoustic CD avaialble.
Obviously, Matty James being the good guy we all know he is and how the current situation is affecting us all he has decided to not leave anyone behind here so you can simply ‘pay what you like’ for the digital download pre-order and everyone will receive email updates on how the project is coming along and evolving if you sign up to the mailing list.  A bit Like a Pledge campaign Should have run its operation but without anyone stealing the money and Matty keeping it in house. There will be CDs available, plus exclusive Lyric Art (just one of each song).
Matty also wants to clarify, this is Not the new ‘album proper’ he’s been working on. He will now wait until the pandemic is in the rearview mirror before that gets done.
The songs are flowing and if you are in a position to get involved then Matty James is looking forward to seeing where it goes. To run along with this he will also do a celebratory live stream online gig.  So whats going on with these here Isolation #tape recordings then I hear you ask? Well, Matt being the multi-instrumentalist and all-round one-man-band we know and love has also got his fellow Dogs partner Gary Pennick in to play some Guitars and add another flavour to the backing vocals.  Whilst its a snapshot into how a guy works when writing this is well above what one might call a bedroom demo there’s no Tascam four-track going on here as ‘Dangerous To Myself’ displays as the opener in a really upbeat talk of the times with big acoustic open chords boxcar style drums and a howling harmonica.
There’s a change of pace for the Americana and gentle almost balladry of ‘Stop Cryin’ (It’s Only The End Of The World)’ which has a really good chorus that leads to Mr Pennicks (cough cough) soulful guitar picking (great arrangement).
Of course, this will appeal to Dogs fans and people who have a passing interest in the likes of Classic Quireboys as ‘Uncertain Times’ borrows of the good and the greats that have paved this path long before Matty  His fellow Irish roots rocker Ricky Warwick did his best work when he picked up the acoustic guitar and did his thing and there is some of that here.  Matty doesn’t just lean on the past he just pours a touch in his own mix and no doubt appreciated their offerings and learnt from those great records if it’s in yer DNA its in yer DNA. Love the simplicity of just writing a good bloody tune and ‘Say Nothing’ is just that.
‘Top Of The Hill’ heads down to the delta for some cotton picking Stonesy blues Americana. It’s a great mix of styles but ultimately the fit is totally cohesive and the songs flow really nicely with songs like ‘Someone’ reminding me of when Rod the Mod used to be able to play Rock and Roll in the late 70s when he was Atlantic crossing its got that vibe and Matty has nailed those Bass guitar fills and runs.  But to wrap it all up its a return to the ’50s and ’60s and just writing a simple song but making it as good as it can be just like the Everleys or Buddy Holly did.  Great work Mr Cassidy these songs are some of the best you’ve done ever and I can’t wait to hear the album proper.  Top songwriter, top performer and Topman.  Go check it out!
Pre-order ‘The Isolation Tapes’ and join the fun here – Here
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As we spend our days playing through our LP collections, looking back at stuff we haven’t played in a while, how about looking at things in a different way? How about exploring a style previously unheard? How about diving in and just trying something different? Well for yours truly this really rips up the rule book, “It’s Karma it’s Kool.”


Now this baby appeared in my inbox after one of those do you fancy giving our band a listen conversations that you have over the inter-web and whatever Social Media platform you choose to frequent. As the opening intro to “Our love is an amplifier” eases its way out of the speakers you are instantly drawn to the pop sensibilities that permeate throughout, this is undeniably catchy as Fuck, and you find yourself tapping along to it as the lyrics bounce around your brain. Now as I listen I keep thinking it’s treading a path that another band I reviewed took me down, that Band was a Brighton band called World Secret. I mean when you introduce the phrase “pop” you are looking across all sorts of era’s and all sorts of styles, this LP is very much a pop LP for now, lets not go down Brit pop or power pop or indie pop route, lets call it well crafted music that’s going to appeal across the board.


As I sit listening I’m drawn back to the sixties at times, I feel the ghost of Syd Barrett will be up there smiling, there’s definitely more than a hint of psychedelia, maybe a hint of Alternative country (especially on “I woke up in Hollywood” the title track that contains some gorgeous harmonies) definitely the seventies with an updated version of the Byrds sound, that can be pulled out right the way through. We have a band I feel that have their influences grounded in the past but not afraid to play around with it, update it, while at the same time creating something that is defiantly different.


James Styring on vocals at time’s hit’s that classic Michael Stipe sound without copying, at times moving into Counting Crows arena size sound. This LP is an LP that washes over you, hints at lots of times spent immersed in music, crossing genres but at all times keeping your interest.


There’s some gorgeous guitar work on “The girl who gave you everything”, it weaves it way throughout, drawing in your focus. There’s a real homage to the previously hinted at 60’s psychedelia in “New Age Eve” but not from where you expect, the almost early ska type guitar run sets the scene before the vocals lead you into a brass section led element that twists and turns the music into all sorts of directions.


If your not smiling by this point as you listen your way through, there’s something seriously wrong, you really need to be sat in the sunshine, preferably with mates (remember guys no more than 6 at this time) with this LP setting the scene and creating the environment.


There’s a return to that alt country feel with “Ghosts of Rome” before probably my favourite track on the LP “Battle of Burnt out Bliss”, it just holds you, and draws you in the flamenco guitar giving some real colour to the sound.


AS the band themselves say “IT’S KARMA IT’S COOL throws away the rulebook, scribbles all over the blueprints, and forges their own path. Deliciously deceiving, their melodies will wiggle their way into the empty crevices in your brain and never leave.”


Too quickly we’re into the final track “Sunflowers” This is an LP that could form the soundtrack to your summer, its meant to be played with friends, outside and I’m sure the band would sound fantastic on a festival stage (maybe next year) let yourself get drawn into the band, remember “It’s Karma it’s Kool”.


Dare to be different, don’t follow the masses!!!!


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What a time to be alive I hear you cry well, we agree and to label the point here is the first glimpse into the new record from The Sensible Gray Cells.

In other news how about the new video from Swedens Acid Blood a band we love here at RPM HQ so here’s the new video they sent us for ‘To The Grave’ Gooooooooooooo Facebook / Instagram Order their album from Here

Cheeky Blues Bop N Strollers The Urban Voodoo Machine step forward with a video shot in Lockdown for the fantastic ‘Shattered Dreams’ Filmed in May during coronavirus lockdown in the UK, Holland, Cyprus, France, USA and Iceland…Take it away chaps

It’s a little known fact that Reno resident and Hellbound Glory main man Leroy Vergil has singlehandedly invented an Outlaw Country sub-genre he affectionately calls ‘Scumbag Country’. His stories from the seedy underbelly of the place he calls home in sunny Nevada are full of character observations and introspection, set to a soundtrack of countrified Americana.

Hellbound Glory have been around for 12 years in one form or another, even surviving the main man killing the band off and going on a 2 year bender of the Nevada city bars. Coaxed back from the verge of self-destruction by friend and fan Shooter Jennings, he recorded the masterful ‘Pinball’ in 2017 with Shooter and his band backing him the whole way. Inspired by his 2 year bender, he released one of the most real and true Outlaw Country albums around. Now Hellbound Glory returns with the follow up.


‘Pure Scum’ is the most straight out Country album Leroy has made, but don’t let that put you off. Leroy’s lyrics are still fuelled by drink, drugs and partying. Lyrically, it’s still as gritty as ‘Pinball’, there still feels like there’s an element of danger, but musically it’s more of a tribute to Country music’s roots.

Recorded mostly live over a 2 day period  in LA, again with Shooter Jennings producing, it’s a love letter to his hometown Reno, the world’s biggest little city. With live, one take vocals and cool cats such as Ted Russell Kamp on bass, Aubrey Richmond on fiddle and steel guitar from John Schreffler, it emanates quality from start to finish.

You can’t help but get the feeling the Leroy lifestyle and the Reno lifestyles are one in the same thing. “It’s a scumbag life for me” proclaims the singer in album opener ‘Ragged But Alright’, “I ain’t much to look at but I shine in the dark” he says in the autobiographical ‘Neon Leon’, before warning us in album closer ‘DUIORDIE’ to “not try this at home”.

Bar-room boogies such as album opener ‘Ragged but Alright’ and ‘Loose Slots’ tell the tale of a degenerate gambler over chicken-picked guitar solos and frantic bursts of fiddle. The players on this album are Shooter’s own live band, hardened veterans of the live country music scene, and he has succeeded in capturing the energy of this tight live unit, taking them from the bars and dives straight onto tape and into your living room.

Shooter believes Leroy to be one of, if not the best, songwriters of his generation and you can see why. On the surface this is just another Country album, but dig deeper with repeated listens the stories of reckless abandon and the heartbreak of lost love shine through.

The tale of loving someone who ain’t no good for you is a tried and tested road we have all travelled, but Leroy manages to bring some new sentiment to an age old story on the likes of ‘Someone To Use’ and the sublime single ‘Damned Angel’. His raspy vocals, on the verge of breaking, as he recounts the tale of a girl who broke his heart in two.  It’s an overly familiar melody you will swear you’ve heard before, but that the trick to good songwriting ladies and gents.

Raucous closer ‘DUIORDIE’ sees our man drowning his sorrows after his baby left him. A drinking song about a man partying hard and not giving a single, flying fuck!  It’s a high energy shuffle, delivered at breakneck speed. “Whisky, cocaine and evil, evil women…what can I say, I’m having a good time” drawls the man before the whole song breaks down with a ramshackle crescendo. It sounds live, it sounds raw and it sounds real.


‘Pure Scum’ pays tribute to Country music’s past but it has a modern edginess to it. While the likes of Sturgill Simpson and Tyler Childers get the headlines as the new breed of Outlaw Country, its Leroy Virgil’s Hellbound Glory who are the real deal in my eyes (or should that be ears?). ‘Pure Scum’ is a tale of hard living and partying hard like there’s no tomorrow, which seems quite a sound way to live your life in these uncertain times.

I would say that ‘Pure Scum’ is ‘Pinball’ part 2 and certainly a worthy follow up. Shooter Jennings is not backing Leroy for the fun of it and maybe it’s time the world also took notice.

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Author: Ben Hughes