THE SCHIZOPHONICS – ‘Black To Comm’ (Pig Baby Records) Over the last few years, THE SCHIZOPHONICS have built up a formidable reputation around the world as an explosive live act and have just announced a 14 date US tour which kicks off in September 2021 with an appearance at Punk Rock Bowling in Las Vegas. The group has also just finished the final mixes on their forthcoming album entitled ‘Hoof It’ which is slated for release in early 2022 on Pig Baby Records.  Leaning on their Garage Rock roots and the MC5 heaving smokin guitar antics of the lead track this is on Fire Baby!  Love it large and the more fuzzed up and freaky this gets the better it sounds.  Amen you crazy mofos.



Los Santos – ‘On The Strip (Vegas Baby)’ (Los Santos Inc. Records / Cadiz Entertainment)  it’s a three-minute love song to 1970’s Las Vegas invoking the Rat Pack, gangster run casinos, cars as big as bars cruising the neon of sin city.

Wearing their influences proudly on their sleeves…  Iggy and The Stooges, MC5, Ramones, Pixies, Husker Du, Jane’s Addiction…  Nothing too new!  Los Santos bring loud guitars, angelic voices, melodic bass and drums played like a deranged Keith Moon.


Stacy Crowne ‘Radar Love / Dead of Night’ (Action Rock Jukebox 45 single)’  (Screaming Crow Records) Screaming Crow Records have gathered up some of the best Rock N Roll bands from all over the world to bring you an awesome new 45 series call Action Rock Jukebox.

Each band has submitted a rockin’ version of a song that would have been found on your local jukebox in the 70s & 80s backed with an original track from the band. These large holed 45s are perfect for that old jukebox in your basement. Each single comes with a jukebox title card and a custom 45 adapter in case you don’t have one of those cool old jukeboxes. Each release will feature 100 color vinyl  and 200 black vinyl versions. The first 50 copies sold will be autographed by the band. Right now the singles will only be available on Screaming Crow’s and the bands’ websites.

There are 8 band scheduled right now. Once all the singles are out, Screaming Crow will compile them into one killer double LP and CD and release them through our normal retail channels. Stacy Crowne do a top take on the Golden Earring track whilst it might have been done to death its still one of the better versions but the original track is all Action rock and fuckin’ roll and worthy of your attention. / Buy Here / Facebook


Bambies – ‘Dirty Taint’ (Spaghetty Town Records)  Wear it like a sheriff’s badge of honour.  If you’re on Spaghetty Town Records then you’re worth a fuck. With that seal of approval, we dive in with the volume turned up, it’s like a snotty bit of punk n roll along the lines of Star Spangles with added Briefs for good measure, and that kids is a pretty awesome place to start. There’s an album coming this August on Wanda and Spaghetty Town so stick that in your diary as a must-have slice of Rock and Roll. Record of the week? It might just be.  Buy Here





Drug Church – Tawny (Pure Noise Records)  The only disappointment is this is only a four-track 12″ record and not a full album of angry, full-on riff-a-rama punk rock n roll. PRessed on a lovely pink spalt it’s no-nonsense straight to your brain ear worm.

I can’t pick a favourite track because they’re all quality from the jangling hypnotic riff on ‘Head Off’ through the kick to the temple of the title track.

‘Bliss Out’ is heavy as a bouncing bomb mixing up the likes of Helmet with Husker Du some Therapy? and a whole lot besides before checking out with the mic drop of ‘Remember To Forget’ which is something different from the other three which are all different anyway.  Drug Church delivers yet another quality glimpse into the workings of a top band with a cheeky glance to the past yet plowing on into the future.  Check em out and get on board.

Buy Here


The Jailbirds – ‘The Jungle’ (Golden Robot Records) Ontario rockers The Jailbirds come on full force with ‘The Jungle’ with a riff from the Ozzy rulebook its big and rockin  check em out Here

Zoids – ‘Running Man b/w Crash Mind’ (Goodbye Boozy Records)  Lo-fi noisy punks rip through two bleak relentless romps with a buzzsaw guitar riff thrashing away over a Rolf Harris stylophone if that’s still even legal?  Then ‘Crash Mind’ is more of the same as the static far away sci-fi lo-fi goes gonzo as the Zoids check-in back home by the sounds of it.  Robotic punk is fired into space.  Put these cats in a time capsule and bury them on the moon.  with some guitars and a laptop obviously.  Sounds like they’ve just discovered dial-up and aren’t afraid to use it as an instrument instead of a bass guitar – Nutters!




The Cheats – ‘Rock N’ Roll Love Letter / Cussin, Crying N’ Carrying On’ (Action Rock Jukebox 45 single)’  (Screaming Crow Records)  A mighty fine slab of 70s inspired power pop n roll from The Cheats.  They nail the sappy harmonies and the melody is B-A-Y C-I-T-Y inspired and they nail the tone.  We all love to write Rock N Roll love letters and The Cheats are no different.  If you want something a little more bruising then hold onto your tartan scarves because the B side is a belter.  firing out of the traps like a hot rod in a hurry ‘Cussin, Crying N’ Carrying On’ is action rock with a heap of punk rock n roll attitude as it snarls and spits to the finish line.  Top single this one.  Crack on guys you rock!



Jizzy Pearl – ‘Soul Mama’ (Golden Robot Records)


THE CHECKERED HEARTS – ‘Joystick’  (Chicanery Chick Records)  Power Pop cover version of ‘My Best Friends Girl’ is a decent stab at a huge hit.  Los Angeles-based duo Hillary Burton and Lisa Mychols, who have many credits to their names, pride themselves on having a  sound that is a mixture of explosive power pop and reminiscent of long-lost favourites of the 80’s and 90’s.  ‘JOYSTICK’ is a collection of classic covers by The Cars, Housemartins, Phil Seymour, Kirsty MacColl, and The Knack. In addition, the release includes a bonus track – a special version of an original Lisa & Hillary song.  Stream/ Buy ‘Joystick’  Here


Real Sickies – ‘Love Is For Lovers’ (Stomp Records)  Edmonton’s preeminent power-pop, party-anthem punkers Real Sickies have just dropped their latest offering of tunage for your summertime listening pleasure. “Love is for Lovers” is the second single and title track of their forthcoming album on Stomp Records.  Claiming to straddle influences from The Ramones to the Strokes this tune is a banger plain and simple from the pounding rhythm to that razor-sharp riff its wedged in a heap of tuneage for your buck.  the swirling keys layering the sound like an anchor to its roots it’s well worth checking out.  Order New Color Vinyl LP “Love is for Lovers” Here

Pre-Save “Love is for Lovers” on all Streaming Services  Here

Andrew Cantwell – Lockdown Love (Self Release) Accomplished solo artist Andrew has released a couple of tracks and ‘Lockdown Love’ is a summers breeze and a laid back offering leaning on some of his influences with a really nice guitar break and arrangement check out his video and hit him up on social media.

The unstoppable Suzi Moon comes roaring back with a debut solo EP Call the Shots, a powerful clutch of high-impact songs which reaffirm her status as one of punk rock’s most vibrant performers! With a stellar rock & roll pedigree reaching back to when the then 15-year-old Moon joined her sister’s famed punk band, Civet, the singer-songwriter has followed through with songs that show her incredible growth. Recording two albums for Hellcat Records and touring with the likes of Social Distortion, Dropkick Murphys and Flogging Molly (all before she turned 21) Moon established herself as a ferocious punk truth-teller with both a distinctive personal style and a fiercely untamed stage presence. After Civet went on hiatus, Moon formed Turbulent Hearts, a high-intensity trio that quickly gained popularity in their hometown Los Angeles scene and earned followings in the US and Europe, playing such high stakes settings as the Rebellion Festival and Punk Rock Bowling.

The restless, boundlessly creative Moon next co-founded unique garage/punk/stoner female power trio L.A. Machina. The group almost immediately issued a memorable EP for Alternative Tentacles before abruptly flaming out in late 2020. Undeterred, Moon set about crafting the groundbreaking songs which comprise Call the Shots and was in the recording studio just months later. Set for a May 2021 release on Pirates Press Records, Call the Shots is classic Moon: hard-hitting, dynamic and thunderingly expressive, the perfect artistic antidote for today’s uncertain climate. A daringly mesmerizing performer and bold, intuitive, composer, Suzi Moon consistently delivers an appealing, high-velocity authenticity that is hers alone.


OK, Firstly it seems like a good place to start, what made you decide to go solo?

I always knew I would end up going solo. As a songwriter, it is important for me to take ownership of the music I create. I have a very clear vision for my art and have brought that into every collaborative project I have been a part of. It was really only a matter of time until I had the guts to really step forward and go solo. What have you noticed so far that’s different about playing under your name as opposed to being in a band? -It comes with new challenges. Now I am solely the one to blame if something goes wrong or if it doesn’t resonate within people, I am taking that very personally as the person who is the face of the project. At the same time, it is easier in ways, like I don’t have to get 3 other peoples opinion or approval before I make a decision.


Having seen you perform at Rebellion and reviewed your music previously both with Civet and Turbulent Hearts I must admit I was really impressed with the new EP? The energy you put into a live show is something you must be really missing with the Covid pandemic interrupting live shows and travel? How have you found the downtime? What have you found fulfilling that you’ve otherwise would have filled with traveling and touring?

Thank you! I am very proud of the EP and it is a natural progression for me. I am lucky to have worked with amazing musicians, engineers, and mixers on this new music that really set the bar higher, right where I want it, for this new chapter. I miss playing live terribly. It has been very hard to stay home every weekend. I really love being around other people and feeding off the energy of a live show. That is the reason for everything else – to get onstage. That is the real payback for me. The good thing is that I have been able to keep very busy during the pandemic preparing for my new releases and that has kept me sane and on track.


Going back to the EP. How did you hook up with Pirates Press?

Well, I have admired the label for many years. They have constantly released really impressive music and the product is such high quality. I do believe timing is everything, though, and when I started chatting with them in Oct. 2020, it just made perfect sense at that moment to begin a working relationship together. They are incredibly supportive and I love being a part of their awesome team.


What about putting the musicians together to work on your solo music? Did you have a plan? How easy was it to pick the songs for the EP?

I find that whenever I make a plan, the Universe has a better one for me, haha! I try to say “Yes” to as much as possible to keep the pathways to new opportunities open. The three songs on the EP are recorded with Rikki Styxx on drums because we had been playing together in L.A. Machina and had been spending so much time jamming together it just worked out that way! She is not formally a member of my band but she is close to me like a sister, and it was very special to build the foundation for Suzi Moon solo with her at my side. My guitar player Drew Champion is just amazing, he can play anything I ask him to, it’s really cool. He is still in the project but now I have a new bass player Patti Bo (from River City Rebels) and Sean Peterson (from The Split Seconds – with Drew) so I was able to round up these amazing players who are on board to tour a lot and they are all pro’s with experience. It was very easy to pick the songs for the EP because they were already written and ready to go and they all complimented each other.



Was there a lot of music written and recorded?

Yes there IS currently a lot written and recorded! I have 13 other songs that are done – 10 are recorded for a full length and I am going into the studio in August this year to record the other. We have a plan for releasing these but I can’t say too much yet… When can we hear an LP? Then obviously see you perform them live? -The full length will be out for summer 2022. I will start playing shows this September 2021 and anyone who sees me play is going to hear a LOT of unreleased material! Going back to the beginning of this latest adventure you’re on.



What was the catalyst for going solo? Is there anything you miss thus far not being in a band situation? Is it liberating seeing your name on the artwork for your new record?

The catalyst for going solo was more like, I didn’t have a fucking choice. It was just time to do it. I had already put Turbulent Hearts behind me, and then L.A. Machina broke up, and I was in no mood to slow down. It just seemed like it was the right time.


What noticeable things would you consider an advantage now to being part of a band?

Advantages are being in control of every facet of the image/product/brand, disadvantages are being the person solely responsible for all that work, haha! I have been so lucky to be in some amazing bands over the years, and I think collaboration is one of the best facets of a band, but it’s not like I am totally alone doing Suzi Moon. I have a band, they have good ideas, it’s just that I get final say now. Which is really good because I like to be the boss.



How do you approach writing new music? Is there anyone you bounce ideas off of?

Well, I am always singing and making up little silly songs throughout the day, about random shit. Sometimes the melody is so good that I will hum it into my phone recorder and actually take it seriously. I have had songs come to me in my sleep, or when I am running. It usually starts without a guitar, and then I will sit down and figure out how to play what I am hearing in my head. After that I will wait a few days, weeks, months even and if the melody keeps playing in my mind, I know it is really good and worth finishing. So I will write the next part, and try to finish it to 90% before I bring it to the band. For years I have worked like this. It is only recently, since my boyfriend Drew has joined the band as lead guitarist, that I will ask for his opinion on things and we can work on it. He is a great songwriter in his own right, so I fully trust that together we can make something even better together. Of course, in the case of a song like Turbulent Hearts “Panic” or my new song “Nuthin’ To Me” – those are the kinds of songs that just wrote themselves in 20 minutes, ya know?

Every song requires something different!



The last couple of years have been a deep well of inspiration for songwriters with what happened stateside with Trump being dumped and what happened in January and Covid being such a mindfuck globally there’s been a lot going on out there. What has inspired you to write? Have you found the downtime from touring a productive period?

It’s really nice that Trump is out of office because he was such a fucking embarrasment but I would never give a politician space in my songs. It’s just not the kind of songwriter I am. I don’t really care for any of them, I don’t trust the system and it doesn’t feel like those guys truly have “our” best interests in mind. What I DO care about is the human condition, and I do care about the struggle and the experiences we share. This world is fucked. There is tragedy and pain all around us all the time. Please forgive me if I don’t want to relive that while I am doing something that I believe is meant to bring joy to people. I want folks to forget about their problems while they are at my show. For an hour, just have fun. There are poets and artists out there that just absolutely nail it when it comes to political statements. I respect and admire them greatly, but if it’s in everything we do, see & hear… That is pretty fucking depressing. Sometimes you just need to forget about it for a while.



The sales of the EP must have delighted you and exceeded your initial expectations. Is a repress on the cards for when you hit the road and more people want in? -Absolutely I was overjoyed and it is still very surreal! It’s been really fucking special. I can’t give out too much information yet about what’s up next but… For those people that bought one of the 200 Cyan colored records – be stoked cause those are the only ones of that color that will ever be made!



What can you tell us what’s next record-wise? Is there an album in the can? What about other titles can you let us in on what you’ve worked on. -Yes, there is a full length that is coming and another release, too. I can’t give too much away yet, but I promise it’ll be rad!



 Is there anyone you’d like to work with as a solo artist? you can go anywhere you like with this what would be your dream? If you could get on a tour or record a split with someone what song would you want them to record? Any videos planned that we can watch? What about live streaming?

Living, I would love to work with Billie Joe Armstrong, and Laura Jane Grace from Against Me! Dead, Tom Petty. I have two music videos out right now for “Special Place In Hell” and “I’m Not A Man” – there will be one for “Nuthin’ To Me” next. I don’t plan on doing any livestream concerts because real shows are coming back and I want that to be the focus.


If I’ve missed anything here’s your chance. What would you like to let people know that I’ve missed out? I have a Youtube show called “Rockin’ Closets” where I interview other musicians, creators, business owners about their wardrobes and what inspires their fashion choices. It has been very rewarding to make the show and learn new things about these people. I just finished Season One and the show will be back again in the Fall with all new guests! All of those episodes are on my Youtube channel or you can watch them on my Instagram. I suggest for anyone who likes my music to check out the rest of the Pirates Press Records catalog. They have an incredible roster of bands that are doing really cool shit. I plan to tour a lot for the next few years. I will definitely be back in England during Summer 2022 so I hope to see you then! Thanks for the interview! Xo Suzi

No, your right he doesn’t need any introduction and any self-respecting rock and rolla should know the guy’s pedigree.  He was one half of D Generation at a time when music was screaming out for Rock and Roll bands – real Rock and Roll bands and this guy slung his six-string around like his life depended on it and helped save Rock and Roll in the 90s. He left he came back and in between, he released his own album and managed to come to plague island and shake his shit for those of us cool kids who were in the know.  He’s had Sami Yaffa sling his four-string around and his Jet Black & Beautiful is one of my most treasured CDs.

Well, unknown to me or I might just have not been paying too much attention but ‘Viva La Wattage’ kinda just sneaked out into the ether and I had to get one of my stateside besties to pick up a copy for me and ship it over.  I don’t remember being this excited to spin an album in a long time.


There are a few tunes redone from previous outings and whilst they are neither better they are certainly no worse than previous offerings like the blistering ‘Pugnacious’.  With The luckiest Girls being Jimbo Britt on the Bass, Bill Eagan on Drums, Danny Ray on saxophone, Larry Burlison on guitar, and Lutie Cain on vocals this band make a pretty impressive noise and ‘Perfect Example’ is just that.


I love Bacchus’ vocals there is a dreamy quality to it that’s engaging and trusting Hell I’ve no idea why that is but it always feels good to hear his taking me on a lyrical adventure with a smirk on his lips and a cheeky glint in his eye no doubt.  The songs though,  the bloody songs. There is a Clash-like rugged charm about them especially the epic ‘Oh Brother’  its smokey late night down the LES and the saxophone is a great addition to the mix – man, it’s such a Noo Yawk saxophone even Johnny Thunders would have approved.  But Wait, What?  Flip it over and side two begins with the smoldering beast that is ‘Adios Muchacho’ where the Saxophone rules as it meanders through the cracks of the music being laid down by the band.  What a tune, No I mean it.  Sure as a writer maybe I should try harder to express how the song goes but I can’t.  It’s fair to say I love it so much I had to lift the needle to give this one a standing ovation once it finished. From the strummed acoustic and sax wheeze to Bacchus’ storytelling unfolds into a heaving beast of a late-night deal with it I’m smashed kinda song.


Bacchus understands what it takes to write Rock and Roll it must be coursing through his veins you can’t teach it you either have it or you don’t and these cats have it.  ‘The Luckiest Girl’ is a beauty, it’s the morning after the night before, and walking home at 7 am with a leather jacket over the shoulder and a pair of cool shades on its effortless cool that’s what it is. My only gripe is it’s only twelve songs and not more.

If you’re wondering if there is scope for some of that Bacchus ska tip well fear not kids ‘Goochi Boxer’ will service all your needs.  To close this one off there’s a ragged romp through ‘Bankrobber’  and why not?  All in all a bloody top-notch record but I expected nothing less but it is nice to know that some artists never let you down.  Don’t leave it so long to follow this one up please Mr. Bacchus.   Hurry to the link and secure your copy before they’re all gone gone gone because they say there are no more after this limited press.


Buy Here

Author: Dom Daley

Dubbed “The most elegant-decadent rock n’ roll unit of the 21st century” and hailing from Montreal, Canada; DANGEREENS have signed a deal with burgeoning rock label Golden Robot Records.

Drawing comparisons to bands like The Strokes, DANGEREENS blend touches of 70s glam rock, punk, power pop, southern rock, 60s garage rock, 50s R&B and rock ’n’ roll all into one tasty soundscape. Their numerous influences shine, in what is a totally addictive rock smorgasbord.

RPM Introduced the band early this year when we interviewed them Here

Dangereens are the most elegantly decadent rock n’ roll unit of the 21st century, period. Their sound and aesthetic combine touches of 70s junkshop glam with sleazy, primal 50s rock n’ roll. Known locally as one of Montreal’s finest toe tapping acts, theses cats are guaranteed to make you scream and shout, while wearing your finest glitter and sequin blouse!
The band formed in the spring of 2017, and since then they have engaged in a feverish song writing streak that led them to put out their self-titled EP, their proudest and most accomplished release so far.
Since their formation, the band have toured restlessly around countless Canadian cities like Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, Quebec and Halifax, as well as American cities like New York and Boston. Their live performances include theatrical elements mixed with high energy, glitter punk attitude.

Now joining forces with Golden Robot Records, the band is ready, willing and able to take on the rest of the world!


Instagram / Facebook / Golden Robot Page

The Chuck Norris Experiment just released this awesome video for Let The Wheels Roll from the recent split EP with Scumbag Millionaire!

We have a few copies of the record left, so enjoy the video, have a laugh, and get a copy of this amazing 7″ while you still can!

The Chuck Norris Experiment and Scumbag Millionaire…two high energy rock ‘n’ roll bands from Gothenburg, Sweden that need no introduction. The Chuck Norris Experiment contributes two exclusive tracks, including an acoustic version of my all time favorite CNE song “Dinosaur Fire!” If you were at the Savage Magic Label Night last February, you saw them play it this way live first time ever for my birthday! Scumbag Millionaire contributes one exclusive track and a track from their debut LP Speed that was never released on a single (until now). These four rippers combined with the amazing layout by our good friend Dario make this one hell of a release!