Radiation Records released Special Limited Edition copies of The Boys “To Hell With The Boys” (Red vinyl) & “Boys Only” (Orange vinyl) for Record Store Day on 23 April. 

Both albums also come with gatefold sleeves and were remastered directly from the original Safari Masters (as used by the recent Safari CD Box Set release)

The albums, which have been in Record Stores since Saturday, will also be available to buy online from Radiation Records from April 26th
‘Boys only’: Here ‘To Hell With The Boys’ Here

To help promote the two albums Cherry Red will give a digital release to The Boys 1980 single “Weekend” on Friday 29 April –

Mike Read has been playing “Weekend” on his Breakfast Show for the past two weeks and it has entered the UK Heritage Chart at Number 44.  You can vote for “Weekend” here

Beach Rats announce their debut album Rat Beat, out on July 29th via Epitaph Records. An impressive lineup of punk rock lifers, the band is comprised of vocalist Ari Katz (Lifetime), guitarist Pete Steinkopf (Bouncing Souls,) bassist Bryan Keinlen (Bouncing Souls,) guitarist Brian Baker (Bad Religion, Minor Threat) & Danny Windas (Let It Burn) on drums. They also share the music video for the album’s title track “Rat Beat” which embodies the nature of punk in its purest form; hard, fast and loud.

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Beach Rats came to be as each member found themselves settled in the beach community of Asbury Park, New Jersey. After releasing an EP in 2018 and performing a slew of high-energy shows, the global pandemic gave the band a reason to get back to recording. The majority of the songs on Rat Beat were conceptualized and rehearsed in the basement of Brian Baker’s home and then tracked by Eric Bennett at Lakehouse Studios in only one day.

Baker recalls, “We’d go down in the basement, put on masks, open the windows and we could play – within CDC guidelines! We couldn’t go to dinner at each other’s houses but we could practice.” 

The DIY spirit of punk music is very much alive in Beach Rats. With the fervor to create something new, yet nostalgic, the band intentionally wrote the 12 tracks on Rat Beat how they used to back when they were teenagers. Or as Baker puts it, “like we did before we knew how to write songs.

Not wanting to take themselves too seriously, the band formed merely over a love of the genre. These are veterans of punk rock just having fun and trying replicate that feeling and sound of what it was like to make punk music in the 80’s.

You’re gonna get authentic punk and hardcore from BEACH RATS because we are all from the 80’s,” Bryan Kienlen comments. “It’s literally taking it back to some of our biggest influences like Negative Approach and Poison Idea, And of course, Minor Threat.”


After not being able to go to see The Alarm on their 40th Anniversary UK Tour apart from the recent Gathering weekend in Rhyl it was Bristol that got canceled after the band was caught in a police incident on the M4 on the way to the venue that led to a last-minute rearrangement and then the date was arranged for the final night of the tour on Easter Sunday – Hooray! a date I can go to never mind eating chocolate fire up the batmobile and all roads lead to Bristol.

On arrival at the O2 Mr sharp was already on stage running through his fine selection of warm honest folk songs with the odd Alarm classic thrown in for good measure. When the final knockings of the original lineup (many moons ago) were being played out Mr. Sharp released an exceptional album in the shape of ‘Hard Travellin’ (surely its time this classic got a release on wax Mr. Sharp? Pretty Please. He followed it up with 1996’s ‘Downtown America’ which also could do with a rerelease on vinyl, thanks. In a venue like the O2 a minstrel and his weapon of choice alone on the stage maybe needs a band to shift some gears rather than a balladeer set but that’s just my observation tonight. I do always enjoy hearing his raspy voice on these songs but maybe next time it’ll be electric with a band.

As for the Alarm 2022 it’s an altogether different beast to the older traditional setup with Peters patrolling the stage moving between three mics at the stage front flanked by Mrs. Peters on keys to one side and the very talented Mr. James Stevenson on guitar to the other flank. I do find his skills on the six-string a much better form on the songs of The Alarm both older and new rather than on previous tours when he switched between the bass and a bit of guitar. Also in the engine room, the ever-beaming Smiley hits the drums with vigour and purpose that really drives the songs.

It takes me a wee bit to get my head around the using of bass tracks rather than a bass player but to be fair it doesn’t take anything away from the music other than another body on stage I guess. It is what it is and we move on no doubt something for the faithful to debate because the Alarm family likes nothing more than a good old lineup debate.

As for tonight’s setlist, I must admit I’m a sucker for deep cuts setlists, having seen the band (cough cough) play well into three figures its fair to say I like the music old, new borrowed and blue. Tonight Bristol being the final night of the tour began with a sprightly ‘Protect And Survive’ it was Peter on a mission with little crowd interaction but a hell of a lot of music to throw our way. ‘Absolute Reality’ sounded fresh and then it was ’45 RPM’ to lift the energy levels one last time over the last twenty-plus dates before we got the first new song ‘Fail’ from the summer’s new records that is done and dusted. It was a bruising ‘Superchannel’ before we got ‘Wars’ Cover ‘Safe From Harm’ minus the Benji Webb vocal.

Peters found himself center stage for ‘Coming Home’ and a bluesy ‘Sold Me Down The River’. The band returns for a sort of medley of ‘In The Poppyfield’ that saw the band blitz through songs from all corners of the band’s catalogue from the ‘Stand’ through Everythings Beautiful via the much underrated ‘Shout To The Devil’, ‘For Freedom’ and ‘where Were You Hiding’ it was also peppered with Peters solo music in the shape of the rousing ‘Closer’ and a modern classic of ‘My Town’ it was a breathless and pulsating set with no time for messing about or end of tour dismantling equipment or goofing around it was crowd-pleasing singles ’68 Guns’, ‘Spirit of 76’, ‘Rescue Me’ and ‘Blaze Of Glory’ before dropping back into ‘Poppyfield’ and the main set was brought to a sweaty close.

There was still time for a deserved encore of ‘Breathe’ and for the first time, Peters spoke offering up the song ‘Psalms’ for the people of Ukraine and an end to the Russian invasion which was heartfelt and touching. There was still time for one more track to wrap up the tour and this evening’s epic performance as new song ‘Frontline Warriors’ saw the curtain brought down on this leg of their 40th-anniversary tour but there is more to come for the good people of the UK when they see the return of the Gathering 2023 when there will be another addition to the Alarm catalogue oh and the much rearranged St Davids Hall show still to come.

What a Brucie bonus of an evening out with The Alarm, when can we do it again?

Author: Dom Daley

Summer is almost here ladies and gentlemen, and this all new twelve track album from New York ska outfit The Slackers is going to provide the perfect soundtrack.

That’s right folks, because after the high intensity punk and post punk stuff I’ve been reviewing elsewhere on RPM this month, ‘Don’t Let The Sunlight Fool Ya’ actually came as something of a welcome respite. Indeed, cranking this one out of the RPM boombox over the recent bank holiday was like a much-needed foot on the brakes of life, providing me with a chance to reflect on matters whilst also enjoying the first rays of 2022 sunshine on my face.

‘Don’t Let The Sunlight Fool Ya’ has been seven years in the making for Vic Ruggiero and his bandmates, and for once that old adage about the best things come to those who wait has really never been more apt, because this record really is a right bobby dazzler.

The New York Times recently dubbed the Slackers part of ‘the sound of New York’, and just one listen of ‘Windowland’ later I’m suddenly whisked off to an upstate Manhattan bar one Friday night supping on a cold one totally absorbed in the band playing on the small stage in the window, with the rest of the assembled weekend crew going suitably bananas all around the place. Yup, The Slackers are bringing their A -game via their special brand of ska party to your living room, and all you have to do is pick up a copy of this record to gain entry.

At this point I do have to admit that Nev Brookes should really be reviewing this album, because after all he is RPM’s resident expert in everything with a skanking rhythm, but after hearing the album’s superb title track (which got a video release a few months back) I just had to hear the rest of ‘Don’t Let The Sunlight Fool Ya’ and here within the context of the full album said title track still makes me think it’s a song custom bult for Elvis Costello to one day cover.

Elsewhere, the likes of ‘Hanging On’ and the riotous ‘Nobody’s Listening’ shine through via some truly inspired vocals from Ruggiero, whilst it’s the band’s impressive horn section (of Dave Hillyard and Glen Pine) that get to steal the show on the glorious ‘Way Of A Woman’ and on the subtle soul stylings of the sultry ‘Second Best’. Things get political for the powerful ‘Statehouse’, and dare I say that during the lament of ‘They Are Losing’ the long shadow of a certain Tom Waits looms large over proceedings.

‘Don’t Let The Sunlight Fool Ya’ is very much a dance album though and when you follow the aforementioned ‘They Are Losing’ with the almost 2Tone-esque ‘Shameboy’ you’d have to be one tough cookie (or perhaps an idiot) not to find yourself immediately caught up in the dance craze The Slackers generate.

Look, we’ve all had a couple of tough years, right? Well, it’s time to heal, and great music is the perfect medicine to help us do just that.  So, treat yourself, go get a copy of ‘Don’t Let The Sunlight Fool Ya’, smile, dance and as The Slackers themselves wisely say whilst ‘Time Won’t Set Us Free’ great music most certainly will.

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Author: Johnny Hayward

Wow. When you have a concert ticket clipped on your notice board for over two years and look at it every day it becomes slightly surreal and you do start to wonder if it will ever happen. When you hit a week where you have five live shows in seven days due to all the rearranged shows and praise the Lord none of them have clashed it was just meant to be a special seven days.

As far as venues go I like the Tramshed they always have a great sound in there and with its capacity being just a thousand it’s the right size for me. Originally this was put on as a warm-up show for a Festival way back in the day and as it neared the band booked rehearsals and then three founder members found themselves a man down as the drummer stool became vacant and at such short notice they were lucky enough to recruit Alex Baum who had just two weeks to learn the setlist and become familiarised with all things Mish.

Hooray we’re on our way to the Tramshed it’s a happening kids it’s been such a long few years since we last saw the band play and tonight the support is from Salvation. Tonight minus the rhythm section it’s just the pair of guitars and Danny on vocals. The band looked pleased to be in the Welsh city and bar one reset on the rhythm track when Danny forgot the lyrics totally it was quickly brushed over and the band rattled through a decent set of tunes with ‘Pearl Necklace’ and ‘Why Lie?’ being the standouts packing plenty of punch in an upbeat set, the band looked to be enjoying themselves and the audience got right into it as well. Maybe next time we can get the full band set up, please.

And so The second warm up is here (when is it a warm up and not part of the tour proper?) anyway after the band rearranged the dates because of some global pandemic Cardiff was right at the sharp end of bedding in the new drummer and shaking off the cobwebs from the bands enforced hiatus but to be fair right from the off they sounded fantastic and you could be forgiven that they had only had a fortnight to warm up and this being date number two of the UK run. With a great sound (as always for Tramshed) the band wasted no time opening with ‘Beyond The Pale’ and the years were peeling away in my mind remembering the first time I heard them play the song when they were playing the likes of Wembley Arena it felt a privilege to see them in this size shed running through a career-spanning set that saw them go from the humble beginnings with ‘Serpents Kiss’ right through to the epic ‘Swan Song’ I tried to take it all in and appreciate being able to see live bands again because that hasn’t been the case recently in a very uncertain world it’s great to get some sort of Normal back into our lives and The songs of the Mission seemed to be exactly what I needed to hear right here right now.

The setlist was throwing up some fantastic songs as ‘Like A Child’ made way for the brilliant ‘Swoon’ before my memory was taken way back when I first saw the band and ‘Like A Hurricane’ Was A Staple and such a fresh cover. there were twelve songs from all corners of their catalogue in the main set with an epic run through ‘Butterfly ON A Wheel’ followed by ‘Wasteland’ and being brought to a fever pitch with ‘Deliverance’ which saw the band bring it to a halt as the security got a little overzealous policing the tower builders in the audience and probably not understanding what was going on order was restored and rather than move on ‘Deliverance’ was replayed and played with added purpose and a little venom turning an already brilliant song into an epic and highlight.

The first encore saw the band offer up ‘Slave To Lust’ before ‘Crystal Ocean’ made way for the crowd-pleasing ‘Tower Of Strength’ and it was at this point that I actually noticed new boy Alex which is the best compliment I can pay because he was totally locked in and was a big part of the energy of the music they were channeling from the massive Bass thing that is Craig Adams who was superb tonight.

Returning for a frantic run through ‘Sacrilege’ and Wayne being his charming self when the AC was turned on it only left time for one final play through ‘Swan Song’ which brought the curtain down on a stunning performance and another night of top-class Rock and Roll from a band who just get better and better. Bring on Bristol and another set of Mission songs to marvel at.

Bristol O2 21.04.22

With support from Rose Of Avalanche.

With Rose Of Avalanche on stage about sixty seconds after I enter the arena I thought it was great timing and as the band ran through their set it’s been some years since I last saw the band was Bristol Studio wayyy back in the mid-eighties and I guess its fair to say we all looked a little different than we did back in the day. With the band having been out of action for some years it was reflected in their set and took them a few songs to shake off the cobwebs in my humble opinion but when they got going they sounded great. ‘LA Rain’, ‘Velveteen’ were particularly good and the band sounded in their stride by the time they played the rather splendid version of ‘Loose’ that I’m sure Iggy would have approved of.

With a week since I last saw the Mission, it was a whole bunch of shows for Alex to get immersed into the set and fill our his rhythms a little and he didn’t disappoint, as the set was shaken up from the Tramshed show with a personal favourite being added in the shape of the brilliant ‘Naked And Savage’ I love that they tinker with the set most nights and it might be the best setlist ever but whilst I have my favourites I know its the luck of the draw. There have been some grumblings about some venues having poor sound but I feel blessed as Tramshed was stunning and Bristol was very decent as well. It was the familiar opener of the “made to be a set opener” that is ‘Beyond The Pale’ it never fails to raise the hair on my arms hearing the chord progression reach the tipping point when the band crashes in. Truly epic.

I was trying to remember if it was this very venue or Bristol Ice Rink or Studio where I first saw the band play with All About Eve or have I completely made it up and it was the bierkeller who knows except to say of the several dozen times I’ve had the pleasure they’ve never disappointed even in the Arena days I always kept the faith that they would deliver great performances and all these years later they still turn in brilliant performances. It was onwards with the set as fans favs like ‘Serpents Kiss’, ‘Butterfly On A Wheel’ and ‘Wasteland’ being present and correct it was the shuffle of the pack seeing ‘Metamorphosis’ and ‘Grotesque’ and the superb ‘Severina’ all adding to the set and the ebb and flow of tonight’s proceedings. There was also some funny banter which saw Wayne poke fun at the city’s poor football teams and try to explain why this Bristol boy found himself supporting Liverpool (Not that he needed to explain, preferring to give the hecklers the flicks and say he wanted to see a team win something) haha and on with the show which saw ‘Deliverance’ delivered without any of the drama we had in Cardiff a week ago.

During the first encore, Wayne applauded his mam and dad for attending tonight’s performance as we had ‘Fearful’ added to the set along with ‘Garden of Delight’ before the first encore was brought to a close with another run through the epic ‘Crystal Ocean’.

Its been a long two years in the waiting and making to get to this point and I’m delighted the band made it without any further setbacks and or cancellations due to the dreaded virus cropping up and it’s a point that wasn’t lost on Wayne who thanked everyone from the crew to the fans for taking the plunge and getting back out there and supporting live music again. there will be some aching limbs in the morning after a vigorous worki=out in the put especially for the encore of ‘Sacrilege’ and ‘Blood Brothers’ before we were all able to get lost in the moment for an epic ‘Tower Of Strength’ before wandering out into the cool Bristol night air and with just the two London dates to run it’s been awesome to see one of the best live bands playing again. Deja Vu done and dusted so until next time it’s farewell and goodnight until the next time that is. Paris and Belgium look nice next April. Can we have ‘Stay With Me’ next time please?

Author: Dom Daley

Limited Edition Record Store Day LPs can be such a luxury item for the vinyl enthusiast or to some it’s nothing more than a crude attempt to fleece hardcore physical purchasers in a world that’s leaving them behind. Wherever you sit on the debate there are always some records that raise an eyebrow and for Replacements completists, this would be one such release that will have them queuing round the block amongst all the Noel Gallagher fans and scalpers to pick up a copy on Red Vinyl.

With a mere 2000 pressed worldwide. Bleeding Hearts’ ‘Riches to Rags’ is a decent collection of rock ’n’ roll songs featuring the guitar work of Bob Stinson, founding member of the Replacements. Stinson’s untimely death, back in 95 seems so long ago now (I guess it is) this 1993 recording was shelved and remained the stuff of legend among Replacements fans. The album is upbeat, catchy Minneapolis rock, with Bob’s ever-present licks and bright chords shining through like a diamond in the rough. It also comes wrapped in a sleeve with liner notes from Grammy Award Winning journalist Bob Mehr, who wrote the definitive biography ‘Trouble Boys: The True Story of the Replacements’. He describes Riches to Rags as “the final piece to the puzzle of Bob Stinson’s musical career”. If you didn’t know he also released a class album with the legend that is Sonny Vincent. The remaining members of Bleeding hearts are rumored to be playing these tunes at some shows to celebrate the release of ‘Riches to Rags’.

The opening track and title track is an uptempo rocker with a punchy melody and some sweet guitar playing then to follow it up with the rough house brawler ‘Gotta Find A Way’ it truly is classic Minneapolis rock n roll. With an ear for a great hook, it’s radio-friendly and should have come out back in the day and been a huge hit but hey, shit happens, and it’s better to be late than never at all right? ‘Imagination’ is a cocksure riff with added honky tonk and a 70s Rod Stewart lick for good measure. ‘Gone’ has the spirit of The Heartbreakers running through it.

To be fair you should know the drill by now ‘Tonight’ is a bit of Tom Robinson’s 2-4-6-8 and Mats rolled into one – great stuff just what this scribe was looking for this RSD and to reaffirm my faith in sloppy Rock n Roll with attitude. The Bleeding Hearts have got the Bleedin lot to be fair. ‘Happy Yet’ has got the punch of Thin Lizzy at the top of their game with a punk rock hook. Damn it’s such a shame Bob left this world so young he had so much to offer and this is evidence that there was a wealth of talent in the Stinson family. The band sails fairly close to some hard rock seas with the mouth organ riff a rama of ‘What Do You Want?’

Get out of bed early and go find a copy this is a must-have release but like a lot of RSD records, there might just be a release down the track which might go to smooth some ragged hearts who will be in the mix for a copy but won’t pay scalper Ebay prices. Good luck kids and if you have to nick a copy be careful.

Author: Dom Daley

Happening for record store day 22nd April on Red Vinyl this bad boy is also getting a general release on CD/Vinyl and digital in May so fear not me vinyl lovers there will be plenty to go around and you shouldn’t miss out on what is one of 2022s essential releases.

There is where we begin. You see we all know Jo Dog and Paul Black and their fine recording pedigrees and let’s not forget their original musical dalliance together over twenty years ago on ‘Sundown Yellow Moon’ (my God I feel old). Well, this ain’t no sundown laid back easy listening music, this is party time Rock and Roll baby!

‘Everybody Rains’ draws on both musicians’ histories and their clear passion for what they do and spills it all over the tapes to deliver what is essential music covering all their passions from the delta blues to the back street rock n roll this album is seriously happening.

These twelve tunes are a stitched-together golden thread of everything that the pair have in their collective hearts. Beating out of their chests and onto the wax and through your speakers. It’s a thoroughly engaging record that has a wonderful natural ebb and flow. They also call on the help of some of their friends who clearly share the passion and deft touches required to make a record like this sound so loved and honest. Muddy Stardust (Who also helped produce the record) plays Bass and Keyboards. Dennis Morehouse (Gilby Clarkes Band) plays Drums, Tony Snow, (Soul Asylums) Chris Joyner (Keyboards) and Tony Babylon (Izzy Stradlin) also lends some Bass Guitar.

From the invite on the bluesy opener, it’s a hootenanny masterclass. ‘Tree For Shade’ is loose and like a summer breeze, a hint of Ronnie Lane and his Faces choons. They’re holding back on this one knowing there’s no point in going in too early but as soon as the solo slides out of the speaker you just want to crack open a cold beer and get on your feet to applaud the masterclass of Jo Dog’s guitar work which never falls short of fantastic, tasteful and just what the song needs – Never too much nor not enough – Nailed It Baby!

‘Up For The Late Show’ turns it up a little more as the keys pour a little fuel on the fire of that killer vocal. Hold on to your hat because ‘Blue Like The Morning’ slides on some Chuck Prophet countrified blues and you just want to find the nearest bail of hay and lie down watching the sun yawn over the horizon. Beautiful.

‘You’re Home’ is a cotton-picking riot and if you’re feeling plucky you can get down with the nearest lady and show her your moves to this one. ‘High Price To Lead A Low Life’ is back on the Balladeering Faces tip with a little Mott for good measure. You’re over three minutes in before the guitars are joined by anything resembling a drum. Black turns in a great vocal that’s not too dissimilar to prime Alice Cooper here.

If Dogs D’Amour fans want to get in on the act then ‘Dead In The Water’ is a deal with the devil in exchange for some twelve-bar rock n roll that had it been stolen from the Stones around the time of ‘Goats Head Soup’ or the uptempo jive they kicked up on Exile, big comparisons for sure but hey this record is a fuckin’ diamond, No joke!

The title track is a beast with some 70s rock n roll n pop for sure. The chorus is killer and if you want to get a summer party going then you won’t regret putting this on. Hey, leave the record spinning because ‘Sugar MAma’ is up next and with a great riff it’s underpinned with a rollockin’ barroom joanna and some well-rounded Bv’s. I’ll get the cocktails in whilst we drink in ‘Mi Vida Loca’ and if yer still sober we can chill out to the cool, hazy slice of Rock n Gospel according to these two Rock and Rollas as they get down to the chorus before chillin’ back down.

Oh shit, we’ve reached the finale and ‘With Regards From Hell’. This is a record that will kickstart the most cynical of hearts who want to hear a bloody excellent Rock and Roll record void of ego, void of drama, void of pretensions but bursting with a love of Rock and Roll and all that goes into writing the best song you can possibly muster from deep within your soul. Paul Black and Jo Dog have delivered an absolute belter. A beautiful record in many ways and one that will be appreciated by true believers of the fine art of what it takes to write great soulful music that comes from the heart and leaves nothing behind. 100% the star buy on this RSD 2022 Go get it!

Author: Dom Daley

Wicked Cool Records’ First Official RSD Release

Dallas Fans Can Catch His In-Store Session at Good Records This Saturday, April 23 at 4PM

12 Song Set Includes Originals + Collaborations with Bob Schneider, Chuck Prophet and Covers of Tracks By Catherine Wheel, Spin Doctors and The Refreshments.

Critically acclaimed singer-songwriter Ryan Hamilton and Wicked Cool Records have announced an exclusive Record Store Day release of his latest album ‘1221’ on sky blue vinyl.

Limited to 1000 copies, the album marks the first official Record Store Day title from Wicked Cool Records.

Hamilton says, “I’m a big supporter of local record stores, and I’m a huge fan of Record Store Day. I would have been there anyway, so to have my album as a Record Store Day exclusive is not only a HUGE deal for me and Wicked Cool Records, it’s dream come true territory.”

Ryan Hamilton will celebrate Record Store Day (Saturday, April 23) with fans via an in-store performance at Dallas, TX’s Good Records (9026 Garland Road Dallas, TX 75206) on Saturday, April 23 at 4pm.

During 2021, with touring still off the agenda owing to the pandemic, Ryan released a new track a month via Wicked Cool for his project ‘1221’. Collaboration was the abiding theme, with artists & friends such as Bob Schneider and Chuck Prophet offering up previously unreleased original songs for the record.

Nestled among originals of his own, ‘1221 features a smattering of choice covers where Ryan does his very own take on songs by the Spin Doctors (How Could You Want Him…), Catherine Wheel (Satellite) and the Refreshments (Banditos).

Working with go-to producer Dave Draper, the singles came together in pandemic isolation with Ryan recording at his home studio in Texas and Dave sprinkling his magic from the U.K.

Upcoming Shows:


5/5 Sellersville Theatre – Sellersville, PA (with Soraia, Kurt Baker)

5/6 Berlin – NYC (with Soraia, Kurt Baker)

5/8 Daryl’s House – Pawling, NY (with Soraia, Kurt Baker)

5/13 Dingbatz – Clifton, NJ (with Soraia, Kurt Baker)


6/2 Northcourt – Oxford, UK

6/3 Leestock Festival – Suffolk, UK

7/2 Maverick Festival – Suffolk, UK

10/12 Rescue Rooms – Nottingham, UK

10/13 Water Rats – London, UK

10/14 Waterloo Music Bar – Blackpool, UK

10/15 The Patriot – Newport, UK

10/16 Thekla – Bristol, UK

10/18 The Musician – Leicester, UK

10/19 The Crescent – York, UK

10/20 The Railway – Winchester, UK

10/21 The Greystones – Sheffield, UK

10/22 The Greystones – Sheffield, UK

10/23 Bannermans – Edinburgh, UK

10/26 Cluny – Newcastle, UK

10/27 The Stables – Milton Keynes

10/29 Stromness Town Hall – Orkney Islands, UK

10/30 – Green Hotel – Kinross, UK


Ryanhamiltonmusic.com / twitter.com/theryanhamilton /Instagram.com/theryanhamilton




Rebellion Festival, the largest punk and alternative festival in the world, is returning in 2022 even bigger and better with the launch of new outdoor event R-FEST – the festival within a festival.

Confirmed to take place this coming 4th to 7th of August 2022, in addition to Rebellion Festival at its annual home the Winter Gardens, R-FEST will be located slap bang in front of Blackpool Tower on the promenade, directly down from the Winter Gardens. The organisers are building an arena with the sea on one side and the town on the other, with a capacity for 15,000 punters and space for bars, food, and band merchandise.

Today, R-FEST can announce that English psychedelic rock legends Hawkwind will be joining R-Fest on Thursday August 4th. Hawkwind replace The Wildhearts, who were originally scheduled to play this slot before The Levellers, but in light of their recent decision to take a break from performing, the pioneering space-rockers have stepped in to take their place.

Hawkwind are an institution who crossover many different genres and fans of music and their set is sure to melt the minds, and the sky, at R-Fest this year!

With Levellers, The Stranglers, Gary Numan and Squeeze all set to take headline positions, they join a host of other artists scheduled to play and R-FEST for the full line-up below.

THURSDAY 4th AUGUST: Levellers, Hawkwind, Misty in Roots, Dreadzone, Ferocious Dog, Beans on Toast, Millie Manders and the Shut Up

FRIDAY 5th AUGUST: The Stranglers, The Undertones, The Skids, From the Jam, Toyah, Jilted John, The Vapors

SATURDAY 6th AUGUST: Gary Numan, Peter Hook & the Light, Pop Will Eat Itself, Spear of Destiny, Chameleons, Primitives, Pete Bentham & the Dinner Ladies

SUNDAY 7th AUGUST: Squeeze, Billy Bragg, Tom Robinson Band, Hollie Cook, Buzzcocks, Altered Images, I, Doris

R-FEST will quickly establish itself as the North West’s premier music festival and Rebellion Festival look forward to welcoming many fans that could be experiencing one of their events for the first time. We’re sure they will be welcomed by the Rebellion Family and soon realise why Blackpool is such a special place for our summer gatherings.

R-FEST is a standalone festival and day tickets are available at £50 per day. However, if you are a REBELLION weekend or REBELLION day ticket holder your ticket will get into R-FEST Free Of Charge!

R-FEST is all ages and there is re-entry available.

Rebellion Festival also looks forward to hosting the best punk from around the world in 2022 with the likes of Sham 69, Bad Religion, Circle Jerks, Cock Sparrer and Stiff Little Fingers confirmed to play the Winter Gardens August 4th-7th 2022.

Head to www.rebellionfestivals.com/r-fest for all info and tickets.  

Seemingly not content with having already released one of the contenders for albums of the year in 2022 via his superb debut solo effort ‘Ride The Wild Wind’, the astoundingly talented John Reis is back to once again rock the RPM block, this time with the turbocharged ‘Plosivs’, the debut ten tracker from an all new supergroup, featuring singer/guitarist Rob Crow (Pinback), drummer Atom Willard (Against Me!, Rocket From the Crypt) and bassist Jordan Clark (Mrs. Magician) alongside Mr Reis on guitar.

Opener ‘Hit The Breaks’ sets the tone perfectly for what is about to follow over the next 30 odd minutes, and if you are a fan of Reis’s other non-RFTC bands, like Night Marchers, Hot Snakes or The Sultans, then this baby really is going to right up your Strasse. The guitars of Reis and Crow scorch the earth whilst the rhythm section of Clark and Willard send sonic shockwaves through the galaxy, yet it’s the soaring whilst still quite understated and very melodic vocals of Crow that actually first make me sit up and really take notice. There’s a huge slab of early 90s alt rock influence within his vocal tone that honestly had me checking the sleeve notes to make sure Jon Auer hadn’t been working under a pseudonym post the very public (and totally understandable) break-up of The Posies.

The boogie-tastic ‘Rose Waterfall’ is another joyous overload of melody, whilst the almost schizophrenic ‘Thrown Clear’ takes the listener on a rollercoaster ride of time changes and multiple vocal hooks that really shouldn’t work…but boy does it.

‘Never Likely’ is where the aforementioned Posies refence point is perhaps at its closest as it recalls a very special time in my life when ‘Frosting On The Beater’ was indeed perhaps the greatest thing I’d ever heard. 

The record’s lead track (and video) ‘Broken Eyes’ marks the album’s mid-point in a way that made me also recall a time when music that was called “Indie” really was just that, and most all, it was also exhilarating and fresh, whilst the other thing that strikes me about ‘Plosivs’ is that as it progresses it actually gets better and better.

I really don’t want to spoil the delights that wait for you when discovering this record for yourselves, but if you like Cheap Trick played by The Pixies then check out ‘Pines’ or if you just want to hear what a more melodic Hot Snakes might sound like then album closer ‘Bright’ is where you need to direct your attentions.

Everything about ‘Plosivs’ just sounds right, its one of those albums that when you first play it, it all just clicks into place, and thanks to the stellar sonics of Ben Moore (who also worked on Reiss’s ‘‘Ride The Wild Wind’) you also get a record that totally destroys everything in its path.

This really is essential stuff!

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Author: Johnny Hayward