Warsaw Poland is the place the time is now. Moron’s Morons release their second album cho-o-bloc with sharp toe tapping punk n garage rock n Roll schenanigans. From the opening seconds of the rapid ‘Knife At Your Throat’ you betta strap yourself in for a rollacoaster of chops that will load you up on adrenalin fueled noise – just the way we love it. There will be blood! MM pedle the same enthusiasm as Cavemen and it would come as no surprise that these chaps were on NFT, Wanda so you know they have pedigree and quality and the swagger to cut to the chase and deliver the goods.

Twelve pumping – dancing – sweating – frantic slabs of the finest lo-fi garage punk you could wish for. from the swirling organ on ‘Nightvisions’ adeing to the manic riff-a-rama and desperate screams of a demented vocal through the low down dirty punchy ‘Psycosis Diagnosis’ with it messed up rapid twelve bar thrash n roll thats just bordering on out of control.

I wouldn’t be doing my job properly if I didn’t mention the menacing, brooding swampy swirl of ‘I Will Fuck Your Mind’ (Charming I’m sure) – but worry not ‘Pure Love’ is the sound of a teenage sweaty boy rather than some big romantic gesture from a well formed adult mind. Insane – bludgeoning garage punk rock from a well intended punk rocker more like – wonderful tone that slashes and indescriminately stabs out of the speakers especially at great volume.

Fueled By Hate’ borrows a riff off AC/DC and fucks it right up. A wonderful cachophany of noise that gets your dancing feet up and at it. Flip it over to side two and its off like a gatling gun assaulting your ears with the snotty ‘Possessed To Fuck’. It’s like the Dead Boys meets Los Pepe and has a right dust up in some sleazy part of town on the fantastic ‘Nothing For You’ but its taken up a notch or two with the bass pumping ‘She’s My Adrenaline’ that moves with menace mixing up old school Iggy and the Stooges with something all together more dark like prime time Brian James.

The band sign off this sweatfest in style by pressing the nuclear option that is ‘You Make My Nightmares Wet’ leaving them nowhere to go this record is done. I was expecting something good but not quite this good. A fantastic record that had me hitting repeat and diving back in for more. Its a banger – simple as that chaotic and beautiful Moron’s Moron have dropped one of the years best offerings right here right now. Fill yer fucking boots before the men in white coats turn up to cart you off. Buy It!