After giving this years Rebellion a miss we decided that the opportunity to see T.S.O.L. and M.D.C. in the confines of Bristols Sweat box otherwise known as The Exchange was an opportunity we simply couldn’t turn down so across the border we headed. Let Johnny take you through The Split Dogs set –

In the five months since I first caught Split Dogs live, they’ve been making something of a name for themselves bombing up, down, and side to side along the South West’s motorway destroying pretty much everything in their path. They’s also gone and released a stonking ten track debut CD in conjunction with local promotors Death or Glory, so as you might expect, the (kind of hometown) crowd that greets the four-piece tonight is very handsome indeed, and I’m talking numbers here, not the fact that myself, and Nev are in attendance. Dom being his usually fashionably late self.

I’d been very impressed with Split Dogs when I’d seen them supporting Grade 2 back in March, even though it was me who was late that night, arriving just in time to catch around half of their set. Tonight, I made sure I was in early doors to guarantee I experience the full punch-drunk effect of Split Dogs live, as the song by the same name immediately lands a couple of knockout blows to my ears and brain and I’m down in round one. 

Elsewhere its songs like ‘Big Fred’, ‘Feeder’, ‘Prison Bitch’ and set closer ‘Tear Down The House’ that I still clearly remember from that debut live encounter and that’s got to be a measure of just how good these tunes are, right?  It’s also impossible to take your eyes off a band like Split Dogs when they have a singer as engaging as Harry delivering their missives. She’s equal parts Texas Terri, Wendy O Williams, and Hazel O’Connor and I’ll be fucked if I’d argue with her.

I wouldn’t ever want to upset man mountain bassist Jono either, however for all his tough appearance he’s just about to step away from the band to look after some serious family health matters, a decision that the rest of the Dogs have not only respected but also donated all the profits from their merch sales to, to help support their comrade in his time of need.

Look, if Amyl and the Sniffers can get to where they are today, then with a new bass player on board Split Dogs have every chance of following that path to success, because they are twice the band make no mistake. I predict a very busy 2024 for Split Dogs.  

M.D.C. amble on stage and Dave Dictor takes the mic as the band continue to set up around him. Now for the uninitiated M.D.C stands for Millions Of Dead Cops and they play hardcore punk with a left wing message and have spent their entire career rallying against the far right nutjobs and easy targets with their message of love and respect for all others oh and cop bating mustn’t forget they do like to dis Governments and cops seeing as there is sooooo much material to dig into on the wrong doings of the American Governments since they formed back in 81.

Dave has fronted the band and they’ve often headed over the pond to play with the good and the greats from this side of the Atlantic but tongiht they are warming us up for T.S.O.L. and they waste no time at all in getting down to business with the track ‘Millions Of Dead Cops’ and straight from the get go this band are a tight unit. Without skipping a beat or fudging a note the band are right on the money thrashing about and attacking the music like it was the first time they’d played any of it. As tight as the snare skin that is getting a proper work out to be fair.

Now with some funny banter from Dave Erica and Barry work really well together weaving the notes around the likes of the fantastic (Born To Die) / ‘No Trump, no KKK, no fascist USA’ the pit that has erupted is really going for it as Dave is working them hard as M.D.C. contort their way through a brutal 40 minute set with songs old and new. We were treated to the ‘Chicken Squawk’ as the band offered up some Cow Punk at 100 miles per hour and we got the most excellent harcore of ‘Multi Death Corporation’, ‘Patriot Asshole’, ‘Greedy And Pathetic’ and a new song I didn’t catch the name of that Dave said (if I’m correct) is part of their new record set for release later this year.

Of course, as the set drew to a close ‘John Wayne Is A Nazi’ gave the now salivating pit exactly what they wanted, the temperature of The Exchange had reached boiling point almost to the point of it being advertised as the South West largest sauna. In their short but oh-so-sweet set M.D.C. had crammed in a mightily impressive set, executed with aplomb by a band who are showing no sign of slowing down nor capable of phoning in a performance, absolutely, most excellent my friends.

Onto T.S.O.L. and I have to admit are one of my all-time favourite American punk bands who’ve always delivered captivating performances and released albums that have been some of my favourite records and managed to carry and marry the sound of early Damned and Lords Of The New Church with your faster more hardcore American punk whilst totally mesmerising me. Frontman Jack Grisham is a formidable performer and has a sharp wit as he prowls the stage like a bear ready to cut loose and devour whatever is in his way tonight as he moves across the compact stage he’s beaming and playfully engaging with the audience with some great introductions and stories. Anyway, I’m getting ahead of myself here. No keyboards, no Ron no… wait a minute, this is Jack and a bunch of press-ganged individuals? Well no I guess that is the short answer as he explained about the band’s injury room list and backs deeming unable to fly to Europe to stay in a van and try not to kill each other as well as Ron’s shoulder needing surgery for their friendship and sanity it was best they didn’t travel so Jack not wanting to cancel recruited his youthful relative Brandon in to play Bass and at short notice his performance was flawless it has to be said and supplying the barbed guitar work was the most excellent Trevor Lucca who delivered the tone you’d associate with Ron and the likes of Brian James as he cut the chops on the likes of ‘Terrible People’ and ‘WWIII’ with consummate ease.

So where were we? Ah yes, T.S.O.L. in The Exchange. Opening the set with a Joykillers song is cool with me and the set was smattered with a few Joykillers songs that fitted in with the best of T.S.O.L. that spewed forth from the dripping Exchange PA. Jack did mention they’d been in Greece and Italy before crossing onto Shit Island for a few shows and nowhere on the planet was currently hotter than the Exchange. ‘Terrible People’, ‘Superficial Love’, and ‘Sound Of Laughter’ is a devastating trios by anyone’s standard and the pickup band sounded like they’d been playing these tunes since the band’s inception back in the early 80s! Something that wasn’t lost on Jack.

It seemed like only yesterday the band released ‘The Trigger Complex’ and it was fantastic to hear a couple had made it into the set especially when ‘I Wanted To See You’ was one of them. We needed a breather of sorts but it was only brief I can assure you. With the newer songs dispatched it go tme thinking how underrated ‘The Trigger Complex’ album is, an absolute beast of a record no argument needed it’s right up there.

‘The Triangle’, the truly epic ‘Fuck You Tough Guy’, it was during a rapid ‘Wash Away’ I caught myself daydreaming a moment where I pondered how I wish I’d been able to have seen them around the point of the debut and ‘Beneath The Shadows’ when they were fresh faced punks turning in some legendry performances but alas it wasn’t to be but I have had the pleasure of half a dozen or so performances and they’ve never failed to deliver the goods and tonight was no exception, even after my initial disappointment of no Ron Emery and his tone and style I was won over when D.I.s stand in hit the strings and Jack, well, what can you say that hasn’t already been said hes a legend and rightly so and I hope this isn’t the last time we get to see him on a stage in the UK which he alluded to. It was time to try and savour the final knockings as the band destroyed an epic ‘Dance With Me’ before slaying all with the brilliant ‘Code Blue’ and we were done. 45 minutes of brilliance in my humble opinion and it would be a shame to call time when you still have the chops and an armoury of superb tunes.

Value for money during some shocking times for both sides of the pond. Maybe give us at least one more opportunity to say goodbye properly, I’d even bake a cake and bring balloons but don’t leave us like this Jack. T.S.O.L. still rule I saw it and we all know it. Thank you.

Words: Johnny Hayward & Dom Daley

Swedish rockers release the retro rama-lama-retro album of the year. Put on your high heels and dust off the old TOTP albums the party is about to kick off.

Velvet Insane were formed in 2013 as a four piece outfit but by the time of their self titled debut album they were billed as a duo.

The first album took them around the world touring Europe, Japan, USA & Australia.

Their critically acclaimed debut was a fresh mix between classic rock, pop, inches of folk influences and it also contained traces of early 70’s British glam rock. And the band kept walking that glam track and now they’re back as a trio and this time it’s glam glitter boogie all over.

They hired the cult glamrockers Diamond Dogs frontman Sulo as a producer and together they’ve created a bright shining monster. You can hear the Sulo influence for sure in the epic opener ”Bamalama Breakout’ with all its mid seventies Glam rock n hollerbaloo going on its loud and proud and leaving you in no doubt that Rock and Roll is in the house now crack open the bubbly.

‘High Heeled Monster’ is certainly well titled if you’re looking for a description as to what this sounds like. ‘Boogie Star’ has a cowbell and a hoof footed Rock solid beat and big chorus its Mott The Hoople for the 21st Century and I’m down with that.

Smooth pop harmonies pumped up by heavy drums and barbed wire guitars and singer that wear it well. It brings back memories of a time when Slade, TREX, Bowie & Mott we’re topping the charts.

From the catchy singalong choruses of the pop gems “Velvet Tongue”“Riding the Skyways” & “Sound of Sirens” to the frantic boogie energy in barroom stompers “Driving down the mountain”“Backstreet Liberace” & “Spaceage DJ”, it’s the real thing.

You also get a glimpse of Ziggy Stardust in the acoustic ballad “Midnight sunshine serenade”.

Velvet Insane are a band that plays with their hearts on their sleeves and it’s satisfaction guaranteed.

Dregen and Nicke Andersson from The Hellacopters jumps in the backseat in “Backstreet Liberace” and just like Rolling Stones honored the tradition of Muddy Waters blues Velvet Insane takes on the job to keep rock ’n’ roll alive.

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I only really started listening to “The Boss” when the Wrecking Ball album was released a very close friend of mine was a big fan and we tried to get tickets for Bruce’s infamous 2012 gig but alas we were not fortunate…Unfortunately, Nigel has passed and never got his chance to see him.

When he was announced for a couple of BST gigs in Hyde Park I had to get some tickets and through ticket companies going bankrupt and arguments with the bank, I managed to get there and had my friend’s wife and daughter accompany me. The sun is shining and many of us are enjoying a picnic outside the gates before the non-priority entrance time of 2 pm.

As we enter the Stadium everyone from security to the guys at the bar and the punters seem in a happy mood and it lifts the spirits…I even manage to smuggle some Rum which may have helped, Although to be fair to BST the prices, although expensive aren’t extortionate and are typical of London pub prices.

Frank Turner is a lot like Ginger Wildheart, a successful underground artist and legendary British Songwriter but more leaning toward folk with some punk, and a great back catalogue, seems a perfect act for the day. We find a spot and wait for Frank Turner &The Sleeping Souls.

At 3 they walk onto the huge stage. And Frank starts with the great, acoustic-led I knew Prufrock before he was famous and this gets everyone swaying in the chill atmosphere, then into The Next Storm when people start dancing and waving their hands…When Frank addresses the audience you feel his nervousness and he is so humbled you want him to win the “Bruuuuuuuce” audience over….He doesn’t rush through his set and plays Haven’t Been Doing So Well, from his latest album FTHC, which he acknowledges his battles with Depression then onto my 2 favourite songs of his, Get Better and Be More Kind. He finishes on a high note with the lively and uplifting Four Little Words. Judging from the crowd’s response I could tell that Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls went down really well and am sure they got a few more hits on Spotify, and hopefully some good old-fashioned merch and cd sales from new fans.

When The Chicks were announced I’d never heard of them, so quick Google and now I understand, previously The Dixie Chicks. Country music is not usually my thing but I like a bit of Folk so nice to be able to catch something different. I watched their Glastonbury performance so I could see what I had to look forward to…Didn’t offend, didn’t excite but they were having fun and so seemed the Glasto crowd…. They were due on at 5 and was looking forward to them as Frank Turner got everyone in the mood for a bit of dancing and with a couple of swigs of Rum, happy days….Well that didn’t last long, after a couple of songs it seemed as if any fun had been sucked out of the stadium, the only person on stage that seemed to be having fun was the Violin player. They looked like they were doing their gig by numbers and just taking the paycheck. Didn’t seem to me that anyone was particularly enjoying their performance, I’m sure they were, maybe in Gold or Diamond Circle.Gave it a couple more songs and thought Nah food time…Alas so, it seemed to have half the audience the queues were huge for any sort of refreshments….Maybe I should have stuck around but didn’t like the music too much, they didn’t seem to care, but as I say I’m sure people that enjoy them had a good time and that’s what matters.

Temperature still hot, and the audience has swelled massively, unlike my rum which must have disintegrated in the sun…Everyone shouting “Bruuuuuuuce” which I didn’t know was a thing until Frank Turner had mentioned it earlier in the day, a negative term of endearment like Primus Sucks..Love it.. Bruce came on stage around 7 and pretty much got on with it and it was like watching a local band of mates playing their songs and enjoying themselves and hoping all the people in the room were too. I won’t go through the setlist as A: I wanted to enjoy the show and songs and B: I didn’t know half of the songs…Or so I thought, song after song after song I seemed to know…Even the ones I didn’t know it seemed as if I had been listening to them for years (if that makes sense). ‘Letter To You’ was a particular highlight for me, as that’s my favourite album, and love that song…’ Wrecking Ball’ was played, and ‘Nightshift’ by Commodores worked well, in fact, I didn’t realise it was a cover (bad music “fan” ) whoops Finishing with ‘Thunder Road’. By this point, I had nipped to the loo and spent the last part of the gig further back and watched the encores..’ Born in the USA’ ,’ Born to Run’, and ‘Glory Days’ were all kept until the end.Why not go out with your biggest hits. He could get away without playing any of them and still, everyone there wouldn’t mind, I’m sure.

His interaction with his band and Audience alike is great to witness. You can see that the band get on and gel really well and I think they could bounce off each other for 6 hours, nevermind the 3 we get tonight. The way he mingles to the front rows and welcomes them like friends is also touching..You get a sense of his appreciation of his fans and tell that he loves what he’s doing.

I often see people complaining about gig prices and Ticketmaster etc for Stadium and Arena gigs and I totally understand it..But for £119 quid it was worth every penny, same as when I saw Pearl Jam last year at the same venue…. If people want to spend £400 for a “Diamond” seat, if they have the money, good luck to them, not something I’d personally want to do. Gone are the days of paying £20 for a stadium gig (remember that was 30-40 years ago) but if you see the right artist at the right venue, £120 is worth every penny.. I’m glad I went and am thrilled I got to spend it with the people I did. I am sure if Nigel was watching he would’ve enjoyed himself and think he would have managed to stay awake through it all, which for Bruce would be the biggest form of flattery. Cheers Bruce, I hope to see you again one day X X

Author: Gordon Lancaster

What new superlative can you use about a band who’ve constantly delivered above and beyond? Every time they released a record I’m so happy because they kill it every time, they don’t reinvent the wheel they just roll with it doing what they do and doing it better each time. They’ve pretty much delivered faultless, flawless Punk Rock mixed with power pop, good time rock n roll, and trawled the decades to improve each time. Always delivered with a sparkling production with timeless relatable themes with succinct lyrics and political commentary through the energetic, enthusiastic riffs ‘n licks that pour energy onto the blazing tunes that set the tempo to the soundtrack of your day. The Cyanide Pills are the leaders of the pack in a saturated scene they manage to shine through like diamonds with each album release.

Throughout the pandemic, I craved some music to pass the days of endless government BS and spin and scouring the Internet for any news on bands I love. Often checking in on Dirty Leeds finest, Come one Cyanide Pill it’s been too long I’d tell myself and then after a gap of too many years, I have the email to tell me the wait is over, a clutch of new tunes were in the can and I could wake up to a new soundtrack. Boy, was my anticipation rewarded! the soundtrack to the new Cold War was upon us and it burst into life Opening with the fantastic single ‘The Kids Can’t Be Trusted With Rock n Roll’. The first taster we had from the band still sounds fresh and makes me smile now hold off calling the Punk Rock Police.

If you’re familiar with the band’s output you’ll kinda know what to expect with the likes of ‘Running Out Of Time’ its classic Cyanide Pills, exactly what you want for these reprobates in leather jackets doing punk rock better than anyone currently kicking up dust on dancefloors. I love how sharp that overdrive riff is on ‘Hope Your Having Fun’ whilst the lyrics get spat out of the speakers it’s a bitter sweet pop tune riding a great clean overdrrivven guitar. But you can Bop til you drop for some ‘Low Budget Rock n Roll’ snot everywhere but be careful you 60s babies thinking you can still boss it this one’s quicker than you think.

‘Day After Day’ is power pop perfection with a big hook on that chorus as the riff leans on Joan Jett and of course, the Ramones why not when it sounds this good? ‘Lapdog’ is a slice of bootstomping Rock n Roll thats like a howling good time out on the lash with Mott The Hoople and Slade with some top riff-a-rama yelping at your ankles and who doesn’t want to howl Woof Woof!

‘Act Natural’ they say, don’t get too excited Phil whispers in my ear as the uptempo onslaught continues Catchy, energetic, poignant its all in here kids. Earworm, done. The jive talking ‘Won’t Be Long’ is a classic and I hope to God that the lyrics pan out. I so fuckin hope so, 13 years is long enough to suffer the smug cunts. Come the revolution I’ll be dancing round the burning skip singing ‘won’t be long’ on the top of my voice.

‘I Know What They Can Do’ heads down a darker road altogether but the attitude rises up and is a beast of a song. Whilst ‘Do You Wanna Go Out Tonight’ is a tub-thumping reminder of classic Hanoi Rocks punk rock. The record picks up steam as we head into the home straight and sixteen tracks more than makes up for the wait for this 4th long player but they’ve always offered quality and lots of it. That’s Alright With Us’ is a bittersweet, happy-go-lucky song with lyrics that would and should make you angry but it’s hard to stay fumin when the music is so fuckin good! We might be heading to Hell in a handcart but the soundtrack is fuckin’ champion. You know the drill by now ‘Tell Me Something New’ is beautiful. Simple this Rock n Roll game. Write a whole bunch of banging tunes and get rich and famous, isn’t it?The penultimatee rocker is ‘Pecking Order’ a straight no nonsense two minutes of crash bang and wallop. Leaving a happy go lucky ‘It’s Over’ to put a full stop on proceedings. Another day another masterclass from Cyanide Pills. Me I’,m going back to the start and playing this through again and again and again.

I hear by announce the final result, Cyanide pills are still in charge and on top of their game. They should be duly elected to run whatever they fuckin like. lifetime peerages all around me thinks. Buy this album it’s a Banger.

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author: Dom Daley

Slade announce continuation of official deluxe vinyl album reissues series with 

‘Beginnings’ & the never before released on vinyl ‘Alive! At Reading’ released 15th September

Pre Order Here

BMG Records continue their new series of limited edition vinyl reissues and deluxe CDs from Slade, with the release of Beginningsand Alive! At Reading on 15th September. 

These new beautifully presented album reissues represent pivotal moments in Slade’s career;  Beginnings,is released on limited edition transparent yellow and orange splatter vinyl. While Alive! At Readingsees the full festival performance made available for the first time ever on vinyl, when it isreleased on limited edition orange and black splatter vinyl.  The Beginnings CD housed in deluxe mediabook, which includes an original extended essay and Alive! At Reading will be available as a CD digipack. 

Originally released in 1969 Beginnings is the debut album by Ambrose Slade, who later achieved fame as Slade. Beginnings is a mixture of self-penned songs and diverse cover versions including two tracks by Steppenwolf, plus Ted Nugent & The Amboy Dukes’ “Journey to the Centre of Your Mind”, “Ain’t Got No Heart” by Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention, Lennon and McCartney’s “Martha My Dear” and “If This World Were Mine” by Marvin Gaye.

Alive! At Reading,captures the band delivering a sensational live performance to over 80,000 people. As last minute replacements for Ozzy Osbourne, few knew they were going to be performing but their sensational set was the highlight of the festival and led to Slade enjoying a renaissance in the Eighties.

Slade are without doubt one of the most exciting bands to come out of Great Britain. With their unique blend of perfect pop-rock’n’roll, outrageous flamboyance and pure fun, and no less than 23 Top-20 singles of which 6 were No.1 smash hits…plus multiple hit albums. 

With a chart career that has spanned 3 decades Slade have become a firm favourite in the hearts of pop fans all over the world

To pre-order  Beginningsand Alive! At Reading go to:

To order other releases in this series of limited edition vinyl reissues and deluxe CDs, including Sladest’, Slayed?’, Old New Borrowed And Blue’, Slade In Flame’ , Slade Alive!’ , Nobody’s Fools andThe Amazing Kamikaze Syndrome go to:

Also, available the ‘All The World Is A Stage’ 5 live CD box:

The lineup of Thee Acid Tongue sees Tracey shift to vocals on this sparkling half-dozen bangers. It’s a dirty half dozen sleazy anthems delivered with some snot n lip gloss, made up of some new tunes and a wonderful rework of FD4 ‘Lorraine’ and ‘Monkey At Sea’. They’ve found their natural home with Tracey’s sneering vocals on them and boy are they delivered with a sneering rasp that fits perfectly.

If that’s not enough to make you sit up and take notice we mustn’t get carried away, because it opens with the magnificent ‘Bullets’. What a kicks off that is. With a sleazy bottom-end rumble that sounds like a stolen dirty T Rex riff and supercharged it to within a hairs breath of overheating. The vocals sounds fantastic man and with some really sharp riffing and that bass (which is filthy!) It’s the solid tempo that evolves and rolls around your head dropping off earworms left right and center. A top opener that sets the tempo for what follows.

Thee Acid Tongue have recorded an absolute Banger here, pure fire (as the kids say) ‘Electric Head’ roars in on the back of ‘Bullets’ with an appetite for mischief and sounding like its about to kick off just for shits n giggles.

‘Electric Head’ gives off an air of pulverising attitude, and punk rock grime that spits and snarls like a good un, don’t get too close kids this one bites. Right, where were we? oh yeah, ‘Lorraine’ this song needs to be heard far and wide and it bugs me so much so that I’m mentioning it again. What a stupendous tune and this version reigns supreme. This take is delivered with an iron Fist in a velvet glove and again Tracey’s vocal takes it somewhere different all together and I like it, I like it a lot.

‘Monkey At Sea’ has me thinking ‘Punishment Fits The Crime’ by the mighty Ramones, nothing wrong with that I might add. The breakdown and that bass slide is disgusting in the best possible way, boundless energy much like most of the release.

With only a couple of tunes left ‘Lake Of Tears’ sounds like it could be the big rock ballad, Nah, course it isn’t its a galloping beast, prowling around my speakers and straining at the leash like the bastard child of classic Motorhead.

My only complaint is there are only six of the fuckers. Each one is as good as the last one with the furious ‘Blood Sex & Alchol’ thrashing about refusing to go quietly Sounding like a top night out to be fair Like if the Runaways are waiting in some sleazy dive bar waiting for Filthy Phil and Lemmy to rock up in a rock n roll taxi from Hell and that’s a mighty fine place to be sonically speaking. Fantastic stuff, boundless energy, really well-crafted songs delivered with blood, sweat, and passion. Don’t stop keep recording and give the people what they want and need – top tunes all the way. Thee Acid Tongue deserves to be in your collection it’s as good as anything you’ll hear in 2023 (someone should also press it up on record it needs it – Go buy it!

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Author: Dom Daley

Released to coincide with a series of late Summer UK shows which kickstart with an appearance at this weekend’s Rebellion Festival, Yorkshire’s finest, Syteria, return with their third album ‘Syteriaworld’.

Boasting within their ranks, guitarist Jackie ‘Jax’ Chambers, of legendary UK rockers Girlschool, she lines up alongside Argentine siblings Julia and Pablo Calvo on vocals and drums respectively, with Steph Dawson on bass to deliver thirteen original songs and one cover tune (a sugary twist on the Ramones’ ‘Rockaway Beach’) that once heard will take a lifetime to get out of your head.

That’s because within ‘Syteriaworld’ the band have created some of the finest pop punk tunes I’ve heard since the heady days back at the start of the century when the likes of Avril Lavigne, Fall Out Boy and Paramore were all ruling the UK charts. Now, I bet anyone who’s watched the band’s last video (and first single from the album) ‘Monsters’ or is familiar with their previous two albums will probably be thinking “what the hell is this guy on about?” But you take one listen to album opener ‘Chasing Dreams’ and tell me I’m wrong. This is the kind of song that if dropped into a video game like Sonic the Hedgehog or Fortnite it would prove to be an immediate hit with a whole new demographic of potential fans discovering the joys of rock music through a whole new medium.

And it doesn’t stop with that tune either, the amazing ‘E.M.P.T.Y.’ sounds like a previously unreleased Garbage single with Butch Vig having finally turned up the guitars in the mix, whilst the pumping skank of ‘It Hit Me’ has more than a hint of Gwen Stefani/No Doubt about it.

Elsewhere, the second half of ‘Syteriaworld’ whilst perhaps edging more towards the metallic punch of the quartet’s past records with the likes of ‘Talk To Much’, ‘Nine To Nine’ and ‘Pause For Peace (Silent Minute)’, they all still possess a strong sense of melody, largely thanks to Julia’s excellent vocal delivery.

I’ll willingly admit that ‘Syteria World’ surprised the hell out of me, it’s a record packed full of hooks and has a feelgood factor about it that is more than welcome in 2023.

Go grab yourself a one-way ticket to ‘Syteriaworld’ ready for when it opens on 11th August, because once you’re in you’ll never want to go home.

You can pre-order your copy here.


Author: Johnny Hayward