I love a good compilation especially when I’ve never heard of any of the bands (ok almost all of em) and all of a sudden there are a dozen or more bands I’m checking out.  It might be good for my soul but it’s not good for the old bank balance I know that much.

Now the label has turned out bands I’ve got a record or two from and I’ve not been disappointed yet so I’m going in tell my wife and kids I love them I might be a while.

First up are the Italian language Alieni with ‘più giù’ which I’m reliably informed is translated into ‘Further Down’ thank god for that. A convincing and sprightly Giuda style yob rock anthem and pretty good it is too.


Alex Dissuader – ‘I’m Gonna Loose My Job’ is a wonderful Boys power poppin’ slice of punk rock call it what you like its got a real early ’80s feel and some Geldof snot in those lead vocals.  Maybe I shouldn’t be so lazy and dig deeper into whats going on in other countries because this comp is excellent and I should make it my job to investigate. Plutonium Baby would have fitted into the Max’s scene for sure with those cool vocals and swirling Iggy keyboards hailing from Rome this is a really catchy tune and I like it a lot. In contrast Blood ’77 are darker more street punk and sound like a blunt instrument attack rather than anything more sophisticated which is fine we need variety. 

If you want to hear what Italy has to offer the world of uncompromising hardcore in the vein of say Fugazi or No means No then in contrast Taxi knock out a convincing return to the Giuda style boot boy rock and roll with a track entitled ‘Gloves’.

Hooray, at last, a band I know and like a lot it’s the snotty ’77 punks Idol Lips and they bring ‘Don’t Need Your Love’ and of course its got that Thunders lick of quality and thunders along like a long lost Dead Boys track with a tonne of energy and a chorus you can easily sing along to, top tune. Well now we’re on a roll a rock and roll and the full-bloodied Tigers In Furs are up next with a real energetic bit of punk n roll entitled ”Tigers In Furs’. To complete a hattrick of really good tunes Mad Rollers turn up and shake their collective shit with the excellent ‘Rock Lovers’.

Well I tip my hat to the cool bands from Italy who have proven that they can rock and roll with the best of them and have their own scene happening and its thanks to cool labels like these for letting the rest of us know what’s on offer out there.  Do yourselves a favour and check out ‘Rock These Ancient Ruins’ its well worth it, trust me.

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