An Incendiary, tragicomic documentary (midway between The Decline of Western Civilization and Crumb) which has been hailed as “Essential Viewing” by CineVue and called “Dark and Irresistible” by director John Carpenter, The El Duce Tapes will chew you up, spit you out, and leave you floored.

This February the fun begins on the 9th with one wild ride. In the early ’90s an aspiring filmmaker and part-time actor, Ryan Sexton, grabbed a camcorder and followed shock rockers The Mentors into the sleaziest and grimy clubs in the Hollywood area. The band, known for wearing black executioner masks over their heads, caused controversy wherever they went with their vulgar lyrics and decidedly non-PC approach. Sexton kept the cameras rolling at all times while putting a special focus on the band’s infamous singer-drummer, El Duce. Now thirty years later, filmmakers Rodney Ascher and David Lawrence have taken the footage and edited it together as ‘The El Duces Tapes’, a documentary that John Carpenter has praised as “dark and irresistible.” One watch will have viewers wanting more El Duce and for that, Arrow has you covered. The Blu-ray comes with a buttload of special features, including unused VHS footage, brand-new audio commentary, and an interview with Steve Broy, aka Dr. Heathen Scum of The Mentor.

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