Debut album from Thee MVPs recorded themselves and released themselves on their own label it’s easy to see how this Yorkshire hot pot filled to the brim with tasty tunes were weaned on a steady diet of SST and Dischord records have dedicated their time touring the guts out of the globe (pre-Pandemic of curse) and sharpening their repertoire of noisy, tuneful banger for us the general public and being the giving types this record just keeps giving and giving. Auteurism is alive and kicking and from the off ‘Ship Episode, Planet Episode’ is a fuckin’ buzz.  Sit tight after the Dr. Who techno blip intro were off.  It’s a rapid rush of noise as the flurry of drums kick in whilst the guitars try to keep up by thrashing away with reckless abandonment. The vocals are sort of tuneful but chanted in a monotonous way as to poke the listener on the temple just to grab your attention, boy its fair to say attention grabbed!

It’s fair to say it is10-tracks of subtle yet infectious riffs – driven grooves and plenty of heavy pounding. From the off it’s obvious there is a tonne of high energy being expelled here. A cheeky tongue in cheek lyric filters through each delivered with a cheeky smirk. Call it what you like indie hardcore garage/ garage-punk/ garage rock /whatever it is they call themselves its infectious and none more so than ‘A Song For Councillor’ which has a hint of The Hives in the riff and delivery but that’s it and the chorus gang chants are infectious pop but really really good.

The band said it took them six years to get to this point and I only hope it isn’t another six to get to the next because UK music needs bands like this kicking up a storm and making records that open new doors on each play like ‘You Ain’t It’ has a filthy heavy riff and grooves like a snake in a sack. In direct contrast then you have the measured funeral march of ‘HAL (Human Alianating Lifestyle)’ that strays into Janes Addiction territory and clocking in at a progbustin’ almost six minutes is a surprising treat.

I can see why they reference the likes of Hot Snakes for the sheer alternativeness of songs like ‘Super Contactable’ with its monotonous vocal or the pure venom in that Bass throb of ‘A Pining Replicant’ as it marches through the speakers with purpose.  But wait they sign off with the epic ‘Funeral i & iii’ another six minutes – but don’t afraid kids its ok trust me. Hell, their blast off and track ten is the seven and a half minute ‘US Airway (Final Flight)’ that laid any fear I might have had festering away about a song that long.  This isn’t Iron Maiden here kids this is like a punk rock psych headfuck using blunt instruments and doing it well and to be fair you don’t notice the length at all even when the guitars are duelling for speaker space.

Thee Debut Long player from Thee MVPs is a bonafide winner and something they’ve taken time getting right and making sure its of a very high standard.  check em out ya crazy kids, you know you want to…

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Author: Dom Daley

‘Candidate For Heartbreak’ is the new single from BLACK STAR RIDERS – out now via Nuclear Blast. Order Here

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In this unusual 2020, Black Star Riders are back with a new single ‘Candidate For Heartbreak’,

Photo Credit: Robin Wielink

2020 shaped up to be a very different year to what we all expected. COVID-19 took us by surprise forced us to pause, rethink our way of life and observe an unprecedented scenario unraveling on the world’s stage.  In this new “hibernated” society, the music industry showed its resilience: managing to keep itself alive, it created a sense of togetherness and an even stronger community, through brave songs, never afraid to bring the uncomfortable truths to the table.

Candidate For Heartbreak is Black Star Riders’ contribution to the worldwide reflection on society during these unparalleled times. Mr. Scott Gorham and Christian Martucci created the perfect soundscape, thanks to a sharp and memorable riff, which sets the scene for an intricate rock driven track. Ricky Warwick’s vocals perfectly represent the spirit of the lyrics: energetic anger, tinged with a hint of melancholy, towards a class of politicians who keep lying to the people; and a morbid system that keeps on failing and dividing.

Front-man Ricky Warwick comments: “It’s a rocker! A Scott Gorham and Christian Martucci guitar onslaught. A song about the politics of dancing while the politicians dance around the truth!”

Mr. Scott Gorham further explains: “The song brings back memories of our time in the studio recording Another State of Grace. It was such a great and productive time. We all hope to be back playing to our fans real soon.”Guitarist Christian Martucci adds: “Christian Martucci: “This is a really fun song to jam. I love how the guitars drone around Ricky’s vocals, and the awesome groove from Chad and Robbie!”

Candidate For Heartbreakfirst appeared as a bonus track on the Digipack CD included with the box-set and limited to 1,000 copies, of the band’s latest record Another State Of Grace. The album reached#14 in the national chart and #1 in the rock chart. The record isa stunning collection of anthemic rock songs recorded at Sphere Studios in Burbank, California in February 2019 and produced & mixed by Jay Ruston (Stone Sour, Anthrax, Uriah Heep).

Unfortunately, Black Star Riders performance at Ramblin’ Man Fair 2020 has been cancelled, as the festival was forced to be postponed to July 2021.

UK Tour Dates 2020
Saturday 18thJuly 2020 – Ramblin’ Man Fair – Postponed
Saturday 29thAugust 2020 – Stone Dead Festival

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