Throughout the whole of January RPM Online are giving you a Dwarves fact and video every day of the Motherfuckin Month – Seeing as they’ve just reissued all their albums on vinyl with extras it seemed only fair.

Were starting with the handsome Blag The Ripper and his alter ego Ralph Champagne and the lounge banger ‘Lolita Goodbye’ Buy the album Here

Fact 1 – THE DWARVES play music that crosses all rock genres including hardcore, garage, punk, surf, noise, death metal, experimental, industrial, hip/hop, grunge and good old-fashioned pop. Even their modesty is legendary.

Blag Dahlia- ‘Introducing Ralph Champagne’ (MVD Records)

He’s a naughty boy is that Blag Dahlia, Blag The Ripper or Ralph Champagne. With a cheeky smile and probably a packet of sweets, Blag goes lounge with this latest offering. Whilst it was released in late 2022 I wanted to save my review and use it as part of my January homage to the Dwarves and all things Dwarve. I cooked Christmas dinner with Ralph on as the go-to lift music or Shopping Mall tunage if you like. I was going to baste the bird with beer or Jager and then I’d have blamed Blag it would seem like the right thing to do.

Drop the needle at the top and Blags dulcet tones break through like a cheeky schoolboy as ‘It’s Over’ fills the air with a cheeky smile but its ‘Contraband’ that sent me all in from the softly spoken verses to that insanely catchy countrified singalong chorus.

Hell ‘Lolita Goodbye’ is classic Blag – Americana, outlaw country, ’70s pop, it’s genius. you could play it in front of your gran and she’d never know. Written in lockdown Blag the crooner hit the jackpot as he runs through the gentle fields of ‘Summer Rain’ with his Roger Whittaker whistle and gentle breezy vocals much like the outlaw country of ‘Don’t Tread On Me’. ‘Elementry Love Song’ is that 70s pop song the kind you’d hear at the Diner before the Fonz walks in.

He signs off with the balladeering of ‘Shes All Mine’ with its cheeky lyrics and chorus to die for – of course we saw it coming its Blag The Ripper the filthy swine. Gift it to someone who hasn’t got a clue or just simply play it on the school run Blag rocks even when hes not Rockin’ Welcome to the fold Ralph you are most welcome.

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