A boundless ball of energy and chaos. Live they’ll put a smile on yer face as they cover every inch of the stage (and the rig and audience given half the chance) This Bristolian quartet is anything but conventional.  Their first album is a live one for gawds sake which should tell you that they are comfortable in that environment it’s their turf and they can rock it up on that stage so why not sling out an unpolished set of rockers as your first foray into the big bad world of rock music.
with a sound described as blues-punk, their frantic attack is exciting and bristling with energy.  they’ve recorded at Rockfield and Abbey road so stick that in yer pipe and smoke it.  Georgi Valentine: Vocals, Brodie Maguire: Guitar/Backing Vocals, Chris Simpson: Bass/Backing Vocals, Matt West: Drums make up this exciting band. You can pick up that super limited record Here but be quick they will sell out!
So Who the heck are Mother Vulture?
Mother Vulture are hectic rock n roll with a punk twist. Quiet off stage, lunatics on stage. We want people to come to a show, laugh and say “look at those idiots”.
Where are the band from?
Simply, wherever the van (Rigby) takes us. Although, I think it’s fair to say that Cornwall is our spiritual home.

How did the band come together?
We started writing music, in uni, but only really became a band last year when we finally started playing shows. The final piece of the puzzle was getting Matt on the drums. He bought the van so we have to say that…
What about recordings?
We’ve got 5 tracks on Spotify that we recorded in 2018/19
Post-Pandemic/Lockdown plans?
Our plans post-pandemic are tour tour tour. And then, maybe we’ll record a real album! But for now, we’ll be shoving the live album down everyone’s throats (out July 24th)
Follow Mother Vulture: Facebook / Instagram / Spotify

Limited to 500 hand-numbered figures
PRE-ORDER NOW and get a free KILLER BEER pin! (100 available)
Jimmy G, the leader of NYC hardcore legends Murphy’s Law, is finally a Throbblehead.  The figure is limited to 500 numbered units, stands at 7 inches tall, and is made of a lightweight polyresin.  Displayed in a vibrant full color box, here Jimmy rules the stage while holding a mic in one hand and “killer beer” in the other.
The first 100 pre-orders will also receive a KILLER BEER enamel pin!
Shipping October 2020

It was once said If they drop a nuclear bomb on this planet, the only things left would be cockroaches…and Lemmy. well, that ain’t going to happen seeing as though Lemmy has left the building but Kevin K is still here and with dozens of albums under his belt and after a threatened retirement Kevin K is still kicking out the jams and still delivering the good. With forty something albums under his belt Kevin is still finding inspiration and being an inspiration to music lovers everywhere.

Then there’s Ricky Rat.  Ricky was recently part of the Cheetah Chrome Dead Boys project that was getting decent reviews for their live shows and then that all blew up just before their proposed Rebellion Festival appearance in the UK tour and that was that. He’d been a Trash Brat and a solo artist with a couple of exemplary power-pop records under his belt but the two good friends have also toured mainland Europe together so clearly get on well and have an understanding of each other so I guess it makes perfect sense they should find themselves in a studio recording a record together.

Right, 2020.  Who knew there would be a collaborated record put out between the two Rock and Rollers now the minute I heard I got excited I love Kevin’s music and Rickys so hold onto you Les Paul Jnr and get on board with ‘Party Store’.  ‘Identity Crisis’ kicks off with a vibrant jangling rock and roll number with a great steady beat and some great tone and before the third run through to the chorus you’re singing along and punching the air.  Sure it’s nothing new but it offers entertainment and puts a smile on my boat race. Joining forces offers the best of both worlds its not your usual Kevin K and neither is it the unadulterated power pop of Ricky Rats solo albums but it is catchy and rockin’ and the great big dirty twelve-bar of ‘Song For Lulu’ is the sound of two great pals just enjoying making music and Rockin’ out and that shines through like the fuckin’ sun!

I was wondering if it would be the case that I’d tell which one wrote which tune and would it be the case of Kevin singing one of Rickys power-pop tunes and vice versa but it’s not its something altogether different.  I love the vibe of ‘Shame’ it sounds like they cut it raw and live in the studio and some of the guitar breaks are pure joy. ‘You Don’t Call’ is a breath of summer cool with the acoustic guitars and strings a most welcome left turn down a really enjoyable dreamy side street.

Getting back on it with the vibrant ‘Shes Cold’ with a great pace and dirty guitars leading the charge then crashing that one outta the way is the snotty ‘Lost America’.  As the album swings back and forth it flows really neatly from one to the next but with some subtle melodies and plenty of dirt from these guys but with softer edges showing as well. They work really well together and complement each other’s strengths and the fact that the songs are strong and there aren’t any duff tracks on offer is a testament to that.  I loved it when the double K worked with Texas Terri and they did a great split as well so Kevin K has form for collaborating with others and what Ricky brings to the party is excellent as well,  both steeped in traditional punk rock and roll and long-established roots in the good and the great that have passed through here before them soaking it all up like sponges when it works it’s a beautiful thing.

They even sling in a silky smooth romp through ‘Let Go’ which sounds like they are having an absolute ball and a great way to sign off and pop back down the ‘Party Store’ for refills.  But before you go there’s a wonderful extra mix of ‘you Don’t Call’ that seems fitting to end with as the stripped bare intro and melody is like prime time Teenage Fan club its that good.

Get on it kids these ain’t no successful losers these are the real deal and this album seriously rocks!

Author: Dom Daley



Monday 20thJuly 2020 – After an epic and well documented 45-year career that launched an era of rock n roll legends, KISS launched their final ever tour in 2019.

2019 saw sold out KISS shows across the globe with arguably the greatest KISS show ever! The initial tour announcement was met with huge fan demand for added shows, but the END OF ROAD TOUR will officially come to a close with a date and NY location yet to be named.

Unfortunately, due to world events KISS could not complete the original dates scheduled through June and July 2020. But the band are delighted to announce rescheduled and new European dates for 2021. Further dates will also be added to the cities announced today

Paul Stanley says, “We are waiting. We are ready. When we are told everyone is safe and this pandemic is over, we will shake the earth and rock your world as always and as never before.”

Gene Simmons says, “We can’t wait for this pandemic to be over, and for all of you to be safe. We are planning to rock your world, once it is safe out there, for all of you and for us. See you in Europe”

KISS will be offering VIP experiences and special KISS Army fan presales. VIP experiences may include a personal photo opportunity with the band, access to an exclusive pre-show lounge and a behind the scenes tour.  Visit www.kissonline.com for more information.

Known for their trademark larger-than-life blistering performances, KISS has proven for decades why they are hands down the most iconic live show in rock n roll.  The Rock & Roll Hall of Famers, who have sold more than 100 million albums worldwide, have said this tour is devoted to the millions of KISS Army fans.

KISS END OF THE ROAD 2021 rescheduled and new European dates announced today are below. With more dates to be added.

Wednesday 2ndJune 2021                        Sportspalais, Antwerp BELGIUM
Tuesday 8thJune 2021                   Accors Hotel Arena, Paris FRANCE
Thursday 10thJune 2021               Westfalenhalle, Dortmund GERMANY
Saturday 12thJune 2021                Atlas Arena, Lodz POLAND
Tuesday 15thJune 2021                Barclaycard Arena, Hamburg GERMANY
Saturday 19thJune 2021                Tele 2 Arena, Stockholm SWEDEN
Monday 21stJune 2021                  Hartwell Arena, Helsinki FINLAND
Wednesday 23rdJune 2021          Scandanavian, Gothenburg SWEDEN
Friday 25thJune 2021                     Festhalle, Frankfurt GERMANY
Wednesday 30thJune 2021          Hallenstadion, Zurich SWITZERLAND
Saturday 3rdJuly 2021                    Rockfest, Barcelona, SPAIN
Sunday 4thJuly 2021                       Wizink Arena, Madrid SPAIN
Tuesday 6thJuly 2021                     Roman Arena, Nimes FRANCE
Thursday 8thJuly 2021                   Schleyerhalle, Stuttgart GERMANY
Saturday 10thJuly 2021                  O2 Arena, Prague CZECH REPUBLIC
Monday 12thJuly 2021                    Arena Di Verona, Verona ITALY
Thursday 15thJuly 2021                 Budapest Arena, Budapest HUNGARY

For local ticket information
XXX KISS Army Fan Club Presale – XXX CET

XXX Public Onsale – XXX CET

Unfortunately, due to scheduling issues involved with moving the tour back a year KISS will not be able to play the following cities, that were originally set for 2020.

Sandnes, Norway
Kaunas, Lithuania
Lisbon, Portugal
Gliwice, Poland
Sofia, Bulgaria

Those fans with tickets for the above cities should refer to their ticket office for refunds.

“All that we have built and all that we have conquered over the past four decades could never have happened without the millions of people worldwide who’ve filled clubs, arenas, and stadiums over those years. This will be the ultimate celebration for those who’ve seen us and the last chance for those who haven’t. KISS Army, we’re saying goodbye on our final tour with our biggest show yet and we’ll go out the same way we came in… Unapologetic and Unstoppable,” said KISS on The End Of The Road tour.

KISS – photo credit Jen Rosenstein


Can you imagine Suzi Quatro writing a real punk rock record? Or Joan Jett not being sucked in by glam rock limelight? SMALLTOWN TIGERS hail from Romagna, North/East of Italy. Deborah, Giulia and Serena (who replaced Antonio later this spring) cut their teeth on The Rockaway Bitches, playing Ramones’ songs and spreading their love for surfboards and punk rock antics. The trio earned their stripes playing squat clubs and beach parties, before scooping the support slot for NYC powerpop aces BABY SHAKES on their jaunt around Italy this spring. Already being talked up on the Euro garage-punk scene, SMALLTOWN TIGERS have dropped their debut album ‘Five Things’ early this year and will be playing a bunch of UK dates to support it.

Who the hell  are Smalltown Tigers?

Smalltown Tigers are a young female trio from North Italy who play raucous rock and roll with a 70’s punk vibe. We were due to come back to England in May but that has been cancelled because of the world crisis. The tour dates have been postponed, for the moment it seems that November it could happen and we are really looking forward to it. We are still optimistic that when this crisis ends we can go on tour and bring “Five Things” to the live stage in London and Italy.


The group, which consists of Valli (bass, vocals), Monty (guitar, vocals) and latest recruit Castel (drums), was formed out of the remnants of a Ramones cover band and played their first UK shows last year.


So Where do you guys come from?

We come from different cities of the same region (Romagna). We – Valli and Monty – live in the same small village on the outskirts of Rimini; Castel comes from the biggest (but still small though) city in the area, Forli.

How did the band come together?

Smalltown Tigers were born in 2018, when after years spent playing the Ramones, we decided to create our own songs. It all started from the desire to try to play something of our own, to experience our creativity, and somehow we succeeded, still remaining glued to the sound of the Ramones.

Any previous recordings available?

We don’t have previous recordings, “Five Things” was our first recording experience. It was amazing. We recorded the whole album at L’Amor Mio Non-Muore studio in Forli, Italy. It’s an all analogue studio, where they use old reel-to-reel recorders and a 70s mixing desk.  No computer tricks, just a bunch of tube amplifiers. It has been recorded live, loud, fast and powerful.  That’s the Smalltown Tigers.

Post pandemic what’s the plan?

We were due to come back to England in May but that has been cancelled because of the world crisis. The tour dates have been postponed, for the moment it seems that November could happen and we really looking forward to it. We are still optimistic that when this crisis ends we can go on tour and bring “Five Things” to the live stage in London and Italy.

Album review Here

Nailing that quintessential NooYawk rock and roll sound but doing it in the Czech Republic is some feat but New York Junk nailed it.  It’s fair to say these cats are vets of the scene and been in the thick of the Bowery scene since its inception back in the ’70s and survived to tell the tail.  Getting Tarbeach Records to release the record of seven tunes recorded in the Czech Republic at the tail end of 2019 and mixed pre-pandemic these seven tunes are coming out on red vinyl.

It’s a simple formula.  Guitar, Bass and Drums and play from the heart, make it Rock and Roll – sing about what you see and believe in yourself then everything else is gravy.  You either have “it” or you don’t.  We know whos fakin’ it and who isn’t and on this evidence, you can take the people out of Noo Yawk but you can’t take the Noo Yawk outta the people.

New York Junk have released three previous records starting with ‘Passion of the 10th St Blues’ (2008), ‘Doing Time in New York City’ (2014), and ‘7 Train’ (2018). Their sound is somewhere between Thunders and The Stones with a bit of Lou Reed creeping in on some of the melodies but there are some real gems in here. I love side two from the more aggressive ‘Scared’ with a cool thump on the floor toms and strained vocals it’s fragile yet looking for trouble great opening tune to side two. The albums best track ‘Passion’ with its rather splendid Thunders dripping guitar solo the songs got a tonne of passion and it shines through.  They’re not reinventing the wheel here they’re just writing great tunes and relying on what’s pouring out of their hearts and spilling into the grooves of the record. Let’s stay with side two and the title track which is a repetitive riff that’s moving slowly and gently, for the most part, meandering through the cracks of the recording towards the solo sure it’s like a VU moment in time but that’s always going to be cool.

Anyway, Let’s continue as we flip flop back to side one and the opening blast of the ‘Gutter Angels’.  Like a poem to the Lower East Side leaning on the Voidoids or something Lou Reed might have penned. ‘She Don’t Care’ could have been borrowed from Walter Lure whilst ‘Walk My Dog’ is some Thunders homage and fairly standard. Closing off side one is ‘Don’t Cry For Me’ which sounds like we’ve just been dropped off in the early ’70s after finding out this time capsule is captained by Sylvain Sylvain and the cabin crew consists of Johansen and Killer Kane. Pure nostalgia done with care and a big smile – whats not to like?

All in all a really enjoyable seven tracks from New York Junk and for anyone who hankers for a slice of that time when giants walked the earth and strutted their stuff. Check it out if you’re smart enough and start ‘Dreamin’.


There was always more to Chicago legends Enuff Z’Nuff than day-glo clothes, peace signs and drug problems. To a select few back in the day, singer Donnie Vie and bassist Chip Z’nuff were our generation’s Lennon & McCartney. And while they peaked commercially with their self-titled debut album, 1991’s follow-up ‘Strength’ was their masterpiece. Then along came Grunge and knocked them straight outta the ball park like many others. The following album ‘Animals With Human Intelligence’ sank without a trace, as did their career.

But unlike many of their contemporaries, the band battled through the subsequent line-up changes, legal issues and drug & alcohol addiction. Original guitarist Derek Frigo died of an overdose, long time drummer Ricky Parent succumbed to cancer. They changed labels more times than they changed drummers and guitar players, yet through all the tragedies, the one constant was that Chip & Donnie released quality music year after year. Even Donnie’s departure couldn’t stop the band. Now 15 albums into their career Enuff Z’nuff are back with a new album entitled ‘Brainwashed Generation’, the second to feature Chip as lead singer.


To be honest, I had little interest in hearing EZN’s last album ‘Golden Boy’. For me, EZN without Donnie is like Queen without Freddie, its peaches without the cream; it’s like a broken pencil…pointless! While their voices work well in harmony together, can Chip really compete with those golden Vie pipes, and does he even have the songwriting chops on his own? Well, I’m glad to report that ‘Brainwashed Generation’ goes a long way to prove me wrong.

Joining Chip on this latest excursion is long time guitarist Tory Stoffregen, drummer Daniel Hill and ex Life Sex & Death/AntiProduct legend Alex Kane (back in the band for the first time since 1987). Rick Nielsen’s son Daxx contributes drums for more than half of the album, along with Mike Portnoy and even estranged main man Donnie puts in a guest appearance.

With the basic tracks recorded back in November 2019, mixed and finished off by Chip at home during lockdown you could call ‘Brainwashed Generation one of the first ‘post lockdown’ releases?


Opener ‘Fatal Distraction’ sets the scene with hazy, lazy vocals and great power pop hooks to die for. Chip’s penchant for Cheap Trick is never far from his songbook, and the combination of loud, brash guitar work and a very hummable chorus takes this opener into classic EZN territory.

Ok, Chip you have my attention but any band can put their best tune as an opener, put your money where your mouth is and prove it! As if in reply, the punchy ‘I Got My Money Where My Mouth Is’ follows and puts to bed any doubts that the bassist needs Donnie Vie to carry his songs in 2020. This shows a band full of confidence, urgency and bravado. With continuing Cheap Trick vibes, trademark backing harmonies and a chorus that insists you sit up and take notice, I’m convinced just 2 songs in; they have already done enough to prove EZN are far from a spent force.


It’s impossible to do an Enuff Z’Nuff review and not mention The Beatles. Lennon-esque, sentimental balladry is rife in the likes of ‘It’s All In Vain’ and ‘Broken Love’. Chugging guitars, ringing chords and soaring vocal melodies take this listener to the same heights the likes of ‘Fly High Michelle’ and ‘Right By Your Side’ did back in the day.

Donnie Vie returns for ‘Strangers In My Head’ and it’s no surprise that its an album highlight. His lush tones carry the dark and foreboding tune to another worldly plain. It’s a powerful. riff heavy rocker that sees the writer delve deep inside his own head. So much so, it makes the following ‘Drugland Weekend’ sound like a just another dumb ass rock song, all style and no substance, but hey there’s nowt wrong with that sometimes!


Enuff Z’Nuff never got the breaks they deserved. But let’s face it, most of the greatest bands suffered the same fate! But put an Enuff Z’Nuff greatest hits package together and it stands tall quality wise with any band you would care to mention and that will be their legacy.

‘Brainwashed Generation’ is a surprisingly good album, which recalls their glory days and the best of their influences. Sure, it’s not as good as ‘Strength’ or even ‘Animals…’ song for song, but it’s on a par with anything the band put out after, and that is a good place to be 15 albums into your career.

Chip continues to fly the flag for Enuff Z’Nuff, writing quality tunes and touring the world. It’s all he’s done since the heady 80’s and no one’s gonna stop his love train now.

Buy ‘Brainwashed Generation’ Here


Author: Ben Hughes







Fontaines D.C. are announcing a very special album release show in support of their highly anticipated new offering A Hero’s Death. Filmed by Collective Dublin and captured within 2FM Radio’s studio in Montrose, Dublin – a sweeping space usually the reserve of orchestra performances – “A Night At Montrose, Dublin” will air on Monday 3rd August at 8pm BST / 9pm CEST / 3pm EDT. Fontaines D.C. will perform new album A Hero’s Death (released July 31st via Partisan Records) in its entirety for the very first time, along with selected tracks from their award-winning debut Dogrel. A live Q&A with the band will also mark the occasion. Viewing globally is easy – a link will be emailed to anyone pre-ordering the album via the store. Fans will receive their link 1 hour before the performance begins (7pm BST). The deadline to get involved is 9pm BST on 2nd August.

Get access to the performance by pre-ordering the album HERE.


The news follows the announcement of the band’s 2021 UK tour, which includes their biggest ever UK headline at London’s Alexandra Palace. Tickets are on sale now  fontainesdc.com /  metropolismusic.com seetickets.com and ticketmaster.co.uk.

2021 tour dates are as follows:

7th May – Manchester Academy – SOLD OUT
8th May – Manchester Academy – SOLD OUT
10th May – Leicester De Montfort Hall
11th May – Leeds O2 Academy – SOLD OUT
12th May – Newcastle O2 City Hall
14th May – Glasgow Barrowland – SOLD OUT
15th May – Glasgow Barrowland – SOLD OUT
17th May – Cambridge Corn Exchange
18th May – Sheffield O2 Academy
20th May – Birmingham O2 Academy
21st May – Cardiff Great Hall – SOLD OUT
22nd May – Bristol O2 Academy – SOLD OUT
24th May – Bournemouth O2 Academy
25th May – Southampton O2 Guildhall
27th May – London Alexandra Palace

Supports TBC

The band’s UK tour will also be preceded by a new run of EU headline tour dates set to take place across March and April 2021. Full routing and more info can be found HERE.

Three tracks from A Hero’s Death have been released so far including the title track – the video for which stars Aidan Gillen (Game of Thrones, The Wire, Peaky Blinders) – the lonely and intense “I Don’t Belong“, and brand-new single “Televised Mind“, which you can watch the new video for below.

Pre-order the new album A Hero’s Death HERE.



Upon its release in 1980, the Ace Of Spades album was nothing short of a gamechanger for all forms of hard rock. Like lightning in a bottle, it perfectly captured everything great about hard rock, heavy metal, and punk, amped it all up to 11, and came racing out of the gates at what felt like a million miles an hour, pushing at every musical boundary. Nothing was harder. Nothing was faster. And certainly nothing was louder.

Now, following on from last year’s fan and media acclaimed anniversary editions of the seminal Overkill and Bomber albums, comes the record that launched Motörhead into the stratosphere and carved their name into the walls of rock’n’roll history forever; Ace Of Spades.

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of this milestone album, it is being presented in new deluxe editions. There will be hardback book-packs in two CD and triple LP formats, featuring a previously unheard concert from the ‘Ace Up Your Sleeve’ tour, the story of the album and many previously unseen photos. Also, the album will be released as an ultimate fan, collector edition Ace Of Spades box set, containing a bevvy of era-specific treasures and some 42 previously unreleased tracks!

The Ace Of Spades Deluxe box set contains:

  • The Ace Of Spades album, half-speed mastered and created from the original master tapes.
  • Two double-live albums of previously unheard concerts from the ‘Ace Up Your Sleeve’ tour.
  • A Fistful Of Instrumentals : A 10” EP of previously unreleased, instrumental tracks from 1980.
  • The Good, The Broke & The Ugly. A double album of B-sides, outtakes and rare tracks.
  • Ace On Your Screens: A DVD compilation of rare TV appearances from 1980-81, a live concert from 1981 and a 5.1 audio mix of the original album.
  • The Ace Of Spades story. A 40 page book telling the story of Ace Of Spades through previously unpublished interviews with the people that were there. Includes never before seen photos and memorabilia.
  • The ‘Ace Up Your Sleeve’ tour programme
  • The Motörhead Rock Commando comic.
  • A set of 5 poker dice that can be played on the game board inside the box set lid.
  • All encased in a classic Wild West dynamite box.
  • A limited edition 7″ reproduction of the Dutch ‘Ace Of Spades’, with a previously unreleased instrumental version on Side B. (while stocks last!)

In 1980, off the back of two essential albums, Overkill and Bomber the previous year, Motörhead continued to get bigger, better, louder and faster by the second. This time, on Ace Of Spades they teamed up with producer Vic Maile and came up with twelve songs; each and every one of which crams a regular band’s ten minutes of playing into an average of three. The song titles alone made ears bleed; ‘Love Me Like A Reptile’, ‘Shoot You In The Back’, ‘The Chase Is Better Than The Catch’ and ‘The Hammer’ were a few examples.

This landmark album saw the three amigos of Lemmy, Fast Eddie Clarke and Philthy Animal Taylor at the helm of the juggernaut that was Motörhead, gaining phenomenal growth in popularity as they forged onward. The band’s and their fans ideas, wants and inspirations, converged at a perfect tangent. Anyone disputing this fact need look no further than any heavy metal gig of the time and play ‘spot the Motörhead T-shirt and jacket’. They outnumbered anyone else by at least five to one. A statistic that is still accurate some forty-five years since they first began!

The Ace Of Spades album release was a magical moment in rock’n’roll history, an album which had enormous global impact and continues to resonate and inspire people worldwide. Fans to this day still remember where they were when they first heard it, and it immediately inspired bands worldwide to absorb the album’s energy, speed, and attitude into their own work. Ace Of Spades is ground zero for thrash, speed metal, and punk / metal crossover.

See below for full details of the Ace Of Spades releases and be sure to visit www.iMotorhead.com for news and updates!

Ace of Spades    
Side One

Ace Of Spades
Love Me Like A Reptile
Shoot You In The Back
Live To Win
Fast And Loose
(We Are) The Road Crew
Side Two
Fire Fire
Bite The Bullet
The Chase Is Better Than The Catch
The HammerA Fistful Of Instrumentals
Side One
Ace Of Spades (demo)
Hump On Your Back (demo)
Shoot You In The Back (demo)
Fast And Loose (demo)
Side Two
Dirty Love (demo)
Love Me Like A Reptile (demo)
Dance (demo)

Riders Wearing Black
Live At Whitla Hall, Belfast – 23rd Dec 1981    

Side One
Ace Of Spades
Stay Clean
Over The Top
The Hammer
Shoot You In The Back
Side Two
(We Are) The Road Crew
No Class
Bite The Bullet
The Chase Is Better Than The Catch

Side Three
Leaving Here
Too Late, Too Late
Side Four

Dead Man’s Hand
Live At Parc Expo, Orleans – 5th March 1981

Side One
Ace Of Spades
Stay Clean
Over The Top
Shoot You In The Back
Side Two
The Hammer
Leaving Here
Fire Fire
Love Me Like A Reptile

Side Three
Too Late, Too Late
(We Are) The Road Crew
No Class
Side Four
Bite The Bullet
The Chase Is Better Than The Catch

The Good, The Broke & The Ugly    
Side One
Ace Of Spades (Alternative Version)
Dirty Love
Love Me Like A Reptile (Alternative Long Version)
Shoot You In The Back (Alternative Version)
Side Two
Hump On Your Back
Fast And Loose (Alternative Version)
(We Are) The Road Crew (Alternative Version)
Fire Fire (Alternative Version)
Jailbait (Alternative Version)

Side Three
Waltz Of The Vampire
The Hammer (Alternative Version)
Dirty Love (Alternative Long Version)
Godzilla Akimbo
Side Four
Love Me Like A Reptile (Alternative Version)
Dirty Love (Alternative Version)
Please Don’t Touch (Performed by Headgirl)
Bomber (Performed by Girlschool)

Ace On Your Screens DVD
Part 1 : Motörhead on TV 1980-1981
Part 2 : BBC In The City; Live In Belfast ‘81
Part 3 : 5.1 audio mix of Ace Of Spades

I have to admit, I’ve been waiting for this LP to land and after living with it for a couple of weeks, the jury’s in absolutely no doubt this is my LP of the year so far. No mention of past influences, this is Suzie Stapleton finding her own identity, I’ve watched her develop over the last few years, both live and on record and this is so far from the singer I saw in Camden that it’s unreal. I couldn’t on that day believe the sound that was created in an acoustic setting and the fragility and in equal amounts intensity that I witnessed within that performance are resident in Spades here.


The Stark Nihilism presented, really is a thing of Beauty an aural assault on the senses that leaves you breathless, stunned and with an all-together different mindset, this is the impact that really good music should always have on the listener.


As we weave our way through the opener “We are the plague” you really take on board the significance of the vocal message, the dark history attached and the bleak landscape of a potential future.  The eastern influence within the guitar- work , first looks to and then draws us into almost Eastern Meandering, full of esoteric imagery but underpinning the journey is a vocal line that just holds you mesmerized.


The feral guitar that sears its way through “Thylacine” (the single that was released to raise funds for the Australian Bush fire support) really hits you full on and before you know it you’re into “Blood on the windscreen” another of the singles, this has a great Rock and Roll feel, not as intense as the openers but way above what’s come out so far this year in any genre. As “September” weaves its way forward you’re drawn into the story unfolding, a storyboard of images moving from verse to verse.  Pausing to draw breath, the reality is that this LP is a little bit special, and the distance traveled since Obladi Diablo is huge.


As you listen through next up ‘The river song” the, to me, native American imagery and soundscape, provides a great intro to what is probably my favourite track on the LP “Angel Speak”, fragile, intense, in turns, weaving a portrait full of imagery.


“You were there” with its almost somber tones, part accusatory, part accepting holds you in its grasp, with no easing until it’s done. I think for myself, looking back at this album, what really grips you is the vivid imagery conjured up, each story or vignette having a life and feel all of its own. “In the Darkness” and “Silence in my bones” take you in all sorts of directions, before we’re finished off with ‘Negative Prophet” and if you look back at the video that supported the release with the “Impeach God” that flashes across the screen you realize this is the perfect message for a bleak dystopian future, this is powerful stuff. So what do we have?


Question: Is it the LP of the year so far?

Answer: Absolutely, a thing of real dark beauty.




Author: Nev Brooks