Now, I know that Spotify is divisive at best, but I use it to listen to an artist’s back catalogue before buying it direct from them. And, occasionally, it throws some music your way that you might have missed. So, ladies, gents and others let me introduce Scott Yoder to you.

How to describe him? His site says “Seattle-based glam folk singer”, and while this gives a vague impression, he is much more difficult to pin down. It might be easier to say that this is one of my favourite albums so far this year. Visually, he has a bold, striking image, but without the tunes, it wouldn’t add up to much. And what tunes! From lead single ‘Sing Your Broken Song’, I was hooked. I described it to Dom as “a happier Elliott Smith merged with George Harrison”, and this is one side of his sound, but there is so much more.

‘Half-Lived Phantasy’ is gorgeous, the strings and organ enhance what is already a special song. Which is part of his songwriting strength; these songs would sound great stripped back or with a full band. I’ve since listened to his previous albums, which are all good, but it’s clear he’s reached another level of writing here. ‘The Guttersnipe’ is equal parts sinister and euphoric, and I can imagine that it works well theatrically on stage.

‘Sweet Breath Of Love’ has a melody reminiscent of the great Dan Sartain, simple but addictive.

‘Canopy Of Night’ recalls the Theme To M.A.S.H, before taking a different turn. Some hooks are familiar, but Scott’s vision is unique. None of the songs feel overdone, it would be easy to take it too far, but nothing gets in the way of the songs themselves. Speaking of which, ‘Too Foolish’ is my current favourite. “Anything that is too foolish to be written down can be sung…”, what a fantastic line! There is a sly sense of humour at work here as well. And, rather than solos, the songs are peppered with simple, repeated melodies, which I always appreciate. In fact, this song really evokes the memory of Jonny Cola And The A-Grades, as well as Jonny and Jez’s Jukebox Headaches. High praise, folks.

There’s drama, beauty, melancholy and joy here. ‘Who Killed The Lights?’ has all these in one song.

For fans of? Bowie, Lou, Jobriath, Elliott Smith, Suede? Yes, but Scott’s voice and writing is his alone. A hard thing to achieve, so please explore this album and, if you agree, buy it from the artist.

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Author: Martin Chamarette